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Top 15 Best Deck Cleaners Reviews 2024

My greatest addiction is to have a deck in my terrace garden. When I decided to buy my dream house, the first thing I noticed is whether the home has a deck or not. For me, this is the place where I can play my favorite sports, have relaxed family time, and sometimes, I can enjoy my dinner over there.

While it is good to have a deck at your home, the toughest part you’ll find here is maintaining the deck’s good looks and longevity, especially when you occasionally use it. If you are cleaning your decks regularly, this should not be a tough job. All you need to do is check out the composition and see if it affects the wood used for your deck or not.

But if you are cleaning it for the first time in three months, you can notice stains, dust, and debris all over the place. If you leave the same, it will eventually grow mosses upon them. Here is where deck cleaners come into play.

A deck cleaner can clean all those stubborn stains and mold easily. However, it can ruin the entire place if it is not chosen carefully. If you’re seeking the best deck cleaners for your home or patio deck but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Here, I have listed down the top 15 Deck cleaners that are reliable and show good results.

Deck Cleaners

What Are The Best Deck Cleaners To Buy?

The best deck cleaner belongs to the Simple Green, as shown in the suggested list below. Woodrich is the best inexpensive deck cleaner you can look for, and the best heavy-duty one is the Spray Nine because of its strength and versatility.

If you don’t know which deck cleaner you should go for, why don’t you spare a minute to look at my recommended list of some best deck cleaners for specific needs?

Top 15 Best Deck Cleaners Comparison Chart 2022

With the comparison chart below, you can easily compare the 15 best deck cleaners based on their specifications and features.

Best Deck CleanersVolumeRemoves StainKills Mold
Simple Green 18201 House and Siding Cleaner - Best Overall1 gallonYesYes
Woodrich Heavy-Duty Wood Cleaner - Best-Budget10 Lbs.YesYes
Wet and Forget 10587 Deck Cleaner - Best for Mold and Mildew1 GallonYesYes
Wet & Forget 805048 Deck Cleaner - Best for Decks and Roofs48 ozYesYes
Star Brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner - Best with PTEF1 GallonYesNo
RMR-86 Deck Cleaner - Best for Tiles and Grout32 OzYesNo
Spray Nine 26901S Deck Cleaner - Best Heavy-Duty1 GallonYesNo
Spray & Forget SF1G-J Deck Cleaner - Best Eco-Friendly 1 GallonYesYes
Spray & Forget SFHD64OZ Deck Cleaner - Best for Hardwood Decks64 OzYesYes
Scotts Plus OxiClean Outdoor Deck Cleaner - Best Spray 32 OzYesYes
DEFY Exterior Wood Stain Remover - Best for Hard Surfaces1 GallonYesNo
Mr.Clean FG411 Deck Cleaner - Best with Hose End64 OzYesYes
Sun Joe SPX-HDC1G Deck Cleaner - Best All-Purpose 1 GallonYesYes
30 Seconds Outdoor Deck Cleaner - Best for Deck and Vinyl Sidings64 OzYesYes
Home Armor WM BARR FG505 Deck Cleaner - Best for Decks and Fences1 GallonYesYes

Best Deck Cleaner Reviews 2022

Over time, weather, stains, rotting, mold, and algae can completely ruin your wooden deck, and unfortunately, you can do nothing about it. Here is where deck cleaners come into play. Not only does it help you to keep your deck clean and maintain its allegiance, but it also helps you to leave a long-lasting impact on your friends and relatives.

However, not every deck cleaner can be entrusted, so it is crucial to choose your deck cleaner very carefully. In this part, I will review the top 15 best deck cleaners available in the market today. You can trust these deck cleaners without any doubt.

Simple Green 18201 Deck Cleaner

(Best Overall)

Simple Green 18201 House and Siding Cleaner

The growth of moss in your garden could be a grotesque vision to encounter. It takes away all the aesthetics and dulls away the appearance of your home. Also, Moses could harm you in your everyday lifestyle as they can make your drives, paths, and patios slippery.

The powerful magic potion from Simple Green is a powerful solution with a concentrated formula that contains non-acidic, biodegradable products and contains no bleach. The product will effectively remove all green algae and mold from your garden and outdoors of your home and impart a brand-new appearance.


  • A super-powerful solution to get rid of algae and mosses
  • Safe for outdoor use
  • Can effectively clean the hard surfaces
  • Non-corrosive and versatile


  • The packaging of the cleaner is a bit clumsy
  • For a noticeable difference, you need to make prolonged usage

Product Specifications

Weight9.4 pounds
Product Dimensions16.63 x 8.5 x 12.75 inches
Item FormLiquid
Material FeatureBiodegradable
BrandSimple Green

Woodrich Heavy-Duty Wood Deck Cleaner

(Best Budget)

Woodrich Heavy-Duty Wood Cleaner

With Woodrich Heavy-Duty Wood Cleaner, you can now forget the wet mosses and algae staining your pathway or making your garden look ugly. Now get a super clean garden and patio with a smart and easy way of mildew stain removal from Woodrich.

Nowadays, almost everyone has a busy life to lead, and therefore, this solution is perfectly blended to hear all your problems. All the products from Woodrich are curated in a way by keeping your needs in mind.

They are straightforward to be used and will get the cleaning work done without demanding much effort from you. All you need to do is apply the product to the affected areas, and then you can go back to continuing your daily-life chores.


  • Excellent and affordable coverage
  • Versatile
  • Cover up to 3000 square feet
  • Ideal for wood decks, wood fences, wood siding, and log cabins


  • Doesn’t work well with the roof surface
  • For visual difference requires prolonged use

Product Specifications

Weight10 pounds
Product DimensionsNot specific
Item FormPowder
Material FeatureHeavy-duty

Wet and Forget 10587 Deck Cleaner

(Best for Mold and Mildew)

Wet and Forget 10587 Deck Cleaner

With Wet and Forget, you can now forget the wet mosses and algae staining your pathway or making your garden look ugly. Now get a super clean garden and patio with a smart and easy way of mildew stain removal from Wet and Forget. Nowadays, almost everyone has a busy life to lead, and therefore, this solution is perfectly blended to hear all your problems.

Watch video: Wet & Forget Mold, Mildew, Moss & Algae Stain Remover Concentrate on QVC

All the products from Wet and Forget are curated in a way by keeping your needs in mind. They are straightforward to be used and will get the cleaning work done without demanding much effort from you. All you need to do is apply the product to the affected areas, and then you can go back to continuing your daily-life chores.


  • Doesn’t contain acid
  • Non-caustic, bleach-free
  • No rinsing or scrubbing required
  • The process of cleaning with the product involves just one step


  • Doesn’t work well with the roof surface
  • For visual difference requires prolonged use

Product Specifications

Weight8.34 pounds
Product Dimensions6.2*4.5*10.5 inches
Item FormLiquid
Material FeatureBiodegradable
BrandWet and Forget

Wet & Forget 805048 Deck Cleaner

(Best for Decks and Roofs)

Wet & Forget 805048 Deck Cleaner

This product is not only the best deck cleaner, but it is also one of the most popular roof cleaners that you should keep an eye on. With the hose-end spray form, this product ensures quick and easy cleaning.

You can directly attach this deck cleaner to your hose and spray up to 30 feet for covering difficult areas. One bottle of Wet & Forget 805048 deck cleaner can go a long way of 2000 square feet, so it can also be an economical option.

This product is safe to use around your landscapes and plants because it contains no acidic, bleach, and phosphates. Moreover, you can use this product to treat your entire house because it can easily remove moss, mold, mildew, and algae.


  • Safe to use around plants
  • Quick and easy
  • Ideal for cleaning deck, roof, driveway
  • Hose-end spray with a proprietary nozzle for extended reach
  • Able to cover tough-to-reach areas


  • Not ideal for vinyl sidings

Product Specifications

Weight3 pounds
Product Dimensions7 x 4 x 11 inches
Item FormSpray
Material FeatureFree of bleach, acidic and Phosphates
BrandWet & Forget

Star Brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner

(Best with PTEF)

Star Brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner

The deck cleaner from Star Brite comes with PTEF, one of the easiest and most effective ways of cleaning the painted decks and fiberglass surfaces. The solution contains special agents that could be used for efficient chelating that skillfully loosens the dirt and spills it for easy cleaning without demanding strenuous scrubbing and rinsing work.

Watch video: Star Brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner

The product contains no harsh chemicals. Also, the PTEF contained in it acts as a barrier for all the stains that could occur in the future, making the cleaning work as easy as the flow of breeze. It is one of the most efficient solutions to clean the textured surfaces.

However, it doesn’t help in the removal of polish or wax. The cleaner will leave behind a protective layer that can help repel future stains and dust from depositing on the surface.


  • It is an all-surface cleaner
  • Suitable with fiberglass, plastic, rubber, vinyl, painted surfaces, and metal
  • Doesn’t require vigorous scrubbing
  • Contains natural chelating agents to get rid of dirt


  • Prolonged use can strip the paint off
  • When it comes in contact with the skin can cause severe damage

Product Specifications

Weight9.23 pounds
Product Dimensions12 x 12 x 12 inches
Item FormLiquid
Material FeatureNo harsh chemicals
BrandStar Brite

RMR-86 Deck Cleaner

(Best for Tiles and Grout)

RMR-86 Deck Cleaner

The stain removal product from RMR-86 is the new revolution in the world of cleaning. This stain removal works efficiently over stains caused by mildew and mild without you having to put much effort. It reduces labor time that you need to put in to keep your outdoors free of mold and mildew stains.

Watch video: RMR-86 Mold Remover on Drywall Test & Review

It is available at half the rate of what the cleaning contractors charge. You need to give the cleaner a few seconds and see it spreading its magic. All you have to do is spray it on the hard surfaces and then watch the mildew and mold disappear within 15 seconds of application.

The products can prove to be five times more effective than any other cleaning product, which easily tackles the toughest of mold stains


  • Imparts immediate results
  • Very easy to use
  • Fresh scent, convenient spray form
  • Doesn’t demand to scrub
  • Cost-effective


  • Doesn’t have a prolonged shelf life
  • Not safe for the skin

Product Specifications

Weight2 pounds
Product Dimensions3.5 x 3.5 x 10 inches
Item FormSpray
Material FeatureSodium Hypochlorite active ingredient

Spray Nine 26901S Deck Cleaner

(Best Heavy-Duty)

Spray Nine 26901S Deck Cleaner

The Marine Cleaner from Spray Nine with product number 26901S is a multi-purpose solution, which can be used as both a cleaner and a disinfectant as well. The cleanser is suitable for working in parts both above and below the deck.

Watch video: Marine Spray Nine On Ship Shape TV

The product from Spray Nine effectively helps in the elimination of germs and bacteria and also stands firm against mold and mildew formation. It also helps in the removal of stubborn yellowing spots and efficiently removes the stains with little effort.

Not only is the cleaner effective in cleaning, but it also aids in removing the bacterial odor with a small application. You must use it regularly to get rid of molds and mildew from hard surfaces.


  • Can be used as a disinfectant and a cleaner
  • Eliminates germs entirely
  • Helps in the removal of stains
  • Get rids of the yellowing spots


  • It isn’t suitable for vinyl products
  • Might require a little scrubbing

Product Specifications

Weight8.88 pounds
Product Dimensions4.8 x 8.3 x 10 inches
Item FormSpray
Material FeatureMulti-purpose
BrandSpray Nine

Spray & Forget SF1G-J Revolutionary Roof & Deck Cleaner

(Best Eco-Friendly)

Spray & Forget SF1G-J Deck Cleaner

It is a revolutionary solution from Spray and Forget that can be efficiently used to clean the roofs, decks, and porches. The solutions come with a concentrated formula package, which can further be diluted to prepare a solution that can be efficiently used for roof cleaning.

Watch video: Spray and Forget Roof Cleaner

The cleaner from Spray and Forget does its work efficiently and will clean your house’s outer surface without causing any forms of damage. You do not need to apply rigorous pressure to make use of brushing techniques along with the solution to get rid of the stains.

In fact, if you use this product, you do not even have to rinse. The rinsing can be automatically done when it rains. The chemicals in it are non-corrosive in nature and are non-caustic and non-acidic, which comes with a biodegradable formula of ingredients.


  • Very economical
  • No requirement for rinsing
  • Contains eco-friendly ingredients
  • Non-corrosive in nature


  • Not very useful in stain removal
  • Chemicals included are harmful to your garden

Product Specifications

Weight1 Gallon
Product Dimensions5 x 7.25 x 10 inches
Item FormSpray
Material FeatureNon-flammable, no scent
BrandSpray & Forget

Spray & Forget SFDCH04 House & Deck Outdoor Cleaner

(Best for Hardwood Decks)

Spray & Forget SFHD64OZ Deck Cleaner

The House and Deck cleaner from Spray and Forget is one of the most feasible solutions for cleaning the exteriors of your home and restoring the lost aesthetics due to moss and mildew infestation. The product works effectively against removing black and green spots, which are often caused by mildew, moss, lichen, and algae.

Watch video: Spray and Forget House and Deck OutDoor Cleaner

You can apply the solution to your exteriors and forget about it. Over time, let the rain wash it off, and you need not do any kinds of extra work. The product is prepared out of eco-friendly materials and contains no bleach, lye, phosphates, or acids.

You can use Spray and Forget and completely eliminate the use of damaging pressure cleaning and laborious means of cleaning and scrubbing the affected surfaces.


  • Highly concentrated solution provided
  • One bottle can be used to prepare 5 gallons of solution
  • Ideal for outdoor cleaning
  • Environmentally safe, non-corrosive, and eco-friendly
  • Is a very affordable option


  • Is not compatible with vinyl surface
  • You might need to scrub a little

Product Specifications

Weight4.5 pounds
Product Dimensions3.15 x 5.1 x 9.1 inches
Item FormLiquid
Material FeatureNo bleach, lye, acid, phosphates, or heavy metals
BrandSpray & Forget

Scotts Plus OxiClean Outdoor Deck Cleaner

(Best Spray)

Scotts Plus OxiClean Outdoor Deck Cleaner

The cleaner is extremely versatile and can be used for almost all outdoor cleaning purposes. The product is also compatible with different kinds of surfaces that include – stone and cemented surfaces, composite wood and normal wooden surface, sidings, and flower pots.

With the outdoor cleaner from Scotts Outdoor Cleaner Plus OxiClean, now you can skillfully and efficiently lift the stubborn dirt and stains that are mainly formed due to moss, mildew, mold, and algae on the outdoor areas –including the garden, the patio, roofs, and pathway.

Watch video: Scotts Outdoor Cleaner Review

The solution will embark on the journey of powerful cleaning without using chlorine bleach or phosphate. Now, get rid of all the stains and dirt that were stealing the aesthetics of your home with the help of this cleaner from Scotts.


  • Easily lifts the dirt
  • Works effectively on cemented surface
  • Can be used around plants
  • Fast foaming action
  • Contains no phosphate or chlorine bleach


  • The application could be clumsy
  • You need to scrub the patio even after application

Product Specifications

Weight2.4 pounds
Product Dimensions2.96 x 11.15 x 5.45 inches
Item FormReady-to-spray foam
Material FeatureBleach-free

DEFY Exterior Wood Stain Stripper

(Best for Hard Surfaces)

DEFY Exterior Wood Stain Stripper

The Wood stain stripper from DEFY was meant to be one of the most powerful solutions for cleaning moss and algae from your outdoors. DEFY employs state of the art technology to help protect and save your wooden deck and furniture from wearing out.

Every product from DEFY is of premium quality. However, it could prove to be toxic to aquatic life on prolonged use. Be careful while you are using the solution; make sure to put on gloves as it can cause severe damage to the eyes and the skin as well. Also, use these biocides by taking ample caution.


  • It prevents the regrowth of moss and algae
  • Easy to use
  • No mixing required
  • Safe for various types of wood surfaces


  • Doesn’t work well on stony surfaces

Product Specifications

Weight9.7 pounds
Product Dimensions7.5 x 4.25 x 12 inches
Item FormLiquid
Material FeatureWater-based

Mr. Clean FG411 Deck Cleaner

(Best with Hose End)

Mr. Clean FG411 Deck Cleaner

A great outdoor cleaning option by WM Barr, Mr. Clean is a 64-Ounce solution that houses the power to deal with some of the most stubborn stains. Packed in with an ergonomic hose-end sprayer, this outdoor cleaner can cover as wide as 4500 ft2 without any need to scrub.

Watch video: Using Mr. Clean Outdoor cleaner

Its concentrated formula can help remove mildew, grime, or dirt stains very easily. The best thing about Mr. Clean is the fact that it won’t harm the plants in any way. Plus, purchasing this cleaning agent is surely a win-win move as you get access to a solution that works perfectly with the deck, siding, or patio.

The package comes with a spray selector option that can allow you to change how the solution falls on the affected area. You can even spray it as far as the 2nd floor of your house.


  • Cleans off grime, dirt, and mold stains without the need to scrub
  • It can cover as much as 4500 sq. ft.
  • Works perfectly on gutters, cement, siding, stone, wood, etc
  • Comes with spray selector settings such as direct, shower, wide horizontal, etc


  • The spray might not be as powerful as advertised

Product Specifications

Weight4.6 pounds
Product Dimensions3.8 x 5.45 x 11.8 inches
Item FormHose-end spray
Material FeatureBleach-based

Sun Joe SPX-HDC1G Deck Cleaner

(Best All-Purpose)

Sun Joe SPX-HDC1G Deck Cleaner

The Sun Joe SPX-HDC1G is a biodegradable and non-toxic formula that won’t affect you or your garden in any manner. It doesn’t contain any bleach and completely covers an area in need of thorough cleaning. The SPX-HDC1G can clean the exterior siding, remove mildew stains, or prepare the surfaces for any painting needs.

Watch video: SPX HDC1G - Sun Joe House + Deck All-Purpose Pressure Washer Rated Concentrated Cleaner

With the Sun Joe House Deck Concentrate Formula, you can take control of the toughest cleaning tasks in a breeze. All you need to do is mix the formula, as said in the instructions. After you are done mixing, fill up your washer tank/sprayer attachment.

Now, you are ready to spray and become the cleaning police for all those naughty stains and mold infecting your premise.


  • Concentrated formula that can be used in a pressure washer
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable, and bleach-free
  • Cleans brick, wood, siding, and more
  • Able to eliminate tough dirt, grease, and grime


  • Weak Pump

Product Specifications

Weight8 pounds
Product Dimensions4 x 6.5 x 11.4 inches
Item FormLiquid
Material FeatureBiodegradable, bleach-free
BrandSun Joe

30 Seconds Outdoor Deck Cleaner

(Best for Decks and Vinyl Sidings)

30 Seconds Outdoor Deck Cleaner

From vinyl sidings to brick walls, the 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner has the potential to clean up all your dirty outdoor surfaces. In order to use this cleaning agent, all you need to do is mix the same with equal portions of water.

Watch video: 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner Review

Make sure you wear protective footwear and clothing while spraying the mixture to avoid any reactions to the chemicals. With the 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner, you can be sure that the plants and lawn are completely safe.

The easy-to-use spray hose can ensure that you do not have to do much hard work to get your patio or deck cleaned up. The concentrate is ready-to-use, and the chemicals break down after being rinsed from the surface. It ensures that it doesn’t harm anyone coming in contact with the chemical.


  • Instant results
  • Ease-of-use
  • Convenient hose-end attachment
  • The perfect result on various surfaces
  • Doesn’t damage the surface


  • Can ruin your clothes

Product Specifications

Weight4 pounds
Product Dimensions6.25 x 3.5 x 11.25 inches
Item FormHose-end spray
Material FeatureBleach-based
Brand30 Seconds

Home Armor WM Barr FG505 Deck Cleaner

(Best for Decks and Fences)

Home Armor WM BARR FG505 Deck Cleaner

If you need a cleaning agent for your patio to restore its natural look, the Home Armor WM Barr FG505 is the best date option. The cleaner helps restore the original look of your patio that has weathered down or discolored due to dirt, grime, or mold/mildew.

The Armor WM Barr FG505 is perfect for fencing, wood sidings, as well as decks. Given the fact that this is a formula-based on bleach, make sure you keep your pets away during the application and cleaning process.

When mixing the concentrate or applying the same, make sure you wear protective gloves, footwear, and clothing items. The formula has especially been designed to renew the look for your wooden patio or sidings.


  • Results can be seen easily within minutes of application
  • No need for mixing and scrubbing
  • Able to kill mold and mildew
  • 1-gallon pack sufficient for a big patio


  • Might not remove grease stains
  • Can be corrosive in nature

Product Specifications

Weight8.35 pounds
Product Dimensions4.7 x 10.1 x 7.1 inches
Item FormSpray
Material FeatureBleach-based
BrandHome Armor

Buying Guide For The Best Deck Cleaner

What is the best deck cleaner, and which one is best for my house? Well, this is one of the most commonly asked questions by homeowners. However, there is nothing better than a deck cleaner. It is just that one product is different from another and boasts more powerful ingredients.

That is why it is a fact that the deck cleaner that works for your relative or friend; may or may not work for you. The effectiveness of a deck cleaner depends on several factors. So, here I am going to share with you some factors you should bear in mind when buying a deck cleaner.

Deck Cleaners

Oxygen Bleach

When it comes to the matter of the ingredients present in your deck cleaner, an oxygen bleach-based cleaner should be there in the list of your choice. An oxygen bleach deck cleaner is quite a bit trending in the market.

It contains chemicals like sodium percarbonate, which works excellently in removing stains, dirt, algaecide, lichen, fine moss, and oxidation patches. It is also an environment-friendly cleaning solution for your deck.

Granular Cleaner

You must choose the deck cleaner depending upon your usage and preference. Granular deck cleaners come in the form of a powder that you need to mix with water before applying it onto your deck. Granular cleaners are the best when it comes to issues related to storage. It’s easy and safe to store as the powders remain intact for a long time period.

Liquid Cleaner

When it comes to the ease of cleaning, then liquid cleaners are undoubtedly the best option. You don’t need to mix it beforehand with anything as it comes in the ready-made form and is easy to use. Also, chemicals in the liquid cleaners are mild, and it does not cause any harsh impact when it comes in contact with your skin.

Mild in Nature

While choosing a suitable cleaner for your deck, you need to focus on the mildness of the cleaner. Selecting a mild one despite a strong or harsh deck cleaner ensures the longevity of the paint or varnish of the wood. Choosing a harsh one can damage the paint of the deck.


As we all know, decks always remain near the plants and garden. So a top-notch level of attention should be paid while choosing the deck cleaner. A biodegradable deck cleaner should be at the top of your priority list as it contains less harmful chemicals and is usually eco-friendly in nature.


Here are some frequently asked questions for the best deck cleaners on the market that you can refer to when searching for the most suitable product.

Which One Is the Best for Using – Powdered Cleaner or Liquid Deck Cleaner?

Both the cleaners are good to use, no matter whether it is a powdered one or a liquid. But when it comes to the storage issue, powdered cleaners are the best as they are easy to store.

Are Acid Cleaners Safe for Use?

Acid cleaners might be suitable for instant cleaning, but it’s not good for producing better results in long term use. The acid cleaners often lower down the pH of the deck, which can change the structure of the deck for long term use.

Do All Deck Cleaners Require Extra Pressure While Cleaning?

No, you don’t need to use pressure cleaners for all deck cleaners. Only some of the cleaners require extra pressure while cleaning. You need to check it while buying.

Can I Use Detergent for Deck Cleaning?

Well, you can use any substance for cleaning, but the effectiveness will differ. A deck cleaner will clean your deck by removing the stains, dirt, algaecide, and lichens without leaving any slipperiness on the surface; however, a detergent might not work well as a deck cleaner.

Is Bleach Cleaners Good for Removing Dirt?

When it comes to the matter of cleaning or removing mildew, bleach cleaners are undoubtedly good, but they are not so effective on dirt.

My Top Pick

While all the deck cleaners on my list show effective results, my top pick is Simple Green 18201 Deck Cleaner. Its non-acidic base and biodegradable ingredients make this product stand out from the crowd. It really works well for me.

Which is the best deck cleaner for you? Do you know other best deck cleaners? Do you want to share or ask anything? If yes, feel free to leave me a comment!

Best Deck Cleaners
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  1. Our deck has discoloured to a grey . The bottom of our feet are black after we walk on it . We have pressurewashed it but the situation keeps coming back . We assume it is Mold.
    What is the best product with hope of resolving the problem permanently ?
    As well we have received conflicting comments on the the value of sealing the floor . Your thoughts please.
    The deck is 4 yrs old .Wood is brown treated spruce .

    1. Dear Dail,

      First of all thanks for contacting me.

      If it is mold you are having problems with I would recommend you to go with the Simple Green 18201. However, if you are not sure, you should choose the Wet and Forget 10587 because it also attacks algae.

      You need to understand that wood is alive and will always modify its texture. This is why you will have to clean your deck frequently.

      Regarding sealing the floor, if I were you I wouldn’t do it. If you have a beautiful brown wood, then take good care of it and it will last for many years to come.

      Kind regards,