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Top 10 Best Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 2024

Do you know the factors that you must look for to purchase the best vacuum cleaner? Do you know what the brands that is available in the market or which vacuum cleaner would be perfect as per your requirement?

If you are searching for answers to these questions, you have landed in the right place. I presume that you would select a simple, ergonomic, as well as a stylish vacuum cleaner over anything else.

The brand that excels in all these categories is Kenmore. Kenmore vacuum cleaners are not only comfortable to use but also have been continuously rated as the highly-popular brand.

Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner

About Kenmore

Kenmore is quite a popular brand and is there for at least 100 years. They have exclusive features compared to any other brand and also deliver different products to various parts of the world.

They have trusted performance and always believe in customer satisfaction. It means they believe in faster cooking, as well as effective cleaning. By this, you must have now understood that they not only sell vacuum cleaners, but also barbeque grills, different kitchen appliances, and also televisions.

What Is the Difference Between Kenmore and Other Vacuum Cleaners?

Well, there is a lot of difference between the Kenmore vacuum cleaner and any other brand like Electrolux, Honeywell, and many more. Scroll down to know more about it.

  • The best Kenmore Vacuum cleaners also come with pet-friendly designs that are not present in other brands.
  • It is a canister vacuum cleaner that comes with a flexible hose because of which cleaning can be done easily.
  • The airflow and the suction rate are much higher when compared to the conventional vacuum cleaner.
  • They are light in weight and some of them are also cordless due to which cleaning under the couches or beds can be done easily.

Features of Kenmore Vacuum cleaner

There are different features that the best Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner has. I have listed the most important ones. Check out the features to know more about it.

Infrared Dirt Sensor

It is one of the coolest features of Kenmore vacuum cleaner that means when the dirt-bag is full, you will get an indication. It would come to an infrared dirt sensor position that means the LED light will blow. You need to clean the dirt and can resume your work after that. After eliminating the dirt, the light would switch off again.

Dual Motor System

Do you know why it is important to purchase a dual motor vacuum cleaner? Compared to the conventional vacuum cleaner, the dual-motor vacuum cleaner has a more suction power that is 20%. It is combined with power flow technology that helps in increasing the flow of air that ensures that suction is not lost.


There are a lot of accessories that you will get while purchasing a Kenmore vacuum cleaner such as a crevice tool, dusting brush, specialized pet tool, and many more. The accessories will also depend on which type of vacuum cleaner you are purchasing.

HEPA Filtration

One of the most important features of the best Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner is that it works on HEPA filtration. If you are allergic to dust and do not want any dust particle while cleaning is carried out, you can opt for the Kenmore brand. HEPA filtrations help in eliminating 99% of the air pollutants despite releasing them in the air.

Benefits of Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner

Well, Kenmore vacuum cleaner is also known as a canister vacuum cleaner and there are many benefits when it comes to the canister vacuum cleaner. Come; let’s take a note of the benefits of the best Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner.

  • Kenmore vacuum cleaners are quite light in weight and easy to maneuver.
  • It also comes with various power controls that make the cleaning of different materials easier.
  • Wheels are available when you purchase the Kenmore vacuum cleaner that makes it easy to move the equipment from one place to another and also helps in hard to clean spaces.
  • The vacuum cleaner also comes with a flexible hose that makes cleaning easy under the couch or sofa set.
  • Faster cleaning is possible when you opt for canister vacuum cleaning as it has a better flow rate and a suction power.
  • They also do not create much sound while you are cleaner that makes it easier to use anywhere.
  • The canister vacuum cleaner comes with a heavyweight motor but because of the presence of the wheels; the weight of the motor is equally distributed which makes it easier for transporting.

What is The Best Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner?

To know more about the best Kenmore vacuum cleaner and their specific features, take a look at the list that is given below. It will give an idea of the product before going into brief.

Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Table

A comparison table will provide a glimpse of the best Kenmore vacuum cleaner that is available in the market. Select the best vacuum from the list that you think to be the perfect for cleaning your house.

Best Kenmore vacuum cleanersWeightDimensionNo. of Motors
Kenmore 81414 400 Vacuum Cleaner - Best for Powerful Cleaning22.6 pounds25.9 x 16.2 x 13.6 inches2
Kenmore 600 Vacuum Cleaner - Best Overall22 pounds27.9 x 16.2 x 13.8 inches2
Kenmore 21614 Vacuum Cleaner - Best for Above-Floor Cleaning26 pounds28 x 16.2 x 14 inches2
Kenmore 22614 Vacuum Cleaners - Best for Faster Cleaning26 lbs24.5 x 15.48 x 16.94 in2
Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner - Best for Flawless Carpet Cleaning18.5 pounds11.4 x 12.2 x 28.8 inches2
Kenmore 31220 Vacuum Cleaner - Best for Easy Cleaning17 pounds14.2 x 13 x 43 inches2
Kenmore 21814 Canister Vacuum - Best Budget27.8 x 17.9 x 14 Inches2
Kenmore 10135 Vacuum Cleaner - Best for Multi-Surface Cleaning18 pounds13.5 x 13.8 x 43.5 inches2
Kenmore 21319 Vacuum Cleaner - Best for Effortless Cleaning24.6 pounds25.5 x 16.5 x 12.2 inches2
KenmorePet 31140 Vacuum Cleaner - Best for Convenient Cleaning Transition19 pounds14.5 x 14.5 x 45.8 inches2

Top 10 Best Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner To Buy 2022

This review guide provides in-depth information about the best Kenmore vacuum cleaner, its features and pros and cons. Take a look at the description before deciding on the vacuum cleaner.

1. Kenmore 81414 400 Vacuum Cleaner

(Best for Powerful cleaning)

Kenmore Pet Friendly Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

It is one of the most popular among the canister vacuum cleaners and is extremely powerful. It has a two-motor system that can effectively clean the space. It eliminates debris, dirt, and dog hair from the area.

The crevice tool comes with a narrow suction tube that works best for the hard-to-reach corners. You can rest assured with these cleaners as the fabric will not get affected while using these cleansers. It also comes with LED headlights and also has a suction control dial.

Product Features

  • Excellent maneuverability
  • The powerful suction is present
  • The sectional level can be adjusted
  • Settings of four pile height

Product Specifications

Attachment Reach9 feet
Cord Length24 feet
EnhancementsVariable Power
Dust Bag & Exhaust FilterHEPA/HEPA Cloth
Dimension25.9 x 16.2 x 13.6 inches
Weight22.6 pounds


  • Lightweight
  • Detachable handle
  • Cleans tight spaces, carpets
  • Rotates 360
  • Powerful cleaning


  • Tricky floor brush
  • Regular replacing of bags

To take a look at the product, click here:

Watch video: Kenmore 81614 600 Series Vacuum Cleaner Review

2. Kenmore 600 Vacuum Cleaner

(Best Overall)

Kenmore 600 Vacuum Cleaner

Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner that is affordable along with great suction power? If so, the friendly vacuum cleaner is the right product for you. It has a versatile and compact design and comes with a “pop and go” floor brush, motorized pet hairbrush, a dusting brush, and a crevice tool.

It consists of 2 motor and 2-floor suction nozzles because of which effective cleaning can be done. The cleaner is lightweight and makes cleaning comfortable. It also has motorized attachment lifts that eliminate stubborn pet hairs from the carpets.

Product Features

  • Adjustable telescope
  • Dual-power motor
  • Long retractable cord
  • Easy stair grip

Product Specifications

Attachment Reach10 feet
Dust Bag & Exhaust FilterHEPA/HEPA Cloth
Cord Length28 feet
EnhancementsVariable Power, Pop-N-Go,Stair Grip,
Pet Power Mate AttachmentPresent
Dimension27.9 x 16.2 x 13.8 inches
Weight22 pounds


  • 3 HEPA filtration systems
  • Variable power control
  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight
  • Aluminum telescopic wand


  • Cumbersome connections
  • Difficult to use

For more information about the cleaner, click here:

Watch video: Kenmore Vacuum Cleaners: Pop-N-Go Canister Vacuum Cleaner

3. Kenmore 21614 Vacuum Cleaner

(Best for Above-Floor Cleaning)

Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner, Progressive

The cleaner comes with a telescopic wand and also has HEPA filtration. It has pet Upholstery and a pet Power-Mate that helps in the cleaning process. It helps in eliminating the pet hairs from the furniture and also has a 7-foot hose and a telescopic wand.

Product Features

  • HEPA filtration
  • Telescopic wand
  • Crevice tools at fingertips
  • Easy stair cleaning

Product Specifications

Hose Length7 foot
Pet UpholsteryPresent
Pet Power Mate AttachmentPresent
Dimension28 x 16.2 x 14 inches
Weight26 pounds


  • Crossover handle
  • Dusting brush
  • Powerful cleaning
  • Cleans all kinds of floors
  • Easy above-floor cleaning


  • Too much of rotational movement
  • Smaller attachment tools

Do you wish to know more about the product, take a look here:

Watch video: Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

4. Kenmore 22614 Vacuum Cleaners

(Best for Faster Cleaning)

Kenmore Pet Friendly Lightweight Compact Vacuum Cleaners

It has powerful suction with an enhanced cleaning feature and comes with a 2-motor system. It also comes with an on-board tool for transition between surfaces. Along with the Pet Power-Mate, a dust brush, a telescopic wand, crevice tools are also provided.

The exclusive power flow system of Kenmore vacuum cleaners uses centrifugal force to create consistent and powerful suction. It has the capability to full dust, dirt from the carpet fibers, upholstery. It can clean efficiently as it contains a 360-degree swivel hose.

Product Features

  • Easy detaching and attaching of tools
  • Small in size and compact
  • Transparent dustbin
  • 360-degree swivel hose

Product Specifications

Enhancements4 Nozzle Height Adjustments, 14″ Cleaning Width with LED
Cord Length24 feet
Attachment Reach9 feet
Type of WandAluminum Telescopic
Dimension24.5 x 15.5 x 16.9 inches
Weight26 pounds
Number of Cyclones8


  • Easily usable
  • Strong suction
  • Headlights are present
  • Extra attachments
  • Extendable wand


  • Complicated detaching and attaching of parts
  • The small size of canister

To take a view of the product, select here:

Watch video: The Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum Cleaner

5. Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner

(Best for Flawless Carpet Cleaning)

Kenmore Pet Friendly Vacuum Cleaner

The pet friendly vacuum cleaner is stylish equipment. It comes with a turbine brush, a telescopic wand, a crevice tool, a dusting brush, bare floor brush.

It also has a detachable power hose and easy to use, as well as store. It is quite easy to carry from one place to another because of its self-sufficient and minimalistic design. With the power switch, it can be turned on and off easily.

Product Features

  • Easy above-floor cleaning
  • HEPA filtration
  • Compact design
  • Rotating agitator bristles

Product Specifications

EnhancementsTurbine Carpet Nozzle
Cord Length16 feet
Attachment Reach9 feet
Type of WandStandard Telescopic
Dimension11.4 x 12.2 x 28.8 inches
Weight18.5 pounds
Number of Cyclones8


  • Telescopic wand
  • Gentle and powerful
  • Eliminates allergy-induced pollutants
  • Transparent dustbin
  • Easy removable to the dustbin


  • Lessercord length
  • Bad roller

To know about the cleaner, you can click here:

Watch video: How to operate your Vacuum Cleaner

6. Kenmore 31220 Vacuum Cleaner

(Best for Easy Cleaning)

Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly Vacuum Cleaner

The Elite pet-friendly cleaner is lightweight equipment that cleans all surfaces with the help of air-driven turbine spins brush. It removes the stubborn pet hairs and all kinds of debris from the furniture.

It comes with a HEPA filter system and can trap 99% of the debris and also has 3 attachments with quick draw bands. It has a dusting brush, flexible hose, second bare floor tool, and crevice tools.

Product Features

  • Multi-Cyclonic Bag-less Action
  • 3 HEPA Filter Systems
  • Pet Handi-Mate
  • Height position 6 adjustments

Product Specifications

EnhancementsBare Floor Nozzle, Swivel Steering
Cord Length30 feet
Height AdjustmentAutomatic
Type of WandTelescopic, Aluminum, 11 feet
Dimension14.2 x 13 x 43 inches
Weight17 pounds
Number of Cyclones8
Detachable CanisterPresent
No. of Attachments3


  • Efficient cleaning
  • Cleans all kinds of floors
  • Easy storage
  • Lightweight
  • Extra-long cord


  • Ineffective suction
  • Small size dustbin

Are you interested in the product? If yes, click on the link:

Watch video: Kenmore Elite CrossOver Canister Vacuum: Approved HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

7. Kenmore 21814 Canister Vacuum

(Best-Budget Cleaning)

Kenmore Canister Vacuum

The vacuum cleaner can set up easily and it comes with an integrated bare floor brush. It also has a crossover handle with 2-powerful motors. It works on led performance indicator technology and consists of 4 versatile cleaning tools.

It includes a telescopic wand, swivel steering, automatic cord wand, handles setting adjustments. Cleaning a larger space with this cleaner is possible as it has a quite longer cord. It helps in eliminating all debris and is also recommended for multi-surface cleaning.

Product Features

  • Canister HEMPA bags are used
  • Replacement exhaust filter
  • 1x premium microfiber cleaner
  • Multi-surface cleaning

Product Specifications

EnhancementsSwivel Steering, 1x Premium Microfiber Cleaner, Integrated Bare Brush
Cord Length26 feet
Dimension27.8 x 17.9 x 14 Inches


  • Allergy-friendly
  • Microfiber cleaner bundle
  • Bags Elite Pet
  • Canister vacuum
  • Cleans Larger Surface


  • Too thin shell for covering
  • Requires careful opening and closing

Click here to know about the product:

Watch video: Kenmore Elite CrossOver Canister Vacuum: Approved HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

8. Kenmore 10135 Vacuum Cleaner

(Best for Multi-Surface Cleaning)

Kenmore Pet Friendly Progressive Vacuum Cleaner

The Progressive vacuum cleaner eliminates pet hair and debris from the floors. It is lightweight equipment and consists of a dual filter system. It works on the centrifugal force because of which more suction is created for effective cleaning.

The canister can be easily detached and attached and also comes with a crevice tool and dusting brush. It is lightweight equipment because of which cleaning becomes easier. The air-driven turbine is present in Pet Handi-Mate that spins the roller brush to produce RPMs that easily remove the dirt.

Product Features

  • 3 versatile tools
  • 3 HEPA filter system
  • Cleans corners effectively
  • Consistent and powerful suction

Product Specifications

EnhancementsBare Floor Nozzle, Swivel Steering
Cord Length25 feet
Height Adjustment4 Manual Dial
Type of WandAluminum, 10 feet
Dimension13.5 x 13.8 x 43.5 inches
Weight18 pounds
Number of Cyclones8
Detachable CanisterPresent
No. of Attachments3
Pet Handi-Mate AttachmentPresent


  • Extended Bristle design
  • Eliminates 99% debris
  • Led Headlights
  • Dirt sensor
  • Cyclone technology


  • Will not last for a long duration
  • Not recommended for hardwood floors

Check here to know about the product:

Watch video: Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum Cleaner

9. Kenmore 21319 Vacuum Cleaner

(Best for Effortless Cleaning)

Kenmore Canister Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is quite powerful and simple in design. It has strong suction and includes a flexible hose, 6-foot solid, and a 360 –degree rotation capability. The attachments, which are, included are a dust brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool, barefoot tool.

The equipment is quite easy to use and the vacuum has great suction. Cleaning can be done effortlessly with the help of this vacuum cleaner. It also has fingertip controls along with an electronic performance indicator.

For specialized cleaning, it also has specialized cleaning requirements. It also comes with an electronic performance indicator that notifies when the bag is full or in case of clogs.

Product Features

  • Simplified design
  • Rotational and solid hose
  • Powerful suction
  • Retractable cord

Product Specifications

Hose Length6 foot
Dimension25.5 x 16.5 x 12.2 inches
Weight24.6 pounds


  • Simple design
  • Extra attachments
  • Sturdy hose
  • 360-degree rotational feature
  • Powerful suction


  • Made up of plastic
  • Heavyweight

If you are interested to know about the product, check here:

Watch video: Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum Cleaner

10. Kenmore 31140 Vacuum Cleaner

(Best for Convenient Cleaning Transition)

Kenmore Pet Friendly Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner

With classy and modern, the equipment can be used for daily cleaning. It works on 2 HEPA filtrations and comprises 2 motor systems. It has a 35-inch power cord along with a telescopic wand and crevice tool.

There are 5 position height adjustments are available and also comes with LED headlights. These LED lights make the work easier by detecting the spot. It ensures superior cleaning and cleans various kinds of floors and carpets.

Product Features

  • Adjustable suction
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easier to clean debris
  • Easy operation

Product Specifications

Hose Length6 foot
Dimension14.5 x 14.5 x 45.8 inches
Hose Reach with AttachmentsTelescopic and Aluminum, 10 feet
Adjustments of Height4 Manual Dial
Pet HandiMate AttachmentPresent
Weight19 pounds
Asthma and Allergy FriendlyYes
EnhancementsLED Light on Nozzle
Cord Length30 feet


  • Presence of headlights
  • 2 motor systems
  • Good suction
  • On-board extra attachments
  • 2 HEPA filtrations


  • Short Hose
  • No above-floor cleaning

Click here to view the product:

Watch video: Kenmore Elite Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Pet Friendly

Best Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide for 2022

To select the best Kenmore vacuum cleaner, there are a few factors that you must consider which are stated below. It will help you in purchasing the best Kenmore vacuum cleaner from the list.

Kenmore Vacuum Cleaners

Type of Flooring

Amongst the entire list of factors, type of flooring is the most important parameter that you must look for. It is quite difficult to look for a vacuum cleaner that can work well for all kinds of floors. Therefore, I recommend you purchase Kenmore vacuum cleaner that specializes in dealing with most of the floors.

Asthma and Allergies

The purpose of getting a Kenmore vacuum cleaner is to keep the house clean so that the health of a person is not affected. If they are suffering from any kind of allergies, before purchasing check which one will be the best product for them. In case, if you have many pets, it is better to get a pet hair vacuum that can be more effective.

Storage and Portability

Nobody would like to have a vacuum cleaner that consumes more space or is heavy. While shopping online, make sure that you look at the weight of the product. By looking at the weight of the product, you can determine whether it is lightweight or heavyweight equipment. Purchase the Kenmore vacuum cleaner that you think is comfortable to carry and consume less space to store in.

Looking at the Attachments

Along with cleaning the carpets, there are a few other places where the cleaning needs to be done such as cupboards, shelves, window sills, and many more places. Even your car needs to be cleaned at regular intervals. So, it is better to purchase a Kenmore vacuum cleaner that has a wide range of tools through which effective cleaning can be performed.

Price of the Vacuum Cleaner

When you decide to purchase a Kenmore vacuum cleaner, you must have planned for a certain budget. Vacuum cleaners come at different prices and these prices will vary depending on its features and various parts. It does not mean that an expensive vacuum cleaner would be the most effective one. It is always better to look at all the features of Kenmore vacuum cleaner before purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

While reading the review guide and going through the specifications of the best Kenmore vacuum cleaner, you must come across some queries. Because of that, I have provided answers to a few questions, which are communicated below.

Why It Is Important to Purchase Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner Over Any Other Brand?

Well, there is not one reason that states why you should opt for Kenmore vacuum cleaners. They are usually lightweight equipment and come with a lot of features that are not available in any other brand.

Is an Expensive Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner Worth Your Money?

While purchasing the Kenmore vacuum cleaner, it is always recommended to purchase based on its features and not on the price tag. An expensive vacuum cleaner does not mean that it is the best one. It has been found at times the midrange vacuum is quite effective compared to the expensive ones.

What Is the Price of the Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner?

The price of the Kenmore vacuum cleaners is not the same for all. It depends on the specifications, features and various other factors. Depending upon the vacuum that you want to purchase, you can determine the price.

What Is the Life Span of the Kenmore Vacuum Cleaners?

The life span of the Kenmore vacuum is not the same for all. It will vary from product to product and you must check the product specifications table to know more about the life span of the product.

Why Is It Important to Purchase a Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner

To keep your house hygienic and free from dirt, regular cleaning is quite important. But cleaning is a tedious job and it becomes quite difficult for a person if he or she has a bigger house. In that case, the best Kenmore vacuum cleaner can help you out.

How Many Motors Can Help in Effective Cleaning of Pet Hairs?

It depends upon the pet hair cleaner that you are purchasing. Some of them come with one motor whereas others come with 2 motors. The 2 motor is comparatively more powerful compared to the one-motor products. For more effective cleaning, it is always recommended to opt for a product that has 2 motors.

My Pick

Kenmore 600 Vacuum Cleaner is the vacuum cleaner that I recommend. This cleaner has powerful suction and comes with a retractable cord and dual motor system. It helps in effectively eliminating the debris and pet hairs from cars, kitchens.

Kenmore is considered to be one of the best vacuum cleaner brands that you should opt for. They are quite dedicated to creating a high-quality vacuum cleaner that is available at an affordable rate. All these features make Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner the best one.

Best Kenmore Vacuum Cleaners

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