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Top 15 Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $150 Reviews 2024

Are cheap vacuums worth it? Are low-cost vacuums any good? Well, these are some of the questions I seek to answer in this review of the best vacuum cleaners under $150. Some inexpensive vacuums are good, but others not so much.

Given that these machines are designed to lower the cost; they have a ton of compromises. The compromise could be in durability, the cleaning performance, or the filtration. So, you are looking for machines with the best compromise.

Disclaimer: You can get a reliable machine at this price, but do not expect Miele or Dyson quality of devices here. Nonetheless, I have compiled a list with some gadgets that, though not of the same quality, they come close.

What Do You Need the Vacuum for?

Though this should be in the buying guide below, I thought it best to be here as it is an essential factor to consider when looking for a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaners Under $150

You should be clear on why you need the machine as only then can you make an informed decision. Is it for demanding tasks or light cleaning? Do you want a device for above-floor cleaning or to use outdoors? Do you want a primary piece of equipment or a second gadget? What about pets? Is your dog/cat a shedder? Do you need a sealed vacuum with HEPA filtration? What about the noise level? Are you okay with a loud gadget or is silence paramount?

These are some of the questions you should answer before making a purchase.

Vacuum Cleaner Under $150 Shops Near You

Though this is about the best vacuums under $150, finding a reliable outlet is equally essential. Here are ways to go about finding a shop near you, but I think the online space is more accessible, and one of the easiest ways to go about it.

Here are terms that will help you in your hunt for one of these machines.

  • Vacuum cleaner shop near me
  • Vacuum cleaner shop in my area
  • Vacuum cleaner shop in my location.

Heck, you can insert your location should none of these work. Something like “vacuum cleaner shops in Sacramento”. The gist of it is that you should be clear on the area where you are looking for an outlet.

Be sure to read the online reviews before you pay the shop a visit.

The next best way to find a shop for one of these bad boys is through referrals. You know that colleague you overheard had one of this, the one you barely talk to, well, you can consult him/her and they should point you in the right direction. You can also ask for referrals from family and neighbors.

Best Vacuum Cleaners under $150 Comparison Table

For a quick feel of what this review is about, here is a comparison table. However, you should still check out the entire review as there are details I have not addressed here.

Best Vacuum CleanersTypeCorded/ CordlessWeight in Lbs.Cord Length/ RuntimeWarranty in Yrs.
Shark Navigator NV42 - Editors PickUprightCorded14.825-ft5
Black + Decker HHV1315JO42 Dustbuster - Best Handheld VacuumHandheldCordless2.415-mins2
Dibea Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner BX350 - Best for Pet HairHandheldCordless4.725-mins1
Bissell 9595A Cleanview Bagless vacuum - Best for CarpetsUprightCorded15.125-ft2
Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind UH70210 Bagless Upright VacuumUprightCorded1725-ft2
Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Bagged Corded Upright Vacuum UH30300UprightCorded16.625-ft2
Bissell 1831 Cleanview Upright VacuumUprightCorded15.425-ft2
Pure Clean PICRC26BRobotCordless455-mins-
Dirt Devil Endura Max Upright VacuumUprightCorded1324-ft2-yrs Motor
Golongele Automatic Robot Vacuum CleanerRobotCordless6.390-min-
Pure Clean PUCRC99 Automatic Robot Vacuum CleanerRobotCordless8.8490 to 120 mins1
Aiskki 2 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum CleanerStickCordless4.8540-mins1
Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Lithium-Ion (LV801)HandheldCordless2.4810-mins1
Eureka NEU182A Power Speed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum CleanerUprightCorded1024-ft3
BLACK + DECKER BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex VacuumHandheld CanisterCordless3.220-mins2

15 Best Vacuum Cleaners under $150: Reviewed and Rated

On to the meat of this article. The following devices should help you keep your house clean, keep it looking good, without breaking the bank. There is enough information to help you make a choice but feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

1. Shark Navigator NV42

(Editors Pick)

Shark Navigator NV42

The best vacuum cleaner under $150 has to be this Shark NV42. Shark is renowned for its stellar machines which are reasonably priced, but this device at this price is remarkable.

The cleaning performance on carpets and hard floors is superb. It has a brushroll for deep cleaning on carpets, but you can turn it off when working on hard floors. You cannot adjust the height of the brushroll for different pile carpets, but that should not be a problem.

Reach is an important feature when looking for a vacuum, and the Shark has a 37-ft range. It has a decent 25-ft cord and a 12-ft hose which comes in handy when cleaning stairs and above-floor areas. It is a bagless vacuum, thus cheap to maintain. The bin is substantial, allowing you to clean large areas with ease.

Finally, it is well accessorized with 2-crevice tools, a dusting brush, and a pet hair tool for removing pet hair off upholstery.


  • It has superb suction
  • Though it is not a quiet machine, it is not too loud
  • It is sealed
  • It is inexpensive to maintain


  • It is weighty
  • It does not have a HEPA filter
Kevin’s Take: The Shark NV42 is a winner for me in several ways. First, it has superior reach at 37-ft, it is suitable for cleaning various surfaces, and it is affordable. It is a machine I believe you will appreciate, and it had to top this list of the best vacuum cleaners under $150.

The Shark NV42 is nothing short of remarkable, and I am sure the review below will give let you know why it is my top pick.

Watch video: Shark NV42 Navigator Deluxe Review

You can read more about the best shark vacuums here. The Shark NV42 requires you to be a bit hands-on, so here is a manual to help you out.

2. Black + Decker HHV1315JO42 Dustbuster

(Best Handheld Vacuum)

Black + Decker HHV1315JO42 Dustbuster

Above floor cleaning is as crucial as floor cleaning. However, it defeats logic to invest in an upright while all you are interested in is the above floor cleaning features. I recommend the Black + Decker dustbuster thanks to the following reasons.

First, it is lightweight, allowing you to clean for hours with ease. At 2.11-pounds, you will not feel the weight as it is quite friendly. Kids and senior citizens can use it too with ease. Next, it has a large opening for collecting large debris. The large opening is coupled with a larger bin reducing the trips you have to make to empty the bin.

Finally, it is a cordless machine, and you can use it in areas without outlets.


  • It has a decent runtime at about ½-hrs
  • It sucks making short work of most debris
  • It charges quickly
  • It has a wall-mount for better storage


  • It does not have a charge indicator
  • Not suitable for wet vacuuming
  • Accessories do not store on the machine, and they are easy to misplace
Kevin’s Take: This Black + Decker dustbuster is nothing short of marvelous. You will appreciate that it cleans large debris with ease and has a substantial bin as then it can hold a lot of dirt. By and large, it is the best handheld vacuum cleaner under $150.

If you want a feel of this Black + Decker, here is a video you should watch. Seeing is believing.

Watch video: BLACK+DECKER HHVI315JO42 Reviews

3. Dibea Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner BX350

(Best for Pet Hair)

Dibea Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner BX350

Dogs are “fantabulous” pets for far more than one reason. They are true friends. Their love, loyalty, and cuddliness go without question. However, great pets come with even greater responsibilities. They shed like crazy. Hence if you are looking for a way to make your work easier, use Dibea BX350. It is undoubtedly one of the best vacuum cleaners under $150.

This motorized brush has powerful cyclone suction. In return, it allows the cleaner to perform deep cleaning of carpets, furniture, curtains, car seats and other areas in the car as well as the house.

It is also lightweight and easy to maneuver. Thanks to this, it makes the vacuuming job easy to complete. It weighs roughly 4.7 pounds thus it is a highly portable device.

What’s even better is that the vacuum comes with a dual filtration system that uses HEPA technology. This means that it has a highly specialized particulate capturing ability. The feature works best for people who have allergies.


  • Lightweight
  • Highly portable
  • Powerful suctions for deep cleaning
  • HEPA filtration system that prevents allergens from recirculating into the air
  • Can be used on multiple items, including furniture and floors
  • Reaches hard to access areas


  • The battery is said to run out fast
  • Not as durable and may last for as long as a year
  • Cannot be used to collect heavy and large particles
Kevin’s Take: There you have it. The proper device for pet lovers. At a price that doesn’t break the bank of under $150.

4. Bissell 9595A Cleanview Bagless vacuum

(Best for Carpets)

Bissell 9595A Cleanview Bagless vacuum

Other than the fact that it is an affordable vacuum, the Bissell 9595A has only one more remarkable feature. The One Pass Technology. Though this tech does not pick up all dirt in one pass, it sure reduces the number of passes needed to pick up debris.

Other than the tech it is a pretty basic vacuum, but I appreciate that it is reliable. It has a 25-ft cord giving you a pretty decent reach. It incorporates a hose for cleaning stairs and above-floor areas, and it has a turbo-brush which will come in handy when cleaning upholstery and pet hair.

The Bissell 9595A is a bagless vacuum and pretty easy to use. You don’t have to worry about exhausting dirt bags at the most inopportune time, though you have to clean the bin after emptying.

You will also appreciate that the filters are washable as that reduces the cost of maintenance.


  • The cyclonic technology is strong enough to keep the filters from clogging
  • It has multi-level filtration resulting in better air quality
  • The company’s after-service is superb


  • The rotating brush cannot be turned off
  • The hose happens to be short
Kevin’s Take: The Bissell 9595A does not have any of the fancy features on most vacuums, but then again, it is a low-cost machine. Seeing as the brushroll cannot be turned off, you should use it on carpets but not on hard floors.

All machines have to be maintained if they are to serve you for long. Here is how to service and troubleshoot the Bissell 9595A.

Watch video: Bissell CleanView Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Moreover, here is more information on this device’s warranty.

5. Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind UH70210 Bagless Upright Vacuum

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind UH70210 Bagless Upright Vacuum

Following on this list of the best vacuums under $150 is the Hoover UH70120. Hoover is renowned for making exceptional but affordable machines, and the UH70120 is no exception. It has suction all over the nozzle, and the suction never fails. You will also appreciate that you can turn off the brushroll to clean hard floors.

The adjustable brushroll height is also fascinating. You can adjust it to five different levels to clean low pile through to high pile carpets. Something else that piqued my interest is the folding handle as it makes storage a breeze.

Though you can get an extension cord, I always recommend buying a machine with a decently long enough cord. At 25-ft it is not long, but it is okay for the price. Finally, it has a pet turbo tool for cleaning pet hair, and the filters are washable reducing the cost of consumables.


  • It has an auto rewind cord
  • It is lightweight
  • It has powerful suction


  • No swivel steering
  • Filters are not HEPA
Kevin’s Take: The Hoover WindTunnel Pet Rewind UH70210 is a full-size upright bagless vacuum. It is designed to be lightweight and has powerful suction technology that assists in cleaning dirt off different surfaces. It works on both carpets and hardwood or tiled floors. Despite being an older model, Hoover is one of the most recognized brands making this product quite reliable.

The belt of the Hoover UH70210 sustains a lot of damage, and there are instances where replacements are necessary. Here is how to go about it.

Watch video: Hoover T-Series Bagged Upright Review

There more details about the Hoover uH70210 covered in the manual, and I recommend reading it if this is a device you are considering.

6. Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Bagged Corded Upright Vacuum UH30300

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Bagged Corded Upright Vacuum UH30300

In these times, buying a vacuum cleaner is a pretty daunting task, and this is made harder with the number of brands and products that come up almost daily. Because this reviewer is a good person in all aspects of life, that is character and morally. I decided to make your life easier. To achieve this, I am giving you a short analysis of what this great product the Hoover T-series UH30300.

The bag is made with HEPA technology that makes the vacuum allergy-friendly. HEPA technology allows the vacuum to trap 99.9 of dust and pollen collected. The product also has a simple one-touch release that will enable you to empty the bag without ever touching it and reduces the number of spills that occur. The Windtunnel technology, on the other hand, allows one to minimize blowback on carpets.


  • One-touch bag door release prevents spills
  • The product is convenient to move around
  • Windtunnel technology reduces spills
  • Clean-drop bags that hold dirt and make it allergy-friendly


  • You cannot use it for long periods
  • A bit loud
Kevin’s Take: The product is not too fancy, but it is light and has powerful suction capabilities. Maintenance also happens to be effortless. These advantages increase with the fact that it is also very reasonably priced. The general consumer consensus is that it is a reasonably good deal and value for one’s money. Other circles comment that it may be a bit too loud and made of too much plastic hence not aesthetically appealing.

The Hoover UH30300 has a new clean-bag drop system that makes installing a bag a breeze. Here is how the system works.

Watch video: Hoover T-Series UH30300 Review

7. Bissell 1831 Cleanview Upright Vacuum

Bissell 1831 Cleanview Upright Vacuum

Bissell Inc. has rolled out several top tier vacuum devices, and the next best vacuum cleaner under $150 is the Bissell 1831. This is not to say that the review is based on company success. However, it’s a factor that you should consider.

The avid success of this product comes as a result of many reasons. For one, the vacuum can reach tight spots. It’s lightweight and thus easy to carry up and down the staircase or to any other place that it is required.

It’s one pass technology together with five distinct head attachments makes the product hard to beat and efficient. This is not even considering that it lies just within the correct pocket-friendly price.

I loved the “Easy Empty” mechanism of the dirt cup, and so will you. It turns a vacuuming chore into a fun activity. Also, the mechanism ensures that accidental spills are minimal.


  • Impeccable air suction capabilities making it a powerful cleaning device
  • Sturdy and easy maneuverability
  • OnePass technology elevates its efficiency
  • Lightweight
  • Large dirt storage
  • Highly efficient air filtration
  • Versatile thanks to the five cleaning head attachments
  • Quiet operation


  • Short cord length
  • May fall over if the hose is stretched beyond its limit
  • The selector could be in a better place
Kevin’s Take: Bissell has outdone itself with this creation. It’s a pack of both efficiency, effectiveness, and budget-conscious. You get a product that works well for under $150, and one that you will love.

I am sure you have your reservations about low-cost machines. Well here is the Bissell 1831 compared to the PowerForce Helix.

Watch video: Bissell Cleanview Vs PowerForce Helix

8. Pure Clean PUCRC26B

Pure Clean PUCRC26B

This fully automated vacuum will tidy up your home in a matter of minutes. The Pure Clean PUCRC26B can dust, sweep, mop, and vacuum without human intervention. Here I mean without all the pulling and directing that other non-robotic devices need. With such versatility, why would it not be on this guide of the best vacuum cleaners under $150?

It is also self-programmable hence can be scheduled. It’s perfect for both carpets and hardwood floors. Something significant about it is that it has side brushes that get in all the hard to reach areas – areas such as under furniture and in corners.

What’s even cooler about this particular robot is the remote control feature. It lets you steer and take control of the entire vacuuming process. It can also be set to clean in a specific time as well as particular paths. This works well, especially for large surfaces. Speaking of large and dangerous surfaces, the robot also has inbuilt protective sensors. This hi-tech feature keeps the robot from falling off high points or colliding with walls.


  • Scheduled activation
  • Automatic recharge dock
  • Dual side brushes
  • Low lying design to go under furniture
  • Allergy and pet-friendly
  • It is quiet hence kid-friendly


  • It may not always return to its charging dock
  • Batteries run out; the best advice is to buy extra
Kevin’s Take: The vacuum comes in a bagless design that makes dirt disposal that much easier. The HEPA filter reduces allergies by trapping more dust. After the cleaning is completed the vacuum self-navigates to its charging dock. If that is not incredible, I don’t know what is.

9. Dirt Devil Endura Max Upright Vacuum

Dirt Devil Endura Max Upright Vacuum

The next best vacuum cleaner under $150 is the Dirt Devil Endura Reach. Though Dirt Devil is not renowned for their vacuums, they are a reliable company when it comes to tools, and that is expertise I would like to think they brought here.

First, bagless vacuums lose suction when the filter is dirty, or the bin is nearly full. Well, not this Dirt Devil. Its no-lose suction technology ensures that you can pick dirt without shortcomings. You will also appreciate the brushroll as you can adjust it to 3-different heights for cleaning different carpets.

The quick-release wand allows you to attach and detach accessories with ease. Above-floor cleaning will be a breeze thanks to the reach, and you will have an easy task when it comes to cleaning pet hair thanks to the pet hair tool. Finally, the filters are rinsable, reducing maintenance costs.


  • It is affordable
  • You can clean different pile carpets
  • It is ideal for above-floor cleaning
  • It is inexpensive to maintain


  • It is not a stable machine
  • It is not durable and breaks easily
  • The filter is not HEPA and will not trap all the dirt
Kevin’s Take: The Dirt Devil Endura Max is a remarkable machine, and one that I feel will serve you well, not only for the price but also the quality.

There are instances where the Endura Max loses suction and stops. Here is a video that will help you solve that.

Watch video: Dirt Devil Bagless Upright Vacuum Review

10. Golongele Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Golongele Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

One of the best vacuum cleaners under $150 is the Golongele automatic robot vacuum. With the click or the touch of a wireless remote, this robot cleans tiles, hardwood floors, and carpets. It has an 800 PA robust suctioning system that ensures the robot vacuums all dirt of the floors.

Additionally, the device is low lying in terms of profile at a height of 2.9”; hence, it can reach under furniture and hard to reach areas. In addition to that, its efficiency is increased by the side brushes that help it to reach corners. It can also sweep up debris along walls. Golongele robot vacuum has four cleaning modes: Powerful, edge, random, and automatic. These modes assure thorough cleaning while you tend to other chores.

This is the take your time and relax home cleaning device. It’s hands-free and stress-free. It removes the boredom and stress associated with manual cleaning. It can also get over obstacles. The design work enables it to work on rough floors. It also can work on 15 different slopes so climbing over carpets and rugs is a no brainer.


  • Obstacle climbing
  • Hands-free
  • Silent


  • Requires frequent charging
Kevin’s Take: Some home devices are easy to use; some are difficult to use, while others are in a league of their own. These are the simple, efficient home devices. It’s like apart from cleaning their other superpower is telekinesis.

11. Pure Clean PUCRC99 Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Pure Clean PUCRC99 Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I would like to start with “If you have a busy life…” but with the current economy who doesn’t? The good news though is that there is hope of maintaining a good income and a clean home. This powerful robotic cleaning device has got your back. It cleans carpets and hardwood floors. This piece of home cleaning gold also comes with anti-falling and anti-collision sensors. As a result, breakage potential becomes minimal tending to zero.

Worry not if you have two jobs and no time to clean. Pure clean has scheduled cleaning settings. This feature helps by enabling the user to set the times they would like the house to get cleaned.

If you are a lover of dogs, cats, and all household animals, then this is the device for you. The problem with pets is shedding. Here is another classic yet efficient use for the robot vacuum. In a matter of minutes, the pure clean robot vacuum vanquishes pet hairs from your floor.


  • Self-Recharging due to a built-in dock
  • Animal and allergy-friendly
  • It is quiet
  • You choose when cleaning should be done


  • Cannot remove large particles such as broken glass
  • May be unable to go over high surfaces
  • Cannot slide under low furniture
Kevin’s Take: Regardless of how tight your schedule is, your home can be sparkling. You just set the times you want the device to clean, and you are well on your way. Plus, the vacuum recharges on its own. Therefore, you do not have to worry about it running out of juice when it is cleaning.

You will need to be a techie to solve this, but if you are, here is how to go about making the PUCRC99 charge again.

Watch video: Pure Clean PUCRC99 Review

12. Aiskki 2 in 1 Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Handheld

Aiskki 2 in 1 Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Handheld

The next best vacuum cleaner under $150 is the Aiskki stick vacuum. Enjoy the convenience of cordless without compromising power and reliability. This 2000W stylish cleaner helps remove dust and stubborn dirt particles around the house. It’s easy to use and receives high recommendations from those who use it.

If you have a busy home with pets and kids running around this vacuum will work well for you. For one, its technology is based on a powerful suction system that deep cleans areas. Since it is also a handheld, it can also vacuum a variety of areas. Some of the areas include countertops as well as furniture down to carpets and hard floors.

For those who suffer from allergies, this machine is allergy-friendly. Aiskki wireless vacuum cleaner has a hi-tech filtration system that keeps allergens from circulating back into the air after cleaning. It also comes with side brushes so that it can reach all the hard to access places, for instance, gaps and holes in walls and floors.


  • It is highly portable as it is lightweight
  • It is aesthetically appealing
  • It has strong suction ability for deep cleaning
  • It can clean different surfaces


  • May suffer faults far quicker than other devices of the same kind
  • A bit loud
Kevin’s Take: This inexpensive but state of the art device helps you to clean a variety of surfaces. It can reach those crack and crannies that most upright and canister vacuums cannot, and it had to be on this list of the best vacuum cleaners under $150.

13. Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Lithium-Ion (LV801)

Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Lithium-Ion (LV801)

Do you have any pets? Even if it’s one, this vacuum may very well be your gospel from now on. Weighing a surprising 4.25 pounds, it is portable, and you can use it in areas without outlets. It is light, and it can be mounted on a wall to charge. An additional advantage to this is that it gets it out of the way when it’s not in use. It also does not require extensive storage spaces.

The machine has twister cyclonic technology that gives it incredible suction abilities. It has, in addition to power, it has an 18-volt battery that is rechargeable. For all those who answered yes to the above question, then here is your news. Shark put into the vacuum TruPet motorized brushes that help remove all that fur and hair.

Additionally, other accessories are dusting brushes, a crevice tool to reach all the cracks and brush heads that are motorized. It makes work easy and safe and non-tedious as compared to traditional vacuums that have to be lagged along. It’s not a luggage you clean with it’s the luxury to clean.


  • Sucks up pet hair efficiently
  • Powerful suction
  • Variety of accessories and attachments
  • Can be used on a variety of places including cars


  • Battery life is not long-lasting
  • The crevice tool is a bit short
  • The battery gives out in a year or so
Kevin’s Take: This device is one in a million and helps to clean all surfaces in the home. It is conveniently portable and rechargeable, and you will love it.

Most of the handheld vacuums on this list are great for pet hair. Here is the Shark LV801 reviewed. You will love it as much as I did after watching this.

Watch video: Shark Pet Perfect 2 Review

14. Eureka NEU182A Power Speed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka NEU182A Power Speed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning your house should not clean out your bank as well. Cleanliness can come at a low cost. You can do this with the help of Eureka NEU182A. It’s as kind to your house as it is kind to your pockets. But if you are the skeptical type and still need more convincing. The review will change your mind on the unfathomable cleaning ability of the device.

Its features include an extra-large dust cup that ensures more dirt is held inside for longer. Other than that the larger dust cup makes the vacuum suitable to clean large surfaces. It also has a washable filter whose thin filming helps it retain dirty particles inside.

The machine is lightweight; hence, it can be transported from place to place with ease. The lightweight feature is coupled with a variety in cleaning areas. It can be used on hardwood floors, carpets, rugs, cars, ceilings, and furniture.


  • Lightweight hence increasing its portability
  • Can be used on a variety of items such as furniture and ceilings
  • Deep cleans
  • Cheap


  • Does not use HEPA filtration system
  • Short cord
Kevin’s Take: The device is packed full of characteristics such as a massive dust cup, wide nozzle, washable filters and a variety of other accompaniments. Only empty vacuum dust bags and not your account with this Eureka. It is truly one of the best vacuum cleaners under $150.

15. BLACK + DECKER BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum

BLACK + DECKER BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum

Black + Decker makes this cleaner sound so important. I think it’s the quality assurance associated with the name. Or there’s just something about black that makes it seem mysterious and interesting. The first thing you notice about the device is that it is cordless and comes with a 4-foot hose.

To increase the durability of the filter, the machine has cyclonic tech to keep dust away. If the filter does get clogged, you can remove and wash it. Easy fix right? The downside is that at times the vacuum releases dust particles.

To increases, the shelf life of this item always ensure that the filter does not get clogged and the hose gets wound correctly. Also only stretch it to its limit and not further.


  • It is cordless and portable
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a washable filter and bowl that adds to its cost-effectiveness
  • The four-foot distance covered by the hose allows you to reach every corner of the house


  • Lacks floor attachments
  • If the battery runs low, it requires an additional four hours to recharge
Kevin’s Take: Capitalize on its cordless nature to reach corners and other surfaces. It is unlike all other handheld vacuums as it gives you more reach and versatility. A machine I believe you will more than love.

This Black + Decker happens to be a handheld canister, and I believe that can be a bit confusing for most people. Well here is a video of what a handheld canister looks like.

Watch video: B&D Flex Vacuum 20V Lithium Platinum Review

Buying Guide

Here is how I selected the best vacuum cleaners under $150, and the things you too should consider when on the hunt for one of these. Before you get into the buying guide, here are the best vacuums under $200 if you are ready to spend a little more. For pricier machines, here are the best Dyson vacuums.

Vacuum Cleaners Under $150

1. Suction Power

Let’s be real, the likelihood that most of the vacuums under $150 are air-powered is quite high. Therefore, try and get a machine with powerful suction. The suction will come in handy when removing dirt from crevices and other dirt spots.

Other than just the suction power, get a machine that has adjustable suction. With adjustable suction, you can clean surfaces such as drapes as well as hard floors without pain. By and large, suction is the mainstay of these devices, and it should be mighty and adjustable.

2. Adjustable Carpet Height

I would not say this is necessary, but it is a nice to have feature. Adjustable carpet height ensures that you can clean high and low pile carpets. Though automatic height adjustment is often found on pricier devices, I would recommend looking for that even in these machines.

Other than adjustable carpet height, try and get a device with a brushroll, you can turn off as that will allow you to clean hard floors.

3. Accessories

Compromises have to be made for a vacuum to retail under $150, and accessories bear the brunt of it. Therefore, you should pay close attention to these and ensure you can get a machine that has versatility.

Some of these machines do not have accessories and can only be used for floor-cleaning. You should complement such vacuum cleaners with a handheld or stick vacuum. However, if you are interested in a machine that can do it all, then ensure it has a long reach (hose + wands), that it has a crevice tool, and that it can clean pet hair and delicate surfaces.


Before I call it a day, let me answer some few commonly asked questions about these vacuums?

Are cheap vacuums worth it?

I don’t know about other machines, but the items included on this list are damn near perfect. Don’t get me wrong, they will not replace the Dyson, Miele, or Shark, but they are perfect in their class. Some will clean deeply embedded dirt, while the handhelds are great for above-floor cleaning. They are not without their shortcomings, but they are excellent vacuums.

Is it worth getting a vacuum repaired?

Yes and No. Repairing an upright vacuum that has served you for two years is worth it but not one that has served for more than 5-years. As for canisters, they are not worth repairing after 7-years.

You should also stop and consider the cost of repairs. If they cost more than half the value of the machine, then I think it is best you invest in a new device.

What do you do when vacuum loses suction?

Loss of suction is often due to blockages in the tubes, or the filter is clogged. If it is the latter, then you should wash the filter if it is washable. If the filter is not rinsable, then install new ones. As for the clogs, you should take it to the closest service center, or try to clear the blockages.


It is a wrap, folks. That is my list of the best vacuum cleaners under $150, and I hope you got a machine that meets your needs. If not, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I welcome you to leave your thoughts in the comments below if you feel there is something I missed.

Best Vacuum Cleaners Under 150

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Kevin Jones

Home Cleaning Specialist

Expertise: In-depth Knowledge of Cleaning Agents and Their Uses, Advanced Home Sanitization, Techniques Expertise in Cleaning and Maintaining, Various Floor Types, Innovations in Home Cleaning Tools

School: American College of Home Economics

Kevin Jones is a seasoned home cleaning specialist with over a decade of experience in the industry. A stickler for cleanliness and organization, Kevin brings a systematic and innovative approach to home maintenance. His expertise ranges from traditional methods to modern cleaning technology, ensuring homes are not just clean but healthy environments too.

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