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Top 15 Best Sponge Mop Reviews 2024

One of the best cleaning tools, the sponge mops, are the key for those who are looking for easy use for mopping all kinds of floors. The market is now full of products, and sponge mops that come with great features.

Therefore, you will find lots of models, as they became such a popular tool during the time. Whether you need to clean wood floors, linoleum or tiles, the sponge mop will deal with any type of mess. Moreover, it is ideal if you have difficult corners or edges and you want a fast, all-around clean.

Today, I am going to help you find the perfect mop, so check the list of my well-reviewed, best popular mops.

Sponge Mop

What is The Best Sponge Mop to Buy?

Let’s go find what people have to say about their top sponge mops. Sometimes, these testimonials are the best ways to find the secrets behind all the products.

Best Sponge Mop Comparison Chart 2022

It is hard to choose the best sponge mop for vinyl floors or for hardwood ones since there are thousands of models on the market. First of all, let’s analyze the table below and see the similarities, yet the differences between the top models.

Best Sponge MopsBrandWeightProduct DimensionMaterial
Casabella Painted Steel Sponge Mop - Best OverallCasabella 2.11 pounds52.5 x 10 x 3.5 inchesPolyurethane
Rubbermaid Commercial Products Sponge Mop - Best PriceRubbermaid Commercial Products 0.96 ounces40 x 13.5 x 6 inchesPVA
Quickie Sponge Mop - Best Back Drainer MopQuickie 12.8 ounces2.6 x 9 x 50.5 inchesCellulose/Cellulen
MR.SIGA Sponge Mop - Best Telescopic HandleMR.SIGA 2 pounds37.5 x 12 x 2.5 inchesPVA
The Super Sponge Mop - Best Double RollerThe Super 3 pounds20 x 12 x 3 inchesPVA
Libman 2010 Sponge Mop - Most EcoLibman1.86 pounds53.9 x 10.8 x 8.9 inchesRecycled Material
Mr. Clean 446268 Sponge Mop - Best Squeeze MopMr. Clean 1.35 pounds3.5 x 9.8 x 53.5 inchesFoam
Casabella Wayclean Sponge Mop - Best Butterfly MopCasabella 2.4 ounces15.2 x 1.3 x 4.4 inchesMicrofiber Sponge
OXO Good Grips Sponge Mop - Best for Low SpacesOXO1 pounds2.4 x 10.9 x 49.9 inchesMicrofiber Sponge
O-Cedar Sponge Mop - Best for Hardwood FloorsO-Cedar1.6 poundsn/aSuper Dry sponge
YOCADA Sponge Mop - Best for TilesYOCADA 2.7 poundsn/aHoneycomb Sponge
O-Cedar Big Easy Sponge Mop - Best for LinoleumO-Cedar 8 ounces6 x 51 x 9.5 inchesSuper Absorbent sponge
Libman 02026 Sponge Mop - Most PremiumLibman1.6 pounds54.6 x 4.6 x 10 inchesOceanic-Style Sponge
Mr. Clean 446922 Sponge Mop - Best for VinylMr. Clean 1.65 pounds3.5 x 9.5 x 53 inchesMicrofiber Sponge
Mr. Clean 446390 Sponge Mop - Best for Large SurfacesMr. Clean 2.2 poundsn/aVinyl

Top 15 Best Sponge Mop Reviews 2022

Now that you have reached this point, it’s time for finding out everything about these top 15 selected sponge mops. Down below, you will get to know their main advantages, as well as our personal experience with each of them.

1. Casabella Painted Steel Sponge Mop

(Best Overall)

Casabella Painted Steel Sponge Mop

According to many specialized reviews, and I couldn’t agree more, the original Casabella sponge mop is the best out there and this is why it is the best overall in my list. The quality of construction, as well as the stylish design, will make this sponge mop last a lifetime.

Made with a steel handle, this mop has the most absorbent sponge, and it is refillable once you will have the replacement mop head. Whether you are spending hours deep cleaning, or just a few minutes to make the floor spotless, Casabella promises to make no sacrifice on the quality.


  • Made of polyurethane
  • Painted steel and a stylish workhorse
  • Life guarantee
  • Made with a sturdy steel pole
  • Made to last
  • Heavy-duty lever
  • Maximum wringing
  • Rust resistant


  • Need to buy a replacement mop head separately

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions52.5 x 10 x 3.5 inches
Weight2.11 pounds

Personal Experience

The best part of the Casabella sponge mop is the good quality material it is made of. Therefore, this simple tool will become a lifetime cleaning method and will be able to deal with all the cleaning needs.

You also have 2 available colors to choose from. If you need a heavy-duty lever for the maximum wringing, this is what you should purchase.

2. Rubbermaid Commercial Sponge Mop

(Best Price)

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Sponge Mop

The Rubbermaid sponge mop is the best cost-effective option to consider when you want to purchase a tool to keep your floors spotless.

Quick and easy to squeeze the mop head dry, this mop with a great sponge will work on multi surfaces. It is ideal for schools, offices, homes or institutional facilities as well.


  • Front pull-lever easy and quick to squeeze
  • Sponge mop head that absorbs liquids and cleansers fast and easy
  • PVA sponge, resistant to hard chemicals
  • Long-life sponge
  • Nullify
  • Multi-tasking
  • 37” handle for easy cleaning in hard-to-reach areas


  • Doesn’t have a warranty

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions40 x 13.5 x 6 inches
Weight0.96 ounces

Personal Experience

The Rubbermaid sponge mop is ideal for people who don’t want to spend a fortune on their cleaning tools. At a more than decent price, you will have an efficient sponge mop that can absorb any kind of liquid. The product has great strength and will last too many cleaning procedures.

3. Quickie Sponge Mop

(Best Back Drainer Mop)

Quickie Sponge Mop

This commercial grade sponge mop from Quickie Back is the best choice if you are looking for a drainer mop. With an ultra-absorbent feature, this sponge mop is made by a premium combination of cellulose and cellulene, in order to absorb all the water and soap.

As such, this sponge mop will leave the floor quick to dry and spotless. This wide absorbent poly sponge has a plastic back drainer, so it can squeeze the excess of the liquid immediately.


  • Convenient
  • Great absorbing for water and soap
  • Leaves the floor all dry
  • 48-inch steel handle
  • Comes with plastic drainer
  • Easy to squeeze the liquid from the sponge
  • Great 5 year limited warranty
  • 48-inch steel handle, with powder-coated


  • The sponge mop has little coverage

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions2.6 x 9 x 50.5 inches
Weight12.8 ounces
Warranty5 Years

Personal Experience

The Quickie Back Drainer Sponge mop has a 5-year limited warranty, therefore, you won’t worry about its quality. The company has over 300 cleaning products for traditional in-home use, so be confident when choosing the Quickie Drainer Sponge.

4. MR.SIGA Sponge Mop

(Best Telescopic Handle)

MR.SIGA Sponge Mop

Made of some durable plastic and with a sturdy steel pole, this sponge mop with telescopic handle is highly absorbent and comes with a refillable sponge head.

Due to the length of the handle, the sponge mop will be great for using on a wood floor, laminate, tile, as well as a marble floor.

If you are looking to keep your house dry and clean, the 11.5” length PVA sponge has horizontal grooves, that will remove the dirt and all the hair fast and efficiently.


  • Heavy-duty, with pull and lift wringer lever
  • Made of durable plastic and sturdy steel pole
  • Multi-purpose types of floors
  • 5” length PVA sponge
  • Horizontal grooves
  • Suitable for commercial and industrial applications
  • Telescopic handle from 37” to 48”
  • Doesn’t leave watermarks
  • Eliminates moisture


  • Need to buy sponge replacements separately

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions37.5 x 12 x 2.5 inches
Weight2 pounds
Sponge length11.5″

Personal Experience

If you have commercial and industrial applications, this heavy-duty sponge mop has a great telescopic handle, from 37” to 48”. Therefore, the mop will accommodate various heights and tasks. You can fastly eliminate moisture and dirt, with little moves.

5. The Super Sponge Mop

(Best Double Roller)

The Super Sponge Mop

This Super Sponge is actually the original PVA mop. The best part of this product is that it comes with a set that contains the mop, which is ready to use, as well as the PVA mop refill. For easy usage, the telescopic handle has a length of approximately 55” from floor to the top of the handle while open fully.


  • Robust telescopic handle
  • Extra PVA Mop Refill
  • Does not leach any color
  • Full 1-year warranty
  • Handle length
  • Robust handle


  • More expensive than other models
  • Warranty excludes the PVA sponge

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions20 x 12 x 3 inches
Weight3 pounds
WarrantyOne year

Personal Experience

If you are looking for the best PVA mops on the market, then make sure you check The Super Sponge Mop too. The telescopic handle is 55” from the floor and has a full 1mm thickness versus .3 or .6mm like the competitors.

6. Libman 2010 Sponge Mop

(Most Eco)

Libman 2010 Sponge Mop

If you are an ecologist consumer type, then look for the Libman 2010 model. This tear-resistant sponge comes with raised cleaning circles. This way, you will be able to scour any sticky spots on the hard surfaces or the sensitive ones.

There will be no mess when it comes to using the Libman sponge mop.


  • Easy-pull handle
  • Tear-resistant sponge
  • 5” attached scrub brush
  • Steel handle
  • Convenient hanger tip
  • Scrub brush made of recycled material
  • USA quality made
  • Green cleaning pads to easily lift the dirt away


  • Take care with the small scrubbing part

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions53.9 x 10.8 x 8.9 inches
Weight1.86 pounds
MaterialRecycled Material
Made inUSA

Personal Experience

If you are looking for a 2 in 1 mop sponge, this one from Libman comes with a scrub brush with ¾” long still bristles for reaching every crevice. Great for removing all the sticky substances that lay in the rooms, hallways, walkways, as well as on the patios.

7. Mr. Clean 446268 Sponge Mop

(Best Squeeze Mop)

Mr. Clean 446268 Sponge Mop

This small sponge mop will be working as well as the most expensive ones and will get the dirt up in no time. The Mr Clean Power Squeeze Mop will leave the surfaces spotless, and you should see what comes off when you rinse the mop head.

Moreover, this mop will save you lots of time, compared with the old fashioned cotton string mops you have been using until now.


  • Time-saving
  • Versatile usage
  • Easy mop head replacement
  • 50% stronger for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Universal refill for most squeeze mops


  • Need to buy a head replacement

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions3.5 x 9.8 x 53.5 inches
Weight1.35 pounds
PurposeHeavy-duty cleaning

Personal Experience

The Mr Clean Magic Eraser Squeeze Mop is one of the strongest sponge mops on the market, that deals perfectly with the hard stains. 50% stronger than other models, the mop comes with a universal refill, that will suit most of the squeeze mops.

8. Casabella Wayclean Sponge Mop

(Best Butterfly Mop)

Casabella Wayclean Sponge Mop

The Casabella sponge mop is a cleaning microfiber butterfly mop refill to extend the life of your this tool. The power of the microfiber sponge is going to attract and hold all the dust. The best part? It is machine washable and very easy to replace the head attache.


  • Machine washable
  • Easy to replace
  • Microfiber sponge that attracts the dust
  • Great looking
  • Fun and functional
  • Intuitive design
  • Great for the kitchen
  • Soft and gentle


  • Very thin sponge

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions15.2 x 1.3 x 4.4 inches
Weight2.4 ounces
MaterialMicrofiber Sponge
Machine washableYes

Personal Experience

This Casabella butterfly mop is one of the easiest to use on the market. In addition to its design, this sponge mop is supremely functional. The microfiber sponge will attract and hold all the dust while being easy to replace and machine washable. Totally worth it.

9. OXO Good Grips Sponge Mop

(Best for Low Spaces)

OXO Good Grips Sponge Mop

The OXO Butterfly Mop features a wide, very absorbent sponge, that is going to cover all the large areas you are going to clean. With two feet, the sponge will elevate off the ground and will ensure that the surface you are cleaning will dry quickly and completely. The easy to hold handle offers a comfortable usage of the mop.


  • Microfiber layer
  • Comfortable and easy to hold the handle
  • Fully wrings mop
  • Smooth, simple pull
  • Elevated feet to keep the sponge up
  • Improved airflow and quick drying
  • Wide, absorbent sponge
  • Sturdy, steel pole that will allow heavy-duty mopping
  • Gets nicely in the low spaces


  • The pivot elevate can be sometimes annoying

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions2.4 x 10.9 x 49.9 inches
Weight1 pounds
MaterialMicrofiber Sponge

Personal Experience

The OXO Butterfly Mop is perfect for those who have really wide surfaces to clean. Moreover, the mop has a handle that is very easy to hold and handle, as well as a low pivot so it will reach under furniture. The mop comes with two feet which will elevate the sponge off the ground.

10. O-Cedar Sponge Mop

(Best for Hardwood Floors)

O-Cedar Sponge Mop

This super standard double mop was designed especially for the hardwood floor cleaning. Therefore, the O-Cedar Wood-Matic roller mop comes with a quite extra-large head, that is going to help you in covering big areas of the floor.


  • Great roller mop for hardwood floor cleaning
  • Super dry sponge prevents the excess of water
  • Does not damage the wood floors
  • Scuff eraser
  • A soft pad that gently removes the marks
  • Unique super dry technology


  • Not that versatile as other models

Product Specifications

Weight1.6 pounds
MaterialSuper Dry sponge
PurposeHardwood floor

Personal Experience

Hardwood floors are sensitive. The water should not stay too long on the wood, as it might harm it. Therefore, the O-Cedar has a super dry technology that will not leave any watermarks on the floors.

11. YOCADA Sponge Mop

(Best for Tiles)

YOCADA Sponge Mop

The Yocada Sponge Mop is going to facilitate the cleaning process to a minimum of tools. Therefore, there is no need for much money to have a spotless house. The high-quality HoneyComb Sponge Mop will easily wipe the water and clean the floor perfectly.


  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for cleaning the home and office
  • Adjustable handle
  • Comes with a squeegee
  • Removable sponge
  • Strong breathability and easy drying


  • Need to ask the seller about the warranty

Product Specifications

Weight2.7 pounds
MaterialHoneycomb Sponge
Adjustable HandleYes
Removable SpongeYes

Personal Experience

The best part of this sponge mop is that it will save you lots of time, and money. Your energy is precious, especially if you need to clean a whole house. The Sponge Mop will help you clean all the dirt.

The design of the sponge is more absorbent and easier to dry than many other famous models on the market. The best part? This mop comes with 1 sponge head, 3 iron poles, 1 squeegee and 1 installation manual.

12. O-Cedar Big Easy Sponge Mop

(Best for Linoleum)

O-Cedar Big Easy Sponge Mop

This is one of the sponge mops for floors cleaning that will not let you down. If you have high-traffic areas, like the kitchen or the bathroom, even the hallways, this sponge mop will clean up spills and dirt.


  • Easily picking up particles and spills
  • Perfect for linoleum floor cleaning
  • Dual-action cleaning and scrubbing
  • Removes the stubborn dirt
  • Rippled head
  • Compatible with the big easy flat sponge mop refill


  • The scrubbing part needs to be changed every time you use it

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions6 x 51 x 9.5 inches
Weight8 ounces
PurposeLinoleum Floor Cleaning & Marble
MaterialSuper Absorbent sponge

Personal Experience

Those who have linoleum floors will need this sponge mop. It is lightweight, cleans all the dirt and leaves no stains.

13. Libman 02026 Sponge Mop

(Most Premium)

Libman 02026 Sponge Mop

One of the best quality sponge mops on the market, the Libman provides minimal water release, therefore, it will nicely protect the hardwood floors.

The easy-pull wringing handle is going to remove even more water and help the floor to dry faster. Immediately after cleaning with this mop, just hang it using the hanger tip.


  • Extra-dry oceanic sponge with minimal water release
  • Easy to pull wringing handle
  • Easy-drying
  • Great for multiple types of floors
  • 10” wide oceanic-style sponge


  • Kind of pricey

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions54.6 x 4.6 x 10 inches
Weight1.6 pounds
MaterialOceanic-Style Sponge
Made inUSA

Personal Experience

This mop sponge is great for any type of surface, it dries fast and provides minimal water release. The quality made in the USA will assure you the tool will be last-longing.

14. Mr Clean 446922 Sponge Mop

(Best for Vinyl)

Mr Clean 446922 Sponge Mop

This model has the specific innovative cleaning power, with which the Mr Clean brand has the reputation of having. Highly absorbent, this cleaning tool rinses clean time after time.

The deep penetrating action gets out the dirt and grime which usually gets trapped in grooves and other surfaces.


  • Easily cleans the floors
  • Time saver
  • Safe for use on tile, vinyl, marble and stone surfaces
  • Versatile usage
  • Wringing lever keeps your hands dry


  • For best results, you will need to use the Mr Clean all-purpose cleaner

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions3.5 x 9.5 x 53 inches
Weight1.65 pounds
MaterialMicrofiber Sponge
PurposeVinyl, Tile, Marble & Stone

Personal Experience

If you are looking for a good sponge mop, this one is going to clean perfectly any type of surface. It nicely gets out the dirt and grime, even from the tightest corners.

15. Mr Clean 446390 Sponge Mop

(Best for Large Surfaces)

Mr Clean 446390 Sponge Mop

The Mr Clean sponge mop is perfect for heavy-duty dirt. The unique large mop will clean a wide surface area. Moreover, the scrubber side is going to remove all the scuffs and provide spotless results.


  • Sponge side provides thorough clean
  • Heavy-duty roller mop
  • Unique large divided sponge
  • Medium duty scrubber
  • Safe for tile


  • Might need to use a cleaning solution for the best results

Product Specifications

Weight2.2 pounds
Length45 inches
PurposeTile & no-wax vinyl flooring

Personal Experience

If you are dealing with heavy-duty dirt and the old mop cannot face it anymore, consider this sponge mop from Mr Clean. Medium-sized, this sponge mop comes with easy to reach wring grip that will keep your hands all dry.

How to Pick the Best Sponge Mop for You

I am sure that after reading all 15 reviews, you have managed to put your eyes on more than one model and now you are trying to find a way to settle on just one. So how can you do it since all of them have so many advantages?

Since I know how hard it is to make a decision when picking devices for cleaning your house, I have specially created this buying guide that will make you realize exactly what model you need. This being said, let’s buy you a sponge mop.

Sponge Mops


The first thing you need to think about is how much money are you willing to pay on a mop. Can you afford to spend more or are you on a budget?

It makes no sense to look into premium models if you can only afford a cheap one. Look into your bank account and make a list according to your financial possibilities.


If you are not at your first sponge mop and you have a favorite brand, maybe you should stick to it. Also, there is a possibility that you have heard of a brand and are curious to try it.

Do as you heart tell you, but be sure that your heart knows which are the best models to choose from.

Floor Type

Think about the floors you have in your house. Do you need a universal sponge mop or one that is only for hardwood floors? There is no need to spend more money on an all-purpose mop if you only have tiles.

Pole Type

My recommendation for you is to pick a model that has a pole that can be adjusted based on your height. This will make your life so much easier.

The Mechanism

Another recommendation would be to look for models with wringing mechanisms. This way, you will easily remove the excess water from the head. But then again, if you think like you don’t need this feature, don’t invest in it just because I say so.

Replacement Heads

Last but not least, look for models that have replacement heads in their initial package. Yes, these heads can be bought additionally, but why spend more money when some models include extra heads?


Is There a Brand Better Than All Others?

One of the oldest brands is Libman, so you can look into their products. However, my favorite model comes from Casabella.

Can I Machine Wash the Sponge Mop’s Head?

You need to read the specification of your model. Some of the mops permit machine washing while others don’t.

Should I Use a Sponge Mop or a Microfiber One?

This is a matter of taste. However, you should know there are hybrid models that incorporate the best from both sponge and microfiber ones.

Should I Use Just Water?

It depends on how dirty your floor is. If you want to be 100% sure you can also use cleaning solutions.

Can I Also Use the Sponge Mop on My Laminate Floor?

You need to read the specifications of your model. Some sponge mops are specially designed for this purpose, others are universal while some models are not recommended for this type of floor.

My Top Pick

You have finally reached this point and you have come to the end of today’s sponge mop reviews. I hope that you now have the basic understanding of the main features a mop sponge should have.

My best overall product has been Casabella Painted Steel Sponge Mop, but all the products I talked about have great features to enjoy.

How was your experience with the sponge mops? Do you have any favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Best Sponge Mops

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