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Top 15 Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $100 to Buy 2024

Most popular vacuums happen to cost well over $100, while some will set you back a small fortune. I am referring to the Dyson and Miele vacuums which will leave a dent in your bank account, and the more reasonably priced Shark vacuums which are still well over $100.

Finding the best vacuums under $100 is not a walk in the park though. Most of these devices do not have the exceptional features found on pricier units, and you have to find the best compromise. Nonetheless, you are in luck as I have created a list of the best vacuum cleaners uunder $100 to make your search a breeze.

Vacuum Cleaner Under $100

Best Vacuum Cleaner Shops Near You

I reckon if you are here, you are interested in one of these bad boys. But before I get to the core of this review, here are some tips to help you find the best shops near you. I consider finding a good shop crucial to your search for a top vacuum cleaner under $100.

Here are some search terms that will come in handy should you choose to take your search online.

  • Vacuum cleaner shops near me
  • Vacuum cleaner shops in my location
  • Vacuum cleaner shops in my area
  • Vacuum cleaner shops in Los Angeles

If the online space is not for you, then consult a colleague, friend, or neighbor with one of these machines. I believe they are in the best position to direct you to the best shops.

Best Vacuum Cleaners under $100 Comparison Chart 2022

We are visual beings, and here is a comparison table to make your work of picking a vacuum easy.

Best Vacuum CleanersTypeWeight in Lbs.Cord/RuntimeDimensions In InchesWarranty In Years
Bissell 9595A Cleanview with One Pass Technology - Best OverallUpright1525-ft12 X 13.5 X 442
Iwoly V600 Corded Stick Vacuum - Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner under $100Stick4.516.4-ft16.9 X 7.5 X 111
Shark Rocket HV292 with True Pet Motorized Brush - Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner under $100Handheld3.715-ft13.6 X 9.7 X 4.91
Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G - Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner under $100Canister8.620-ft17.5 X 11.3 X 91
Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A - Best for Cleaning around FurnitureStick7.520-ft10.6 X 11.3 X 43.31
Roomie Tec Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner under $100Stick4.523-min44.5 X 12 X 9.11
Pure Clean PUCRC25 Robot Vacuum - Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner under $100Robot3.590-min11 X 2.91
Eureka 169J 2-in-1 Vacuum - Best LightweightStick4.415-ft41 X 9 X 53
Armor All AA255 - Best for CarsCanister710-ft14.4 X 14.2 X 10.62
Bissell 1332 Cleanview Rewind - Best for Fast CleaningUpright1625-ft44 X 13.5 X 12.53
Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum 2156A - Best for Retractable CordCanister10.2316-ft14 X 11 X 121
Hoover Linx Bagless SH20030 Vacuum - Best for Edge CleaningStick1220-ft25 X 10.6 X 82
Hoover UH70120 T-Series Vacuum - Best for ReachUpright16.527-ft32.5 X 16 X 122
Black + Decker CHV1410L Handheld Vacuum - Best Cordless Hand Vacuum under $100Handheld2.615-min17.2 X 7.8 X 5.52
Eureka NEU188A Upright Vacuum - Best for PetsUpright1026-ft34.3 X 14.6 X 11.83

Top 15 Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $100 Reviews 2022

I do not want to keep you waiting, so here are the devices reviewed and rated. You will also learn about the pros and cons, and I believe you will have decided by the end of this piece.

1. Bissell 9595A Cleanview with One Pass Technology

(Best Overall)

Bissell 9595A Cleanview with One Pass Technology

First, you shouldn’t expect much from a vacuum that costs under $100. However, this Bissell has more than enough features to warrant a higher price.

The One Pass Technology is an exciting addition; it is the combined power of a mighty 12-amp motor and beater bar. It will not pick up dirt in one pass, but it will pick it up in fewer passes. And speaking of beater bar, you can adjust the height to 5-levels for cleaning different surfaces.

Other than power and superior performance, you will also like that it is well accessorized. It has a turbo brush which is a rarity at this price point. Therefore cleaning pet hair off upholstery will be a breeze. It also has a crevice tool for getting into tight spots, and an extension wand for above-floor cleaning.

There are also some features such as the cord holder for the 25-ft cord, and the easy disposal mechanism for ease of use. With such superior features, the Bissell 9595A had to be the best vacuum cleaner under $100.


  • It is a bagless machine and thus inexpensive to maintain
  • Cleaning the canister is effortless
  • The vacuum is quiet
  • The cord is reasonably long given the price


  • It topples when using the attachments
  • The switch is inconveniently located
  • It is best for carpets, not hard floors
Kevin’s Take: Though you should not expect much from a vacuum that is under $100, I believe the Bissell 9595A is a marvelous machine. It shines when cleaning carpets and I recommend it for people with carpeted homes.

If you are looking for a low-cost vacuum, you should be ready for the maintenance involved to help it last longer. Here is how to maintain and troubleshoot the Bissell 9595A.

Watch video: Bissell CleanView Troubleshooting and Maintenance

2. Iwoly v600 Corded Stick Vacuum

(Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner under $100)

Iwoly v600 Corded Stick Vacuum

The next best vacuum cleaner under $100 is the iwoly v600. A spectacular stick vacuum that I believe you will love. As a stick vacuum, it is maneuverable, and you can get into those tight spots. It also happens to be light, weighing 4.8-pounds and thus you can work with it for hours.

You can convert the iwoly to a handheld device for above-floor cleaning. Moreover, it happens to be even lighter at 3.3-pounds as a handheld. As for power, this machine packs quite a punch. It is an air-powered device and best for hard floor, but with 15KPA of airpower, there is little it cannot lift.

Another astounding feature of the iwoly v600 is that it has a standard HEPA filter and a wall mount bracket for storage.


  • Emptying the bin is a breeze
  • It is light
  • It is affordable yet powerful
  • It is easy to maneuver


  • It is not for rugs
  • The cord is short at 16.4-ft
Kevin’s Take: The iwoly v600 is not without its shortcomings. Yes it is powerful, but it only works on hard floors, yes it has a HEPA filter, but then it has a short cord. I recommend it for people with 95% hard floors and 5% low-pile carpets, for people looking for a backup machine, but are not ready to spend a fortune.

3. Shark Rocket HV292 with TruePet Motorized Brush

(Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Under $100)

Shark Rocket HV292 with TruePet Motorized Brush

Following on this best vacuum cleaners under $100 list is the Shark HV292. If you are investing in this, remember you are investing in a device for above-floor cleaning and simple tasks.

As a handheld, it is light at 3.7-pounds. Therefore, you can work long hours without the risk of fatigue. However, despite being a handheld unit, and light, it happens to be robust. It maintains suction even when the dirt bin is almost full, which is quite handy.

Next, you will appreciate the motorized cleaner head. As it is motorized, you can use it on carpets and upholstery to clean pet hair. The motorized head also articulates, allowing you to clean different surfaces without losing suction. Finally, it has a micro-vacuum attachment kit with accessories for detailed work.


  • It is a powerful and versatile little machine
  • The cord is enough for a handheld vacuum cleaner
  • The filter is washable, and thus cheaper to maintain
  • It is lightweight


  • Its handle is at the end, and it is not well balanced
  • The stretch hose is short
Kevin’s Take: Though I said Shark vacuums are well above $100, the HV292 happens to be the exception. It is close to $100 and is not as cheap as other units here. However, given the performance, I think it warrants the high price. By and large, it is a handheld vacuum that I believe you will love.

You can read more about the best Shark vacuums here. Additionally, here are more reasons why Shark HV292 is the best handheld vacuum.

Watch video: Shark Rocket Ultralight Handheld Vacuum Review

4. Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G

(Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner under $100)

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G

The Eureka 3670G had to be on this list of the best vacuum cleaners for a couple of reasons that I will get to in a minute. It is a canister vacuum, and I recommend it for people who are familiar with how canister vacuums work.

As for the fascinating features, I will start with superior filtration. Yes, it does not have a HEPA filter, but the Smart Seal filtration is a close second, and it will keep your home free of allergens.

Moreover, it has a blower port, and it works as a blower which would be ideal for use in a garage. Finally, it has a slip ring that allows you to vary the suction for cleaning different surfaces.

As for use, it is best for hard floors and cleaning above-floor areas.


  • It has 2-extension wands that increase your cleaning reach
  • It has a reasonably long power cord
  • It has easy to use fingertip controls
  • The auto-shutoff prevents overheating


  • It is not ideal for carpets
  • As a bagged unit, you have to invest in consumables
Kevin’s Take: If you are looking for a canister vacuum cleaner under $100, then get the Eureka 3670G. It is a fantastic machine, and I believe you will appreciate the slip ring and blower port as much as I did.

There are benefits to the Eureka 3670G that I could not address here. I welcome you to check out this review for a better feel of the device.

Watch video: Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Review

5. Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A

(Best for Cleaning around Furniture )

Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A

Vacuuming edges and corners is tasking, and very few vacuums can do that. However, cleaning near furniture feet happens to be more difficult, and that is why the Bissell 81L2A had to be on this list of the best vacuum cleaners below $100. With its V-shaped cleaner head, it can get close to furniture feet.

The V-shape is also ideal for directing large debris to the center where there is a large opening. I had my reservations with the design as I was not sure about its edge cleaning capability, but it happens to be stellar.

The Bissell 81L2A is only ideal for hard floors, and low pile carpets so don’t expect it to work on high-pile carpets.

As for the weight, it is light, weighing 7.5 pounds, and you can work for hours with ease. It swivels steers increasing the maneuverability, and it has an easy to empty bin.


  • As a bagless vacuum, it is easy to maintain
  • It is easy to maneuver
  • It is durable


  • You can only use it on hard floors. It does not work on carpets and neither can you use it for above-floor cleaning
Kevin’s Take: The Bissell 81L2A is somewhat of a niche vacuum. You can use it to clean hard floors, and it is excellent for cleaning corners, edges, and around furniture, but that is all it is suitable for. Cleaning above floor areas will need you to invest in another appliance.

Bissell 81L2A is a fantastic machine. See it in action on hard floors in the review below.

Watch video: Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A Review

6. Roomie Tec Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

(Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner under $100)

Roomie Tec Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Rarely do you come across inexpensive cordless vacuums; so, imagine my surprise when I learned of the Roomie Tec. It is a remarkable machine as you will find out shortly.

First, you can use it to clean hard floors using the ECO mode, and to clean carpets using the Max ode. The beater bar happens to be removable for cleaning. As for the battery, it runs for 23-minutes, which I found to be enough for light cleaning tasks.

Another feature you will appreciate is that it can stand on its own. You don’t have to find a place to lean it when cleaning or storing. It folds down for better storage, and it has a charging base that acts as a charging base.

The wheels of this device happen to be rubberized protecting your floors, and the swivel steering is remarkable. Finally, it has 6-LED lights to illuminate dark areas.


  • It has a decent runtime
  • It is reasonably priced
  • It is powerful
  • It is easy to store


  • As a cordless vacuum, it has a lot of downtime. It takes 4-hrs to charge, which is quite long for 23-minutes of use
Kevin’s Take: The Roomie Tec is not the best cordless, but it is the best cordless under $100. It is mighty for the price, and the 23-minute runtime is decent. However, I feel that the charging time is too long. By and large, it is a great device, but it is not without its flaws.

7. Pure Clean PUCRC25 Robot Vacuum

(Best Robot Vacuum under $100)

Pure Clean PUCRC25 Robot Vacuum

Rarely do you find a robot vacuum at this price point; most of these units will cost you a small fortune, so I knew the Pure Clean had to be on this list of the best vacuum cleaners under $100.

The most appealing feature of this device is the size. The PUCRC25 is about half the size of other machines, and though this is supposed to improve the versatility, the results were a mixed bag. At ii-inches and 2-9-inches high, it can get under furniture with ease. However, the same size makes it difficult to climb onto carpets for cleaning.

I loved the simplicity of this device. It has one power button to power it on and off; it also acts as the battery indicator. It has a 90-min runtime, which should be enough for most tasks.


  • It is light at 3.5-pounds
  • Its performance on hard floors is exceptional
  • It is reasonably priced


  • It lacks advanced navigation features, and cleaning will not be perfect
  • It struggles with large debris
  • Its performance on carpets is wanting
Kevin’s Take: If you are looking to buy the Pure Clean PUCRC25, then only buy it for simple cleaning tasks on hard floors. Its performance on carpets (low, medium, and high pile) carpets is wanting, and it struggles to pick large debris. You will love the simplicity and the low price point though.

8. Eureka 169J 2-in-1 Vacuum

(Best Lightweight)

Eureka 169J 2-in-1 Vacuum

At 4.4-pounds, the Eureka 169J is a lovely machine. Working with it will be a breeze, and it is one of the many reasons why this device is getting many positive reviews.

The Eureka 169J happens to be a corded stick vacuum, saving you the trouble of cordless vacuums. The cord is 15-ft, and though it is short, I found it to be reasonable for the price.

As for versatility, the Eureka has a wide nozzle allowing you to clear large areas in a few passes. It also has suction capabilities that work on area rugs and hard floors. It has a brushroll that will come in handy when cleaning carpets. Storage will be a breeze as all that you have to do is lower the handle to reduce the space it occupies.


  • It is light and can be used for hours with ease
  • The vacuum folds down, allowing you to clean under beds with ease
  • It is excellent on low-pile carpets despite it being a low-cost machine


  • It struggles when it comes to cleaning high-pile carpets
  • It is only for light-cleaning
  • It has a short cord
Kevin’s Take: The Eureka 169J is a straightforward machine, and as such, it is for simple tasks. It cannot pick up large debris or stuck-on dirt, but it will clean dust with ease. It is also suitable for quick cleanups thanks to the lightweight design. Yes, it cannot replace an upright cleaner, but it will be a lovely addition to your cleaning arsenal.

Despite it being the best lightweight appliance on this list, it is also great as it stands on its own. Here is a video demonstrating that.

Watch video: Eureka Quick Up Cordless Vacuum Review

9. Armor All AA255

(Best for Cars)

Armor All AA255

The best vacuum cleaner under $100 that can handle more than house cleaning is the Armor AA255. The Armor AA255 does not require assembly, and it is ready to use straight out of the box. It also happens to be lightweight at 7-pounds though it will be heavier with water. As a canister vacuum though you will not be feeling the weight.

The AA255 holds about 2.5 gallons of water, and you will appreciate the auto-shutoff feature as it shuts down once it is full of liquids. As for the cord, it is 10-ft long which is decent seeing as this is a low-cost machine. As for the reach though, it is reasonable thanks to the 6-ft hose.

Finally, you will appreciate the accessories The Armor All AA255 has a rolling brush, a car nozzle, a utility nozzle, and a crevice tool.


  • It has a blower function, and conversion is easy
  • It is affordable and lightweight
  • It has onboard storage
  • It has a cord holder


  • I found the cord to be short, limiting the reach
Kevin’s Take: The Armor AA255 had to be on this list of the best vacuum cleaners under $100. It is excellent for cleaning areas other than the house. You can use it for cars and boats. Though the cord is short, you can use an extension cord for a greater reach.

The Armor All AA255 is ideal for detailing work and retails with a slew of accessories. Here is the device reviewed for a feel of the unit.

Watch video: ArmorAll AA255 Review

10. Bissell 1332 Cleanview Rewind

(Best for Fast Cleaning)

Bissell 1332 Cleanview Rewind

The Bissell 1332 is a remarkable machine. I love it thanks to the broad cleaning path, but that is not the only reason why it is on this list of the best vacuum cleaners under $100. Yes, the 13.5-inch cleaning path will save you time when cleaning, but there is more to this device.

First, you can use it for more than floor cleaning. The triple-action brush is terrific for cleaning high and low-pile carpets, but I loved the turbo brush too as it makes getting rid of pet hair on upholstery a breeze. Back to the beater bar, it is adjustable to different heights for cleaning different pile carpets. Nonetheless, you cannot shut it off to use on hard floors.

Some more remarkable features of Bissell 1332 are that it has a bin-full indicator and an auto-rewind cord feature.


  • It is a bagless device, and thus it is easy to maintain
  • It has a decent 3-yr warranty
  • It has the much sought after cord rewind
  • It has a decent 25-ft cord


  • It is bulky at 16-pounds
  • It cannot be used on hard floors as you run the risk of damaging the surface
Kevin’s Take: There are two reasons why I like this machine other than the power. The auto-rewind cord feature is a nice touch as it saves you the trouble of having to rewind the cord, and the extensive cleaning path saves you cleaning time. Undoubtedly, it is a marvelous machine.

11. Bissell Zing Vacuum 2156A

(Best for Retractable Cord)

Bissell Zing Vacuum 2156A

This is turning out to be a review of Bissell vacuums. The Bissell 2156A is a tank and one that retails under $100. You will love the cyclonic technology, that reduces the strain on filters, and it also ensures that suction is maintained when cleaning. As you might have guessed, this is a bagless vacuum, and it will be cheaper to service.

As for cleaning, the 2156A is designed to work best on hard floors, but it is perfect for use on low-pile floors. However, it has no brushroll, and I cannot recommend it for high-pile carpets; instead it has rocker switch which extends a small row of brushes on the front and retracts them depending on the surface you are cleaning.

The cleaner head has a 10.1-inches cleaning head, which in my opinion is decent. As for the cord, it is a 16-ft cord.


  • It has strong suction
  • Performance on hard floors is unparalleled
  • The dust canister is large
  • The filters are washable


  • The filters are not HEPA
  • The cord is extremely short
Kevin’s Take: The Bissell 2156A is a lightweight, but a resourceful machine. It has large wheels for use on carpets, and the power it packs is great for cleaning hard floors and low-pile carpets. Whatever it lacks in terms of reach, it makes up by having a substantial bin. Whatever, it lacks in terms of filters, it makes up for with cyclonic technology.

The Bissell Zing 2156A did pique my interest, and I am confident you will love it after the following video. I welcome you to watch this to know why I consider it a great machine.

Watch video: Review of the Bissell Zing Bagless Vacuum

12. Hoover Linx Bagless SH20030 Vacuum

(Best for Edge Cleaning)

Hoover Linx Bagless SH20030 Vacuum

Most vacuums struggle with edge cleaning as there re spaces on the side of to hold the beater bar. Well, not the Hoover SH20030, it excels here and is one of the best vacuum cleaners under $100.

It has bristles of the side that help get rid of dirt near walls or furniture.

Other than edge cleaning, it excels when it comes to cleaning large debris. It has a large mouth, which is perfect for picking large trash. Another feature that I believe you will appreciate is the extreme recline design. Coupled with the low profile base, it enables you to clean deep under beds and tables.

The filters are rinsable lowering the cost of maintenance, as does the bagless design. It is, by and large, a near-perfect machine.


  • It has remarkable suction
  • It is lightweight and affordable
  • You can turn the brushroll off for hard floor cleaning
  • It can fit under furniture thanks to the low-profile cleaner head


  • It is only ideal for floor cleaning
  • The power cord is short even for a low-cost machine
Kevin’s Take: There are two reasons you should invest in the Hoover SH20030. First, it is excellent for edge cleaning, and the extreme recline enables you to clean deep under furniture. These are features that are not present on other devices. It is truly a fantastic device given the price.

13. Hoover UH70120 T-Series Vacuum

(Best for Reach)

Hoover UH70120 T-Series Vacuum

The next vest best vacuum cleaner under $100 is the Hoover UH70120. It is best for people with carpeted homes, and people with hard floors should look elsewhere.

I love this machine thanks to the reach. With a 27-ft power cord, and an 8-ft hose giving you a 35-ft reach. Yes, it is head and shoulders above other devices here in terms of reach. I also loved that it has a HEPA filter, rarely do you get such sophisticated filtration at this price point. You can be sure that the air in your house will be top-quality.

The Hoover UH70120 has what the company calls an embedded dirt finder, where it relies on sonic technology to alert you that it is deep cleaning. Finally, it has an automatic cord rewind feature, and it has a rinsable filter.


  • It results in clean air thanks to the HEPA filter
  • The cleaning height is adjustable, allowing you to clean different carpets
  • The reach of this machine is unrivaled


  • Though it has a HEPA filter, it is not entirely sealed, and you run the risk of allergens getting back into your home
Kevin’s Take: The reach of the Hoover UH70120 is phenomenal. At 35-ft, it rivals that of pricier units. You will also love that you get a HEPA filter and an automatic cord rewind; features that are associated with pricier devices. This is a device you should consider.

Wear and tear are inevitable with vacuums. Here is a video to help you should you have to replace the belt on the Hoover UH70120.

Watch video: Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Vacuum UH70120 Review

14. Black + Decker CHV1410L Handheld Vacuum

(Best Cordless Hand Vacuum under $100)

Black + Decker CHV1410L Handheld Vacuum

It would have been better if this device had a fade-free usage. However, that is only one of the few drawbacks of what is one of the best vacuum cleaners under $100.

First, it is a lightweight device at 2.6-pounds. You can use it for hours without any fatigue, and it has a decent runtime of about 15-minutes before it starts to fade. Moreover, it is powerful, with about 15.2 airwatts despite the machine using 50% less energy. As for the charge time I consider it long at 4-hrs.

The cleaner head is also fascinating. First, it is a rotating cleaner head, and though I cannot point to what advantage that brings, it is exciting to have. The attachments are connected to the cleaner head, and there is no risk of losing them.


  • It is light; thus you can work for lengthy periods
  • It has a lengthy warranty at 2-yrs
  • The built-in accessories reduce the likelihood of misplacing them
  • It is affordable


  • You can’t replace the battery
  • The dirt cup is small
  • It’s noisy
  • The nozzle is small
Kevin’s Take: The Black + Decker CHV1401L is a remarkable handheld device. I loved the performance as it is unlike most gadgets. It can pick dirt on hard floors and deep-pile carpets with ease. Yes, it has a short runtime, but I don’t think you need more than 15-minutes with this appliance.

The CHV1410L battery is not easily accessible, and you have to, but a new machine should you ruin the battery. Well, not anymore, thanks to this video that will teach you how to replace the battery.

Watch video: Black & Decker Hand Vacuum Review

15. Eureka NEU188A Upright Vacuum

(Best for Pets)

Eureka NEU188A Upright Vacuum

The last device on this best vacuum cleaners under $100 list is the Eureka NEU188A which happens to be the best for pet hair as well. For an upright vacuum, it is light at 10 vacuums, and you can carry it up a flight of stairs with ease.

You will also appreciate the beater bar as it has 5-height adjustments allowing you to clean different pile carpets. You can clean deep-pile and low-pile carpets with the same ease. You can also use this device on hard floors as you can shut off the brushroll.

Another advantage the NEU188A has over other appliances on this list is that it has a broad cleaning path. At 12.6-inches you can clean large areas in a few passes. This appliance also has a turbo brush which is ideal for cleaning pet hair off accessories. Finally, it has a large easy to empty bin.


  • The cleaning performance is impressive
  • It has remarkable suction for above-floor cleaning
  • It is light, and thus, you will not labor much
  • It has LED lights for cleaning dark areas


  • It is a loud vacuum
Kevin’s Take: Cleaning pet hair is a challenge; as such, it was a pleasant surprise when I realized that this appliance is great for pet hair thanks to the motorized brush. It is also the only device which is perfect for hard floors and carpets. By and large, it is a terrific vacuum cleaner under $100.

Buying Guide

Here is how I picked the best vacuum cleaners under $100 and the things you should consider when on the hunt for one of these devices.

Vacuum Cleaners Under $100

Type of Device

Various vacuum cleaners retail for less than $100. You can get a handheld device or an upright vacuum. A handheld is for simple cleaning tasks; it is light, and you can use it for a long time without use. Moreover, handheld vacuums happen to be more affordable, unlike uprights.

Upright vacuums, on the other hand, are for whole-house cleaning. They are robust and will come in handy for those tough tasks.

You can also invest in a canister vacuum if you want larger bin size or a stick vacuum for light cleaning. While handheld vacuums are for spot cleaning, stick vacuums are perfect for daily touch-ups.

Finally, you can consider a robot vacuum if you want effortless cleaning.

Type of Job

Before you can start the hunt for the best vacuum cleaner under $100, you have to determine the jobs you will be handling. As you might have realized, some devices are great for carpets but not hard floors; some are great for light tasks but not demanding cleaning.

If your house is 95% carpets and 5% hard floors, I recommend a device that is designed for carpets. Ensure the cleaning height is adjustable as that will allow you to clean different pile carpets.

For hard floors, get one of the many suction only devices. Seeing as these don’t have beater bars, they are safe to use on hard floors. For pets, get a device that has a turbo brush to eliminate pet hair off upholstery. If you reside with allergic people, then get a device with a HEPA filter.

The short of it is that the vacuum cleaner you invest in will depend a lot on the jobs you want.

Maintenance Costs

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner under $100, it only makes sense that you get a machine that is cheap to maintain.

Bagless machines are cheaper to maintain compared to bagged vacuums. Nonetheless, that is not reason enough to purchase one of these machines. Yes, they are inexpensive to maintain, but you should look for the best compromise between quality and low maintenance costs.


Most vacuum cleaners under $100 have compromises. It could be in the build-quality, filtration, but often it is in terms of accessories. Most vacuum cleaners under $100 have few accessories. Less than acceptable. As such, this is one area you should pay keen attention to.

I am not discouraging you from getting a device without accessories, but attachments do increase versatility. At the very least, ensure the appliance has a crevice tool for cleaning those tight spots and a dusting brush for detailed work.


First, do not expect a 5-yr or 7-yr warranty similar to that of Miele vacuums at this price point. Nevertheless, that does not imply you cannot get a vacuum with a decent warranty.

At the very least, ensure it has a 1-yr warranty, but I would recommend a device with a more extended warranty. A lengthier warranty says the manufacturer is confident about the durability of the appliance.


The thing about vacuum cleaners below $100 is that they generate a lot of concern about the durability, performance, and even filtration. Allow me to answer some few questions before we call it a day or an article in this case.

What is a good inexpensive vacuum cleaner?

All the appliances on this list are good inexpensive vacuum cleaners as are others that I have not included on this best vacuum cleaners under $100 list. As such, answering this is difficult, but here are things to look for in a vacuum.

Ensure the device has terrific filtration. It does not have to be a HEPA filter, but it should trap most of the dirt. Second, get an appliance that is powerful and can clean both surfaces with ease.

Are cheap vacuums worth it?

Some companies make decent cheap vacuums, but you will not and should not get the performance and filtration that is present on pricier vacuum cleaners. However, you will be getting more than you will pay for should you pick one of the devices on this guide.

You will get superior performance, filtration, and versatility for the price.

Are cheap robot vacuum cleaners worth it?

Often not, but the Pure Clean PUCRC25 is an exception. The features that run robot vacuums are not cheap, and you have to pay a small fortune for that. For a robot vacuum to retail under $100, it means they have compromised a lot.

As you will realize with the Pure Clean PUCRC25, they had to sacrifice the advanced navigation and superior cleaning. Nonetheless, I found it has enough features to be on this list of the best vacuum cleaners under $100.


That’s it, folks; these are my best vacuum cleaners under $100. I hope I helped you get a fantastic vacuum or at the very least narrowed your search. Let me know below which is your best under $100 vacuum.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Under 100

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Expertise: In-depth Knowledge of Cleaning Agents and Their Uses, Advanced Home Sanitization, Techniques Expertise in Cleaning and Maintaining, Various Floor Types, Innovations in Home Cleaning Tools

School: American College of Home Economics

Kevin Jones is a seasoned home cleaning specialist with over a decade of experience in the industry. A stickler for cleanliness and organization, Kevin brings a systematic and innovative approach to home maintenance. His expertise ranges from traditional methods to modern cleaning technology, ensuring homes are not just clean but healthy environments too.

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