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Cleaning Services FAQs

Cleaning Services FAQs


Q: Is Maid To Sparkle insured and bonded?

A: Yes! All of our maids and house cleaners are background checked through the Department Of Public Safety, Insured with $1 million general liability insurance, and bonded.

Q: What if I’m not happy with my house cleaning services?

A: Maid To Sparkle’s reputation is based on your experience! We have a large staff of maids employed and we realize that each will have a bad day at some point. Since none of us are perfect every day, no matter how hard we may try, Maid To Sparkle provides a 24 hour customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our house cleaning services. This means that if you notify us of your concerns within 24 hours of your house cleaning, we will send someone back to re-clean any missed areas of your house at no additional cost to you. If your house cleaning is scheduled on a Friday or Saturday, we will honor this guarantee as long as notified on Monday.

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Q: Why is your guarantee only 24 hours?

A: 24 hours is an industry standard on house cleaning service guarantees because immediately after cleaning things begin to get dirty again. The most fair thing for all parties (Maid To Sparkle, Our Client, and Our Staff) is to insure any complaint is noted within this time frame.

cleaning supplies provided with your maid service

Q: Do you provide house cleaning supplies and equipment?

A: Yes! We provide everything we need to provide you with the house cleaning services listed on our checklist. If you have a specific request, you’re welcome to leave the product out for our maid to use on your house.

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Q: How Much Does House Cleaning Service Cost?

A: House Cleaning service prices will vary, based on A LOT of factors. I know – I know! You wanted an exact price when you considered the question but it really isn’t that simple. Luckily, for Maid To Sparkle specifically, we DO provide you with our house cleaning rates right on our web site. Many things go into determining what a house cleaning job will require and therefore what it will cost. And many house cleaning services will charge for their services in a different way than the one before or after them. There are also plenty of variances within a house cleaning or a business cleaning.

Maid To Sparkle’s house cleaning prices are based on the square footage of the house, at least for the initial service. We do not charge first time hourly fees like many of our competitors. We prefer that our customers know exactly what to expect before we arrive. That being said, we DO offer hourly rates on future house cleaning services, if you prefer to set your service up that way. Most of our customers prefer our flat rates but some enjoy the hourly rates more, due to their specific needs or areas they want cleaned within their larger houses. If you choose to pay for hourly services, we will generally agree upon a certain amount of hours you would like, up front. Again, this is for your benefit so there are no surprises. We typically ask you how many hours you would like and then obtain your list of areas you would like cleaned with the most important things listed at the top of the house cleaning list. This will ensure that your most important areas are cleaned first, and the least important, last. If time runs out before the list is complete, you’ll know that you got those pesky areas you didn’t want to deal with done by Maid To Sparkle.

Maid To Sparkle’s janitorial cleaning and office cleaning prices are based on a combination of factors including, but not limited to, size of the facility or house, frequency of the cleaning, time required for the cleaning service, number of employees and desks on the property, total of bathrooms, and types of flooring. Our janitorial services are very competitive and we generally need to see the facility before providing an estimate to ensure we’re giving you the best deal possible on your cleaning rates.

Maid To Sparkle’s post construction cleaning prices are individualized based on the builder’s preferences, how many cleanings each property generally needs and the specifics of each level of cleaning. We’re capable of providing many cleaning services to new construction including rough cleans, touch-up cleans, final cleans, and make-ready cleans. Wording may vary but our excellent services do not! The average price of our post-construction cleaning services is .10 cents per square foot.

Q: What Is The Realtor Referral Program?

A: Maid To Sparkle rewards Realtors for their referrals! If you’re a realtor, provide us with your information so that we know to whom and where to send you a check. When customers mention that you referred them, we will send you a monthly check for 15% of the pre-tax invoice total for the first time service of all customers you referred in the previous month.

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Q: What Is A Refer A Friend Discount?

A: If you’re not a realtor, you can earn a Referral Discount by telling your family, friends, and co-workers to hire Maid To Sparkle! When they do, and inform us that you referred them, we will mail you a coupon for $25.00 off any of your upcoming house cleaning services! Refer A Friend coupons can be used one per service.

Q: Do I need to be home or at my office during the house cleaning service?

A: You do not need to be there during the house cleaning. All we need is an entry method and we can take care of everything while you’re away. Of course, if you wish to be there, that’s okay too!

Q: What if you change the maid on my home or office?

A. The maid or cleaning crew assigned to your house or office may be sick, on vacation, or not with the company any longer but there’s no reason to worry! Maid To Sparkle will contact you to inform you if we need to make a staffing change. If you need to provide the new maid or crew with any specific requests or information at that time, you’re welcome to do so. In addition, we regularly keep updated notes about the cleaning of your specific property or house so that our staff are always are of your preferences, whether its your long-time cleaner or someone filling in for that day.

Q: Can I give you my house key? Or how can you enter if I’m gone?

A: Many of our customers allow us to keep a key to their house and office. If you prefer not to provide a key, there are many other ways we can get in. Some customers leave a door unlocked, hide a key on the property, hide a garage opener, provide us with a garage code, or ask a neighbor to let us in.


Q: I’m a builder and need new or post – construction cleaning services. What do you do?

A: If you haven’t seen our post construction cleaning page, check it out! It’s important to note that the check list is a general cleaning check list because, as you know, there are many differences between different cleanings at different stages of the building process. Of course, there are also different needs for different builders. Therefore, Maid To Sparkle prefers to build our check lists to your specifications and offer flexible pricing, depending on those needs.

Q: What types of janitorial services do you offer offices or other businesses?

A: Maid To Sparkle can and has cleaned a huge variety of commercial properties. We’ve cleaned small offices to large offices, restaurants, retail spaces, and much more. We’re able to offer daily to occasional janitorial services for general or construction cleanings. We’re able to assist government facilities as well and are HUD Certified.

Q: Am I guaranteed The Same Maid Every Cleaning?

A: Maid To Sparkle does our very best to send the same maid to every service. This may change if the Maid:

  • Is Ill
  • Is On Vacation
  • Is Promoted
  • Gets held up at another job that will cause them to be too late arriving to yours to do a great job
  • Resigns or is terminated

The house cleaning service industry has a unique challenge of a 300% turn over rate in employment. This isn’t just a struggle for Maid To Sparkle but a struggle for every house cleaning service in every city, in every state, throughout the entire United States.

Although we pay our maids and office cleaning crews a higher wage than other house cleaning services, we still suffer the same problem as everyone else. Rest assured, we offer many incentives to our maids to keep them with our house cleaning service. We offer many benefits that other house cleaning services don’t offer while also paying higher wages than other area maid services. Of course, offering these benefits decreases our profits but it does help, if even a tiny bit, in reducing our turnover rate.

For as long as we employ your maid or office cleaning crew, and for as long as you are happy with the house cleaning service they are providing, we will do our very best to send that same person or crew to you, every single time! We are aware that our customers prefer it this way and we do too.

Q: Why Should I Hire Maid To Sparkle Over A Franchised Maid Service?

A: There are several reasons, depending on your needs. The biggest reason to hire Maid To Sparkle over a franchised house cleaning service is cost! Franchised house cleaning and maid services rely on their corporate office to do all of their marketing and advertising as well as set policies and procedures. They generally have high powered corporate attorneys and the list of expenses goes on and on. The corporate office charges each franchised office a percentage of their sales. This leaves your local franchised office with higher prices in order to pay for their general operating expenses, as well as the fees from their corporate offices. All of those expenses become a burden for their customers… YOU.


Q: Do Your Maids Drive Vehicles With Logos And Advertising?

A: Our maids and janitors do not drive cars with our logo on them. Your privacy is important to us and we’ve never advertised on our maid’s cars. We’re of the mindset that, if you wanted your neighborhood to know that you outsource your house cleaning services and who you use to do it, you’ll tell them. Otherwise, we’re okay with them believing that you are Superwoman! (Or Superman, of course.)

Q: What If I Have Special House Cleaning Requests Or Preferences?

A: We are really good at keeping notes on our customers house cleaning and office cleaning preferences. All of our maids or janitors are provided with what we call a Client Care Sheet. This is basically a work order that our cleaners get every time they go to your home or office. This Client Care provides them with information about your home or office such as types of flooring and special surfaces and other helpful information, including any preferences you’ve expressed about your property and your needs.

Recalling what each customer wants based on memory alone could be a recipe for failure and we’re not cooking up anything like that! You can relax knowing that your housekeeper or janitor gets this information prior to every service. If you have something you would like included on your Client Care,  you can contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to include it.

Q: What Is An Inspection And Why Do You Do Them?

A: In 2011 our commercial insurance company came to our office and set forth new guidelines they wanted us to follow when cleaning customer’s property. They asked us to begin doing an inspection prior to starting the first cleaning service. This requires a few minutes of our staff walking through your house or office to determine what areas or items are damaged, prior to the cleaning. Maid To Sparkle is also required to update the inspections every 90 days on homes and businesses we clean on a continuing basis.

If you’ve ever rented a car, you’ll recognize this as the same type of procedure done by the car rental agencies. What our cleaning staff are doing is the same procedure, as required by our insurance. It only takes a few minutes and once done, won’t need to be done again for 90 days. Of course, anything newly broken or damaged since our last cleaning will be noted as well.

Q: Do You Offer Organizing Services?

A: Maid To Sparkle does not currently offer organizational services. We are currently focusing on what we’ve been focusing on for the past 12 years – cleaning and maid services. We’re often asked to refer someone that does provide these services but we’re not familiar with anyone that does this type of service. While a couple of area maid services may provide organizing services, you will most likely have more success with hiring an individual to perform this type of work. A licensed cleaning service would need to train their staff to take on this type of project and our staff and company are dedicated to the actual cleaning tasks rather than removing or “re-structuring” clutter.

Q: What Should I Do Before My House Cleaning Service To Prepare?

A: Our maids job is to get in there and remove the dust, dirty, and allergens from your house in order to leave it smelling fresh and looking sparkling! Here’s how you can help:
1. Our maids will load an empty dishwasher. If you would like this done, please be sure the dishwasher is empty or contains dirty dishes.

2. Our maids will make any unmade beds OR change linens on any beds. In order for us to do that, please leave clean linens out and we’ll know you would like them changed. Otherwise, we will make any unmade beds.

3. If you have signed up for laundry service, separating the laundry into piles would be beneficial to you. For one, it will ensure that you’ve removed any dry clean only items. Also, since all washers and dryers are different and can handle different sized loads, it will help our staff to know how much your appliances can handle because YOU are determining the load. Third, you don’t have to worry that we will wash or dry the wrong colors together if you’ve compiled the loads.

4. Picking up any clutter (and toys and clothes on the floor of children’s rooms) will help you get the most of our your house cleaning service. If you forget to pick up clutter, we’ll do our best to work around it but cannot organize it for you. This would take too much time away from the actual cleaning of your house.

5. If you’re paying for your house cleaning service by cash or check rather than credit card, prepare the payment so that you don’t forget the day of service. We’ll e-mail you an invoice the day prior to your house cleaning service to remind you that we’ll be there the next business day. This is a great time to get your payment ready to avoid late fees!

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Q: Do You Offer Pre-Service Reminders?

A: Yes! We e-mail your invoice the business day prior to your cleaning service as a reminder that we’ll be there the next business day and so that you have a record of the bill. This way, we’re not calling to disrupt your day.


Q: What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

A: There are no fees to cancel or re-schedule your cleaning service as long as you notify us by 5:00 PM the business day prior to your cleaning service. This allows us time to cancel the cleaning with our staff and fill your vacancy with another customer. However, if not notified before 5:00 PM the prior business day, a $25 cancellation fee will be applied to your account.

Q: I Forgot To Leave The Maid An Entry Method And I Can’t Get To My House!

A: No problem! Mistakes happen. We make them and sometimes our customers do too. If we’re unable to gain entry to your house or office on a scheduled cleaning service, a $25 fee will be applied to your account. This fee covers the drive time and gas for our maid and helps make up a tiny fraction of the money lost by not being able to replace your house cleaning service with another customer.

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Q: Do You Offer Gift Certificates?

A: Absolutely! And we can assure you that we haven’t found one person yet that didn’t LOVE receiving a free cleaning as a gift! It’s an idea few people think about but is always an exciting and welcomed gift! A Maid To Sparkle Gift Certificate is giving the gift of time and relaxation to someone you want to show you care for and appreciate. We offer cleaning service gift certificates year-round, for any occasion including:

Mother’s Day
Father’s Day
Valentine’s Day
New Years
And “Just Because”

You can order your cleaning service gift certificate right over the phone in just a couple of minutes, pay by credit or debit card, and have the gift certificate sent directly to you or directly to the recipient.

cleaning service faqs

Q: What About Pets?

A: We LOVE pets! So does the rest of America because 99% of our customers have pets. Most, but not all, of the pets our customers have are dogs. And our customers usually have more than one!

When we hire cleaning personnel we make sure that they are able to work around and with pets underfoot. A fear or severe allergy to dogs or cats can make or break our job offer due to the high number of customers that have fur babies in their homes.

You don’t even have to put them up! We are in their home and we encourage you to allow them to spend cleaning day just as they would any other day in their dog or cat world. If they generally are not crated, you don’t need to feel obligated to crate them when we clean unless you’re worried about how they may react. As always, we encourage you to crate them or contain them in whatever way you feel comfortable if you’re worried they may bite or jump on and injure our staff.

Q: Do You Clean Human Or Animal Waste? And What About Litter Boxes?

A: No – we don’t clean human waste or pet waste as it is considered a bio-hazard. We’ll work around the area instead. We also do not clean litter boxes but will clean around them.



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