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Repairing and Maintenance of Your Room Air Conditioner

Repairing and Maintenance of Your Air Conditioner air conditioner repair

Window unit air conditioners and split air conditioners are a common addition in a room setting. Air conditioners require regular maintenance and service of parts such as filters, fans, coils, drains, etc. These things are needed for your air conditioner functioning properly and effectively. If this is not maintained properly then the cooling capacity of air conditioner reduces and thus damages the unit and reduces the life of the air conditioner.

Following points and suggestions need to be considered for doing air conditioner repair:

The compressor, two fans, motor and thermostat controls are sandwiched between the coils. As the coils, motor and the compressor are sealed inside the air conditioner unit, one cannot do any repair on his own. A professional is needed if there’s a problem with any of these parts. Dirt is the most common aspect of service and repair of all types of air conditioners. Dirt can affect the air conditioner functioning by:

  • The efficiency of the evaporator coil is reduced
  • The fan blowing cool air is blocked
  • Filters are clogged
  • Drain ports are blocked

Changing of air filter is important as they keep your room free from germs and moisture:

Air filters are clogged with dirt and so normal air flow is obstructed and cooling capacity of the air conditioner is affected. The air filter should be cleaned at least once a month. If you have pets at home, then the regular cleaning of the air filters is an important point for air conditioner repair and maintenance.

  • However, if you clean air filters regularly then evaporator coils are less dirty. Although, with time dirt and debris might get deposited on the coils. The dirt can reduce the heat absorbing capacity of the coils. In turn this will affect the cooling process of the air
  • The condenser coil also requires maintenance. The condenser and the fan unit are placed outside the home for all types of air conditioners. Thus, condenser coils get dirty with the dirt in the outside environment, falling leaves, the wind, rain, etc. Dust around the condenser coils prevents the heat and the hot air to scatter outside the unit.

The coil find should be cleaned so that there is no dirt accumulation: 

air conditioner repair

The coil fins should also be cleaned regularly to protect the evaporator and condenser from dysfunction due to deposition of dirt. The aluminum fins are located on the condenser and evaporator coils.

  • Some of the important points that you consider while doing air conditioner repairs:
  • During winters you need to cover the compressor and outside unit of the air conditioner with a cloth so that there is no deposition of dirt and dust inside the unit.
  • The rear drain can be blocked that can lead to water collection inside the air conditioner unit and later it starts dripping inside the room as there is no space for the water to drain out. This might also increase the humidity level inside the room.
  • Before doing any cleaning of air conditioner unplug the machine.
  • Also, discharge the capacitor before doing servicing and cleaning as capacitors store electricity.
  • When the service person comes for servicing, you need to ensure that he has cleaned up all the parts of the air conditioner – filters, compressor, coils, fins, drains, etc.

This article will help you to perform some maintenance of your air conditioner. Regular cleaning of the filter can be done by you and improve the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.

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