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Maid To Sparkle Vs Private Maid

Maid To Sparkle VS An Individual


If you’re looking for someone to clean your house and wondering what the difference is between a cleaning service such as Maid To Sparkle or a private maid, you may be surprised at the many (and potentially costly) differences. While hiring a maid service may seem more expensive at first glance, it is actually a safer, surer, and more affordable  option for your cleaning needs. Cut corners on your shopping bill or entertainment expenses but cutting corners by hiring an uninsured cleaner isn’t the best plan for saving a few bucks.


Insurance, Bonding, Background Checks

Maid To Sparkle: Maid To Sparkle’s staff are background checked, insured, and bonded. This helps ensure that you, your family, and your belongings are safe. If we break something, we take responsibility for the cost of repairing it. If something is stolen, our bonding will replace the item. This is just the beginning of why hiring Maid To Sparkle vs an individual is more affordable!

Individual: A private maid is not background checked unless you spend the money to background check them yourself. An individual is also not insured or bonded unless you pay for the insurance and bonding. So any money you may save on hiring an individual is spent on background checks, insurance, and bonding fees. If your private maid breaks something in your home and there is no commercial general liability insurance to pay for it, you will be out of pocket for the repairs or it will have to come from your Homeowners policy. Either way – its more money out of your pocket.


Maid To Sparkle: Our Cleaning Service employs between 20 – 30 maids, depending on the time of the year. This means that we always have someone to send to your home if someone quits, is sick, on vacation, or has a family emergency.

Individual: If they can’t clean on your scheduled day, there’s no one else to come in their place.

Extensive Training and A Service Guaranteed Checklist


Maid To Sparkle: Maid To Sparkle’s staff are required to provide you services based on a company approved cleaning checklist. Job duties are not up to interpretation. They are in writing and to be done on every service. Our staff are thoroughly trained on completing, and how to complete, our various services. With training you’ll find significant differences between an individual cleaner and Maid To Sparkle.  A great house cleaning company will send its employees through a rigorous training program to make sure each employee understands all types of cleaning solutions, knows which to use on what surfaces and which would damage a certain surface, how to apply them, and methods for cleaning a room quickly and thoroughly.  A good cleaning company will ensure its workers are knowledgeable and skilled before sending them into a customer’s home.  On the other hand, an individual cleaner might have to learn these methods on the fly.  Many individual house cleaners use the client’s’ own cleaning supplies.  If the individual has never used a certain kind of cleaner, or worked on a unique type of surface, he or she will need to learn how to, perhaps at your expense. All of this responsibility and cost is why the best choice is to hire Maid To Sparkle vs an individual.

Individual: A private maid decides what services he/she wants to provide and this may fluctuate from day to day. They do not have proper training and may not be knowledgeable in what chemicals can be used on what surfaces, and may only find out on your home, at your expense.

Maid To Sparkle VS An Individual

Satisfaction And Conflict

Maid To Sparkle: Maid To Sparkle provides a 24 hour customer satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with the service our staff provided, and you notify us within 24 hours of your service, we will send someone back to re-clean any missed areas. You’re able to contact our office to inform us of any areas you are unhappy with and we can then inform our staff of what needs to be corrected. We don’t have to send the same person back either, if you choose.

Individual: Voicing your dissatisfaction directly to your private maid can be uncomfortable. You may not want the conflict, or you don’t want to hurt their feelings. Maybe you feel uncomfortable expressing your unhappiness because you’re afraid of retaliation since you may leave them in your home unattended. Will they quit if you mention your concerns? You don’t have to worry about any of that with Maid To Sparkle.


You May Be Responsible For Back Taxes


Maid To Sparkle: When you hire Maid To Sparkle you know that you’re hiring a contractor to provide the cleaning service. We (the contractor) are responsible for employee taxes, insurance, drive time pay, and all of those other fees associated with having employees.

Individual: Did you know that hiring a private maid could cause you to unwittingly become an employer? If you choose to hire an individual cleaner, chances are you’ll be seen as that person’s employer, in the eyes of the IRS.  Specifically, you’ll need to provide an I-9 form, or Employment Eligibility Verification Form.  You may also need to supply a Publication 926, according to the Household Employer’s Tax Guide.  These situations can become complicated for an unsuspecting homeowner.  For instance, you may be required to withhold and pay your cleaner’s Federal Income, Social Security, and more.  If this is a worry to you, the thing to do is hire a professional house cleaning service, whose employees are protected under their W-2 status.  Maid To Sparkle has performed a background check for each employee and has the correct structures in place regarding income, withholding, and the other issues a homeowner should not have to worry about.


Supplies and Cleaning Equipment

Maid To Sparkle: Maid To Sparkle provides all cleaning supplies and equipment, unless you choose to provide a product that you prefer. You never have to worry about if you’re running low and keeping items stocked in your home.

Individual: A private maid often uses the home owner’s supplies and equipment such as vacuum cleaners, etc. If you run out of something, they may not be able to clean some areas of your home. If your vacuum cleaner is broken or the maid doesn’t properly care for the vacuum when using it, that’s most cost to you. Keeping cleaning products stocked is your responsibility and more money out of your pocket. Plus, of course, the hassle of having to monitor and pick up supplies.


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