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Conserve the Look of Your Traditional Window with The Sliding Sash

Conserve the Look of Your Traditional Window with The Sliding Sash


Our traditional heritage is our strength and we have to conserve our cultural monuments for our future generation. Our future generation will relate their historical background through these cultural and traditional buildings, architecture and vintage collections. A classic car with a restored engine or traditional music players with modern speakers are the best restoration processes in their segment. Likewise, we have to conserve the sash window of our historical and traditional old buildings and try to restore the older look of these windows by hiring some timber windows manufacturers. All manufacturing companies cannot restore and conserve the sash window because the restoration and conservation of these windows involves unique techniques, and it can be done by professional manufacturers only.


Sliding Sash Windows

Why to Conserve Sash Windows?

If you look at some classic and traditional buildings,you will definitely find some sash windows because most of these buildings were designed with double-glazed sash windows only. Sadly, these windows look disastrous,with the window panes and frames almost falling and hanging from the wall, glasses which have vanished from the frame and some sash windows are not even in their place, you can find the frame only. In this case, we have to conserve these sash windows and we can restore these windows by consulting with some timber windows manufacturers.

These sash windows are mainly designed with wood panels and glasses are fixed within the wooden frame. Timber windows manufacturers will remove the window and change the old wood panels, and fix the same sash with some contemporary designs. They will paint these window panes with triple coated colors, and these colored layers will protect these window panes from moisture, heat, dust and climatic changes.In this way, we can maintain our heritage and re-design these sash windows with modern elements, and keep them looking brand new as they were at one time.

Benefits of Conservation of Sash Windows

sash window

Sash Windows

If you are living in an old house that has sash windows,then you can feel the breeze of a cool morning through these windowpanes. However, after some time when you open and close these windows, you will notice some frictions between the window frames and the panels. Wood is a natural source and it is an organic product. Sash windows are mainly designed with wooden panels and after a certain time these wood panels get damaged and you will find some cracks and holes on these window panels. Through these holes and cracks, huge amount of breeze can enter into your house.

Apart from that, you can find hinges and screws on these sash windows. After recurrent use, these window parts get damaged, because most of these parts are made of steel and iron, and they can easily get affected due to moisture.When you hire timber windows manufacturers, they will inspect the sash window and they will restore these windows as new as earlier. They will change these window panels and they can install PVC panels on these sash window. These panels can easily resist moisture, rust and dust, and these PVC materials are also waterproof. Therefore,they can provide you better longevity than the wood panels.These manufacturers even change the hinges, screws and other small parts of these windows and can replace them with some stainless-steel hinges and screws so that you can get better longevity and you can easily operate the window without any frictions.

Through this conservation process, you can save a lot and maintain your classic heritage and decorate your house with some new sash window.


Content contributed by Freelance writer: Lara Buck


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