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Maintenance Tips for Double Glazed Windows

Maintenance Tips for Double Glazed Windows

Most of the double-glazed windows are often free from any kind of maintenance. This is a USP of the double-glazed windows and allows marketers to sell these unique windows in the market. Old fashioned timber need to be painted and maintained excessively while a U PVC window does not demand a lot of maintenance.

maintenance tips for double glazed windows

Double Glazed Windows

If customers want to ensure that the double-glazed windows last for a long time, a simple set of factors should be carefully evaluated in order to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these windows. Maintenance is not a long process and it helps a great deal in spotting problems and lowering the overall cost of repairs.

Key factors that need to be considered are:

The User Should Be Aware of Damp Conditions

Dampness on the windows can usually cause excessive problems to double glazed windows, frames of the windows, or the window or mold sealants. To avoid these issues, the user should ensure that the existing dampness should be removed as early as possible. In addition to this, condensation can also have a lot of negative effect on double glazed windows. Hence, the user should ensure that the rooms especially the bathrooms and kitchens should be aerated frequently and efficiently.

Keeping the Windows Clean

Dirt build up can result in the overall discoloration or sometimes even excessive damage to the hinges, sealants, or windows. The user should ensure that the double-glazed windows should be cleaned on a regular basis along with the moving parts of the windows.

Using the Right Kind of Cleaning Methods

If the wrong method of cleaning is chosen by the user, he/she might cause extensive damage to the windows. The user should completely stay away from abrasives while cleaning the windows. A gentler method should be preferred and it is always better to stick to the softer methods of cleaning. Some users also suggest that vacuuming is a good way to remove the dirt efficiently and effectively.

glazed window cleaning

Double Glazed Windows


Selecting the Products

The user should carefully consider the different cleaning products that are available in the market. Before selecting a cleaning agent, the user should choose a product that does not cause damage to double glazed windows i.e. the agent should be suitable for using on timber frames, glass, or PVC windows. This is very important because some cleaning agents can cause damage to seals. Moreover, the right kind of cleaning agent can help in ensuring that the windows can be maintained in tip top condition. A lubricant like the WD40 helps a great deal in ensuring that the windows can be opened easily if it is used to clean the hinges once in every 6 or 12 months.

Bring in The Experts

If the windows are located at a certain height from the ground and are difficult to be accessed by a regular homeowner, it is better to call in an expert for the purpose of cleaning. These professionals should be employed regularly for spick and span maintenance of double glazed windows. In addition to this, these professional cleaners are of a great help if the user is staying in a city where the pollution is very high.

Some of the other causes of damage to double glazed windows may be due to an accident, vandalism, broken windows, or break ins. Broken windows are a big security risk and such windows should be immediately replaced to mitigate any of the risks that might occur in the future.

In a nut shell, double glazed windows are excellent types of windows that serve a lot of purpose.





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