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Top 15 Best Oven Cleaner Reviews 2024

One of the most hard-working appliances in your kitchen is the oven. You can do countless meals using this cooking tool, as it can bake, roast, thaw, broil, heat, and many, many more.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to cooking in the oven. However, the hard work comes from another part: cleaning all the grease and smell in the oven. Wiping all that food gunk needs a special cleaner, and this is what I will present today.

This article is about the best oven cleaners on the market, which will transform a repetitive task into a pleasant cleaning process. You will also have a buying guide to help you choose the top items in this field.

But before that, I want to make some light on a crucial aspect.

Oven Cleaners

How to Clean an Oven Quickly

If you ask your mother, she will probably tell you to make a mixture of water, vinegar, and baking powder. To blend it until it forms a paste and to pour it on the nasty grease spots. After that, turn on your oven at 100°C and leave for 45 minutes.

Yes, this is a great solution, but what if you don’t have 45 minutes to wait? What if you just want to get it over within a few minutes? Well, you will need a more powerful help, and that help comes from the store-bought oven cleaners.

The best ones will activate their formula the second they get in contact with the grease, and you will be able to wipe everything out in just a few minutes. No scrubbing included.

Why do you Need an Oven Cleaner?

Most homeowners and cooks know how important it is to maintain their kitchen appliances clean and do this job as regularly as possible.

When you have an oven cleaner with a chemical formula or a homemade one when you will do the cleaning, you will feel satisfied, and the task will be a pleasant one.

If you don’t know why is this cleaning process so important, read below to find the top reasons why you should not leave the grease so long in the oven:

Dirt Will Build up Over Time

Despite the cost and the energy you will spend to clean the oven, imagine how the dirt will build up over time. In fact, the oven will tend to trap the grease and the food mess, depending on how regularly and what you will be cooking.

As such, it means you will need to spend extensive amounts of attention.

If you continue to allow the building up, you will risk having much more work to do, even damage the oven itself. When should you know you have to clean the oven? Well, when you see some tell-tale signs, you will know you need to apply the oven cleaner.

Moreover, maybe you will see some visible discoloration or some residue builds up inside, even excessive smoke. These are signs of a messy oven that needs a deep cleaning.


When it comes to hygiene, it is crystal clear that the main advice regarding kitchen appliances is to maintain them clean, without any germs or bacteria. As such, it is mandatory to allow your oven not to gain unusable mess.

As you might know, the high temperatures will stave most issues. As such, it is really not the ideal environment to prepare food in.

Accumulation of Smoke

Once there will be lots of greases, like a car engine, the oven will not operate properly. As such, it is important that the oven is kept in good condition and full working order always.

If not, you will allow the burning off of the existing residue, which in time can lead to much more build-up of smoke, as I mentioned earlier.

Taste of the Food

Last but not least, it is essential to obtain great food taste. Nobody would enjoy a smoky steak, right? Essentially, using an oven cleaner is not only good for the oven itself but also your own health.

As such, don’t be afraid to clean the oven at least once a month if you are using it regularly. As professionals, I recommend you to have some good quality cleaning agents.

What Are The Best Oven Cleaners to Use?

In general, the best oven cleaner belongs to the Easy-Off, and you can consider the Krud Kutter if you need a budget-friendly option. The highlights of the reviews can give you a fundamental view of the big picture. As such, read down below to make sure you get the most relevant aspects.

  • Best Overall: Easy-Off 14.5 oz Oven Cleaner
    “It dissolves the grease in seconds. You just spray it and then wait for the magic to happen.”
  • Best Budget: KRUD KUTTER KK32 32 oz. Oven Cleaner
    “Affordable, yet really versatile when it comes to the surfaces you want to clean. Easy to use and powerful.”
  • Best for Grease: Fantastik Max 32 oz. Oven Cleaner
    “This cleaner is great when it comes to grease. You can use it even on very old spots of grease, and it will clean it perfectly.”
  • Best Heavy-Duty: Easy-Off 14.5 oz Heavy-Duty Oven Cleaner
    “Great for commercial use. You can clean the kitchen of a restaurant using this formula.”
  • Best Commercial: ProForce 3*32 oz. Oven Cleaner
    “If the food starts having a strange smell, then you need to do heavy cleaning. This oven cleaner will make sure that meals are fresh and perfectly baked again.”
  • Best for Racks: Sprayway SW826 18 oz. Oven Cleaner
    “From a reputable brand, this product is available for over ten years now and still very reliable.”
  • Best Oven Door Cleaner: Rutland Products 8 oz. Oven Cleaner
    “Will make the glass look like new, and it will protect it for a longer period of time than before.”
  • Best for Quick Cleaning: Collections Etc 8 oz. Oven Cleaner
    “You can use this formula on a gas stovetop, as well as on a range/oven model. Regardless of the surface, it will do a good job.”
  • Best Non-Toxic: Method 28 oz. Oven Cleaner
    “It smells so nice, and it cleans very well. You will recommend it to all your friends.”
  • Best for Self-Cleaning Ovens: Bryson 16 oz. Oven Cleaner
    “This formula will clean even the old grease so that the oven will look almost like new again.”
  • Best for Gas Ranges: Diversey 19 oz. Oven Cleaner
    “As long as you are not disturbed by the odor, this oven cleaner works great. Powerful and easy to use”
  • Best for Electric Ovens: Carbona 2*16.8 oz. Oven Cleaner
    “The formula is one of the most powerful ones, so make sure you know how to use it first.”
  • Best Spray: Weiman 16 oz. Oven Cleaner
    “The spray bottle is beneficial, so the foam reaches even the tightest places in the oven.”
  • Best for Baked-on Grease: Goo Gone 28 oz. Oven Cleaner
    “Food tastes better while the oven is crystal clear. Great product!”

Best Oven Cleaners Comparison Chart

Before moving to the actual reviews, have a look at this chart. Here it will be easier for you to notice the main differences between the 15 best oven cleaners and see which one suits your needs best.

Best Oven CleanersProduct DimensionWeightCapacity
Easy-Off 14.5 oz Oven Cleaner - Best Overall5 x 4 x 3 inches1.19 pounds14.5 oz.
KRUD KUTTER KK32 32 oz. Oven Cleaner - Best Budget5.12 x 3.25 x 11.5 inches2.1 pounds32 oz.
Fantastik Max 32 oz. Oven Cleaner - Best for Grease13.3 x 10.1 x 11.1 inches2 pounds32 oz.
Easy-Off 14.5 oz Heavy-Duty Oven Cleaner - Best Heavy-Duty 3 x 3 x 8 inches8 ounces14.5 oz.
ProForce 3*32 oz. Oven Cleaner - Best Commercial 10.1 x 3.2 x 9.9 inches1.1 pounds3 * 32 oz.
Sprayway SW826 18 oz. Oven Cleaner - Best for RacksNot specified1 pounds18 oz.
Rutland Products 8 oz. Oven Cleaner - Best Oven Door Cleaner1.5 x 2.75 x 6.88 inches10.4 ounces8 oz.
Collections Etc 8 oz. Oven Cleaner - Best for Quick Cleaning10.3 x 2.7 x 0.1 inchesNot specified8 oz.
Method 28 oz. Oven Cleaner - Best Non-Toxic 3 x 3 x 10 inches0.16 ounces28 oz.
Bryson 16 oz. Oven Cleaner - Best for Self-Cleaning Ovens6.88 x 11.12 x 8.37 inches1.44 ounces16 oz.
Diversey 19 oz. Oven Cleaner - Best for Gas Ranges2.6 x 2.6 x 9.6 inches1.45 pounds19 oz.
Citra Solv 9 oz. Oven Cleaner - Best Natural Cleaner2.6 x 1.5 x 7 inches0.8 ounces9 oz.
Carbona 2*16.8 oz. Oven Cleaner - Best for Electric OvensNot specifiedNot specified2 * 16.8 oz
Weiman 16 oz. Oven Cleaner - Best Spray2.2 x 4.2 x 9.5 inches1.25 pounds16 oz.
Goo Gone 28 oz. Oven Cleaner - Best for Baked-on Grease3.1 x 4.6 x 10.1 inches2.1 pounds28 oz.

Top 15 Best Oven Cleaner Reviews

Want to know everything about the products I have selected for today? Then you are in the right place. Here are the full reviews of the 15 best oven cleaners for today, with pros, cons, and my personal experience.

1. Easy-Off 14.5 oz Oven Cleaner

(Best Overall)

Easy-Off 14.5 oz Oven Cleaner

How do you get burnt on grease out of an oven? Well, using the best oven cleaner on the market, which is in my opinion, the Easy-Off 14.5 oz Oven Cleaner.

One of the most trusted products for cleaning the kitchen appliances, this cleaner will deal with even the most serious messes in a few seconds. Furthermore, it doesn’t need heat to work its way around grime and grease.

It contains no fumes, and it is safe to be used even for cleaning self-cleaning ovens. When you are done with your chores, you will be left with a pleasant lemony smell.

Key features:

  • Safe formula;
  • Nice lemon scent;
  • Contains no fumes.


  • Can remove tough stains, even baked-on oven grease, and spills;
  • Ideal for self-cleaning ovens;
  • Dissolves grease and grime quickly;
  • Versatile use;
  • Requires no heat for use.


  • Needs to use a sponge for cleaning the mess.

Product Specifications

Item formSpay
Volume2.6 oz
For self-cleaning ovenYes
UsageOvens/oven doors, barbecue grills, broilers/ broiler pans, and stainless steel surfaces

Personal experience

If you don’t want to spend lots of time cleaning a messy oven, then look for this product. It promises to dissolve the grease and grime in less than 5 minutes, although I recommend you to leave it for more minutes; otherwise, you will have to scrub the mess.

All in all, great product, the best overall on my list.

2. KRUD KUTTER KK32 32 oz. Oven Cleaner

(Best Budget)

KRUD KUTTER KK32 32 oz. Oven Cleaner

You don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy the best cleaning product for your kitchen. This Krud Kutter Oven Cleaner will remove a wide range of mess, from tape residue to paint overspray, pet stains, brake dust, even wallpaper adhesive.

This cleaner is safe to use because it contains no toxic components, even though it is a very concentrated formula. Manufactured in the US, this oven cleaner is biodegradable and therefore safe not only for your health but also for the environment.

Key features:

  • Water-based formula;
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable, xylene-free;
  • Concentrated, ready to use.


  • Safe for use at home and work;
  • Perfect for building materials and ladders;
  • Fast and thoroughly clean;
  • Remove tough, greasy messes and stains;
  • Affordable price.


  • May not clean the grout.

Product Specifications

Item formSpray
ScentLittle to no scent
Volume32 oz
For self-cleaning ovenNot specific
BrandKrud Kutter
UsageRemove greasy messes and stains, for building materials & ladders, tile-cleaners

Personal experience

If you are looking for an all-purpose cleaner that will do a great job even for the stains on the carpets, please consider this one. People love it, so do I, especially because it cleans perfectly and it is very affordable.

Watch this video for more information.

Watch video: Original Krud Kutter Cleaner Degreaser Professional House Cleaning Product Review

3. Fantastik Max 32 oz. Oven Cleaner

(Best for Grease)

Fantastik Max 32 oz. Oven Cleaner

Grease is the main enemy of the oven. And it is normal, as people usually cook lots of fatty meat or foods in the oven. Luckily, the Fantastik Max Oven Cleaner will be able to dissolve all the grease stains, as its formula was specially created for commercial applications.

The formula is non-corrosive, safe to use even on aluminum, and perfect for cleaning even the baked-on soils or carbon deposits.

This cleaner is a spray that produces a powerful foam that works quickly and removes the grease from both inside and outside your oven. Moreso, it can be used for self-cleaning ovens and also for conventional ones.

Key features:

  • Non-corrosive;
  • Safe on aluminum and glass;
  • Wide foaming spray;
  • Safe formula.


  • One product, perfect for multiple applications;
  • Can be used inside and outside of the oven;
  • Quick and efficient;
  • Perfect for self-cleaning ovens too.


  • It cannot be used in warm ovens.

Product Specifications

Item formSpray
ScentNot specific
Volume32 oz
For self-cleaning ovenYes
BrandSC Johnson Professional
UsageOutside and inside, conventional and self-cleaning ovens.

Personal experience

One of the best parts of this cleaner is that it does a nice foam, which acts immediately on the most stubborn grease and grime deposits. Great job!

4. Easy-Off 14.5 oz Heavy-Duty Oven Cleaner

(Best Heavy-Duty)

Easy-Off 14.5 oz Heavy-Duty Oven Cleaner

Created for the heavy-duty mess, the Easy-Of brand returns to my list. This unique fume-free oven cleaner will offer deep cleaning, and it is the 1st trusted brand for its cleaning products.

This formula is powerful and can take on even baked-on grease. You only need to leave on the greasy spots for 5 minutes, and it will remove all traces of old grease or grime. Furthermore, it works in both cold and warm temperatures.

After using it, you will be left with a pleasant lemon scent and a clean oven.

Key features:

  • Fume-free formula;
  • Available in fresh scent and lemon scent;
  • Clean in 5 minutes.


  • Removes even tough oven grease and spills;
  • Works best in just a few seconds;
  • Formulated to penetrate tough baked-on grease.


  • It does require using gloves and a mask.

Product Specifications

Item formSpray
Volume14.5 oz
For self-cleaning ovenNo
UsageOvens, oven doors, broilers, broiler pans, gas and electric ovens, stainless steel surfaces

Personal experience

The Easy-Off Heavy Duty formula works in just 5 minutes and dissolves even the most stubborn grease. You can use it in the oven, as well as on the grill and broiler.

Here is how it works in a short video.

Watch video: EASY-OFF HEAVY DUTY Oven Cleaner Review

5. ProForce 3*32 oz. Oven Cleaner

(Best Commercial)

ProForce 3*32 oz. Oven Cleaner

Do you have a restaurant? Or a hotel kitchen? Then you will probably need a commercial oven cleaner. This ProForce Oven Cleaner will work in just seconds and remove the grease and carbon buildup faster than you thought.

The reason why it is so suited for commercial cleaning is that you can use it directly on hot surfaces without waiting for them to cool down. This formula is ready to use. You won’t need to dilute in any way.

You just need to apply it and wipe it along with the grease and grime. No scrubbing or scraping is needed.

Key features:

  • Powerful commercial-grade formula;
  • Ready-to-use;
  • Remove the grease and carbon build-up.


  • Fresh new look;
  • Great quality formula;
  • Different sized bottles;
  • Works great even on hot surfaces.


  • Need to carefully use it, as it is a commercial cleaner.

Product Specifications

Item formSpray
Volume32 oz
For self-cleaning ovenYes
UsageGrease, carbon buildup on oven, grill, and fryer

Personal experience

Are you tired of cleaning the oven with vinegar steam? Then maybe you should take a closer look at a ready-to-use formula, like this one from ProForce. Powerful and safe, this cleaner is all you need in your kitchen.

6. Sprayway SW826 18 oz. Oven Cleaner

(Best for Racks)

Sprayway SW826 18 oz. Oven Cleaner

The Sprayway Oven Cleaner is an old formula, which was used even by the professionals in this domain, so their kitchens look like new again and again.

This formula can be used for quick cleaning. You just need to apply it, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then wipe it. However, if you have some old stains that you need to take care of, you can leave them overnight.

The beauty of this product is that the foam can be applied even on vertical surfaces on both warm or cold surfaces.

Key features:

  • Heavy-duty formula;
  • Quick and perfect result;
  • Safe for use on porcelain, glass, ceramics, stainless steel, and cast iron surfaces.


  • The formula works in just seconds;
  • Perfect to use on warm and cold ovens as well;
  • Thick foam application, to spray even on vertical surfaces;
  • Professional strength.


  • The applicator is not that user-friendly.

Product Specifications

Item formSpray
ScentNot specific
Volume18 oz
For self-cleaning ovenNo
UsageWarm and cold ovens, porcelain, glass, ceramics, stainless steel, and cast iron surfaces

Personal experience

Do you need a product and a brand you can always rely on? You can always be sure that this Sprayway will do a great job. It is good for cleaning, maintaining, and upkeep the surfaces of the oven, all bright and shiny.

Curious about how it works? Watch this video.

Watch video: Sprayway Glass Cleaner Product Review

7. Rutland Products 8 oz. Oven Cleaner

(Best Oven Door Cleaner)

Rutland Products 8 oz. Oven Cleaner

The glass from the oven door usually gets the dirtiest. Then comes the Rutland Oven Cleaner, which needs to simply be applied on any ceramic glass, and it will start working in seconds.

Its formula contains microparticles that are gentle on the surface without making any scratches even though they are compelling.

What is even greater when using this oven cleaner is its capacity of protecting the glass for a longer period of time. This is possible because it leaves a coat of silicone on the glass.

Key features:

  • Ammonia-free, non-scratching;
  • Leave a thin, protective silicone layer;
  • Easy to use.


  • The best way to clean the ceramic glass in the oven;
  • Work fast;
  • Micro scrubbers that will not scratch the glass;
  • Silicone coating keeps the glass clean for longer.


  • Quite pricey.

Product Specifications

Item formCream
ScentLittle to no scent
Volume8 oz
For self-cleaning ovenNo
BrandRutland Products
UsageCeramic glass

Personal experience

This product is very versatile, and it can be used on the oven’s glass, as well as on the fireplace’s glass surfaces. You don’t need to wear gloves, as the formula will not affect your skin.

8. Collections Etc 8 oz. Oven Cleaner

(Best for Quick Cleaning)

Collections Etc 8 oz. Oven Cleaner

Forget about those long hours when you were cleaning the oven using lemon or vinegar. This Collections Etc oven cleaner promises to work only in 60 seconds. You just need to spray it on the dirty oven, wait one minute, and the solution will do its magic.

This formula is an enzymatic one that dissolves the grease in seconds and removes the build-up carbon spots. It contains a citric oil that works fast, and it is non-corrosive. Lastly, it contains no fumes, and you won’t need gloves while working with it.

Key features:

  • Natural citrus oil;
  • No gloves or fumes;
  • Fast and safe formula.


  • Wipe the dirt in only 60 seconds;
  • Non-caustic, easy-to-use formula;
  • Quickly dissolves grease;
  • Micro Polymers will leave a protective coating;
  • Non-stick finish.


  • You need to read the directions for the best results.

Product Specifications

Item formSpray
Volume8 oz
For self-cleaning ovenYes
BrandCollections Etc
UsageOven- grates, doors, BBQ grill grates, and pans

Personal experience

I was impressed by how fast this cleaner worked. The solution is easy to spray, and the enzymatic formula just destroys the grease.

9. Method 28 oz. Oven Cleaner

(Best Non-Toxic)

Method 28 oz. Oven Cleaner

The Method Oven Cleaner is a non-toxic, plant-based power cleaner that will naturally remove the messes in the oven in just a few seconds. The lemongrass is the main ingredient, which adds a nice flavor and also dissolves the grease.

Even though it is a natural-based cleaner, this doesn’t mean you should not keep it away from your children. Also, be sure to keep it away from your eyes.

Key features:

  • Eco-friendly;
  • Lemongrass scent;
  • Naturally driven formula.


  • Smells nice;
  • Cleans fast and easy;
  • Non-toxic;
  • Plant-based.


  • Keep out from eyes and skin.

Product Specifications

Item formSpray
Volume28 oz
For self-cleaning ovenNo
UsageGrease, burnt-on messes, splatters

Personal experience

Don’t search for the best oven cleaner bomb anymore, as this Method one is all you need. It smells so nice, while it nicely cleans all the mess in the oven.

10. Bryson 16 oz. Oven Cleaner

(Best for Self-Cleaning Ovens)

Bryson 16 oz. Oven Cleaner

Forget about searching for how to clean an oven with lemon, when you have this Bryson Oven Cleaner. This spray is specially formulated to clean gently and effectively the oven indoor.

This is a powerful degreaser, but it is also non-toxic. I discovered it to be the best when it comes to self-cleaning ovens, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for conventional ones. Moreso, you can even clean your microwave oven using it.

After using it, you will feel a pleasant citrus scent.

Key features:

  • Fresh, non-toxic formula;
  • Clean citrus scent;
  • Perfect for all types of ovens.


  • Professional strength spray;
  • Cleans gently and effectively;
  • Safe for self-cleaning ovens too;
  • Streak-free shine.


  • More costly than other products.

Product Specifications

Item formSpray
Volume16 oz
For self-cleaning ovenYes
UsageAll types of ovens

Personal experience

The best part of this cleaner is that it is very versatile, so it works great on all types of ovens. Moreover, you can use it for self-cleaning ovens too. So you can easily consider this the best oven cleaner for self-cleaning ovens.

11. Diversey 19 oz. Oven Cleaner

(Best for Gas Ranges)

Diversey 19 oz. Oven Cleaner

Gas ovens deserve the same care as electric ones. As such, you need a dedicated gas oven cleaner. The Diversey one has a heavy-duty formula, which will clean fast and easy the surfaces you are interested in.

This oven cleaner can be used for house chores or commercial purposes. It has instant action, and it works regardless of the oven’s temperature. This means that you can use it on both warm or cold surfaces.

One of the main advantages of this formula is its self-scouring property that will allow you to clean hard to remove stains without scrubbing.

Key features:

  • Spray cleaner to clean hard-to-reach areas;
  • Works on warm and cold ovens as well;
  • The institutional formula for heavy-duty cleaning power.


  • Fast cleaning in just seconds;
  • Versatile use;
  • Self-scouring action;
  • Less scrubbing.


  • The odor might be a little disturbing though.

Product Specifications

Item formSpray
Volume19 oz
For self-cleaning ovenYes
UsageOven, grill, pot, pan, fryer, and more

Personal experience

If you need a commercial cleaning oven product, the Diversey one will work fast on warm and cold ovens.

12. Citra Solv 9 oz. Oven Cleaner

(Best Natural Cleaner)

Citra Solv 9 oz. Oven Cleaner

How to clean an oven with ammonia? Forget about it! The Citra Solv Oven Cleaner is very concentrated, natural, and a great degreaser. The formula is ready to use and versatile enough to work on lots of surfaces.

Not only is it made from natural ingredients, but it can also be used on multiple surfaces, eliminating all grease and grime that it encounters. It is eco-friendly and easy to use.

However, you should be advised that since it is made from very concentrated extracts, it can provoke irritations in case of eye contact.

Key features:

  • Super-concentrated;
  • Degreasing power;
  • Natural cleaner with orange scent.


  • Cleans and degreases;
  • Saves time and energy;
  • Ready to use and versatile.


  • The package has no spray.

Product Specifications

Item formLiquid
Volume8 oz
For self-cleaning ovenNo
BrandCitra Solv
UsageKitchen, living room, garage, and every other place

Personal experience

An all-natural cleaner, this is a concentrated degreaser and cleaner that will save you lots of time and energy. It can be used in the living room, garage, kitchen, or any other place in the home where you need to degrease surfaces.

13. Carbona 2*16.8 oz. Oven Cleaner

(Best for Electric Ovens)

Carbona 2*16.8 oz. Oven Cleaner

This is a 2 in 1 Oven Rack & Grill cleaner, that will work effectively over the grease and grime. In just 3 simple steps, you will have an electric oven all like new.

The beauty of this oven cleaner is that you won’t need to scrub your greasy surfaces. If used frequently, your oven will look like new.

Since it is a 2-in-1 formula, you can use it to make your racks shine. You just need to put them cold in a bag, pour the cleaner in and let them sit like that for 8 hours. Rinse them and put them back in the oven. It is that simple.

Key features:

  • 2-in-1 oven rack and grill cleaner;
  • Safe and effective;
  • Multi-purpose.


  • Powerful formula;
  • Combats greasy build-up;
  • Works to maintain the oven in premium condition.


  • Not friendly package;
  • Read carefully before using it.

Product Specifications

Item formLiquid
ScentNot specific
Volume16.8 oz
For self-cleaning ovenYes
UsageOven rack, grill grates

Personal experience

This formula is very powerful, yet, you need to follow some strict guidelines first. As soon as you learn how to use this, the result will be amazing.

14. Weiman 16 oz. Oven Cleaner

(Best Spray)

Weiman 16 oz. Oven Cleaner

This Weiman Oven Cleaner will make you forget about the commercial oven cleaning services. You can do a great job using this foam action cleaner, which will dissolve even the most stubborn grimy soil and grease.

This oven cleaner has a very powerful formula that not only removes grease but also rejuvenates and protects your oven from potential bacteria or rust.

You can use it to clean the inside of your oven and for the handles, grills, or drawers.

Key features:

  • 2-in-1 multi-action cleaner and degreaser;
  • Use for oven interiors;
  • Dissolve tough greases and grime.


  • Effectively prevents the grill grates from rusting and deteriorating;
  • Rejuvenates the surfaces;
  • Grease-cutting foam;
  • Strong resistance to chemicals.


  • Don’t use this cleaner on range surfaces.

Product Specifications

Item formSpray
ScentNo specific
Volume16 oz
For self-cleaning ovenYes
UsageOven doors, grates, broiler pans, drip pans, ceramic grills, frames, trays, drawers & handles

Personal experience

If you want to restore the look of your oven, consider a product that can do the best job for you. This is a 2-in-1 cleaner and degreaser that can dissolve lots of messes. Moreover, you can use it on broiler pans, drip pans, as well as ceramic grills, and trays.

15. Goo Gone 28 oz. Oven Cleaner

(Best for Baked-on Grease)

Goo Gone 28 oz. Oven Cleaner

Baked grease is one of the toughest ones to clean. If you don’t want to use the homemade oven cleaner with dawn anymore, go to the Goo Gone one. This is a kitchen degreaser that will work for cleaning counters, without harming them.

Even though this trusted brand offers a very powerful formula, it is safe to use in your kitchen. So, don’t worry about this aspect.

This is just a one-step cleaner, safe to use on glass, plastic, finished wood, and sealed stone.

Key features:

  • Fast-working formula;
  • Able to clean tough grease;
  • Citrus power.


  • One-step cleaner;
  • Kitchen degreaser;
  • Goes through oven cooking racks.


  • Will not work for self cleaning ovens.

Product Specifications

Item formSpray/ Foam
Volume28 oz
For self-cleaning ovenNo
BrandGoo Gone
UsageCounters, stoves, range hoods, pots, pans, and more

Personal experience

There is just one step to clean the oven perfectly. The Goo Gone will make the oven look like new in just one step.

Oven Cleaner Buying Guide

If you didn’t know yet, oven cleaners are the best products you can use for cleaning the kitchen supplies. You don’t even need to do lots of scrubbing because you cannot get rid of the grease otherwise.

This being said, here are the top criteria to keep in mind in order to choose the suited cleaning item:

Oven Cleaner

Make Sure You Use the Right Formula

Imagine all those layers of grease and oil in the oven. In order to remove them all, the cleaning product you have needs to pass quite a stressful test. Especially if there are food residues stuck in the oven for a long time now.

Look for a thick or frothing formula for this situation, as this one can be beneficial. It will not run down the dividers into the base but actually adhere to them and make the cleaning process a lot easier.


This criterion refers to the different packaging and bottles the solution comes in. As such, you should look for some easy to use applicators that are cool to use even on those parts of the oven which are not always so reachable.

For instance, the safest choice is a spray design.


If you want to use an efficient product, then the best option would be a chemical-free oven cleaner. Since the grease and oil can be a steady one, they are being warmed again in the oven, starting to clean can become a stressful process.

This is the main reason why most of the oven cleaners on the market will contain lots of brutal chemicals.

One of the most popular chemicals is sodium hydroxide, also called harsh soda. This toxin is very harmful, and it can affect the skin, lungs, even the eyes. Moreover, it can cause harm to some materials in the kitchen, such as plastic.

As such, if you are using this type of product, make sure you keep a strategic distance from the product you use. However, always look at the guidelines on the bottle. If the products use mainly citrus oil, it is a natural product, safe to use at home.

A Brand You Can Trust

Needless to say, people tend to buy from brands they can rely on. When it comes to cleaning items, I also prefer to purchase from some solid brands. The products I will mention down below are from trusted producers or lines you can go straight in your market.

Make sure you go for a brand with lots of good reviews, so you don’t need to settle on the best decision.

Look for a Dedicated Product

There is no doubt there are thousands of types of cleaning products made for kitchen items, and each one does its job perfectly. However, the oven is special when it comes to cleaning, and it needs a strong, dedicated product.

For this appliance, you should choose a cleaning item containing concoctions that will destroy the oil and other food deposits in the oven without harming the surface.

Speaking of the surface, people should know how to recognize the type of covering inside the oven to make it simpler to make the cleaner. Some of the brands of kitchen appliances make their own cleaning items.

These might be more expensive, though, and there is no proof they even work properly.


Of course, you don’t want to spend lots of hours cleaning the oven. As such, the product you choose should cut that time in half or less. A decent oven cleaner should diminish the process of cleaning without trading off the quality of the work itself.

A Nice Scent

Most of the cleaning products have that chemical scent, so staying in the oven to clean it for half an hour is not dreamy at all. This is the main reason why you should buy those oven cleaners that have a nice aroma, such as the citrus one.


How much should someone pay for a good quality oven cleaner? Of course, you don’t have to spend a fortune, but neither expect to have excellent cleaning results with few dollars. Make sure you read the reviews and don’t compromise for a little money.


Do you still have questions? Here are the most frequently asked ones.

How to clean an oven door?

The process is very easy. If you are looking for the best oven cleaner DIY recipe, start mixing 3 parts of baking soda and then 1 part water until the soda is dissolved. Or just use a good oven cleaner.

Spread the mixture or the cleaner over the glass of the oven door and let it stay at least ten minutes. Then start whipping it off, using the rough side of the sponge to scrub the dirt.

Can you use the oven cleaner on the hot oven?

Each product comes with its own set of instructions. If it is safe to use on the hot oven, they will specify this. If they don’t, please make sure that the oven is cold only.

Otherwise, there will be a lot of burning risks, even other injuries. Moreover, let’s be honest, most cleaners have a chemical composition, and at very high temperatures, they become even more toxic.

Is there a natural oven cleaner with lemon?

Lemons are one of the most versatile ingredients you can use even for housekeeping activities. As such, when life gives you lemons, use them to clean the oven.

Here is what you need to do: cut the lemon in half, rub it over the surface in the oven you want to clean, and leave it for a couple of minutes. Then wipe down all the mess using a warm, damp cloth.

How long should you leave the cleaner in order to work?

As you might know already, each brand is different and has its own rules of application and composition. Some of their products are very concentrated, so they will work in even 30 seconds, while others need to be left over the surface for 15 minutes.

According to the labels, all you need to keep in mind is that you should not leave the product for more than the specified time.

Can you use the oven cleaner for self-cleaning ovens too?

Most of the brands you use will specify if you can use the oven cleaner in a self-cleaning oven as well.

Actually, the self-cleaning option works like this: it heats the oven, so it burns all those particles of grease, oil, and food remains into ash. As such, this option will make it easier to wipe off the ash immediately after the oven cooled off.

My Top Pick

So you have made it up until the last conclusion. You will wonder which is the best oven cleaner on the market.

If you want a piece of sincere advice, then make sure you choose the product that suits your kitchen best.

Consider the list of products I have given you today, compare them, and see what their main features are.

My top pick one is Easy-Off 14.5 oz Oven Cleaner. But have you already found the perfect product in this direction? Tell me in the comments below your experience and spread the word.

Best Oven Cleaners

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