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Cleaning Service Reviews

reviewsAbout Cleaning Service Reviews


Luckily, online reviews for cleaning services are everywhere. But how do you make sense of them? You shouldn’t always discard a company with negative reviews OR place all of your trust in a cleaning service with nothing but excellent reviews and here’s why… 

Cleaning services are so different than most other services you will ever use. A maid service comes into your home, usually when you are not there. Satellite companies, internet companies, and delivery services don’t do that. They require someone is home when they arrive.

Cleaning services have access to the most private areas of your home, WHEN you’re not home, which is generally access you don’t allow anyone, except for your immediate family. Cleaning services are expected to clean things that most of us strongly dislike to clean and we expect them to do it all, perfectly, every time. That’s normal because we’re paying good money to have it done! It’s important to realize though that not every maid will clean every home with 100% effort, no matter how much you and I want them to. So when reading online reviews, try to keep an open mind.

You can’t always discount a negative review!

Great companies use customer feedback to continue to grow and improve upon their business. If they only ever heard positive things about their business, they would miss out on opportunities to make things better. Besides, what one customer disliked about a cleaning service may end up being something you’re looking for. For example: The reviewer may have left a negative review because they felt that 4 hours was too much time to spend in their home and that the cleaning could have been done in 3 hours instead. However, you may prefer that your cleaning service come in and take their time cleaning your home, rather than rushing. Everyone is looking for something different – especially when it comes to the individual preferences of so many types of customers.

Maid To Sparkle‘s policy, for example, is not to open closets, drawers, and doors of our customers homes. This is part of our respect for customer’s privacy. However, we once had a negative online review posted because our staff didn’t empty a waste basket under a bathroom sink. This is because, due to our policy, we never opened the cabinet to see there was a wastebasket inside. We would have emptied the wastebasket if we knew it was there. But we would rather be informed about it and given permission than to snoop through our customer’s private spaces.

These are examples of why negative reviews shouldn’t drive you to dismiss a company altogether. A great company will have positive reviews too! And I can assure you, its much more likely that an unhappy customer will take to the internet to share frustrations before a happy customer will take to the internet to brag about their service. For example, Maid To Sparkle receives at least 15 online surveys via e-mail every week from our customers. At least 14 of the 15 of these have “EXCELLENT” marks, from top to bottom. We really wish we could get these surveys transferred to online reviews but human nature is what it is! We are always very appreciative for those special customers that DO take the time to share happy comments online too! 🙂

Read and review feedback carefully. Consider the dates of the review as well. What we put online is forever, as far as anyone can tell. A company may have a negative review 5 years ago but thanks to the feedback, they may have changed their policies to correct the mistake in the future.

Everyone is human and will make mistakes. The important thing is how they go about correcting it! Many cleaning services offer a 24 hour guarantee but do they actually honor it? These are the types of things you should consider when reading reviews.

Be weary of TOO many good reviews too! Business can plant reviews or hire “reputation services” to write false reviews for them. Too many good reviews and no negative can be a red flag too.

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