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Top 15 Best Central Vacuum Powerhead Reviews in 2024

If you want your vacuum to work correctly, then make sure to invest in the best central vacuum powerhead. The central vacuum powerhead decides the quality of cleaning.

Even if you have a premium vacuum, but its central vacuum powerhead is of low quality, then you will struggle to get a better cleaning outcome.

Without a central vacuum powerhead, you cannot perform the cleaning task. The prime purpose of a central vacuum powerhead is to eliminate dust, debris and other pollutants from the floor.

Therefore, you should only prefer the best central vacuum powerhead if you want to achieve better performance.

There are many central vacuum powerheads available in the market so you might struggle to choose the right one for you.

In that case, I have added the 15 best central vacuum powerhead that you can buy for a top-notch cleaning outcome.

Central Vacuum Powerheads

How Does The Central Vacuum Powerhead Work?

The working of the central vacuum powerhead is quite simple. However, both the electric central vacuum powerhead and the air turbine central powerhead work slightly differently.

The electric powerhead arrives with a motor and a hose. Using the hose and the motor, you can adjust the motor power as per your need.

To control the power, you will get a handle switch. Further, such a handle switch is usually present on the hose.

You will need to adjust the power of the motor and move it on the floor to make it collect all the impurities.

On the other hand, the air turbine central vacuum takes support from the airflow for its operation. The airflow will collect all the debris, and dust from the desired area within no time.

However, to attain better cleaning results, make sure to use the central vacuum powerhead only in the recommended area.

What Are The Best Central Vacuum Powerheads?

The best central vacuum powerheads are Wessel Werk EBK 360, Cen-Tec Systems Vacuflo and Broan-NuTone CT700 because each of these powerheads has better compatibility and cleaning performance.

Here you will learn about the other reviewed best central vacuum powerhead as well.

Best Central Vacuum Powerhead Comparison Chart

Here, you will find a comparison chart of the 15 best central vacuum powerhead. You will learn the essential features of all the best powerheads via this table.

Best Central Vacuum PowerheadsTypeAttachmentsWeightNozzleHose
Wessel Werk EBK 360 Central Vacuum Powerhead - Best OverallElectricYes9.6 poundsPower nozzleNo hose
Cen-Tec Systems Vacuflo Central Vacuum Powerhead - Best BudgetAir drivenYes4.5 poundsNo nozzleNo hose
Broan-NuTone CT700 Central Vacuum Powerhead - Best for StairsElectricYes0.5 kilogramsNo nozzleNo hose
Beam Central Vacuum Powerhead - Best DesignElectricNo6.09 poundsNo nozzleNo hose
Alder Comet Central Vacuum Powerhead - Best for Pet HairElectricYesN/ANo nozzleElectric hose
GV 30ft Hose Central Vacuum Powerhead - Best with HoseElectricYes17.1 poundsCarpet power nozzleCentral vacuum hose
Cen-Tec Systems 93015 Central Vacuum Powerhead - Best for Electric VacuumElectricYes1.5 poundsPower nozzleDirect connect hose
HP TurboCat Central Vacuum Powerhead - Best with WarrantyAir drivenNo4.64 poundsNo nozzleNo hose
Ultra Clean Central Vacuum Powerhead - Best KitElectricYes16.52 poundsNo nozzleElectric hose
ZVac EX Central Vacuum Powerhead - Best for NutoneElectricNo5.34 poundsNo nozzleNo hose
HP Vacuflo Turbo 8702 Central Vacuum Powerhead - Best for Hard FloorsAir drivenNo5 poundsNo nozzleNo hose
Cen-Tec Systems 93048 Central Vacuum Powerhead - Best CompatibilityAir drivenYes12.83 poundsTwo floor nozzlesFlexible hose
Ultra Clean Central Vacuum Electric Powerhead - Best for CarpetsElectricYes19.45 poundsFloor nozzle & upholstery nozzleElectric hose
Genuine Beam Rugmaster Central Vacuum Powerhead - Best for All Central VacuumsElectricYes18.31 poundsNo nozzleCrushproof hose
Electrolux Rugmaster BM1393 Central Vacuum Powerhead - Best with BrushesElectricNo7.01 poundsNo nozzleNo hose

Top 15 Best Central Vacuum Powerheads On The Market 2022 Reviews

In this section, you will learn more regarding the best central vacuum powerhead. Here you will learn the features and performance of the 15 best central vacuum powerhead present in the market.

1. Wessel Werk EBK 360 Central Vacuum Powerhead

(Best Overall)

Wessel Werk EBK 360 Central Vacuum Powerhead

The Wessel Werk EBK 360 is a much popular powerhead with a vast range of uses. This powerhead arrives in a simple grey color and has a total weight of around 9.68 pounds.

Apart from the weight, the dimensions of the Wessel Werk Powerhead is approximately 27 x 15.5 x 9.5 inches. With the Wessel EBK 360 Powerhead, you will also receive an integrated wand.

Further, this product has a quick disconnect wand. Using the quick disconnect wand, you can conveniently attach or remove this powerhead from the vacuum wherever you want.

Moreover, the use of led headlight in the Wessel Powerhead is another excellent thing. In contrast to other powerhead LEDs, the LED headlight present on the Wessel Werk Powerhead does not consume much energy.

In addition, this powerhead also supports multiple wheels. The addition of four wheels is another thing to praise in this unit. All the wheels are of soft rubber, which does not cause any scratch on the floor.

Besides, the Wessel Werk EBK 360 Powerhead also takes support from an integrated telescopic wand. The telescopic wand will permit you to connect and disconnect the hose to the wands with ease.

Key Features:

  • This unit provides LED headlight that allows cleaning even in the dark
  • It has multiple rubber wheels that offer easy movability
  • It has an integrated wand that is easy to remove


  • Have integrated telescopic wands
  • Provide led bright headlight
  • Built-in soft rubber wheels
  • Quick disconnect wand
  • Long-lasting unit


  • Do not provide any additional accessory
  • No color options

Product Specifications:

WandIntegrated wand
Wheels4 Soft rubber wheels
Dimensions27 x 15.5 x 9.5 inches
WarrantyNeed to contact the seller
BrandWessel Werk

To learn more about this Powerhead:

Watch video: Wessel Werk EBK 360 CENTRAL VACUUM Power Nozzle KIT Review

2. Cen-Tec Systems Vacuflo Central Vacuum Powerhead

(Best Budget)

Cen-Tec Systems Vacuflo Central Vacuum Powerhead

If you have a Beam, Nutone, Hayden, Vacuflo, Air-Vac or an Electrolux vacuum, you should buy the Cen-Tec Powerhead because it supports all these vacuums.

Cen-Tec Powerhead is an affordable unit with a weight of 4.5 pounds. Apart from weight, the dimension of the Cen-Tec unit is 15 x 3.4 x 13.25 inches. The use of the TurboCat turbine delivers high-graded airflow.

Further, the Cen-Tec Powerhead has a traditional shape and a white hue. With this powerhead, you will attain a constant contact with the floor, which will result in much better cleaning.

The Cen-Tec Powerhead has a horizontal turbine that offers easy cleaning around and under the furniture.

Further, because of the T-shape, you can conveniently reach tough areas. The soft wrap bumper delivers high-degree of performance.

Besides, the agitator of the Cen-Tec Powerhead also encourages effective cleaning. Even you can utilize this Cen-Tec Powerhead on high pile carpets and other floor types.

Additionally, you do not need to purchase additional power cord or battery to set up the Cen-Tec Powerhead with the compatible vacuums. A high-end brush roller and a bearing insulator are also integrated with this unit.

Key Features:

  • This device has a TurboCat turbine that provides better airflow
  • It additionally offers constant contact with the floor surface
  • This unit has a vast range of compatibility


  • No addition battery needed
  • Better maneuverability
  • Enhanced dirt pick up
  • Easy-glide wheels
  • Affordable


  • Lower durability
  • Can break

Product Specifications:

WheelsEasy glide wheels
Dimensions15 x 3.5 x 13.25 inches
Warranty1 year
BrandCen-Tec Systems

3. Broan-NuTone CT700 Central Vacuum Powerhead

(Best for Stairs)

Broan-NuTone CT700 Central Vacuum Powerhead

People who desire high-end cleaning results from a vacuum powerhead at reasonable rates should try the Broan-NuTone CT700 Powerhead.

The CT700 model arrives in a simple black shade. Additionally, the weight of Broan-NuTone CT700 is 0.5 kilograms, while the dimension of this unit is around 4.25 x 17.00 x 14.00 inches.

Further, the Broan-NuTone CT700 contains a deluxe power brush that you can utilize to get rid of soil, crumbs and debris. Besides, you can use the Broan-NuTone Powerhead on both the carpet and floor.

In addition, the motorized roller bar makes the cleaning task much easier. You will also attain nylon brushes with this model that will help you to make the floor dust-free.

With the CT700 unit, you will get a 4-position height adjustment option. Because of the adjustment options, you can conveniently clean hard-to-reach spots.

Moreover, Broan-NuTone CT700 Powerhead will allow you to reach underneath the couches, beds and other tough areas.

Similar to other premium powerheads, the CT700 model also has a built-in LED light. The LED light will present you with a higher degree of visibility.

Furthermore, the addition of the steering element in the powerhead makes it more accessible to move the vacuum. Besides, this unit also introduces rubberized coated wheels that will help you even to use this powerhead on carpets.

Key Features:

  • With this unit, you will also get built-in full-width LED light
  • It delivers a 4-position height adjustments feature
  • It also supports a steering element


  • Hold rubberized coated wheels
  • Support height adjustments
  • Include steering element
  • Built-in led option
  • Power brush


  • Brush replacement issue
  • Less durable

Product Specifications:

Height Adjustment4-position height adjustments
LED Light OptionYes
Dimensions4.25 x 17 x 14 inches
Warranty1 year

4. Beam Central Vacuum Powerhead

(Best Design)

Beam Central Vacuum Powerhead

Do you want a powerhead for your electric vacuum? If yes, then select the Beam Central Vacuum Powerhead. It is a beautiful design powerhead, which contains a combination of black and white hues.

Apart from the beautiful design, the material used in Beam Powerhead is also durable. Further, 6.09 pounds is the weight of this powerhead, while the dimension of this model is 19.09 x 13.4 x 4.49 inches.

In contrast to many other high-end powerheads, the Beam Powerhead appears with a foot pedal switch. The foot pedal switch will allow you to switch the powerhead off and on with no effort.

Besides, this product appears with a 2-pronged polarity plug that provides convenient connectivity. The Beam Powerhead does not include wands. You will need to purchase the wands separately.

Additionally, this powerhead can support up to 5,000 revolutions per minute. Such higher revolutions per minute will allow you to enjoy much better cleaning performance.

Thanks to the swivel neck configuration of this powerhead that will permit you to clean under the furniture and other difficult-to-reach areas.

Further, you will also receive a 40 inches long power cord with this model. In addition, the Beam Central Vacuum Powerhead does not have a quick-release neck option.

Key Features:

  • This device presents a durable beater bar for better cleaning
  • You will also get a foot pedal on/off switch with this unit
  • This device also supports belt window


  • Compatible with electric vacuums
  • Support foot pedal On/Off switch
  • Swivel neck configuration
  • Longer cord length
  • Elegant design


  • No quick-release neck feature
  • Do not include wands

Product Specifications:

SwitchFoot pedal on/off switch
Dimensions19.09 x 13.4 x 4.49 inches
Warranty1 year

5. Alder Comet Central Vacuum Powerhead

(Best for Pet Hair)

Alder Comet Central Vacuum Powerhead

With the Alder Comet product, you will receive a complete cleaning kit. The Alder Comet includes an electric crushproof hose. The length of the Alder hose is 35 feet, which will provide you with a greater cleaning range.

Further, this hose also has a greater diameter that provides better airflow. Besides, it also has an ergonomic handle that delivers a soft grip.

Because of the soft handle, you will not face any stress on your hands even after holding it for a longer duration. Another premium thing about the Alder Comet device is that it has a 3-way switch option.

In addition, this model also delivers an LED headlight option. This LED headlight will make it easier to perform the cleaning task even in dark places.

Further, the Alder Comet also supports an internal power switch option that automatically switches the vacuum on and off whenever needed.

In addition, the clear brush roller is another premium thing to consider in this powerhead. The brush roller is large, due to which it can cover more area for cleaning.

Moreover, the Alder Comet also supports a quick release swivel neck. Apart from the swivel neck option, you will also option an integrated telescopic wand with this unit.

Key Features:

  • It has an LED headlight for more convenient cleaning
  • You will also get an integrated telescopic wand
  • This unit also contains a 3-way switch


  • Support internal power switch
  • Integrated telescopic wand
  • 360-degree swivel handle
  • Provide Brush roller
  • Crushproof hose


  • Small handle connector
  • No instruction manual

Product Specifications:

Hose Length35 feet
Crevice ToolYes
WarrantyNeed to contact the seller

6. GV 30ft Hose Central Vacuum Powerhead

(Best with Hose)

GV 30ft Hose Central Vacuum Powerhead

Apart from powerhead, if you also want to purchase a hose, nozzle and a few other additional tools for your vacuum, then make sure to select the GV Powerhead kit.

This unit arrives with a carpet power nozzle that supports a better cleaning performance. In addition, you will obtain a better level of airflow because of it.

Besides, the GV Vacuum Powerhead also introduces a hose of around 30 feet. The 30 feet hose will deliver you a greater cleaning range.

Furthermore, the 3-way switch will grant you better control over the vacuum. With the 3-way switch, you can handle the power nozzle as well as the suction of the vacuum with ease.

Not only this but also the GV Central Vacuum Powerhead presents a deluxe tool kit. As a bonus, the GV brand has also added two extension wands with this unit so that you do not require purchasing the wands separately.

Thanks to the crevice tools that will make the cleaning job much effortless for you. Additionally, the GV Vacuum Powerhead supports both the hardwood as well as carpet floor.

With the carpet power nozzle, you will get the option to adjust the height. There are around six height adjustment options present with the nozzle.

Key Features:

  • This unit supports a 3-way switch system
  • It has a double reinforced hose
  • It also presents a deluxe tool kit


  • Support both carpet and hardwood
  • Height adjustment nozzle
  • Include extension wands
  • 3-way switch option
  • Greater size hose


  • Not suitable for wet debris
  • Require installation

Product Specifications:

Hose Length30 feet
Dimensions23.1 x 17.4 x 12.5 inches
Warranty1 year

To get more detail about this product:

Watch video: GV Central Vacuum Kit - Designed to fit any Central Vacuum in US & Canada

7. Cen-Tec Systems 93015 Central Vacuum Powerhead

(Best for Electric Vacuum)

Cen-Tec Systems 93015 Central Vacuum Powerhead

The Cen-Tec Systems 93015 comes with a complete kit for electric vacuum. The powerhead added with the 93015 unit has a vast range of compatibility.

Further, the weight of Cen-Tec Powerhead is much lower than many other high-end powerheads. 1.5 pounds is the total weight of this unit.

Besides, 25 x 13 x 16 inches are the dimensions of the Cen-Tec Powerhead. With the kit, you will also receive a lengthy 35 feet of hose.

In addition, the hose is crushproof, which makes it durable and long-lasting. You will additionally obtain a power nozzle with this unit.

Whether you desire to clean the latest soft fiber carpets or the traditional carpets, the power nozzle with this powerhead will help you to clean both.

Apart from carpets, the Cen-Tec Powerhead can also clean spot rugs. To make you attain an optimal airflow, the Cen-Tec Systems 93015 includes a high-quality venting system.

Furthermore, the agitator present in this unit does not cause any damage to the floor. You will additionally get a set of dual electric nozzles with the 93015 Powerhead. One of the nozzles is for the hard floor while the other is for the carpeted surface.

Key Features:

  • It contains a long hose with a crush-proof technology
  • This unit also supports a unique venting system
  • You will get a power nozzle with this unit


  • Antimicrobial sock pre-installed
  • Provide multiple nozzles
  • Offer a complete kit
  • Lightweight unit
  • Easy to carry


  • Might not work with the older version of vacuums.
  • Pricey

Product Specifications:

NozzlePower nozzle
Hose Length35 feet
Dimensions25 x 13 x 16 inches
WarrantyNeed to contact the seller
BrandCen-Tec Systems

8. HP TurboCat Central Vacuum Powerhead

(Best with Warranty)

HP TurboCat Central Vacuum Powerhead

In case you want a central vacuum powerhead that has higher compatibility, then make sure to prefer the HP TurboCat Powerhead.

The HP Powerhead has a grey color on its body while the weight and dimensions of this unit are 4.64 pounds and 9 x 6 x 2 inches respectively.

Further, it has a horizontal turbine design that helps to clean the area under the furniture much easier. This unit also includes a soft wrap that will deliver high-end cleaning performance.

Because of an agitator feature, you can even use the HP TurboCat Powerhead on high pile carpets. You will not require buying any separate power cord or a battery to operate the HP TurboCat Powerhead.

Besides, with this HP TurboCat unit, you will obtain a brush roller. This brush roller will permit you to pick the dirt quite easily.

In addition, the increase in airflow offered by the TurboCat Powerhead will make it convenient to collect stubborn dust.

Moreover, the dual height bristles in the TurboCat Powerhead make it to work on multiple floors. Another great thing about the HP TurboCat Powerhead is its quiet operation. Because of the bearing insulators, it does not produce any noise and vibration.

Key Features:

  • It has a T-shape design that supports cleaning hard to reach areas
  • The brush roller of this unit can remove powerful debris
  • You will earn an enhanced airflow with this device


  • Include unique brush roller
  • Better compatibility
  • Easy-glide wheels
  • Enhanced airflow
  • Quiet operation


  • Slightly heavy
  • Less durable

Product Specifications:

Dimensions9 x 6 x 2 inches
Warranty2 years

9. Ultra Clean Central Vacuum Powerhead

(Best Kit)

Ultra Clean Central Vacuum Powerhead

The Ultra Clean brand also offers an entire cleaning set with the powerhead. This product has all you need to get high-end cleaning.

You will earn a pigtail-style power cord with this unit, which is of greater length. Further, the use of a beater bar will support you to remove hard dust.

In addition, the beater bar works quite perfectly on a higher RPM. It uses a steel-chromed material that makes it tough and long-lasting.

The Ultra Clean also presents an electric hose with this unit. This electric hose contains a 3-way switch option. The 3-way switch on the electric hose provides convenient working.

Besides, the Ultra Clean Powerhead also delivers a set of the wand. Not only the wand but also it includes a large storage bag. This large storage bag will allow you to hold various cleaning accessories in one place.

Moreover, the slim shape of the Ultra Clean Powerhead can easily reach under the bed and sofa. Thanks to the pigtail cord and dual-polarity plug that provide easy connectivity.

The four soft wheels present under the powerhead offer a higher movability. Additionally, the Ultra Clean Powerhead also uses a soft-wrap around the bumper that protects it from damage.

Key Features:

  • This unit provides a longer 30 feet electric hose
  • You will access a 3-way switch with this device
  • It also presents a chromed beater bar


  • Offer steel chromed beater bar
  • Provide a large storage bag
  • Longer electric hose
  • Non-scratch wheels
  • 3-way switch hose


  • Height adjustment issue
  • Costly

Product Specifications:

Hose Length30 feet
Switch3-way switch
Dimensions23.1 x 15.3 x 10.1 inches
WarrantyNeed to contact the seller
BrandUltra Clean

10. ZVac EX Central Vacuum Powerhead

(Best for Nutone)

ZVac EX Central Vacuum Powerhead

In terms of durability, it is hard to beat the ZVac EX Powerhead. The ZVac EX Powerhead appears with all premium equipment.

The ZVac Powerhead holds a weight of around 5.34 pounds while the dimension of this unit is 13.4 x 9 x 5.5 inches. You will obtain a rigid metal roller with this unit.

The metal roller will help you to remove pet hair from the floor much efficiently. Furthermore, the ZVac EX Powerhead has a geared belt system that provides better connectivity between the brush roller and the motor shaft.

The ZVac EX Powerhead accessories might not work well with the Beam Q Systems. You can utilize the ZVac Powerhead on both hardwood floors as well as the carpet.

Moreover, this unit will support you to eliminate the allergens as well. Besides, the ZVac EX Powerhead has a greater level of compatibility.

You can use this powerhead on Nutone, Eureka, Hayden, Broan, Vacumaid and many other vacuums.

In addition, the installation of ZVac EX Powerhead with the vacuum is also an easier task. You will not need to put much hassle while connecting the EX Powerhead with any of the compatible vacuums.

Key Features:

  • You will also get a geared belt system with this unit
  • It also provides rainbow vacuum parts
  • This device offers a metal roller


  • Support both carpets and hard floors
  • Effective cleaning outcome
  • Reliable metal roller
  • Better quality unit
  • Easy to install


  • Do not support Beam Q Wands
  • Short power cord

Product Specifications:

NozzlePower nozzle
SurfacesCarpets and Hard Floors
Dimensions13.4 x 9 x 5.5 inches
Warranty30-60 days

11. HP Vacuflo Turbo 8702 Central Vacuum Powerhead

(Best for Hard Floors)

HP Vacuflo Turbo 8702 Central Vacuum Powerhead

HP Vacuflo Turbo 8702 is another well-known and high-performing powerhead by the HP brand. The color scheme of this powerhead seems slightly odd.

You will receive an HP Powerhead with black and silver shades. Besides, the weight of HP Vacuflo Turbo is 5 pounds while the dimension of this powerhead is 9 x 6 x 2 inches.

With this powerhead, you will obtain an enhanced airflow that delivers a better cleaning experience.

Whether you want to use the HP 8702 Powerhead with Nutone, Hayden, Beam, Vacuflo, or Haden vacuum, you can use it with no worry because this HP Powerhead supports all of these brands.

Moreover, to operate the HP 8302 Powerhead, you will not need an additional battery. In addition, you can use a standard wand system with the HP Central Vacuum Powerhead.

Further, HP Vacuflo 8702 is also an air-driven turbo unit. This powerhead by HP is famous because of the ease of operation it offers. Additionally, the installation process of the 8702 Powerhead is also straightforward.

You will not need to go through any complicated process while installing the HP Central Vacuum Powerhead. The automatic adjustment option of this unit will make it comfortable to utilize it on multiple floors.

Key Features:

  • It holds a reliable neck size that results in optimal cleaning
  • This unit also supports a friction fit wand system
  • It delivers high performing airflow


  • Support standard wand
  • Low profile shape
  • Easy installation
  • Better airflow
  • Lightweight


  • Might not support some vacuums
  • Odd color scheme

Product Specifications:

Dimensions9 x 6 x 2 inches
WarrantyNeed to contact the seller

12. Cen-Tec Systems 93048 Central Vacuum Powerhead

(Best Compatibility)

Cen-Tec Systems 93048 Central Vacuum Powerhead

When it comes to the vacuum parts and accessories, Cen-Tec Systems is the first brand that might arise to numerous people’s mind.

The Cen-Tec brand is popular because of producing high-quality hose, powerhead, nozzles and other parts of a vacuum. The 93048 Central Vacuum Kit is also a top-notch product by this brand.

With this kit, you will gain a hose of 40 feet. This 40 feet hose will permit you to clean higher places as well. Further, the hose also carries a built-in switch control.

This switch control makes operating the vacuum a lot easier. Another great thing about the hose is its greater flexibility level.

Besides, the powerhead of the Cen-Tec Systems brand also uses a durable material. The Cen-Tec Powerhead additionally supports various surfaces.

Furthermore, you can use the Cen-Tec Powerhead on Vacumaid, Canavac, Start Power, Eureka and Beam vacuum. The higher compatibility range of the 93048 model is another great thing about this product.

Further, with the 93048 Powerhead, you will attain air turbine nozzles for ideal airflow. Apart from the air turbine nozzle, the product also provides dual floors nozzles.

Key Features:

  • This unit contains a hose with a greater level of flexibility
  • This powerhead has better compatibility
  • It also supports air turbine nozzles


  • Easy cleaning experience
  • Support various floors
  • Switch control option
  • Multiple nozzles
  • Longer hose


  • Heavyweight
  • Costly

Product Specifications:

Hose Length40 feet
Switch ControlYes
Dimensions25 x 16 x 11 inches
WarrantyNeed to contact the seller
BrandCen-Tec Systems

13. Ultra Clean Central Vacuum Electric Powerhead

(Best for Carpets)

Ultra Clean Central Vacuum Powerhead

With the Ultra Clean product, you will get a hose kit, turbo nozzles as well as a powerhead. This Ultra Clean Powerhead grants a long-lasting hose that has a higher length.

However, 35 feet is the approximate length of this Ultra Clean hose. This comprehensive length of hose will provide a better cleaning range.

You will also get a hose hanger with the Ultra Clean Powerhead. This hose hanger will help you to keep the hose organized.

Further, this Ultra Clean Universal Kit offers a tool caddy bag. The tool caddy bag will permit you to store multiple items with ease.

Further, the addition of a turbo nozzle head with the Ultra Clean Powerhead makes it suitable for carpets. With the Ultra Clean Powerhead, you can clean plush carpet, low-pile carpet as well as tiles.

Apart from tiles, you can also utilize this unit on the hardwood floor. Besides, the brush roll delivers an optimal pace on all floor types. In addition, the Ultra Clean Powerhead also presents a 2-way electric switch option.

You can handle the entire powerhead with a few clicks from the hose handle. Moreover, the Ultra Clean kit additionally contains a floor tool, crevice tool and slide off brushes for favorable cleaning.

Key Features:

  • It provides a 350-degree full swivel handle for easy operation
  • This device also supports a convenient on/off switch
  • It provides a powerful motor with high RPM


  • Provide tool caddy bag
  • Metal extendable wand
  • 2-way Electric switch
  • Offer turbo nozzle
  • Multiple brushes


  • Caddy bags have less storage space
  • Do not support Beam systems

Product Specifications:

Hose Length35 feet
Dimensions24.02 x 16.2 x 12.6 inches
Warranty3 years of warranty with motor
BrandUltra Clean

14. Genuine Beam Rugmaster Central Vacuum Powerhead

(Best for All Central Vacuums)

Genuine Beam Rugmaster Central Vacuum Powerhead

The Genuine Beam Rugmaster is a high budget product, but it provides a complete kit for vacuum. Besides, the powerhead added in the Genuine Beam unit is of high-quality and durable material.

Additionally, the Genuine Beam Powerhead can fit multiple vacuums, which is another reason to buy it. Thanks to the Genuine Beam that comes with a crushproof hose that has a durable length. 30 inch is the length of the hose, and it includes a 3-way switch control.

The progression handle of the hose will allow you to control the vacuum. Besides, the power brush of the Genuine Beam can remove all types of debris.

In addition, the power brush also arrives with a headlight so that you can perform the cleaning task even in dark places. The Genuine Beam product also gives a 2-piece chrome wand to fulfil your cleaning needs.

Further, you will attain different brushes with the Genuine Beam that perform better cleaning. The floor brush and the upholstery brush are the two prime brushes with this unit.

The length of the floor brush is 9 inches long. The crevice tool with the Genuine Beam further promotes effective cleaning.

Key Features:

  • You will access a 3-way switch with this powerhead
  • It has a long hose with crushproof technology
  • This unit also contains a 2-piece chrome wand


  • Long-lasting Powerhead
  • Include power brush
  • 3-way switch option
  • Progression handle
  • Crushproof Hose


  • Not compatible with all vacuums
  • High-priced

Product Specifications:

Hose Length30 feet
Dimensions24.03 x 15 x 12.52 inches
Warranty3 years

15. Electrolux Rugmaster BM1393 Central Vacuum Powerhead

(Best with Brushes)

Electrolux Rugmaster BM1393 Central Vacuum Powerhead

Electrolux Rugmaster BM1393 is the final product in the list of best central vacuum powerhead. The BM1393 model arrives with a weight of 7.01 pounds while the dimensions of this unit are 19.2 x 10.8 x 7.9 inches.

Further, the BM1393 Powerhead is very much suitable for high pile carpet. It can easily extract the hair and dust from the carpet and make it clean.

Not only the carpet but also the Electrolux Rugmaster BM1393 Powerhead render effective results on various other surfaces as well.

Besides, you will attain a power brush with the BM1393 Powerhead. This power brush is made of a strong material, which will help to remove severe dust within no time.

You will also obtain a wand for effective and high-end cleaning. This unit also has a headlight that supports more convenient cleaning.

You can even clean dark spots with ease because of the headlight. The Electrolux Rugmaster Powerhead will make you attain the desired cleaning results.

Key Features:

  • This device has a wider head for convenient cleaning
  • It supports high-end cleaning technology
  • It also provides long-lasting wand


  • Support multiple floors
  • Provide a power brush
  • Offer a wand
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


  • Belt issue
  • Heavy

Product Specifications:

Dimensions19.2 x 10.8 x 7.9 inches
Warranty1 year

Best Central Vacuum Powerhead – Buyer’s Guide

Are you still struggling to find the right central vacuum powerhead for you? If yes, then I am here to help you.

Here you will find a buying guide related to the best central vacuum powerhead. This buyer’s guide includes all the factors to consider while purchasing the best central vacuum powerhead.

Central Vacuum Powerhead

Air Turbine Or Electric Powerheads

First, you should decide whether you want an air turbine powerhead or an electric powerhead. Both the air turbine and electric powerhead are quite different from one another.

In addition, each of the powerhead types supports different floors types and vacuums. Therefore, you should decide the type of powerhead you want as per your requirement.


The compatibility is another vital thing to consider while buying a central vacuum powerhead. Not all the powerheads support every vacuum.

Before buying any of the powerheads, make sure to check whether it supports the vacuum you want to use it on or not. If the powerhead supports the vacuum, then you can select it.

Otherwise, go for a powerhead that supports your vacuum. However, powerheads with a greater compatibility range usually cost higher than the powerhead with lower compatibility.

Floor Type

Not all the powerheads work well on all floor types. First, you should determine where you want to use your powerhead.

If you desire to use the powerhead on a hardwood floor, then make sure to choose the powerhead that supports the hardwood surface.

Further, some of the powerheads work fine on all the floor types, but such powerheads usually cost quite higher.

In case you require using the vacuum on both the carpet and floor, then you can go for such a powerhead that supports multiple floors.

Besides, I would suggest you prefer an electric powerhead for soft or thick carpets. However, for a hard or thin carpet, you can pick the air turbine powerhead.

Cleaning Path

Most people do not look at the cleaning path while shopping for the best central vacuum powerhead. Well, let me tell you that the cleaning path is among the top things to check while choosing the right powerhead.

In case you own a large cleaning area, then you should select a wider powerhead. The wider powerhead will make it easier for you to clean large areas in a short time.

Besides, if you have to clean tight spaces, then you should avoid wider powerheads. Cleaning tight spaces using a powerhead with a broad face is usually hard. Therefore, you should go for a small size powerhead if you need to clean tight spaces.

Height Adjustment Option

Some of the high-end powerheads also arrive with the height adjustment feature. The height adjustment feature will help you to use the powerhead easily on a surface with varying thickness.

Ensure to utilize a powerhead with a height adjustment option because it will support you to clean with no difficulty.

Further, in that case, you can also prefer the floating head powerhead because it is much easier to use it. The floating head can automatically adjust the height as per the surface.


If you have any query about the best central vacuum powerhead, then make sure to go through this FAQ section. Here you will find some common queries about the best central vacuum powerhead currently available in the market.

Are central vacuum powerheads interchangeable?

Yes, most of the central vacuum powerheads are interchangeable. A few powerheads might not work with your vacuum that is because of the lack of compatibility.

Therefore, before investing in any of the powerheads, you should look at the compatibility. Make sure to check whether the powerhead is compatible with your vacuum or not.

If it is compatible, then you should invest in such a powerhead, otherwise avoid the powerhead, as it will not work well with your vacuum. Powerheads with a high range of compatibility usually cost higher.

How long should a central vacuum powerhead last?

The lasting time of a powerhead depends on how you use it. If you use your vacuum regularly, then the powerhead may last for a lesser period.

However, if you utilize your vacuum less frequently, then the powerhead may last for a year or even more. The floor type also determines the longevity of a powerhead.

Make sure only to use the central vacuum powerhead on the recommended surfaces if you want it to last longer.

Does central vacuum powerhead support all brand vacuums?

A few of the central vacuum powerheads might work with all the vacuums while others might only support a few numbers of vacuums.

Each of the central vacuum powerheads comes with a different level of adaptability. While purchasing any of the powerheads, you should check the adaptability.

Each brand provides a list of vacuums that their powerhead support. Therefore, you should check that list and verify the compatibility of the unit.

How to use a central vacuum powerhead?

At first, you will need to attach the powerhead with the vacuum. Once you have connected the powerhead with the vacuum, you can use the vacuum with ease.

Move the powerhead of the vacuum on the dirty floor. The powerhead will collect all the debris and dust from the floor and throw it in the storage bag of the vacuum. In that way, it will clean the required floor.

Can you use central vacuum powerhead on all floor types?

Each central vacuum powerhead supports different floor types. You need to check whether the powerhead supports the floor, you want to clean or not.

However, only a few central vacuum powerheads work well on all types of floors, but the cost of such powerheads is much higher.

Therefore, whether you want to clean a hard floor or a carpet, you should check the floor compatibility of the powerhead before investing.

My Top Pick

Each of the central vacuum powerheads listed in this article delivers high-end cleaning performance. Additionally, each powerhead supports a different floor type and has unique compatibility.

However, I would suggest you try the Wessel Werk EBK 360 Central Vacuum Powerhead because it offers greater compatibility, supports multiple floor types, and renders a top-notch cleaning outcome.

Besides, you can also try some other product from the above list of best central vacuum powerheads. Which central vacuum powerhead do you prefer? Let me know in the comments and please ensure to share and like this article.

Best Central Vacuum Powerheads

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