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Top 15 Best Commercial Carpet Cleaners Reviews 2024

If you are new to carpet cleaning, and by carpet cleaning, I mean professional cleaning, then I am sure you know that you need a professional carpet cleaner. However, picking the best appliance is no walk in the park.

Well, you are in luck as I got you covered. Here is a complete list of 15 best commercial carpet cleaners, and I am sure it will help you come to an informed decision. You will learn of the pros and cons of the different units, learn what to look for when on the hunt for a commercial appliance and finally end it with some FAQs to address concerns and issues you might encounter.

Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Benefits of Investing in a Commercial Carpet Cleaner

First, commercial carpet cleaners are not exactly affordable, especially for people new to the carpet cleaning business. However, they are worth it, and here is why.

  • Durable – When getting into carpet cleaning, you need a machine that can handle the abuse, one that can handle the bumps, the messes, the constant movement, and the repeated usage. Only a commercial-grade unit can do that. These appliances are made of heavy-duty components that can endure the workload without damage. Think of these machines as excavators only in the vacuum world.
  • Larger Tanks – If it were possible, I would recommend a standard vacuum cleaner for offices professional services as they are affordable, but you would have to refill regularly and empty. Commercial carpet cleaners, on the other hand, have large solution and dirty water tanks. Therefore, you can clean larger areas with ease. And while we are on the topic of reach, you will have a more extended reach, and you can clean larger areas.
  • Power – Commercial carpet cleaners are for highly-trafficked areas such as hotels and offices. You need a robust unit to eliminate the spots and get the deeply embedded dirt, and that is what these devices offer. Standard carpet cleaners cannot hold a candle to these devices in terms of power.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner Shops Near You

Now that you know why you should invest in a commercial carpet cleaner, I think it is a time as good as any you know the best commercial carpet cleaner shops in your area. We have made the search effortless with the map below but here are some tricks I find are equally good.

First, it is always best to consult colleagues and friends. If you have a friend with a kickass carpet cleaner, make an effort to ask where s/he got it. I find that referrals are ideal for getting a good shop and a great unit. Moreover, a quick online search can be handy. Here are some few search terms you can use.

  • Commercial carpet cleaner shops near me
  • Commercial carpet cleaner shops in my location
  • Commercial carpet cleaner shops in my area
  • Commercial carpet cleaner shops in UK

Now, remember that map I told you about? Here you go.

Best Commercial Carpet Cleaners Comparison Chart 2022

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick comparison guide to help you narrow down on your preferred device.

Best Commercial Carpet CleanersWeight in poundsTank in gallonsCord in feetDimensions in inchesWarranty
Hoover Smartwash FH52000 - Best Overall18.51-gal – solution tank; 1-gal – dirty water tank2218.9 X 13 X 43.55
Bissell Big Green 86T3 Professional Carpet Cleaner - Best for pets42.31.752520.5 x 11 x 42.25
Bissell Big Green BG10 professional Carpet Cleaner - Best for plush carpets40.21.752542.5 X 20.5 X 111
Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 - Best for offices50.33.92222 X 11.5 X 355
Mytee Lite 8070 Carpet Extractor - Best for detailing383-gal25-ft31 X 50 X 28.5Lifetime Warranty
Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter - Best for carpets and hard floors24-5049.6 X 13.6 X 9.75
Rug Doctor 93146 Deep Carpet Cleaner - Best for water extraction0.8-gal–solution; 0.8 gal – dirty tank2822.8 X 14.2 X 282
Edic Galaxy 2000 Commercial carpet Extractor - Best high-end7812-gal – Solution; 12-gal – dirty water tank5031 X 18 X 355
Aqua Power C4 Quick Hot Water Carpet Extractor - Best for deep cleaning464-gal for each tank-12 X 25 X 19.56-months
Hoover Commercial C3820 Carpet Cleaner - Best for spot cleaning1-gal; 1-gal3522.8 X 14.2 X 282
LadyBug Tekno 2350 TANCS Vapor Steam System - Best commercial carpet steam cleaner15-1510.75 X 12 X 161
Polti Vaporetto Go Steam Canister with Onboard Tools - Best for onboard storage6.60.2 gal1026.67 X 26.67 X 24.131
Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner - Most versatile261.05-gal14.910.5 X 13 X 16.53
Tornado Marathon 350 Spot Extractor - Best steam spot extractor221.5 gal; 1.5 gal1521 X 12.5 X 12.51
Mytee 1003DX Carpet Extractor - Best for large areas5010-gal5022 X 38 X 48Lifetime Warranty

Top 15 Best Commercial Carpet Cleaner Reviews 2022

Let’s get into the meat of this article. I hope you are as pumped as I am writing this, and that in my small way, I help you make an informed decision. You are also welcome to leave a question or comment below.

1. Hoover Smartwash FH52000

(Best Overall)

Hoover Smartwash FH52000

Topping this list of the best commercial carpet cleaners is the Hoover FH52000. The FH52000 is a smart device and comes with a slew of features to make your work easy.

First, it has a powerful motor, and thus recovering dirty water will be a walk in the park. Second, it has two roller brushes with long bristles allowing you to clean any surface. It also includes a stair tool, a crevice tool, and a spinscrub attachment increasing the versatility.

However, what stood out for me was the smart tech. It includes an auto-mix feature eliminating the pain of having to measure the solution, it is also auto clean, and auto-dry combining suction and hot air.


  • It has a powerful suction
  • It is easier to use as it has fewer triggers
  • It has a long hose for easier reach


  • The cord is short limiting the cleaning radius
  • The tanks are small for a commercial carpet cleaner
Kevin’s Take: The Hoover FH52000 though a remarkable unit is not the best for demanding commercial cleaning tasks. You can use it if your focus is residential houses, but I would pick the next appliance for offices. It still happens to be the best overall given the smart tech, and the power.
Here is a quick review to get a feel of the Hoover SmartWash Fh52000:

2. Bissell Big Green 86T3 Professional Carpet Cleaner

(Best for pets)

Bissell Big Green 86T3 Professional Carpet Cleaner

Two companies have positioned themselves as manufacturers of the Best commercial carpet cleaners, and one of those companies is the Bissell with the 86T3.

Though this is a professional device, it will work in most homes. It is easy to store as it has a small footprint, and has a 10.5” cleaning path meaning you can use it around furniture. Moreover, it has an anti-tip design ensuring it is ever upright.

You will also appreciate the large capacity tanks. It has a 1.75-gal tank allowing you to clean large areas without having to refill or empty. The suction and the rotating brush ensure that it eliminates all dirt. To save time, it cleans when pushing and pulling.

It as a 9-ft hose which is perfect for stairs and you can use it to clean upholstery. Finally, the included cleaner has Scotchguard protection to prevent future stains.


  • It is reasonably priced
  • It has a power brush system eliminating dirt faster
  • It has a foldable handle for simpler storage
  • Saves time as it cleans in both directions


  • It is heavy
  • It does not have a water heater
Kevin’s Take: The Bissell 86T3 is excellent for offices and homes too. It is especially handy where one has pets as it will remove stains and protect your carpet from future stains. Moreover, it gets deeply embedded dirt while saving you time. This machine is just a pleasure to use.
To get a complete feel of the Bissell 86T3, watch the appliance in action in the video below.

3. Bissell Big Green BG10 professional Carpet Cleaner

(Best for plush carpets)

Bissell Big Green BG10 professional Carpet Cleaner

Did I not say that Bissell is one of the best commercial carpet cleaner manufacturers? Well, we have the BG10 next on this list.

The Bissell BG10 is a bulky appliance at 40.2 pounds. Therefore, taking it upstairs or bringing it downstairs will be a job in and of itself. However, moving it on carpets will be like a hot knife through butter thanks to the large wheels. As for the cleaning path, it has a 10-inch path. Getting around office furniture has never been easier.

You will love the two-tank system. It keeps the clean water separate from dirty water. The clean water tank is below the dirty-water reservoir and has an indicator on the side for when you have to refill. Don’t worry, though; it will not be that often. Finally, it has an adjustable handle that you can customize to your height.


  • The handle is foldable for easier storage
  • The tanks are removable to refill and empty
  • It has an upholstery kit, for cleaning above-floor areas
  • The handles are rounded for comfort


  • It is heavy and clunky
  • It has a short cord at 25-ft
Kevin’s Take: Bissell BG10 is another professional machine that you can use at home. The small cleaning path allows you to get into tight spaces, and it eliminates all dirt. It is terrific for plush carpets thanks to the large wheels that make it easy to push.

Seeing is believing, right? Well, here is a video review of the Bissell BG10 to help you make an informed decision.

Watch video: Bissell BG10 Commercial cleaner review

4. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

(Best for offices)

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

Next on our list of the best commercial carpet cleaners is the Rug Doctor. This device has everything going for it in that it is powerful, has a complete pet pack, and it is affordable. I could go as far as to say it is cheap for an industrial carpet cleaner, but it can still go pound for pound with competitors.

The pet pack includes an upholstery tool, a urine eliminator, and a pet formula carpet cleaner. Given the cost and the pet pack, I recommend it for households too. The pet pack is also handy in offices thanks to the new office pet phenomenon.

Another exciting feature of this device is that it has a customizable handle. You can set it between 32.5” and 36.5” depending on your height. It also has a large two tank system for cleaning large areas, and to keep clean and dirty water separate.


  • It is reasonably priced
  • It is powerful
  • The handle is customizable to your height
  • It is durable and can handle abuse
  • The brush moves side to side, protecting your carpet


  • • It is bulky, and it struggles on shag carpets
Kevin’s Take: If you are on the hunt for a carpet cleaner that you can use in a commercial setting but still rent it out to homeowners, then get the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3. It is powerful, but friendly to carpets.

5. Mytee Lite 8070 Carpet Extractor

(Best for detailing)

Mytee Lite 8070 Carpet Extractor

The Mytee Lite is excellent for detailing thanks to the hose and the broad upholstery tool. The hose is 15-ft long, and thus you can clean without having to move the bulky machine. The upholstery tool, on the other hand, is 4-inches wide, allowing you to clean in a few passes.

Being an industrial machine, it is rugged and can withstand abuse. It has two large tanks enabling you to clean without having to refill. The open, clean water tank allows you to recycle water when testing if it is hot. And speaking about water, you will appreciate that it has a heated system. Add cold water, wait for a few minutes, and you are ready to go.

Some other convenience features include the storage basket, wheels that nullify the weight, and waterproof switches.


  • It has a powerful suction
  • Versatile
  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • The carry basket is handy


  • Seeing as this is a detailing device, it would be better if the handle was in front for easier maneuverability
  • Though the interior components can handle abuse, the plastic build cannot
Kevin’s Take: The Mytee Lite 8070 is for detailing and spot cleaning. It is not for complete carpet cleanups, but it performs well when it comes to those irritating spots. It is a bit pricey compared to other units on this list, but it is affordable for a heavy-duty carpet cleaner.

I would not go as far as to call the Mytee Lite 8070 the perfect extractor but here is a video of a few things you might like about the device.

Watch video: 8070 Mytee Lite For Auto Detailing

6. Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter

(Best for carpets and hard floors)

Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter

If you are looking for a machine that can double up as a hard floor cleaner and a commercial carpet cleaner, then the Oreck ORB550MC is the best unit to invest in.

The Oreck ORB550MC is different from most other devices. It is a floor buffer used for cleaning hard floors. It will work on laminate, hard floors, and vinyl with ease. On carpets, I recommend it for dry cleaning or loosening dirt particles which you can later vacuum.

As for the reach, you will appreciate that this has a long 50-ft cord that will allow you to clean in areas with obstructions or otherwise large rooms. It also has a significant cleaning path of 13-inches. The random orbital movement is also a perk as it enables the machine to move across any floor with ease, leaving no swirls or brush marks.


  • It has a long reach, thanks to the cord
  • It is light compared to the other machines on this list
  • It is versatile for cleaning different surfaces
  • It is virtually maintenance-free


  • • There have been complaints of ORECK not honoring their warranty. Might be something to think about before buying
Kevin’s Take: Rarely do you get a device that can double as a carpet cleaner and a hard floor buffer. The Oreck ORB550MC is an exception and a great deal for anyone on the hunt for a device that can do both. It is also reasonably priced and something to purchase given the long reach.

7. Rug Doctor 93146 Deep Carpet Cleaner

(Best for water extraction)

Rug Doctor 93146 Deep Carpet Cleaner

The next appliance on this best commercial carpet cleaner list is the Rug Doctor 93146, and it is a rather exciting machine. First, it has industrial strength for a household machine. Moreover, it only cleans on the back pass, which takes some getting used too. However, this system is kinder to your carpets.

As for the performance, it takes a few passes to completely clean, but the extraction is superb. It also includes a super spray boost for those messes that need extra cleaning solution. The spray boost is between the rear wheels for a better aim. And speaking of wheels, they are large, so it is easier to push on carpets.

Another exciting feature of the Rug Doctor 93146 is that the brush is on a floating chassis allowing it to adjust to the carpet height. Remarkable, right? Well, here are more pros and some cons.


  • It has edge brushes for edge cleaning
  • It is foldable thus easier to store


  • It is weighty
  • Takes a bit of getting used to
Kevin’s Take: The Rug Doctor is nothing short of remarkable. It does take a bit of getting used to, and the one pass-system means it will take more passes to clean, but it happens to be friendlier to your carpets, and the suction is unmatched. It is one I recommend for anyone starting the carpet cleaning business.

Here is the Rug Doctor in action. I welcome you to watch to see the amount of dirt it extracts from the rugs, and why I consider it one of the best commercial carpet cleaners.

Watch video: Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner Review

8. Edic Galaxy 2000 Commercial Carpet Cleaner

(Best high end)

Edic Galaxy 2000 Commercial carpet Extractor

If you are on a generous budget, and this should be extremely generous, I recommend you invest in the Edic Galaxy 2000. The Edic 2000 is a pricey appliance, and one of the best commercial carpet cleaners.

First, it has large tanks. The clean water tank is 12 gallons, while the recovery tank is 11-gallons. You can clean an entire house or office with this device without having to refill or empty. You will also appreciate the 25-ft hose that will get into areas no other hose can.

As for heating, the Edic Galaxy 2000 relies on an external heater that can be added any time. It reduces the abuse the internal components take, thus increasing the life of the device. Plush carpets will not be a problem owing to the large wheels of the machine.


  • The external heater prevents internal components from sustaining damage
  • It is robust and will get the job done
  • It has large tanks


  • It is pricey. It is several times the cost of other appliances on this list
  • It is bulky and lifting it say up a flight of stairs or into a truck will be difficult
Kevin’s Take: This machine does not double as a home appliance. It is a commercial device through and through. Given the price and how bulky it is, it is best left for the professionals to work with. However, I am confident they will love the superior performance.

9. Aqua Power C4 Quick Hot Water Carpet Cleaner

(Best for deep cleaning)

Aqua Power C4 Quick Hot Water Carpet Extractor

Following on this guide of the best commercial carpet cleaners is the Aqua Power C4. I try very hard to find things to complain about when reviewing products, but there was little to complain about.

First, the durability of this device is unquestionable. It has heavy-duty cast aluminum and stainless steel parts, and even the drive belt is Kevlar reinforced. As for the ease of use, the controls are on the handle, the handle is rounded for comfort, and it collapses for more accessible storage.

When it comes to the tanks, though not as large as those of the Edic Galaxy’s, they are enough to clean large areas without emptying. The solution tank is not removable, but it has dual filtration to protect the pump. It also has a level drain for the solution. The dirt water tank, on the other hand, is removable for easy emptying. Finally, it has a 19.5” cleaning depth allowing you to get the deeply embedded dirt.


  • It is easy to use and maneuver
  • It is powerful
  • It is durable


  • It is pricey
  • The clean water tank is not removable
Kevin’s Take: The Aqua Power C4 is a robust carpet cleaner. I am sure it will blow you away. Though you might have to dig deeper than with other appliances, it is worth every penny considering the quality, and the performance.

10. Hoover Commercial C3820 Carpet Cleaner

(Best for spot cleaning)

Hoover Commercial C3820 Carpet Cleaner

The best commercial carpet cleaner for spots has to be the Hoover C3820. The solution nozzle and brushes are on the same cleaner head; thus, you can direct the solution to the appropriate area.

You will also appreciate that the brushes counter-rotate massaging the carpet instead of beating it. The spin brushes do little damage to the carpet, increasing the longevity. While we are still on the topic of performance, you will love that the suction as it recovers most of the dirty water.

Another remarkable feature of the Hoover C3820 is that is has a long cord. At 35-ft you have a massive cleaning radius. As for the tanks, you have a solution tank and a recovery tank and though they are not large (1-gallon each), they are ideal for standard cleaning tasks. The tanks are easy to clean and refill for a better experience.


  • It is affordable
  • It is carpet friendly
  • The solution switch is on the handle for more straightforward control


  • It does not get rid of deeply embedded stains
  • There are complaints about the quality
Kevin’s Take: If you are on the hunt for an appliance that will massage the dirt out of the carpet, then get the Hoover C3820. However, massaging may not be enough for tough stains. It is ideal for hotels and care facilities, although I find that it is better as a secondary carpet cleaner.
If you want to know if the Hoover C3820 is for you, here is a complete review.

11. Ladybug Tekno 2350 TANCS Vapor Steam System

(Best commercial carpet steam cleaner)

Ladybug Tekno 2350 TANCS Vapor Steam System

The next best commercial carpet cleaner is the LadyBug 2350. Though steam cleaners are designed for hard floors, this is one I recommend for use on carpets. However, it is pricey (probably the most pricey on this list), but it is worth the price.

As for attachments, it is well accessorized, and you can clean both hard floors and carpets. I recommend the sturdy bristle brush for cleaning carpets. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly as it relies on steam and not chemicals. It has a boiler that will get the water to 324-degrees, which is enough for the toughest stains.

You can also be sure of durability as this device is made of the most durable components. Ease of use is also unmatched as it is light, and has caster wheels for maneuvering. Here are more pros and cons.


  • Retails with TANCS providing EPA level certified disinfecting
  • The steam cleaning leaves little water behind, and thus the carpets dry faster
  • It is user-friendly thanks to the digital information LCD screen
  • It is safe to use thanks to the built-in safety trigger
  • It is a continuous fill device, and there is no need to wait for it to cool down


  • It is pricey
  • Not for extensive carpet cleaning
Kevin’s Take: To purchase the LadyBug 2350, at such a price, only to use for spot cleaning is beyond me. However, if you have a carpet cleaning business, and the price for this is only pocket change for you, then it is a unit I recommend. You will not regret the performance nor the quality.

I love this review of the Ladybug 2350, as it is complete from unboxing to use. I welcome you to watch for a better feel.

Watch video: The Ladybug Tekno 2350 Vapor Steam Cleaner

12. Polti Vaporetto Go Steam Canister with Onboard Tools

(Best for onboard storage)

Polti Vaporetto Go Steam Canister with Onboard Tools

If you are on the hunt for another steam cleaner you can use on carpets, try out the Polti Vaporetto. It is a canister device and one that you can pull behind you. You can also carry it on your shoulders ghostbusters style.

Other than it being easy to use, there are more reasons why it is one of the best commercial carpet cleaners. First, it has a slew of attachments increasing the versatility. Even better, the appliances store on board, reducing the likelihood of losing them.

The mop head is intuitive and works on all floor types. As for refilling, it means unscrewing the cap, adding the water, and waiting for about 5-minutes for it to heat up.


  • It is lightweight, and thus you can work with it for long periods
  • It is easy to assemble
  • You can store all the tools onboard
  • It is easy to assemble


  • • The ribbed handle is harsh on your thumb. It is not a deal-breaker, but it will sting if you decide to clean the entire house
Kevin’s Take: Steam cleaning is excellent to get rid of stains without damaging carpets and leaving behind chemical residue. The Polti Vaporetto is one of the best commercial carpet steam cleaners and will make your work a walk in the park. Other than performance, you will appreciate how you can store the tools on board.

13. Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner

(Most versatile)

Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner

Versatility is essential for a device, and the Dupray Tosca cleaner is the most versatile. With 25-accessories, you can clean any surface with ease. It has a triangular tool for cleaning corners and a rectangular tool for surfaces, nylon brushed and stainless steel brushes for detailed work, and microfiber pads as well as a microfiber cloth for various floors.

The device can clean hard floors as well as carpets with ease, though lifting deeply embedded debris especially from shag carpets will be difficult. Other than cleaning performance, you will appreciate the long cleaning time. With 90-minutes clean time, you can be cover a medium or even slightly large house with ease.

Another reason I consider it one of the best carpet cleaners is because of the digital control. It controls all the critical functions and has vital information, such as the maintenance reminder — a great all-round device.


  • The attachments are click fit for a secure fit
  • It has a cord holder on the back
  • It has 360-degree caster wheels for easier maneuverability
  • It is highly pressurized
  • Easy to refill, and works with tap water


  • • It does not work well o grease
Kevin’s Take: Steam cleaning will leave your home sparkling. The Dupray is one suitable device thanks to the quality, the attachments, and the performance. Though it struggles with grease, it is excellent in detailed work and will clean your carpets without using chemicals.

Return your favorite carpets into their pristine conditions with the Dupray Steam Vac. However, first checkout this review for a better feel.

Watch video: Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner - Training Video

14. Tornado Marathon 350 Spot Extractor

(Best steam spot extractor)

Tornado Marathon 350 Spot Extractor

Next on this guide of the Best Commercial Carpet cleaner is the Tornado Marathon 350. This is a spot extractor, therefore don’t purchase expecting it to complete full carpet cleanups. Though it is not great for complete clean-up, it is exceptional for spot cleaning.

First, it has two large tanks for cleaning solution and dirty water. Both tanks are 1.5 gallons in size, and though they are not substantial for carpet cleaning, they are enough for spot cleaning. The lids are clean, so you know when you have to refill the clean water tank and when you have to empty.

As for weight, it is light, and you can carry it to different job sites. The hose is also long, allowing you to reach tight spots such as stairs. After cleaning, you can pick up most of the water with the 79” suction. As for noise, it is a bit loud at 79DB.


  • It has large wheels; thus, you can move it on carpets with ease
  • It has a handle to carry the unit
  • It is robust


  • The unit leaks water when you pull the trigger
  • You have to scrub
Kevin’s Take: The Tornado Marathon 350 is not as popular as other devices on this list. However, that does not make it any less good. It is a robust commercial carpet spot extractor and does a remarkable job of collecting dirty water thanks to the powerful suction. Though you have to scrub the carpet or upholstery using a different appliance, at least you don’t have to wait hours for it to dry.

15. Mytee 1003DX Carpet Extractor

(Best for large areas)

Mytee 1003DX Carpet Extractor

If you are more advanced in the carpet cleaner journey, and you are in the market for a new unit, the Mytee 1003DX Speedster cleaner is one I recommend. Yes, it is pricey, but it is worth every penny and is one of the best commercial carpet cleaners.

First, it has a powerful piston pump with 500psi and a strong suction at 130-inches of water. It will pick up most of the water from the carpet. You will also appreciate that this device has a 10-gallon clean water tank enabling you to clean for more extended periods. I consider it the best for large areas thanks to the long 50-ft cord.

Another exciting feature of the Mytee 1003DX is that it has long cords. They also happen to be removable for storage. For maneuverability, you will appreciate the 12” back wheels, and the 5” caster wheels. You can lock the caster to reduce machine movement. As for durability, the roto-molded polyethylene resists denting and rusting.


  • It has an extended lifetime warranty
  • It has aluminum lift handles making loading effortless
  • The power cords are detachable
  • The switches are waist high to reduce bending.


  • It is heavy and pricey
Kevin’s Take: When it comes to carpet cleaning, very few appliances come close to the Mytee machines. The Mytee 1003DX happens to be a testament to this. I would have ranked it way higher were it not for the fact that it is bulky and pricey. However, you can expect durability and better cleaning performance.

Though this is a short review, it should give you enough feel for.

Commercial Carpet Cleaners Buying Guide

Now that we know of the best commercial carpet cleaners, it is time we know how to pick a commercial carpet cleaner. Selecting a device is the heart of the matter, and the guide below will help you make an informed decision.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner


When on the hunt for a commercial carpet cleaner, you are most likely going to use it for your professional cleaning services. Yes, you can get one for your home, but these are reserved for business. Given the movement involved, you should invest in a portable device.

Invest in a light unit, but you would be forgiven for not doing that as most of these are bulky devices. Ensure it is easy to move and has large wheels for working on shag carpets. While we are on the topic of portability, get a device that has locking wheels for when you are on inclines.


Though the solution is essential when cleaning carpets, the pressure determines how much solution the machine can spray. The pressure also determines how far the solution will penetrate. A device with higher pressure means you can deep clean shags carpets unlike one with low pressure.

Tank Capacity

The nature of the tasks you will be handling will influence the tank size of the unit you will purchase. If you are looking for a commercial carpet spot cleaner, then 1 to 2-gallon tanks will be enough. However, for full carpet cleaning, you need an appliance with larger tanks.

Also, ensure the carpet cleaner has a dual tank system for clean and dirty water.


An in-built heater is not necessary, but it is a nice to have feature. However, some units have a heater that attaches to the primary unit, and it is something I recommend. The attachable heater ensures the delicate components are kept away from the heat, thus increasing the life of the device.

If you are going to invest in a carpet cleaner with an in-built, then get one that keeps up. There are instances where the machine cannot heat water at the speed of cleaning, and you end up working with cold water. Ensure you purchase an appliance that can keep up.

Vacuum Power

The time the carpet will take to dry is something most people never stop to consider. The drying time is determined by the vacuum power. A stronger vacuum recovers more water cutting the drying time to a few hours. However, be prepared to pay an arm for an appliance with a stronger vacuum.


Finally, you should consider the warranty of the appliance. Get one with a lifetime warranty or one you are comfortable with. Moreover, ensure that the company honors the agreement by checking what previous customers have to say.


We have come to the end of this best commercial carpet cleaner guide. Here are some few concerns most people have about commercial cleaners. I am addressing some of the pain points to ensure your experience with these appliances is smooth.

What tasks do commercial carpet cleaners cover?

Commercial carpet cleaners are the best a manufacturer can offer. Best in quality, best in performance, and best in longevity. Therefore, they can handle a wide variety of tasks. You can use this to clean high-traffic areas, upholsteries, and oddly shaped furniture. You can use them around the house for superior cleaning performance.

Moreover, you can use commercial carpet cleaners to eliminate odors as they have superior suction. Set-in stains will be a walk in the park thanks to the power.

However, these are pricey devices and are best for commercial use — say offices or professional carpet cleaners.

Should you buy a professional carpet cleaner or rent one?

Now, this is one of the most asked questions, and I believe it boils down to your preferences. If you want a better clean at home, you should rent one. It is unwise to spend a small fortune on a machine that you will occasionally use at best. Given the weight of commercial carpet cleaners, pulling them out for every small cleaning task will be demanding.

However, renting a carpet cleaner is not cheap, and the bills might sky-rocket if you need to maintain an area daily. It is best for offices and other high-traffic facilities to invest in a carpet cleaner over renting one.

Can steam cleaning damage my carpet?

The short answer is no. Hot water extraction is one of the best ways to remove set-in stains and dirt. Moreover, it is safe as it does not leave chemical or soap residue behind?

Is it better to steam clean or shampoo clean?

Again, it boils down to preferences as each has its benefits. First, steam cleaning ensures your house is chemical-free. Furthermore, it eliminates the beater bar/brush, increasing the longevity of the carpet. Finally, there is no residue, unlike shampoo cleaning. However, most standard vacuum cleaners have no downtime, unlike steam cleaners. You can clean continuously, unlike with a steam cleaner where you have to wait for it to cool down.


Commercial carpet cleaners are the best manufacturers have to offer. These will leave your carpet clean and neat.

I realize this might be a lot of info to process, but you cannot spare any effort if you want the best commercial carpet cleaner. I hope I helped you get an ideal device, and leave a comment below on what you think of this review.

Best Commercial Carpet Cleaner

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Kevin Jones is a seasoned home cleaning specialist with over a decade of experience in the industry. A stickler for cleanliness and organization, Kevin brings a systematic and innovative approach to home maintenance. His expertise ranges from traditional methods to modern cleaning technology, ensuring homes are not just clean but healthy environments too.

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  1. Have you heard of the brush master? Any comments about it would be appreciated. Looking to invest in a commercial carpet cleaner for my son. He has considerable experience but I have none.

    1. Hello Darrel,

      First of all, Brush Master is an Austrian company specialized in wood chipper machines. So, their vacuum cleaner is very robust and has a high suction power due to its powerful motor. Furthermore, even though very powerful, it is still kind of quiet.

      However, this is a costly model. If your son has a cleaning company and needs to upgrade the device he uses, then it will be an excellent acquisition. But if this is not the case, may I suggest you look into this Shark NV501 Vacuum Cleaner, which offer great results and come at a better price?

      If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me again.

      Best of luck,

  2. Hello what extractor you recommend for if you getting alot of jobs that have to go upstairs into rooms?

    1. Dear Kerwin,

      First of all thanks for contacting me.

      If I were to have lots of extractions that would require upstairs jobs, I would go with the Polti Vaporetto Go Steam Canister with Onboard Tools. It is more lightweight than others, plus you can put it on your shoulder for an easy maneuverability.

      Please let me know if you need any other information.

      Kind regards,