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Top 15 Best Steam Cleaners To Buy in 2024

Ready to discover the power of steam? Grease and dirt have found a new powerful enemy. Cleaning a house may require lots of tools and detergents, and the market is full of them. Some are safe to use, some come with lots of respiratory issues.

But technology has given the best steam cleaners of 2022, some new models that are using the power of steam in the cleaning process. From now on, you can clean the floors, the windows, even the bathrooms and the ceramic bowls with these new tools.

Today I am going to review what, in my opinion, are the top 15 picks of steam cleaners. You will be able to read their pros, cons and some advice in using them properly. Ready to make a smart purchase?

Do you Really Need the Best Vapor Steamer?

If you want to upgrade your way of cleaning, then there are two types of steam cleaners. There are the traditional steam cleaners and there are the steam mops.

Steam Cleaners for Laminate Floor

The mops look like regular mops and use water tanks as well as a heater to push the steam down to the head of the mop. Then, the steam mops will leave the floorless wet than maybe a mop will.

Therefore, you will clean the surfaces with less water than you usually did.

On the other side, the traditional steam cleaners will come with a separate tank, from where the steam will come out through the nozzle attached to a hose.

Moreover, the steam cleaner will come with accessories, depending on the job you have to do. Many of the traditional steam cleaners will come with a mop attachment, that you can use on the hard floors.

If you will use a traditional steam cleaner, you should know that this one is more versatile than a mop, but will cost more. If you just need something soft to clean the floors, the mop is ok. But if you are looking to tackle more jobs, you should probably buy a steam cleaner.

Last but not least, let’s mention the handheld steam cleaners as well. These are designed for smaller areas, you would normally not reach with a classic steam cleaner. Let’s see the top picks of best steam cleaners.

What Are The Best Steam Cleaners To Buy?

Steam cleaner helps you clean your house easy with their features. What makes these products unique? Before you move further, please check out the highlights of all the best steam cleaners prepared in this article.

Best Steam Cleaners Comparison Chart 2022

Before going into the reviews of each product I have selected for this article, it’s interesting to notice the difference between them. Before making a purchase, it would be a great idea to consult the table below and see what you really need in your house for a better cleaning process.

Best Steam CleanersWeightPower Cord LengthWarrantyAccessories
McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner - Best Overall10 pounds18 ft2 years limitedYes
BISSELL 39N7A/39N71 Steam Cleaner - Best Budget4.65 pounds20 ft1 year limitedYes
Shark Genius S5003D Steam Cleaner - Best Genius Head5.78 pounds22 ft5 yearsNo
BISSELL Symphony Vac Steam Cleaner - Best for Hardwood9.74 pounds25 ft1 year limitedNo
Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaner - Best Sonic Micro Pulse6.7 pounds20 ft1 year limitedYes
O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Cleaner - Most Lightweight7.5 pounds21 ft1 year limitedNo
BISSELL Little Green Steam Cleaner - Most Compact12 pounds4 ft1 year limitedYes
MLMLANT Handheld Steam Cleaner - Best Multipurpose2.64 pounds2.9 ftAsk the sellerYes
Steam Mop Cleaner ThermaPro - Best Pet-friendly2.2 poundsAsk the Seller2 years limitedYes
Bissell PowerEdge Lift-Off Steam Cleaner - Most Versatile5.8 poundsAsk the seller1 year limitedYes
Bissell 1806 Steam Cleaner - Best Scented Boost6 pounds25 ft2 years of limitedNo
COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner - Best Range of Accessories12.8 pounds9.5 ftAsk the sellerYes
Steamfast SF-370WH Steam Cleaner - Best Chemical Free2.6 pounds12.5 ftAsk the sellerYes
LIGHT 'N' EASY Multifunctional Steam Cleaner - Best 2 in 16.3 pounds12 ft1 year limitedYes
Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner - Best Capacity9 pounds16.5 ft2 year limitedYes

Top 15 Best Steam Cleaner Reviews 2022

Here it is, the most exciting, yet expected part of this article. Here are the pros, cons, and my personal experience with the best handheld steam cleaners as well as the best steam cleaner for carpets or cars. Forget about the best steam cleaners in 2018 or 2019. Here are the 2022’s top products on the market.

1. McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner

(Best Overall)

McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner

The McCullock MC1275 is maybe the best vapor steamer you can find on the market that offers professional cleaning right at your home. You can use this product as a great steam cleaner for walls and ceilings or clean fhe floors in your house.

Now, according to the steam cleaner reviews consumer reports, this vacuum cleaner can use ordinary water, so it will beautifully remove the stains from a variety of surfaces.


  • 8 minutes heat uptime;
  • 18 cleaning accessories;
  • Steam lock switch;
  • Powerful jet nozzle;
  • Floor mop attachment;
  • Added scrubbing power;
  • Can brush away grease and grime.


  • Only 2 years of the limited warranty.

Product specifications

Heat Up Time8 min.
Max Steam Time45 min.
Tank Size48 oz.
Variable SteamNo
Steam Hose Length10 ft.
Item Dimensions13.5″H x 10.5″W x 17.2″D
Item Weight10 lbs.
Power Cord Length15 ft.

Personal experience

When it comes to cleaning different types of floors, everybody will look for a steam cleaner that has multiple accessories to adapt to different jobs.

The McCulloch promises to naturally clean and sanitizes a wide variety of surfaces, due to its 18 different accessories and its powerful water jet.

Moreover, you don’t need to add any chemicals or detergents for that. The extra-long 15.7-foot power cord will enable you to carry the best vapor steam cleaner all around the house.

Here is a video that can help you understand more about this item:

Watch video: McCulloch MC1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner with 18 Accessories review

2. BISSELL 39N7A/39N71 Steam Cleaner

(Best Budget)

BISSELL 39N7A/39N71 Steam Cleaner

If you are looking for the best price for your future cleaning help, then you must read these Bissell handheld steam cleaner reviews. Tiny, but still powerful, this high-pressure steam cleaner is going to remove even the most stubborn greases.

Completely chemical-free, this little guy includes lots of accessories to help you with cleaning.


  • No harmful fumes or residue;
  • Great tank capacity;
  • 1000 watt power rating;
  • 20 feet cord length;
  • 30 seconds warm-up;
  • Fabric steaming tool for perfect cleaning.


  • Less steam than other bigger products.

Product specifications

Product Dimensions8.5 x 13.2 x 10 inches
Item Weight4.65 pounds
Surface TypeCounter Tops
Power Rating1000 watts
Heater Warm-Up Time30 seconds
Power SourceCorded
Power Cord Length20′
Water FilterNo
Warranty1 year limited

Personal experience

You cannot go wrong with this best commercial steam cleaner. This great product is going to do all the traditional mopping activity in an easy, quick way. Therefore, you can say goodbye to your old cleaning habits, and try the new way of cleaning.

This steam cleaner has enough power to leave behind any residue. Moreover, all this process will use less water than mopping. And last but not least, the Bissell Steam cleaner will not use any chemicals for deep cleaning into a crack or any crevices.

3. Shark Genius S5003D Steam Cleaner

(Best Genius Head)

Shark Genius S5003D Steam Cleaner

Looking for the best steam cleaner handheld? Or do you just need a cleaning buddy that can make the cleaning process easier? Well, the Shark Genius Steam Cleaner has a genius head, that will go directly to any corner in the house.

With touch-free technology, this steam cleaner will do its job perfectly.


  • Double-sided dirt grip;
  • Washable pads;
  • Genius head, with direct steam channeling;
  • Touch-free technology;
  • 3 intelligent steam control;
  • Whole floor cleaning.


  • A little pricey.

Product specifications

Steam ControlElectronic 3 Levels
Pad Type2 Dirt Grip Pads
Dual-Sided Steam Pocket PadYes
Steam BlasterYes
Direct Steam Channeling SystemYes
Touch-Free TechnologyYes
Above-Floor CleaningNo
Water Tank Capacity350ml
Cord length22 ft
Warranty5 years

Personal Experience

Using the Direct Steam Channeling technology, this Shark Genius Steam Cleaner will distribute the steam throughout the pocket, so it will ultra-widely clean the zone. Also, if you have areas where there are stuck-on stains, this machine will target the steam and suck all the debris from different types of floors.

Moreover, you can go hands-free, and attach the Dirt Grip Pad to the mop and release it straight into the hamper.

Watch this video to find out more.

Watch video: Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System with Floor Cleaner on QVC

4. BISSELL Symphony Vac Steam Cleaner

(Best for Hardwood)

BISSELL Symphony Vac Steam Cleaner

Want to use your favorite cleaning machine everywhere? Then save time by purchasing this Bissell Symphony best steam cleaner for carpets and hard floors. You can now sanitize with steam, and eliminate 99.9 percent of the germs and bacteria from the floors.

You just need to add some water and the mop pads will do their job. You can always rely on this product, as the company has tested it under controlled lab conditions.


  • Skip the multi-step cleaning routine;
  • Dry tank technology;
  • Powerful cyclonic vacuum;
  • Easy, customized cleaning;
  • Mop pad kit;
  • Cleans all sealed floors;
  • 30 seconds to heat the water.


  • It can be considered an expensive steam cleaner.

Product specifications

Washable Microfiber PadsYes
Disposable PadsNo
Weight9.74 lb
Water Tank Capacity12.8 oz
Steam ControlSteam on Demand
Digital ControlsVacuum Function, Steam Function
FeaturesQuick-Release Pad Tray,Dry Tank Technology, Cyclonic Vacuum
Surface TypeSealed hardwood, linoleum, ceramic, granite, marble
Warranty1 year limited

Personal Experience

If you want a steam cleaner that can go perfectly on any type of floor, like hardwood, ceramic, granite, and marble, as well as linoleum, this is the one.

With a wide enough cleaning path, this steam cleaner will eliminate most of the bacteria and germs. Therefore, if you have kids and pets, you will be sure that the floor is always clean.

5. Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaner

(Best Sonic Micro Pulse)

Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaner

Luna Plus is one of the most interesting best steam cleaner for grout and not only, as it uses the Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration Technology. The three levels of Steam Control will ensure you have the right amount of steam to do the cleaning job perfectly.

The vacuum goes to a very high temperature of 212°F, therefore, it can sanitize in just 30 seconds. From kitchen counter-tops to windows, car interiors or sinks, this steam controlled cleaner will suck all the debris.


  • Three levels of steam control;
  • Floor accessory kits;
  • Nylon brushes;
  • Versatility in cleaning different types of surfaces;
  • Micropulse vibration;
  • Sonic effect for grime and loosen dirt;
  • Scrubbing effect;
  • LED headlight.


  • Need to constantly clean it.

Product specifications

Watts1500 Watts
Weight6.7 Pounds
Steam Level3 Levels of Adjustable Steam
Steam SettingsNo
Water Tank Capacity15.2 Fluid Ounces
Water OnlyYes
Digital DisplayNo
Auto Shut-OffYes
Warranty1 year limited

Personal experience

For those who are looking for the best multi-purpose steam cleaner in 2022, then the Sienna Luna Plus is using one of the latest technologies on the market.

With an adjustable steam control with illumination and a powerful LED light source, this steam cleaner comes with nylon brushes, to adapt to every kind of floor.

You can clean the windows, bathrooms, kitchen fixtures, even children’s toys or BBQ grills using this steam cleaner.

Watch how this machine is magically cleaning the floors.

Watch video: Sienna Luna Plus 2in1 Micro Pulse SteamCleaning System

6. O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Cleaner

(Most Lightweight)

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Cleaner

Sometimes, cleaning can be hard work on its own, therefore, why not use some steam cleaner that is lightweight? The O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Cleaner is only 5 lbs, doesn’t use any chemical substance and includes a Snap-On glider to refresh the floors and carpets.


  • Heats the steam in just 20 seconds;
  • Can kill 99.9% of bacteria on the floors;
  • Very lightweight design;
  • Comes with a snap-on glider for refreshing the carpets;
  • Microfiber pad;
  • Adjustable steam settings;
  • Triangle head;
  • Microfiber pad is machine washable.


  • Might need to clean the pad after each pad.

Product specifications

Product Dimensions53 x 12 x 8.8 inches
Item Weight7.5 pounds
Surface TypeAll Hard Surfaces
Heater Warm-Up Time20 seconds
Odor ResistantYes
Warranty1 year limited

Personal Experience

As soon as you buy this steam cleaner, you will enjoy the lightweight design. From plug-in to steam, the machine will only need 20 seconds.

The microfiber pad will absorb all the dirt, dust and bacteria, and kill 99.9% of them after one session of vacuuming. Also, the product comes with a kit of 2 microfiber pads, so you can alternate them.

7. BISSELL Little Green Steam Cleaner

(Most Compact)

BISSELL Little Green Steam Cleaner

The best steam cleaner tile from Bissell is a very compact, multi-purpose vacuum, which delivers deep cleaning for the majority of surfaces. The powerful spray and suction can clean even the oldest debris, and separate the clean from dirty in different tanks.

For better cleaning, the little green steam cleaner comes with a flexible hose and spraying crevice tools included.


  • Portable carpet cleaner;
  • Very compact;
  • Easy to reach places;
  • Can remove even the small-down spots;
  • Excellent for stairs, area rugs, auto indoors or smaller places;
  • Versatile cleaning;
  • Easy to use;
  • 2-in-1 crevice tool;
  • Comes with the cleaning formula.


  • It is compact but still heavier than other products.

Product specifications

Automatic Hands-Free CleaningNo
Heater/Heatwave TechnologyYes
Weight11.6 lb
Cord Length15 ft
Tools IncludedSpraying Crevice Tool, 3″ Tough Stain Tool
Formula IncludedSpot & Stain
Warranty1 year limited

Personal Experience

Sometimes, going little is better. Especially when cleaning a full house, having a portable best steam cleaner for carpets will help you clean every corner.

From stairs to the couches, this Bissell Little Green Steam Cleaner is going to remove any stains for good. You just need to grab the portable steam cleaner and go even in the smallest places.

8. MLMLANT Handheld Steam Cleaner

(Best Multipurpose)

MLMLANT Handheld Steam Cleaner

The best steam cleaner handheld is equipped with 1050 watts power, so it can grout any stain with its high-pressure steamer. With 9 free accessories, the MLMLANT Steam Cleaner is ready to use for both indoor and outdoor jobs.

This multipurpose machine is the best steam cleaner for grout, as well as the best steam cleaner for clothes. You can clean the ceramic, vinyl, granite, marble, even the sealed hardwood from the stoves, sinks, pet toilet or car seats.


  • Fast heating;
  • Powerful hot steam;
  • Multiple surface use;
  • Free 9 accessories;
  • Very versatile;
  • Non-polluting.


  • It can plug if you do not clean it properly.

Product specifications

Number of Accessories9 Pieces
Crevice ToolYes
Good for Hard Surface CleaningYes
Good for Soft Surface CleaningYes
Power Cord Length2.9M
Item Display Weight1.2KG
Run timeUp to 25 minutes
Water Tank Capacity450ML
Recommended Water Added350ML

Personal Experience

From the list we are doing, this is the most multipurpose steam cleaner you can use. From clothes to refrigerators, kitchen, furniture, windows, bbq, toilets or cat litter boxes, the list is very long.

Therefore, if you want to invest in a vacuum steamer that is very versatile, look for this MLMLANT cleaner.

9. PurSteam Therma Pro 211 10-in-1 Steamers Cleaner

(Best Pet-friendly)

Steam Mop Cleaner ThermaPro

Made from premium quality components, the Steam Mop Cleaner from PurSteam World’s Best Steamers is fast and effective. With superheated steam that is ready in 30 seconds, this steam mop detachable steamer will clean everything.

You can use the flexible hose if you have hard to reach areas. Moreover, if you have pets and children, the steam cleaner will kill about 99,99% of the germs and bacteria, so they can play in total safety.


  • Light and easy to maneuver;
  • Perfect for cleaning windows, mirrors, and many more;
  • Very fast and effective in cleaning;
  • Child and pet safe;
  • Premium-quality components;
  • Sanitation with no harsh chemicals.


  • Accessories available only on Amazon.

Product specifications

Package Dimensions24 x 9 x 8 inches
Item Weight2.2 pounds
Child and Pet SafeYes
Water Tank Capacity340ml
Heater Warm-Up Time30 sec
Surface typeHardwood, Vinyl, Tiles and Carpets
Warranty2 years limited

Personal Experience

Fast and effective, the Steam Mop Cleaner ThermaPro is a quality product to have in the cleaning process. All child and pet safe, the steam cleaner doesn’t need any chemicals for cleaning 99,9 percent of the bacterias on the surfaces you will vacuum.

Light and easy to maneuver, this Steam Mop Cleaner will be lovely to use. Just add some water and let the magic happen.

10. Bissell PowerEdge Lift-Off Steam Cleaner

(Most Versatile)

Bissell PowerEdge Lift-Off Steam Cleaner

The detachable Bissell PowerEdge Lift-Off Steam Cleaner will clean both and above the floors, with an easy to control the amount of steam used. This product is a great vapor steam cleaner to buy and it can serve multi-surface cleaning tasks.

With just an on-demand steam trigger, you can control exactly the pressure and the power of the steam.

Due to the great steamer, you will be able to naturally sanitize all the corners and edges of the house. In addition, the triangle foot design will enable a perfect maneuver through the entire house.


  • Naturally sanitizes the floors;
  • Includes bristle scrub brush and grout tool for cleaning the sinks;
  • Eliminates 99.9 percent of the germs and bacteria;
  • Uses soft, microfiber pads;
  • Easily cleans and reaches tiny spaces;
  • Comes with specialized tools for cleaning multiple surfaces.


  • Needs a special cleaning solution for perfect results.

Product specifications

Weight4.6 lb
Steam ControlSteam on Demand
Variable Steam LevelsNo
Washable Microfiber PadsYes
Handheld Steamer FeatureYes
Features2-in-1 & Handheld Steam Cleaner
Surface TypeSealed hardwood, linoleum, granite, marble, ceramic, Above-floor cleaning
Water Tank Capacity10 oz.
ToolsGrout and Bristle Brush
Warranty1 years limited

Personal Experience

Don’t let the cleaning process be hard work. The 2 in 1 steam mop will eliminate most of the germs and bacteria you have on the floors. Just press the trigger and control the amount of the steam you want.

11. Bissell 1806 Steam Cleaner

(Best Scented Boost)

Bissell 1806 Steam Cleaner

A good steam cleaner will not only leave the surfaces all stainless but also share a pleasant fragrance into the house. This Bissell Steam Cleaner will sanitize all the hard floors, without using some harsh chemicals.

Coming with a power fresh deluxe steam mop, the machine is going to remove even the most touch and sticky messes. While cleaning the house, the product will leave behind a refreshing breeze scent.


  • Long power cord;
  • Easy to fill the water tank;
  • You can choose between high or low steam pressure;
  • Includes a measuring cup for the water;
  • Choose between high or low;
  • Warm-up time is 30 seconds.


  • You need to buy the fragrance disc separately.

Product specifications

Washable Microfiber PadsYes
Handheld SteamerNo
Variable Steam LevelsYes
Weight6 lb
Water Tank Capacity16 oz
Steam ControlContinuous Steam
FeaturesSpotBoost Brush
Surface TypeSealed hardwood, linoleum, ceramic, granite, marble
Warranty2 years limited

Personal Experience

There is nothing more pleasant than cleaning the house and also leaving a nice fragrance behind. This steam cleaner will nicely sanitize the floors while inserting a spring breeze fragrance into the air. Easy to store, to maneuver and clean across all the hard floors.

12. COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

(Best Range of Accessories)

COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

When cleaning different types of floors, it is important to have multiple accessories, adapted to each material. This Costway Multipurpose Steam Cleaner comes with 17 versatile accessories, for different jobs.

The Costway steam cleaner includes a glove, measuring cup, cords rewinder, hanger, stainless, as well as nylon round brush and a rubber band and many more. Also, it will naturally deep clean and sanitize the floors, without using any harsh chemicals.

The large capacity tank needs to heat up in under 5 to 7 minutes before using it.


  • Safe and thoughtful design;
  • Durable and energy-saving;
  • 17 versatile accessories;
  • Chemical-free cleaning;
  • Large capacity tank;
  • Extra glove for a steamer;
  • Various steam cleaner;
  • Efficient cleaning pad.


  • Needs more time for heating.

Product specifications

Dimension of cleaner16″ x 9.5″ x 10″
Item weight10.5 lbs
Soft pipe58.5″
Power cord110″
Tension tubes20″
Tank capacity1.5 L
Max pressure4.5 bar
Voltage120V 60Hz
The max steam temperature226℉
Max using time45min
Min using time30 min
Heating up time5-6min

Personal Experience

This is one of the most versatile steam cleaners you can find on the market. It is easy to carry, to transfer and store. It uses a variable steam control with 4.5 bar pressure, in order to blast away all

the dust. You will enjoy a fresh and clean home in just minutes.

13. Steamfast SF-370WH Steam Cleaner

(Best Chemical Free)

Steamfast SF-370WH Steam Cleaner

Looking for a heavy-duty solution for perfect cleaning? The Steamfast Cleaner is a professional way to clean the house. And you only need simple water for making everything possible.

Without any effort, this steam cleaner will naturally clean and sanitize lots of surfaces. The versatile array of attachments will make even the toughest jobs throughout your home.


  • Easy to fill the large capacity tank;
  • Powerful steam cleaner;
  • On-demand steam control;
  • Brass utility brush;
  • Mop head;
  • Measuring cup;
  • Integrated cord wrap;
  • Scrub tool;
  • Microfiber pads.


  • It is a heavy-duty steam cleaner.

Product specifications

Floor MopYes
Water Capacity45 oz.
Heating Time8 min.
Max Steam Time45 min.
Heating SystemBoiler
Item Dimensions8.5″ x 12″ x 15.3″
Item Weight8.4 lbs
Power Cord Length15.4 ft.
Watts / Volts1500 / 120V

Personal Experience

With steam-on-demand controls, you can control the steam with just a press of a button, even lock it down for more than 45 minutes. The powerful steam will clean even the blasting tough dirt and grime from any kind of surface.

No surface will be too big or too small to clean and sanitize with this steam cleaner.

14. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multifunctional Steam Cleaner

(Best 2 in 1)

LIGHT 'N' EASY Multifunctional Steam Cleaner

Looking for a smart, 2 in 1 steam cleaner? This Light and easy multifunctional bush upright steam mop can detach into a separate handheld steam cleaner and you can use it on multi-purpose.

As such, you can use it as perfect cleaning for the garment wrinkle, as upholstery refresher, as well as for a bathroom deep cleaning. On-demand, you can set the steam cleaner on HI, MED and LOW steam settings, depending on the job you have to do.


  • 2 in 1 steam cleaner;
  • Clean a variety of floors, from marble to ceramic and stone;
  • Free replacement policy;
  • Steam setting;
  • Smart switch;
  • Touch sensor;
  • Handheld steamer.


  • Might need to add distilled or topwater.

Product specifications

Product Dimensions46.4 x 11.8 x 6.8 inches
Item Weight6.3 pounds
Floor Typemarble, grout, laminate, ceramic, stone, tile, vinyl, and sealed wood flooring
Cleaning Purposeupholstery refresher, garment wrinkle remover, bathroom & kitchen deep cleaning
Warranty1 year limited

Personal Experience

This steam cleaner is great, especially if you want to get rid of the old, heavy steamer. You can detach the top and have a handheld steamer for cleaning tiny areas in the bathroom or kitchen. I really enjoyed this feature.

15. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

(Best Capacity)

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

Do you have lots of messy housekeeping? This Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner is going to do a perfect job. You can clean, disinfect, sanitize, degrease, even deodorize all the surfaces without even using chemicals.

Ultra-reliable and with long durability in time, this steam cleaner has bigger power than larger professional units.


  • Powerful superhead steam;
  • Perfect for any floor cleaning;
  • Easily removes the dirt;
  • Kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses;
  • Deep cleaning.


  • You might need to buy the Dupray Neat steam solution as well.

Product specifications

Product Dimensions10.5″ x 10.5″ x 9.5″
Weight9 lbs
Extension Tubes Length3’
Hose Length6’6’’
Power Cord Length16’
Power120V AC, 60Hz, 1500W
Steam Pressureup to 50 psi
Steam Temperatureup to 275°F
Boiler Capacity54 oz.
Heating Time7 min
Continuous Steam Timeup to 50 min

Personal Experience

If you want to do the cleaning at a professional level, then this is your new toy. All the bacteria, viruses, and pathogens shouldn’t stay in your way anymore.

Buying Guide – What to Look for in a Steam Cleaner

Before purchasing any steam cleaner, it is healthy to follow some guidelines. Therefore, I have picked some of the most important steps that would help you make a smart purchase.

Steam Cleaners Floor

Types of Steam Cleaners

Steam mop – buy one if you just want to have clean floors. The steam mops are best for hard floors but are also good for freshening up the carpets and the old stains.

These are cheaper than the regular steam cleaners and can transform into a handheld mode for other jobs.

The 2 in 1 steam mop cleaners for floors and other surfaces. These are more versatile than the steam mops and they normally come with lots of tools included.

This means you can use them as handheld and tackle the tiny spaces, such as the kitchen tops, the curtains and many more besides.

Cylinder steam cleaner. These are heavier steam mops. While most of the large cylinder steam cleaners will be a lot heavier, they are still easy to carry, once they come with wheels.

Most of the companies are doing 2-in-1 steam mops, while you can also choose very compact models, which you can carry on your shoulder.

Temperature Regulation

Most of the professionals consider temperature regulation an essential feature to have. The proper thermal management is essential, once you have, for instance, very delicate floors.

Steam cleaners are not regular mops. Therefore, it is important to be able to control the powerful punch. If you have different types of floors, then look for a steam cleaner that gives the power to choose how you want to use it and where.


Choose the steam cleaners based on the type of surface they can clean. From upholstery and curtains to maybe floors and grout lines, it depends on your plan on how you will use the steam cleaner in comparison.


Steam cleaners come in many sizes, and they include light, handheld units, as well as more cumbersome models. You need to consider the size of the steamer when making a purchase.

For instance, the smaller products will be easily portable and to store, while the large models can run for even longer bigger jobs.

Attachments and Tools

Most of the steam cleaners come well equipped, with lots of attachments that will help you reach some specific areas. For instance, you will have grout brushes, detail brushes, fabric steamers, and lots of other tools.


Last but not least, the factor of safety is very important in our list. If it happens to have kids, you might be worried about mixing water and a powerful heating motor.

As such, you should look for models that come with an auto-shutdown feature. Some models of steam cleaners have low-water indicators, which will help you use the steam cleaner for extended cleaning sessions.


What is steam cleaning?

Since most of the people are using regular mops and chemicals for cleaning the house, steam cleaning is a total upgrade.

Steam cleaners have a boiler in which the water heats up the water somewhere up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, in order to form a moister steam vapor. The temperature will be high enough to kill all the dirt and the old spots, as well as the bacteria.

The best part of the steam cleaners is that they have multiple uses, for multiple types of floors.

Is steam cleaning more effective?

Most of the floors are full of bacteria, dirt, and stains. This applies to all house areas. If you have pets or children, no matter how well you are cleaning and scrubbing with detergents, they will not clean as good as hot steam. The steam can tackle any problem, without using chemicals. I think it is a very effective way of cleaning.

Can the steam hurt you?

As I have already mentioned, the steam is very hot. But once it touches a cold surface, it will start evaporating and it will lose its high temperature. Therefore, unless you will not point the steamer directly to your skin, and release the hot steam, it will not hurt you.

Can you use McCulloch steam cleaner on the carpet?

Of course you can. The McCulloch steam cleaner is a great tool for carpet stains. Just use the round nylon brush and the triangle brush attachments for this job.

Is it safer the steam cleaner than the regular detergents?

If you have kids or you are a pet owner, then you should worry about the detergents you are using, as they contain lots of chemicals. Therefore, the steam cleaner is safer for your health than the shampoos or detergents.

Last Thoughts

If you want to upgrade the way you are cleaning, the power of steam will leave the house all stainless. Whether you are looking for the best steam cleaner for carpets or clothes, the market is full of products you can choose from.

I hope I have helped you make an idea about the best steam cleaners in 2022 and also about their advantages in the process of housekeeping.

Best Steam Cleaners

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