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How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet: Your Most Updated Instruction For 2024

If slime is your kids’ favorite choice for playtime, you will definitely see them making a few messes with it here and there. You will find slime to be annoying once it sticks to many objects in your house, such as your clothes. And trust me, one of the least pleasant places to find slime is on your carpet, as removing it then would require some patience and elbow grease.

Therefore, you may ask yourself how to get slime out of carpet effectively. Indeed, it is totally possible to have it removed with simple objects around the house. This article is a collection of the best methods to pull out the task in question. The professionals highly advise these practices, so you can rest assured about their effectiveness.

Without further ado, let’s set the ball rolling!

What Exactly Is Slime?

Kid Looking Through Hole
Slime can be your kids’ favorite toy, but not a beloved item for parents

Slime, often referred to as a non-Newtonian fluid, is a concoction of glue, water, and borax (or contact lens solution). All elements come together to create this polymer substance which functions as both a liquid and a solid, depending on how you treat the object. It has a bright hue which is brought about by the food coloring.

Slime is a great educational toy that teaches your kids fundamental science principles. It is a great choice for kids’ indoor play. Therefore, it is beloved by many children. You can find great brands producing this toy, including Elmer’s Glue Slime, Silly Putty Slime, and Play-Doh Slime.

However, slime is bemoaned by parents due to the difficulty in removing it from where it sticks. Things get serious when this adorable toy gets ground into your carpet.

Such a troublesome task draws great attention from people to seek an effective practice. Keep on reading this article, and hopefully, you will find some useful ways of getting slime out of carpet without driving you crazy.

Essential Equipment For Removing Slime From Carpet

To make sure your slime cleaning process is smooth, you should prepare a handful of equipment in advance. This part will list out such gadgets.

1. Scrubbing Brush

Clothes Brush Isolated
Get yourself a scrubbing brush with a handle and plastic bristles

Pick a scrubbing brush with a handle for more comfortable gripping.

Moreover, use one with plastic bristles, as such a tool is very effective in loosening deep and dried-in slime from your carpet without hurting the rug. Stay away from brushes with metal bristles.

2. Paint Scraper

It is highly advised to utilize a paint scraper to get slime out of carpet. The rationale for this advice is the sizable surface area that the tool has.

One great alternative selection to paint scraper is a butter knife that is commonly placed in your kitchen drawer. No matter what tool you use, make sure it is not so sharp that it can actually damage your carpet.

Steel Metal Table Knife
Butter knife is a great alternative solution for paint scraper

3. Vacuum

Vacuum Cleaner On Carpet
Vacuum cleaner is a must-have object when it comes to removing slime from carpets

Vacuum is a wonderful choice for removing slime residue located in much deeper layers of your carpet. Usually, you will utilize a vacuum after getting big chunks out of slime from your rug.

Using the vacuum cleaner should be the final stage in your slime cleaning process, as it will ensure your carpet looks nice and lush again.

How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet: Utilizing Mild Slime Cleaners For Carpets

The following methods are collected from professional recommendations, with the utilization of only common mild cleaners around the house. In spite of their simplicity, the practices are significantly effective and can turn your carpet slime-free in no time. Let’s learn about them right now!

Method #1: Use Hot Water

Pouring Hot Water
Hot water is the lightest option that you can use to clean slime from carpets

This first method takes advantage of the lowest-strength solution that can actually get slime out of carpet. The solution is hot water (plus some elbow grease).

To carry out this method, you will need the following items:

  • A blunt scraping tool (butter knife, scrubbing brush, etc.)
  • A vacuum.
  • A bucket of warm water.
  • A sponge.
  • A piece of dry cloth.

Along with the rinsing actions with hot water, you should utilize a butter knife to gently scrape out big chunks of slime from your carpet. After that, vacuum the rug a few times to lift away all those remaining loosened slimes.

Finally, soak the sponge in hot water and sweep it over the carpet’s surface. Let the water sit there for a few minutes before blotting the area with a dry cloth.

Indeed, this practice is by far the simplest way out there. Despite being not water-soluble, slime can be removed from carpet simply with the combination of scraping and rinsing actions. The results will come sooner than you expect. In addition, it is completely safe for your carpet’s appearance.

Method #2: Use Club Soda

Club Soda On Rocks
Club soda is capable of lifting away slime from your carpet

In this following method, you will replace hot water with club soda. Every other element is similar to that of method #1. The only difference here is the slightly stronger cleaning power that club soda brings to the table.

Club soda comprises carbonic acid, which possesses a gentle cleaning effect that helps eat away all slime stains sticking to your carpet. Your cleaning process will no longer be a nightmare. If hot water in method #1 falls short, you can rely on club soda to do the trick.

Let’s gather these objects before you execute this practice:

  • A blunt scraping tool (butter knife, scrubbing brush, etc.)
  • 3 cups of club soda.
  • A vacuum.
  • A spray bottle.
  • A piece of dry cloth.

Start off by picking up the scraping tool and break apart all the slime chunks staying on your carpet. Follow by vacuum the rug to get rid of all excess slime stains. Let’s continue this scraping – vacuuming procedure until you can no longer remove any more slime.

If you reach that point, it is high time to fill your club soda into the spray bottle and carry the second phase. Spray club soda on all the slime stains and let the concoction sit there for at least five minutes. Eventually, blot the whole area with your dry cloth.

This method is not only effective in making your carpet slime-free but also applicable in removing slime from blankets and mattress pads.

Method #3: Use Rubbing Alcohol

Fayetteville Rubbing Alcohol
Rubbing alcohol is a must-go-to selection for your slime-free carpet

Things get a little bit stronger now with rubbing alcohol. Also known as isopropyl alcohol, this cleaning agent is an extremely effective and must-go-to selection when you want to deal with tough and annoying slime on the carpet.

Let’s begin by preparing the below objects:

  • A blunt scraping tool (butter knife, scrubbing brush, etc.)
  • 2 cups of rubbing alcohol.
  • A vacuum.
  • A sponge.

Due to the strong cleaning agent that rubbing alcohol contains, it is highly recommended to test the cleaner on a clean spot before applying it to your carpet slime. This practice helps prevent the rubbing alcohol from staining your carpet fabric, which can ruin its aesthetics.

Another precaution in applying rubbing alcohol is to never allow the solution to touch the back of your carpet. Otherwise, it will damage your rug.

Once you are clear of the remarks mentioned above, it is time to scrape and vacuum away those big chunks of slime from your carpet until you reach a point like in method #2 where you can longer get rid of those slimes anymore.

At that stage, please pick up your sponge and wet it with undiluted rubbing alcohol. Then, gently and carefully blot your carpet’s contaminated spots. Repeat this process until all slime stains are lifted out of your carpet. Remember to clean the sponge along the way.

Finally, let your carpet dry naturally for a few hours before stepping your feet on it again.

Method #4: Use Vinegar And Baking Soda

Baking Soda White Vinegar
The combination of vinegar and baking soda is one of the most widely used cleaners

When it comes to household cleaning, vinegar, and baking soda are two must-have elements. Indeed, they are the most loved and commonly used household cleaning items you can find.

The acetic acid content in vinegar can easily deal with grime and stains. Upon combining with baking soda, you will achieve a more powerful cleaner that eats away all kinds of stains, including slime stains. The duo makes a great team in freshening your carpet.

Similar to other methods, let’s take a look at the required items for this practice:

  • A blunt scraping tool (butter knife, scrubbing brush, etc.)
  • 2 cups of white vinegar.
  • 1 cup of baking soda.
  • A bucket of warm water.
  • A vacuum.
  • A sponge.
  • A spray bottle.
  • A piece of dry cloth (or paper towels).

The initial step is similar to other methods: use a scraping tool to eradicate big chunks of slime, and vacuum the area after that.

When you see all the big slime chunks are removed, simply sprinkle the baking soda onto the stain first. However, please follow the correct way when applying baking soda to clean your carpet.

Then, fill your spray bottle with white vinegar, and spray the solution on the slime stain as well. Make sure to cover and wet the entire carpet’s surface.

All you need now is patience. Let the concoction sit on the slime areas for at least five minutes before you blot the carpet with your sponge. Keep repeating this step until all slime stains are removed.

The final part is to soak the sponge with water and sweep through the carpet to clean all remaining vinegar and baking soda. Then, dry everything with a piece of cloth.

In fact, you can use vinegar alone (plus hot water), and the method is still effective. Let’s enjoy the following video for better instructions on how to carry out the method:

Watch video: How To Clean Slime From a Carpet.

Method #5: Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar helps remove slime from carpet effortlessly

Apple cider vinegar is another wonderful option to remove slime out of your carpet in an effortless manner.

To apply this method, you will need to prepare the following list of things:

  • A blunt scraping tool (butter knife, scrubbing brush, etc.)
  • Apple cider vinegar.
  • A bucket of warm water.
  • A spray bottle.
  • A piece of dry cloth (or paper towels).

Let’s begin by mixing apple cider vinegar with warm water in the 2:1 ratio. Fill the solution in your spray bottle.

After that, apply the concoction generously to the contaminated spots on your carpet. Pick up the scraping tool to lift away all slime stains.

Finally, dry the entire area with a dry cloth (or paper towels) before vacuuming the carpet. Do not hesitate to repeat the whole process if the slime issues persist.

Method #6: Use Liquid Dish Soap

Pouring Dishwashing Liquid
Liquid dish soap is more than just freshening glassware and plates

If you love cleaning things around the house with DIY recipes, you will realize that liquid dish soap is more than just freshening glassware and plates. The solution is capable of all sorts of tasks, from wasp removing to clothes cleaning. Therefore, it is easy to learn that liquid dish soap can make your carpet slime-free.
To carry out this method, prepare the following items:

  • A blunt scraping tool (butter knife, scrubbing brush, etc.)
  • A tablespoon of unscented liquid dish soap.
  • 2 cups of warm water.
  • A sponge.
  • A spray bottle.
  • A vacuum.
  • A piece of dry cloth.

The first step in any method is always scraping and vacuuming big chunks of slime from your carpet. Once you finish it, it is time to mix the liquid dish soap with water and fill the concoction in the spray bottle. Simply spray it on contaminated spots on your carpet.

After that, blot the carpet surface with the wet sponge until all slime stains are removed. Then, soak the sponge with water to clean all soapy elements remaining. Finally, dry your carpet with a dry piece of cloth.

How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet: Making Use Of Heavy-Duty Slime Cleaners For Carpets

It is easy to understand that sometimes, mild cleaners will not be enough for removing tough slimes from your carpet. To take care of those stubborn stains, you need to bring out the big guns in your arsenal. In the following part, I will show you two stronger slime-cleaning options that can actually do the tricks.

Method #7: Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Focus Hydrogen Peroxide Solution
Hydrogen peroxide can break the slime element into small parts

Hydrogen peroxide is a versatile selection that can satisfy your cleaning demands. It is a fantastic cleaner for countertops, wood, and clothes. All tough grime and stains are no match for the chemical as hydrogen peroxide can break the slime element into small parts, allowing for a much easier cleaning experience from your carpet.

Let’s gather a few things to prepare for this upcoming method:

  • A blunt scraping tool (butter knife, scrubbing brush, etc.)
  • 3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide.
  • 1/2 cup of warm water.
  • A vacuum.
  • A sponge.
  • A spray bottle.
  • A piece of dry cloth.

Remember that you are dealing with a heavy-duty cleaner, so it is advisable to have some precautions before application. Hydrogen peroxide can actually bleach carpet fiber and fabric. Therefore, make sure to apply the chemical on light-colored carpets only, and always test the solution on a hard-to-see spot first.

Once you are confident that the chemical is suitable for your carpet, let’s start off by scraping away the big slime pieces first with your scraping tool and then vacuum them away. After that, fill hydrogen peroxide and water in the spray bottle and spray all over the slime stains until everything gets wet.

Allow the chemical to stay on the slimes for around five minutes. Then, blot the entire area with the sponge. If you still find slime stains, simply repeat the process until they are completely removed. The final step is to dry the area using a piece of cloth.

Method #8: Use Citrus Solvent

Neroli Essential Oil Fruit Flowers
Citrus solvent has great strength in removing slime from your carpet

When it comes to DIY cleaners, it would be a huge mistake not to mention citrus solvent. This solution is a wonderful choice with high strength to get rid of slime from your carpet.

One cool feature about citrus solvent is that the concoction can deliver huge cleaning power without compromising your carpet’s appearance. However, it is advised to conduct a few spot tests on an inconspicuous area first. Additionally, wear gloves when dealing with the chemical.

To pull out this practice, you will need the following objects:

  • A blunt scraping tool (butter knife, scrubbing brush, etc.)
  • A bottle of citrus solvent.
  • A bucket of water.
  • A vacuum.
  • A sponge.
  • A piece of dry cloth.

Carry out the usual first step of scraping and vacuuming all the loosened slime pieces. After that, use the sponge to blot the undiluted citrus solvent to your carpet’s contaminated spots. Depending on the type of citrus solvent, the waiting time is different. Thus, make sure to follow the manual instructions on that.

After letting the solvent do its job, soak the sponge with water and rinse your carpet to remove any residual chemical. The final part is to dry your rug with a piece of dry cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet

In this subsequent part, all your questions relating to removing slime from carpet will be answered.

Once the slime dries, what is the best way to remove it?

Dried slimes are more challenging to deal with. However, you can totally apply white vinegar and baking soda onto your carpet to get rid of them. Repeat the process until you achieve a desirable carpet appearance.

How do you get slime out of carpet without vinegar?

Besides vinegar, there are tons of other solutions that can help you deal with slime issues on the carpet. Some methods include the utilization of both mild and heavy-duty carpet cleaners.

Important Advice On How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet

No matter which method you follow, always remember to prepare a blunt scraping tool and a vacuum to remove big chunks of slime from your carpet in the first place. Cleaning solutions are always applied afterward to get rid of residue slimes.

This is the end of my instruction on how to get slime out of carpet. This article has provided you with eight distinct methods to help you when your kids’ favorite toys spill onto your carpet. These methods are easy to carry out and guarantee complete safety to your rug.

If you find my recommendations to be useful, please feel free to share them with other people. Also, make sure to drop a comment below if there are other ways that I miss out. I appreciate all your contributions and discussions.

How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet

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