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Top 15 Best Quiet Shop Vacs Reviews 2024

The best quiet shop vac keeps the noise low while cleaning. Cleaning the sawdust or other ground particles at the job site is a continuous process and subjecting your ears to loud noises for a long time is harmful. Some people wear earplugs to protect their ears from the sound.

However, wearing earplugs all the time is uncomfortable and even not safe at a workplace as you may not hear other important sounds. Hence using low volume shop vacs is a feasible solution to all these issues.

Qualifications Of A Quiet Shop Vac

You might have seen a “quiet vacuum” listed in the specifications many times while trying to purchase a shop vac.

The loudness of quiet vacs: Vacuums operating at or below 80 decibels are known as quiet vacs.

Quiet Shop Vac

Comparison with other sounds:

  • Normal conversation is 60-70 decibels
  • Refrigerator operates at 55 decibel sound
  • Telephone dial tone 85 decibels

Using devices rated lower than or equal to 85 decibels is important as sustained exposure to noises higher than 85 can result in hearing loss.

Which Are The Best Quiet Shop Vacs To Buy?

CRAFTSMAN and Vacmaster offer the top-notch products in the line of the best quiet shop vac in our list of 15 products. Also, Shop-Vac has excellent performance with a budget-friendly device that gives you a double advantage.

Check below the short introduction of each of the best quiet shop vacs.

  • Best Overall – CRAFTSMAN 16 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac
    “Large drain, carry handle, caster wheels, onboard accessory storage, quiet operation, Qwik lock filter, flexible hose, several accessories.”
  • Best Budget – Stanley 4 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac
    “Multifunctional vacuum, stainless steel drum, 4 Hp suction power, large capacity, drain hole, swivel wheels.”
  • Best With Remote Control – Vacmaster 5 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac
    “Completely organized, remote-controlled, portable, carry handle, secure-fit hose, durable tank material, noise diffuser, converts to a blower.”
  • Best 10 Gallon Quiet – DeWALT 5.5 HP Quiet Shop Vac
    “High power motor, large quantity, rubberized caster wheels, drain hole, long power cord, in-built accessory storage, waterproof switch, hose strap.”
  • Best Super Quiet – Bosch 1.6 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac
    “Cordless, 99.97% filtration, portable, lightweight, long runtime, numerous accessories, on-board tools, and 3 x extension tubes.”
  • Best With Auto Start – Nilfisk ALTO Aero 127 CFM Quiet Shop Vac
    “Low noise, lightweight, wet/dry functions, powerful suction, semi-automatic filter, HEPA filter, On-board accessories, tool connectivity.”
  • Best Deluxe Series – Festool 6.9 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac
    “Tool connectivity, flat HEPA filter, anti-static hose, self-cleaning filter bag, large wheels, cord storage, on-board storage, ergonomic body design.”
  • Best With Leaf Blower – DeWALT 6 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac
    “Small clean up jobs, high suction power, easy maneuverability, blower port, cartridge filter, extension wands.”
  • Best With Tool Start – FEIN Turbo II 151 CFM Quiet Shop Vac
    “Powerful suction, on-board tool storage, tool coupling, long power cord, cellulose filter, fleece filter, auto-start with power tools.”
  • Best Upholstery Attachment – Vacmaster 3 HP Quiet Shop Vac
    “Caster wheels, 19’ cleaning reach, blower port, dust seal switch, drain port, built-in storage, stainless steel tank, top handle design.”
  • Best With HEPA Filter – Makita 2 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac
    “Optimum suction maintenance, Li-Ion battery-operated, LED indicator, HEPA filter, 60 minutes runtime, brushless motor, portable design.”
  • Best for Dust Collection – Ridgid 14 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac
    “Quiet performance, fine-dust filter, long power cord, caster wheels, powerful suction, quick-release storage bag, blower port, pull handle.”
  • Best Portable – Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 6 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac
    “Cordless operation, multi-purpose, powerful suction, no-tip design, large wheels, compact design, 360-degree mobility, extension wands, crevice tool, floor nozzle.”
  • Best Ultra Quiet – Makita 12 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac
    “Optimum suction maintenance, HEPA filter, quiet operation, blow-back filter cleaner, rocker valve, onboard outlet.”
  • Best With Dust Bags – Stanley 8 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac
    “Blower port, 8-gallon capacity, strong suction, 10 ft power cord, large drain, swiveling casters, 2 extension wands, and floor nozzle.”

Best Quiet Shop Vac Comparison Chart 2022

Find the best quiet shop vac to clean out the high use areas at your worksite without hurting your ears or causing noise pollution.

Best Quiet Shop VacsCapacitySuction PowerHose lengthCord lengthNoise Level
CRAFTSMAN 16 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac - Best Overall16 gallons6.5 Hp7 ft20 ft72.36 dB
Stanley 4 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac - Best Budget4 gallons4 Hp4 ft8ft75 dB
Vacmaster 5 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac - Best With Remote Control5 gallons5 Hp21 ft20 ft74 dB
DeWALT 5.5 HP Quiet Shop Vac - Best 10 Gallon Quiet10 gallons5.5 Hp7 ft20 ft65 dB
Bosch 1.6 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac - Best Super Quiet1.6 gallon51 CFM5.25 ftCordless59 dB
Nilfisk ALTO Aero 127 CFM Quiet Shop Vac - Best With Auto Start6.6 gallon127 CFM11.5 ft16 ft64 dB
Festool 6.9 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac - Best Deluxe Series6.9 gallons137 CFM11.5 ft24 ft62 dB
DeWALT 6 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac - Best With Leaf Blower6 gallons4 Hp7ft10 ft63 dB
FEIN Turbo II 151 CFM Quiet Shop Vac - Best With Tool Start8.4 gallon151 CFM13 ft18 ft66 dB
Vacmaster 3 HP Quiet Shop Vac - Best Upholstery Attachment6 gallons3 Hp7 ft12 ft80 dB
Makita 2 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac - Best With HEPA Filter2 gallons57 CFM5 ftCordless76 dB
Ridgid 14 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac - Best for Dust Collection14 gallons6 hp7 ft20 ft76 dB
Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 6 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac - Best Portable6 gallons80 CFM5 ftCordless65 dB
Makita 12 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac - Best Ultra Quiet12 gallons135 CFM16 ft24.6 ft59 dB
Stanley 8 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac - Best With Dust Bags8 gallons4 Hp6 ft10 ft70 dB

Top 15 Best Quiet Shop Vac Reviews 2022

The below reviews of the best quiet shop vac provide you a complete insight of how they function and what else they have to offer apart from low noise. The systematic arrangement of points gives you all the necessary information.

1. CRAFTSMAN 16 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac

(Best Overall)

CRAFTSMAN 16 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac

The Craftsman shop vac operates quietly than many other heavy-duty vacuums with a noise rating of 72.36 decibels only. Its 7 feet hose has Pos-I-Lock Dual-Flex technology with 180 degrees mobility to avoid kinking of the tube. It comes with the Qwik lock filter that has efficient filtering performance.

The caster wheels not only serve as an excellent maneuvering system but also help in storing the accessories on-board at their foot. You can drain the wet waste efficiently and quickly with the help of an oversized drain hole provided at the bottom side of the vacuum.

Key Features:

  • 72.36 decibels
  • 6.5 peak HP
  • 7’ x 2-1/2” Dual-flex hose
  • Qwik Lock Filter
  • 2 x extension wands


  • Heavy-duty motor with powerful suction to clear off even large debris easily
  • Caster wheels for easy maneuvering of the vacuum as you move ahead
  • Flexible hose with 180 rotation avoids kinking that makes hose durable
  • Wet/dry vac along with blower port performs versatile actions
  • The large capacity dust collection bag does not need frequent emptying


  • Finding replacement parts or extra filter for this vacuum is difficult

Product Specifications:

Weight26 pounds
Warranty3 years
FilterQwik Lock Filter

Check the detailed video on CRAFTSMAN 16 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac:

Watch video: 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac Craftsman Review

2. Stanley 4 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac

(Best Budget)

Stanley 4 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac

This vacuum is powerful enough to suck large and small debris effortlessly. You can quickly empty the wet waste from the tank by opening the large drain hole provided on the side. Moving it around is a breeze due to the swivel casters.

Due to its three-in-one usability, it is suitable for use at home, job site, garage, vehicle cleaning, laundry, hotel, and many other such places. The foam filter and the dust bag offer superior filtration.

Key Features:

  • 12 feet cleaning reach
  • 3-in-1 function
  • 4 Peak Hp suction power
  • Stainless steel tank


  • The stainless steel tank is durable
  • Large drain port for easy emptying of wet waste
  • The powerful suction of 4 Hp for cleaning many kinds of debris
  • It has excellent mobility due to rotating wheels


  • The hose length is short

Product Specifications:

ColorSilver + yellow
Weight11.5 pounds
Warranty1 year
FilterDust bag, foam filter

Find the working of Stanley 4 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac here:

Watch video: Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum 4 Horsepower Stainless Steel Tank

3. Vacmaster 5 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac

(Best With Remote Control)

Vacmaster 5 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac

The 41-feet extensive area cleaning reach is possible using the 20-feet cord and a 21-feet flexible hose. You can easily clean hard to reach areas as it is still extendible using the two extension wands. Its hose comes in two parts for convenient attachment as per need and easy storage.

Also, the hose has a secure fit system for enhancing the suction power. This device has a noise diffuser system enabling quiet operation. Though this vacuum is used wall-mounted, it is also portable using the quick release feature to work around your home.

Key Features:

  • Remote controlled operation
  • On-board storage of hose
  • Tool caddy for accessory storage
  • Wall mount storage rack
  • Noise diffuser


  • The cord, hose, and accessories are all stored on-board of the vacuum
  • Its tank is constructed using polypropylene for extra durability
  • The 2-stage motor offers quiet operation and powerful suction
  • Long cord and hose help in reaching out large area while cleaning
  • The large diameter of the hose of 1-7/8” helps in avoiding clogs


  • You need to buy an adapter separately to attach the two hoses

Product Specifications:

Weight25.05 Pounds
Warranty2 years
FilterFoam Wet Filter, Washable Cartridge Filter

See how Vacmaster 5 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac works:

Watch video: Vacmaster Wall-Mount Wet/Dry Vac - 5-Gallon

4. DeWALT 5.5 HP Quiet Shop Vac

(Best 10 Gallon Quiet)

DeWALT 5.5 HP Quiet Shop Vac

The Dewalt vacuum operates with a 5.5 peak hp that generates powerful vacuuming action of cleaning the larger debris efficiently. Its 3-in-1 function allows you to perform various jobs such as dry vacuuming, wet vacuuming, and blowing off the dry debris. You can wrap the cord quickly to the handle.

The carry handle is handy for carrying the vacuum from place to place. As the hose is wrapped and secured to the vacuum using a hose strap, storing this vacuum is easier. The tool caddy that comes with it stores all the accessories on-board. Its swivel wheels with a rubber coating are smooth on your floor.

Key Features:

  • Accessory tool bag
  • 360 degrees rotating wheels
  • 50% quieter operation
  • 5.5 peak horsepower
  • 10 feet power cord


  • The in-built bower port offers extra functionality to the wet/dry vacuum
  • Swivel wheels have rubber casing for extra durability
  • A large drain hole on the bottom side makes waste emptying easy
  • Long power hose to reach a large room without switching outlets
  • On-board storage of accessories keeps them at a reach when required


  • Does not come with an upholstery brush

Product Specifications:

Weight23.2 pounds
Warranty3 years
FilterDust cartridge filter

See the working of DeWALT 5.5 HP Quiet Shop Vac:

Watch video: DEWALT DXV10P 10 Gallon Quiet Poly Wet Dry Vacuum Review

5. Bosch 1.6 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac

(Best Super Quiet)

Bosch 1.6 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac

The cordless vacuum by Bosch demonstrates powerful and sustained suction using its rotational airflow technology. It is a small Shop vac and is a convenient portable solution with 24 minutes of runtime. The wet and dry functions are handy in cleaning various kinds of messes at home, job sites, and vehicles.

This device features a HEPA filter capable of filtering 99.97% of dust, i.e., to the size of 0.3-micron particles. You can experience the fresh air flowing through it after you vacuum. This vacuum is capable of delivering 51 CFM of airflow. It can connect with most of the Bosch power tools for dust collection.

Key Features:

  • Rotational airflow technology
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • 18-volt cordless tool
  • 24 minutes runtime
  • 1.6-gallon dust cup


  • Delivers efficient runtime of 4 minutes per amp
  • Filters 99.97% of particles up to the size of 0.3 microns
  • Cordless motor with the powerful suction of 51 CFM
  • The washable and reusable filter is economical in the long run
  • Three extension tubes allow access to hard to reach places


  • You must buy the battery separately

Product Specifications:

Weight10.2 pounds
Warranty3 years
FilterWashable HEPA filter

Watch the working of Bosch 1.6 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac here:

Watch video: The Best Battery Wet/Dry Vacuum - Bosch GAS18V-3N 18-Volt Wet/Dry Vacuum

6. Nilfisk ALTO Aero 127 CFM Quiet Shop Vac

(Best With Auto Start)

Nilfisk ALTO Aero 127 CFM Quiet Shop Vac

The Nilfisk vacuum features a semi-automatic filter system that keeps the filter clean for easy maintenance. The flat-top design is convenient for using it as a surface for placing other tools. German engineered technology for high-quality build provides reliability. The plastic tank does not rust and is durable.

As these vacuums are filly sealed and contain HEPA filters, they are suitable for working with asbestos, lead paint, and similar hazardous materials. It has an automatic start/stop feature for power tools that enable professionals to prefer it at the job site. Emptying the waste is easy using the quickly removable container.

Key Features:

  • 64 Db noise rating
  • OSHA, EPA RRP, DoD, NIOSH compliant
  • 127 CFM and 84-inch water lift
  • Automatic start/stop
  • HEPA filter


  • Its ergonomic design helps you to store the vacuum in a small space
  • Easy maintenance due to the semi-automatic filter facility
  • A HEPA filter helps in 99.97% filtration of debris down to 0.3 microns
  • Electric auto-start feature, for the tools, plugged in into the vacuum
  • Low noise rating allows it to operate without disturbing your surroundings


  • Does not have retracting cord facility

Product Specifications:

Weight18 pounds
Warranty2 years
FilterWashable PET fleece HEPA filter

View the features of Nilfisk ALTO Aero 127 CFM Quiet Shop Vac here:

Watch video: Review of Nilfisk ALTO Aero 26-21 6.6-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

7. Festool 6.9 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac

(Best Deluxe Series)

Festool 6.9 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac

The Festool vacuum has an 11.5” anti-static hose that is kink-resistant and offers complete flexibility for reducing the static clings and shock hazards. It has excellent filtration performance due to the flat HEPA filter, allowing you to have maximum tank capacity as it saves space.

You can store both hose and the cord on the vacuum in the tool caddy on top. On-board tool storage and the low height helps you in easy storage of this vacuum even under a low shelf. A low center of gravity design with large wheels offers high stability to the device while maneuvering.

Key Features:

  • Flat HEPA filter
  • Large wheels
  • Low center of gravity
  • Kink-resistant hose
  • Automatic tool start


  • The ergonomically balanced design keeps the vacuum from tipping
  • Self-cleaning filter bag helps in easy maintenance
  • Automatic water level sensor keeps the motor safe from getting wet
  • The convenient onboard tool, hose, and cord storage
  • Non-kinking and anti-static hose for long durability


  • The variable speed for tools works only when using Festool equipment

Product Specifications:

ColorBlack and Light Grey
Weight1 pound
Warranty3 year
FilterFlat HEPA filter

Check the working of Festool 6.9 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac here:

Watch video: Festool CT26E Dust Collector Review

8. DeWALT 6 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac

(Best With Leaf Blower)

DeWALT 6 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac

The cord is winded to handle for quick access and the hose wrap holds the tube in place for easy storage. Interchanging the ports is a breeze as it converts from vacuum to blower in seconds.

It comes loaded with accessories and an accessory bag to store them. You can clean your cars easily with it as it is of compact size that allows portability. Maneuvering it is easy as it moves all 360 degrees on its casters.

Key Features:

  • Built-in blower port
  • 1-7/8″x7′ Hose
  • 360-degree rotating casters
  • Waterproof switch


  • Heavy-duty aluminum casters for durability
  • In-built hose wrap facility
  • Tank drain to help you empty the contents easily
  • The standard latches secure the vacuum safely


  • Hose diameter seems large for some people

Product Specifications:

ColorYellow and black
Weight14.77 pounds
Warranty3 years
FilterCartridge filter

Find more specifications of DeWALT 6 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac check here:

Watch video: Best Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum Under $100 - DeWALT 6 Gallon DXV06P

9. FEIN Turbo II 151 CFM Quiet Shop Vac

(Best With Tool Start)

FEIN Turbo II 151 CFM Quiet Shop Vac

FEIN Turbo II offers powerful wet and dry vacuuming for home and worksite, as it is capable of coupling with power tools. AutoStart with power delay when the vacuum is connected to the power tool ensures safety. The top area with rim offers practical storage space.

The high performance gained by the excellent turbine flow rate offers powerful suction. Its low volume of 66 decibels helps in the quiet operation of the vacuum. The 360 degrees swiveling large wheels glide the vacuum in all directions and help it move in the tight areas quickly.

Key Features:

  • 66 dB noise rated
  • Tool coupling
  • Cellulose filter
  • 8.4 large capacity
  • By-pass cooling


  • Long hose and power cord for the complete reach of a large room
  • Automatic tool coupling picks the dust as you use your power tools
  • Facility to store tools on-board keeps them handy
  • Powerful suction cleans the debris easily
  • Large 360 degrees rotating wheels for optimum maneuverability


  • Buying disposable bags is expensive in the long run

Product Specifications:

ColorOrange and black
Weight29.4 pounds
Warranty1 year
FilterFleece filter bag, cellulose filter

Check more details about FEIN Turbo II 151 CFM Quiet Shop Vac here:

Watch video: FEIN Turbo II Vacuum Review

10. Vacmaster 3 HP Quiet Shop Vac

(Best Upholstery Attachment)

Vacmaster 3 HP Quiet Shop Vac

Vacmaster VQ607SFD features a large drain port for easy emptying of debris. The rotating wheels allow smooth movement of the vacuum while moving it from one place to another when you clean. It has wet, dry, and blower function facilities for doing various cleaning jobs.

This vacuum comes with a large switch that helps seal it tight for the dust while dry vacuuming. All the accessories are stored on the vacuum wheels and in the built-in storage area. The top handle design helps lift the vacuum for emptying and carrying it from one place to another for cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel tank
  • Multi-floor nozzle
  • On-board organization
  • Top handle design
  • Large drain port


  • Durable stainless steel tank with large capacity
  • In-built storage for quickly grabbing an accessory
  • Converts to a blower easily for blowing off the dry debris
  • Top handle design for balanced carrying
  • Large swivel wheels for swift movement into any place effortlessly


  • Accessories are made of cheap plastic material

Product Specifications:

ColorStainless steel
Weight15.92 pounds
Warranty2 years
FilterCartridge Filter, Reusable Foam Sleeve, Dust Bag

Check the working of Vacmaster 3 HP Quiet Shop Vac here:

Watch video: Vacmaster VQ607SFD Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum Review

11. Makita 2 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac

(Best With HEPA Filter)

Makita 2 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac

The carry handle of this vacuum stores conveniently, helping you store it under less height shelf easily. Conversion to blower is quick and easy. Dual speed selector for increasing or reducing power. Powerful brushless motor ensures long life as the heat from the motor reduces.

The vacuum is portable due to its lightweight. Its broad base does not allow the tipping of the vacuum. The easy conversion to blower is another advantage of this vacuum. It also has an option to attach the shoulder strap for easy carrying of the vacuum.

Key Features:

  • Brushless motor
  • Filter cleaning system
  • HEPA filter
  • 60 minutes of runtime
  • Led battery charge indicator


  • Long runtime of 60 minutes ensures uninterrupted cleaning of a large room
  • The HEPA filter gets rid of 99/97% of dust particles of 0.3-micron size
  • Compact, portable and lightweight design to carry it easily
  • Longer filter life using the filter cleaning system
  • Brushless motor for increased motor life due to non-heating performance


  • You should buy the battery separately

Product Specifications:

ColorBlue and white
Weight10.1 pounds
Warranty3 year
FilterHEPA filter

Demonstration of Makita 2 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac is here:

Watch video: Makita XCV11 Cordless Vacuum Review

12. Ridgid 14 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac

(Best for Dust Collection)

Ridgid 14 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac

The Ridgid WD1450 vacuum operates quietly using noise-reduction technology. You can quickly wrap the power cord under the pull handle for quick winding and unwinding. This vacuum is maneuvered effortlessly using the pull handle and the large swiveling caster wheels.

The blower is useful to blow away the sawdust or the dry leaves in your lawn efficiently. It has enough powerful suction to keep up with tough cleaning jobs. Accessories are stored in the storage bag that is easily removable from the vacuum. Emptying the vacuum is quick and easy.

Key Features:

  • High suction power to complete cleaning jobs quickly and efficiently
  • Long power cord length for more extensive coverage area
  • Large rotating caster wheels for effortless movement of the vacuum
  • Blower conversion is easy and useful along with wet/dry functions
  • Storage bag for keeping accessories clutter-free and available


  • It has airflow controlled patented feature of scroll noise reduction
  • 360-degree mobility of the caster wheels to move easily
  • The two-piece drum is durable for rough and tough usage
  • The large carry handle is comfortable when you must lift it up
  • Its three layers of fine dust filter keep the dust away from entering the air


  • Instructions are not clear

Product Specifications:

ColorOrange and black
Weight25 Pounds
Filter3 – layer fine dust filter

See the review of Ridgid 14 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac here:

Watch video: Stuff We Love - Ridgid 14 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac

13. Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 6 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac

(Best Portable)

Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 6 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac

The Ryobi vacuum has a large dust capacity for a cordless vacuum and offers quiet performance with powerful suction. It has several handles to carry it easily. The large wheel helps it move quickly, and the middle wheel swivels 360 degrees to guide it while moving.

The 5 feet hose is extendible using the extension wand, giving it extra reach around the room without bending. The crevice tool provides clean edges as it can pull dirt from thin places easily. The on-board accessory storage makes the vacuum easy to store without any mess.

Key Features:

  • Large side wheels
  • 360-degree direction wheel
  • Quick-snap clips
  • On-board accessory storage
  • Multiple carry-handles


  • Cleans the fine dust emitted by the power tool effectively
  • Cordless operation offers the tangle-free movement of the vacuum
  • On-board storage of accessories including the hose is convenient
  • Wide design with a low center of gravity keeps the vacuum from tipping
  • Multiple carrying handles help is the easy carrying of the vacuum


  • It does not come with a battery

Product Specifications:

ColorGreen and black
Weight15 pounds
Warranty3 years
FilterCartridge filter

Check the working of Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 6 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac here:

Watch video: Ryobi 6-Gallon 18V One+ Cordless Wet / Dry Shop Vac

14. Makita 12 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac

(Best Ultra Quiet)

Makita 12 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac

The lightweight motor present in this vacuum is capable of generating 135 CFM suction power. It is built with high-quality materials that absorb the sound efficiently giving it an ultra-quiet operation with the sound level at 59dB.

The automatic filter blowback system cleans it efficiently and maintains the life of the filter. Since the reverse airflow is redirected using a rocker valve it does not interrupt the suction. Speed variability is convenient to work with various cleaning jobs as required.

Key Features:

  • 12 Amp lightweight motor
  • 59 dB quiet operation
  • 24.6 ft power cord
  • 16 ft long anti-static hose


  • The HEPA filter gets rid of 99.95% of dust particles of 0.3-micron size
  • On-board power outlet for connecting power tools is convenient
  • The self-cleaning system of the filter helps in easy maintenance
  • Less noise helps in working peacefully


  • No adapter details provided for tool attachment in the instructions

Product Specifications:

Weight27 pounds
Warranty1 year
FilterHEPA filter

Demonstration of Makita 12 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac is here:

Watch video: MAKITA VC4710 Xtract 12-Gallon Vacuum Review

15. Stanley 8 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac

(Best With Dust Bags)

Stanley 8 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac

This versatile vacuum has 3-in-1 functionality that helps you perform several jobs easily with its powerful suction. Its large capacity dust collection tank is suitable to work for a long time without emptying. The washable cartridge filter is easy to maintain.

You can use the extension wands to use the vacuum without the need to bend a lot. Also, many places such as under the bed and furniture are easily accessible using these wands. The swivel casters allow quick and easy maneuverability.

Key Features:

  • 16 ft cleaning range
  • Cartridge filter
  • 4 Swivelling casters
  • 3-in-1 function


  • A large capacity of 8 gallons is convenient while cleaning a big area
  • The 4 peak Hp gives excellent suction power
  • It has buoy technology to power off automatically for protecting the motor
  • The two extension wands help in reaching hard to reach places


  • You need to keep buying the disposable bags

Product Specifications:

Weight17.6 pounds
Warranty1 year
FilterCartridge filter, disposable filter bag

Check the usefulness of Stanley 8 Gallons Quiet Shop Vac here:

Watch video: Stanley 8 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac Review

Ultimate Buying Guide On Best Quiet Shop Vac

Several types of Quiet Shop Vacs are available in the market. Each of them has a specific specialty that makes you choose one over the other. For that, you need to know what your necessities are and how that feature fits into your need.

Quiet Shop Vacs

Wet, Dry, And Blower

Not all shop vacs have all three features; some have only 2 of these functions. So, depending on your use, choose a suitable vacuum with proper functions.


The thickness and length of the hose need to be appropriate to avoid clogging and for having proper suction power.


Some vacuums come with onboard storage, and some come with a separate bag. Also, the shape of the vacuum allows you to store it in a thin and high place or low and wide place. Even you can wall mount some of them without the need to worry about storage space.


Check if you prefer a large vacuum with less portability of smaller vacuum with high portability. Transporting and using it at various work sites is more comfortable if it is cordless as you need not limit your cleaning range.


Durable material gives you long-standing of the vacuum, which results in value to your money. If the vacuum sustains the use for years then your investment is fruitful.

Accessories And Tool Compatibility

You might require the vacuum for various purposes, such as cleaning the sawdust or detailing the automobiles. Proper ports and accessories play an essential role in getting your job done correctly.


Having filters with fine dust filtering capacity gives out pure air to breathe. Several filtration types are available. Each of them has an advantage.

Noise Level

Quiet shop vacuums operate below 80 decibels that sound less noisy than their counterparts which are usually above 85dB. You can run the vacuum without causing any inconvenience to others around. Hence check the sound levels to choose a quiet vacuum.


The warranty gives you a free replacement or money back assurance for the defective and non-functional pieces. Also, the repairs and service charges will not be burdensome if you have a warranty in place.


You may still have doubts about quiet shop vacs, which I try to address in the below section.

Which shop vac operates quietly?

All the shop vacs listed in this review are quietly operating shop vacs. These shop vacs operate well below the designated decibel level using different technologies.

Why is my quiet shop vac sounding loud?

Usually, shop vacs are loud due to the power they execute. However, quiet shop vacs are designed to operate at low sound using various techniques. If the shop vac rated as quiet is operating with a loud sound from the beginning, then it must be either defective or you have not assembled it correctly.

Check the instructions and reassemble for confirming there is no error in the assembling process. If it starts after using it for a while, check for the broken parts and clean your vacuum and try to rerun it. Your problem should not exist. If it still does, you should take the assistance of experienced personnel.

What are the technologies used in quiet shop vacs to reduce sound?

The noise-reduction technology at motor and exhaust, advanced engineering, and well-calculated design aspects allow a sound reduction.

Why the shop vac becomes louder after some time of operation?

If quiet shop vacs start sounding louder after using them for a while then you need to check the filters. If they are excessively dirty then there are chances that the vacuum sounds loud. Also, check the tubes for clogging, brush bearings, and the fan for any signs of wear. The broken parts will also cause loud noise.

How to make the shop vac quieter?

If your filter is dirty or clogged first step is to clean the filter thoroughly, unclog the tubes. Let all the washed parts dry thoroughly before reassembling and check if it sounds as usual.

You need to check other parts such as the brush bearings and the fan to see if they are intact and replace them if they are not. Despite these checks, if your vacuum sounds loud you need to visit a professional to fix the issue.

My Top Pick

The CRAFTSMAN 16 Gallon Quiet Shop Vac does not annoy you with a loud sound similar to other standard shop vacuums. It has multiple functionalities with high performance and apt pricing. Ease of using it and the power consumption is also plus for this vacuum.

I recommend considering one of these quiet shop vacs for your next purchase as this is a well-researched product list by experts in the field.

Best Quiet Shop Vacs

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Kevin Jones

Home Cleaning Specialist

Expertise: In-depth Knowledge of Cleaning Agents and Their Uses, Advanced Home Sanitization, Techniques Expertise in Cleaning and Maintaining, Various Floor Types, Innovations in Home Cleaning Tools

School: American College of Home Economics

Kevin Jones is a seasoned home cleaning specialist with over a decade of experience in the industry. A stickler for cleanliness and organization, Kevin brings a systematic and innovative approach to home maintenance. His expertise ranges from traditional methods to modern cleaning technology, ensuring homes are not just clean but healthy environments too.

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