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Top 15 Best Cordless Steam Mops For The Money 2024

Purchasing the best cordless steam mop is easy as you have this guide now. As you keep reading it, you will understand all the actions performed by the 15 top products, and you will see that they are unique in their way. Few can blast out the stubborn stains while few others can even steam garments.

One steam mop cannot perform specific actions performed by another with ease. Whatever they have to offer, every steam mop does one function without fail, i.e., sanitization. Therefore check your space and utility to find the suitable steam mop from the below-given list.

Cordless Steam Mops

Benefits Of A Cordless Steam Mop

Once you get used to a cordless steam mop, you will never think of going back to any other kind of mops. Want to see why? Check these benefits it has to offer.

  • Steam gives out the optimal heat levels required for efficient disinfection
  • Does not require harsh chemicals for cleaning
  • Safe and eco-friendly cleaning method
  • Suitable for allergen affected people
  • Loosens grime effectively and clean it
  • Even old stains and dirt are cleaned without complaint

Best Cordless Steam Mop Comparison Chart 2022

For deciding the best cordless steam mop, the vacuum head plays a significant role, and its cleaning path gives you an idea of how quickly it can clean. Knowing its type and what accessories it has gives you an overall idea of what the vacuum can.

Best Cordless Steam MopsCapacityCleaning PathWarrantyType
PurSteam 10-in-1 Steam Mop - Best Overall340 ml12"2 yearsSteam mop, handheld
O-Cedar ProMist Max Cordless Spray Mop - Best Budget750 ml9"Satisfaction guaranteeSpray mop
Shark S5003D Steam Mop - Best Shark220 ml14"1 yearSteam mop
Vmai Dual Motor Cordless Electric Mop - Best for Tile300 ml12"LifetimeSpray and spin mop
Bissell 2307 Cordless Spin Mop - Best Rechargeable830 ml14"1 yearSpin mop
Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop - Best Bissell470 ml11.6"2 yearsSteam mop
Light 'N' Easy 7688ANW Steam Mop - Best Handheld200 ml12"1 yearSteam mop, Handheld
Shark VM252 Cordless Vacuum Mop - Best Mop and Vacuum350 ml9.81"1 yearSpray mop and Vacuum
Bissell 1543A Steam Mop - Best Disposable380 ml11"2 yearsSteam mop and vacuum
Swiffer 85801 Steam Mop - Best Lightweight300 ml10"1 yearSteam mop
Gobot Microfiber Cordless Electric Mop - Best for Hardwood FloorsNo tank11.41"1 yearSpin mop
Homit 48-Inch Cordless Spray Mop - Best for Wood Floors300 ml10"3 yearsSpray and spin mop
Gladwell 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Mop - Best for Laminate Floors330 ml17"1 yearSpin mop
Dirt Devil PD20100 Steam Mop - Best Vacuum Free325 ml9.75"1 yearSteam mop, handheld
Oreck 100LRH Steam Mop - Best Upright3785 ml11.5"1 yearUpright steam mop

Which Are The Best Cordless Steam Mops To Buy?

The best cordless steam mops by PurSteam and O-Cedar are offering interesting mops with versatile functionality. Another Shark vacuum with its touch-free pads gives you a cleaner experience. Know more about the chosen products below.

  • Best Overall – PurSteam 10-in-1 Steam Mop
    “Multipurpose, detachable handheld unit, 10-in-1 actions, flexible hose, garment steamer, 30 seconds for steam, safe to use.”
  • Best Budget – O-Cedar ProMist Max Cordless Spray Mop
    “Microfiber pads with excellent absorbency, refillable spray bottle, manual trigger control, dual-sided mop head, no batteries needed.”
  • Best Shark – Shark S5003D Steam Mop
    “Powerful steam mop, touch-free pad, removes tough stains, dual surface mop head, 3 steam level settings.”
  • Best for Tile – Vmai Dual Motor Cordless Electric Mop
    “Multiple surface cleaner, powerful spinning action, measuring cup, spray action, scrubber pads, cleaning pads, easy access buttons.”
  • Best Rechargeable – Bissell 2307 Cordless Spin Mop
    “Scrubs floors, powerful spinning action, 18V Li-Ion battery, 20 minutes runtime, cleans quietly formula spray trigger, washable mop pads.”
  • Best Bissell – Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop
    “Custom steam settings, fresh scent discs, microfiber mop pads, multiple surface cleaner, washable and reusable pads, and scrubber.”
  • Best Handheld – Light ‘N’ Easy 7688ANW Steam Mop
    “Detaches into the handheld steamer removes wrinkles from clothes, 3 steam level settings, multiple surface cleaning.”
  • Best Mop and Vacuum – Shark VM252 Cordless Vacuum Mop
    “Disposable mop pad, all-in-one pad, spray mopping, vacuuming, no-touch disposal, magnetic charger, it cleans liquids and solids, LED lights.”
  • Best Disposable – Bissell 1543A Steam Mop
    “Purple colored, microfiber mop pads, steam and vacuum, disposable mop pads, drop it tank, cyclonic vacuum, detachable mop pad tray.”
  • Best Lightweight – Swiffer 85801 Steam Mop
    “Deep cleaning, swivel head, disposable pads, dirt-trapping mop cloths, sanitizes, lightweight, long cord, advanced steam technology.”
  • Best for Hardwood Floors – Gobot Microfiber Cordless Electric Mop
    “Scrubber pads, 2000 mAh battery, handle length adjustment, High-speed rotation, vertical and horizontal rotating mop head.”
  • Best for Wood Floors – Homit 48-Inch Cordless Spray Mop
    “Adjustable handle, 90-degree rotation mop head, simple operation, spray mop, measuring cup, four microfiber mop pads.”
  • Best for Laminate Floors – Gladwell 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Mop
    “Quick charging, quiet operation, long runtime, triple action, battery-operated, spray liquids, rotating handle, LED light.”
  • Best Vacuum Free – Dirt Devil PD20100 Steam Mop
    “Swivel mop, wall to wall cleaning edge, handheld unit, washable microfiber mop pads, triangular mop head, easy to fill the water tank.”
  • Best Upright – Oreck 100LRH Steam Mop
    “Useful accessories for above-floor cleaning, powerful pressurized steam, large capacity to hold water, cleans grime effectively.”

Top 15 Best Cordless Steam Mop Reviews in 2022

Check out the best cordless steam mop suitable for you reviewed in detail below. Below you have every minute detail you require to understand the cordless steam mops better.

1. PurSteam 10-in-1 Steam Mop

(Best Overall)

PurSteam 10-in-1 Steam Mop

The PurSteam steam mop is capable of performing 10 various actions along with cleaning your floors. Namely, it accomplishes garment steaming, glass cleaning, carpet sanitization, steam cleaner, and many more cleaning cum sanitization purposes as it kills 99.99% bacteria without using chemicals.

The steam takes just 30 seconds to form once you plug in the vacuum and the 340 ml container is enough for 20-25 minutes of cleaning in the minimum setting. It is safe to use on tiles, finished hardwood floors, vinyl, marble, ceramics, and similar finished surfaces for quick and efficient cleaning.

Key Features:

  • 3 adjustable steam modes
  • 340 ml tank capacity
  • 10 actions in one
  • 30 seconds for steam
  • Detachable handheld unit


  • Multiple cleaning accessories for cleaning most of the surfaces
  • Prepares the steam quickly in 30 seconds after you plugin
  • Safe for pets and kids as it uses pure water for cleaning
  • Steaming garments using the handheld unit is quick and easy
  • Cleaning the greasy areas above the floor is possible using a removable unit


  • No hose accessory for a handheld steamer

Product Specification:

Mop Pads3 x ultra-fine microfibers
ActionSanitizing steam, garment steamer, multipurpose cleaner
ColorBlue and white
Weight2.2 pounds

Find the working of PurSteam 10-in-1 Steam Mop here:

Watch video: Steam Mop Cleaner ThermaPro 10 in 1 review

2. O-Cedar ProMist Max Cordless Spray Mop

(Best Budget)

O-Cedar ProMist Max Cordless Spray Mop

The O-Cedar mop is different from other spray mops in various ways. It does not use any kind of power to operate. The dual flip mop pad found only in high-end models is available in a pocket-friendly version. Velcro containing mop is quick to remove or attach it to the mop head.

Filling the liquid or adding a cleaning agent is easy as it features a detachable bottle, which is pretty much like a water bottle, and you can manage it similarly. The microfiber pads are super-absorbent and help you clean the dirt with the aid of spray mist without any hassles.

Key Features:

  • Dual-sided mop head
  • Refillable 750 ml bottle
  • Super-absorbent microfiber mop
  • One-touch release of the bottle
  • 100 times reusable mop pads
  • No batteries required


  • Operates without batteries or power and uses only mechanical action
  • Trigger controlled spray action regulates the liquid mist
  • The removable bottle comes off easily, and filling it is a breeze
  • Removing and attaching the microfiber pad is quick due to Velcro
  • Dual side and washability are the advantages of the microfiber pad provided


  • Suits lighter cleaning jobs and not for deep cleaning

Product Specification:

Mop Pads1 x microfiber mop pad
ActionWet mop
ColorRed and grey
Weight2.4 pounds

Random reviews on O-Cedar ProMist Max Cordless Spray Mop are here:

Watch video: O-Cedar ProMist Max Cordless Spray Mop Review

3. Shark S5003D Steam Mop

(Best Shark)

Shark S5003D Steam Mop

Dual surfaced steam mop with flipping rectangular mop head, where you have two sides for cleaning. It also features no-touch technology where you need not touch the mop pad to dispose of it for cleaning. You can simply press one button, and the mop comes off from the head easily.

Then you can wash the mop head in the machine or by hand and reuse it for further cleaning sessions. The surface of the mop pad has scrubbing lines that help in loosening the dirt that does not come off quickly. The direct steam channeling is powerful enough to deal with stubborn and sticky messes.

Key Features:

  • 3 steam control settings
  • Dual-sided dirt grip no touchpads
  • 220 ml capacity water tank
  • Genius mop head
  • Steam blaster technology


  • No touch technology mop pad is machine washable and reusable
  • Dual-sided rectangular mop pad traps dirt excellently
  • Steam cleans the stuck-on dirt effectively and sanitizes
  • Three steam levels offer versatile function compatibility


  • Does not have provision for handle height adjustment

Product Specification:

Mop Pads2 x dirt grip pads
ActionSanitizing steamer
Weight5.78 pounds

Look for the complete review on Shark S5003D Steam Mop:

Watch video: Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop Review

4. Vmai Dual Motor Cordless Electric Mop

(Best for Tile)

Vmai Dual Motor Cordless Electric Mop

The device has powerful waxing, cleaning, and scrubbing mop with spray action. The high rotating rate gives an excellent finish to your floors as it gives a polishing effect. The multiple surfaces cleaning spray mop is useful in cleaning tiles, marble, and wooden floors alike.

It can stand free for storing it conveniently. Its mop head can rotate up to 60 degrees for easy, under furniture cleaning. The battery is detachable for cleaning. The tank provided at the bottom contains the water required for spray moping.

Key Features:

  • 250 rotations per minute
  • LED on the headlight
  • 4 reusable microfiber pads
  • Buttons on handle
  • 20 – 35 minutes run time


  • The height-adjustable handle is adaptable according to your height
  • The 60-degree rotating mop head is flexible for cleaning
  • A detachable battery is replaceable when it is not functional
  • High-speed rotation allows you to effectively wax and polishes the floors


  • Runtime is not enough to clean the whole house in a go

Product Specification:

Mop Pads2 x scrubby pads, 2 x soft pads
ActionScrub, clean, spin, wax, polish, wet and dry mopping
Weight6.9 pounds

Check the working of Vmai Dual Motor Cordless Electric Mop here:

Watch video: Vmai Electric Mop Cordless Electric Spin Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaner

5. Bissell 2307 Cordless Spin Mop

(Best Rechargeable)

Bissell 2307 Cordless Spin Mop

The Bissell spin mop comes with a dual-purpose tray where you can store the mop pads and attach them conveniently for cleaning the floors. Its spin action is powerful and tough on stains, but gentle on your floor as its soft microfiber mop pads scrub them carefully yet meticulously, leaving no tinges.

The spray facility of the mop activates when you press the trigger on the handle, and thus, you have complete control of formula or water disposal as required. It operates quietly, but its efficiency is unmatchable as it does not leave any debris and makes your floors sparkling clean after using this mop.

Key Features:

  • Soft-touch microfiber pads
  • On-demand spray trigger
  • Dual-purpose storage tray
  • 18 V lithium-ion battery
  • 14-inch cleaning pathwidth
  • 830 ml tank capacity


  • Large tank capacity allows you to clean more area in a go
  • Excellent spinning action buffs the wooden floors for regaining the shine
  • The Spray regulator trigger allows you to have manual control over the liquid
  • The large 14” cleaning path width cleans your floors in lesser time
  • Hassle-free movement as it is cordless and hence does not tangle


  • 20-minute runtime is not enough for large houses

Product Specification:

Mop Pads2 x soft touch microfiber pads, 2 x scrubby microfiber pads
ActionWood floor buffer and cleaner
Weight11 pounds

A short video on Bissell 2307 Cordless Spin Mop here:

Watch video: SpinWave Cordless Hard Floor Spin Mop Feature Overview

6. Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

(Best Bissell)

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

The steam from Bissell is capable of loosening the dried-on messes and the stubborn grout dirt and cleans them easily. Hot steam is capable of sanitizing the surfaces and makes them bacteria-free. It comes with two types of washable and reusable microfiber mops for thorough cleaning.

A flip scrubber helps in efficient scrubbing of the floor where you need spot cleaning. The freshness infusing pads takes your cleaning effect to another level by inducing lovely smells that change the ambiance. Tank capacity of 470 ml is enough to clean a large area without refilling.

Key Features:

  • 23-foot power cord
  • Flip down scrubber
  • Spring breeze fragrance discs
  • 1500 watts power rating
  • 3 smart digital steam settings


  • Provided with a scrubber that flips down when you need to do the scrubbing
  • Choice of high, medium, and low steam settings using buttons
  • Fragrance discs add a touch of freshness when you clean
  • Cleans the sealed surfaces safely by sanitizing them from 99.99 % of bacteria
  • The chemical-free cleaning is eco-friendly and safe


  • The instruction manual is not clear

Product Specification:

Mop Pads1 x microfiber soft pad, 1 x microfiber scrubby pad
ActionSpin, scrub, clean, mop
ColorWhite and blue
Weight6 pounds

Working of Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop is here:

Watch video: Powerfresh Steam Mop Demonstration Video

7. Light ‘N’ Easy 7688ANW Steam Mop

(Best Handheld)

Light 'N' Easy 7688ANW Steam Mop

The steam mop is suitable to clean multiple surfaces like tiles, laminated, hardwood, ceramic, and similar floors to a spick and span. Its unique stand by mode is activated smartly when you place it upright were steam ceases to come out of the mop. Just slant it and glide for reactivating the steam.

The detachable steamer comes with various accessories to facilitate steaming garments, cleaning mirrors, glass windows, and similar above-ground cleaning activities. As this mop sanitizes using just the hot steam, meaning pure water and no harsh chemicals, it is safe for pets and kids.

Key Features:

  • Smart steam standby mode
  • 3 modes of steam settings
  • 212 °F temperature steam output
  • Detachable handheld steamer
  • Accessory hose and nozzles


  • Cleans without using harsh chemicals and only water
  • Select from the high, medium, and low steam settings for various purposes
  • The handheld steamer is versatile and performs several cleaning jobs
  • Multiple surface cleaning and sanitizing mop using the steam
  • The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty and free replacement


  • The water level indicator is not present

Product Specification:

Mop Pads1 microfiber mop pad
ActionSanitizing, cleaning, garment steaming
ColorWhite and Grey
Weight6.3 pounds
BrandLight ‘N’ Easy

Complete review of Light ‘N’ Easy 7688ANW Steam Mop is here:

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8. Shark VM252 Cordless Vacuum Mop

(Best Mop and Vacuum)

Shark VM252 Cordless Vacuum mop

The cordless vacuum cum mopping device captures debris and cleans dirt simultaneously. The no-touch technology allows you to dump the waste into the dust bin directly without the need to touch the mop pad. This mop can operate as a vacuum when the vacuum trigger is pressed.

It also has a spray mopping button that, when triggered, sends out an even mist of spray, which helps you in wet mopping the required place. The magnetic charger provided with the mop is convenient to charge it. The LED headlights help in checking the cleaning spot even if there is no proper lighting.

Key Features:

  • Mops and vacuums together
  • Flexible swivel head
  • Pad release button
  • Magnetic charger
  • VacMop pad


  • This mop vacuums the debris without pushing them around
  • Dual-action in a single go with one unit is convenient and money-saving
  • The magnetic charger charges the mop quickly and easily
  • The pad release button on the mop head helps in no-touch disposal
  • The spray action offers wide coverage allowing thorough cleaning


  • Should go on buying disposable pads

Product Specification:

Mop Pads1 VacMop pad
ActionVacuuming, wet mopping
Weight5 pounds

Unboxing and review of Shark VM252 Cordless Vacuum mop:

Watch video: Shark VacMop VM252 Product Impressions and Review

9. Bissell 1543A Steam Mop

(Best Disposable)

Bissell 1543A Steam Mop

The steamer cum vacuum is an overall solution for all your cleaning woes. You don’t need to buy separate devices for vacuuming, mopping, and steaming. It is effective even in vacuuming pet hair so it serves multiple purposes and saves space and money that you will need to invest in various types of equipment.

This device comes with both reusable and disposable mop pads. The disposable mop pads are for cleaning messes you don’t want to wash, such as pet litter. Emptying the trash can after vacuuming is quick and touch-free as you just need to press a button to empty the trash without touching it.

Key Features:

  • Swiffer disposable mop pads
  • Soft microfiber reusable mop pads
  • Cyclonic vacuum
  • The easy empty dust cup
  • Steam mopping


  • Multipurpose vacuum with mopping and steaming capability
  • Quality Swiffer disposable mop pads for dealing with litter
  • Steam sanitization of surfaces with powerful streaming technology
  • Easy emptying of the dirt cup using drip-it technology
  • Cyclonic action vacuum for efficient vacuuming


  • Sounds loud

Product Specification:

Mop Pads1 x soft mop pad, 1 x scrubby mop pad, 4 x disposable mop pads
ActionSanitizing, cleaning, wet and dry mopping, vacuuming
Weight9.74 pounds

In detail review of Bissell 1543A Steam Mop:

Watch video: BISSELL Symphony Pet AllinOne Vacuum and Steam Mop

10. Swiffer 85801 Steam Mop

(Best Lightweight)

Swiffer 85801 Steam Mop

The starter kit by the Swiffer has two disposable mop cloths from which the steam can penetrate effectively. It features the steam boost technology with deep reachability to pull out the dirt and grime from various floor surfaces for excellent cleaning and sanitization of the exteriors.

The manufacturer is confident about the working of the product and is willing to accept the returns for up to 30 days if you do not find the product satisfactory. The lightweight and the multiple surfaces cleaning ability make it an ideal mop to use for daily cleaning around your home safely and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • 2 steam mopping cloths
  • Steamboost technology
  • 20 ft cord length
  • Lightweight
  • 360 degrees swivel


  • It is safe for every finished floor type for cleaning and sanitizing
  • Deep cleaning using powerful vapor emitted due to the steam boost
  • Moneyback facility within 30 days of purchase if not satisfied
  • Extremely lightweight and apt for daily cleaning usage
  • The steam cloth is textured and locks the dirt effectively


  • Not for use on unfinished or waxed floors
  • Disposable mop pads are expensive

Product Specification:

Mop Pads2 disposable textured steam cloths
ActionSanitizing, cleaning
ColorBlue and white
Weight1.3 pounds

Working and review of Swiffer 85801 Steam Mop is here:

Watch video: Swiffer SteamBoost Deep Cleaning Steam Mop Review

11. Gobot Microfiber Cordless Electric Mop

(Best for Hardwood Floors)

Gobot Microfiber Cordless Electric Mop

The microfiber spinning pads clean the floors by scrubbing the surface at 140 rotations per minute. These round pads are reusable and machine washable. Once fully charged, this device runs for 50 minutes. It eliminates the need for scrubbing the floors on your knees.

The head rotates horizontally to 180 degrees and vertically to 90 degrees for easy maneuvering under the furniture. An extendible handle gives you the flexibility to clean when you need access for hard to reach places.

Key Features:

  • 21” – 47” extendible pole
  • 50 minutes runtime
  • 3.5 hours charge time
  • 180 degrees horizontal mop head rotation
  • 90 degrees vertical mop head rotation
  • 140 rotations per minute


  • Quite an operation at 30 dB to 60 dB sound
  • Stands upright for charging and storage is convenient
  • LED floodlight on the head helps clean in darker places
  • The battery level indicator shows you how much battery is remaining
  • It can scrub, polish, and wax your floors as per your requirement


  • Does not have provision to spray liquid

Product Specification:

Mop Pads2 x cleaning pads, 2 x scrubbing pads
ActionScrubs, cleans, polishes and waxes
Color White
Weight3 pounds

Check the working of Gobot Microfiber Cordless Electric Mop here:

Watch video: Gobot Power Mop Scrubber Review

12. Homit 48-Inch Cordless Spray Mop

(Best for Wood Floors)

Homit 48-Inch Cordless Spray Mop

The 2 LG battery supported spin mop rotates at a speed of 120 to 150 rotations per minute. This device, once charged for 3.5 hours, runs for 40-50 minutes without interruption. The two types of mop pads serve different purposes, and the spinning mop cleans your floors without scratches.

The handle length is adjustable, and the mop head can rotate up to 90 degrees giving you a flexible cleaning facility. Using the spray from the bottom tank, the spinner mops the floor effectively.

Key Features:

  • 40.1” to 46.5” length adjustable handle
  • 4 reusable mop pads
  • 120 to 150 rotations per minute
  • 3.5 hours charging time
  • 40-50 minutes runtime
  • 90-degree rotating mop head


  • Not bounded by cords and moves freely using the battery power
  • Light enough to carry over the stairs for cleaning upstairs
  • Simple operation using two keys, one for spray and one for spin control
  • Adjustable handle length gives you flexibility and reachability
  • Cleans versatile surfaces effectively


  • Not for complete cleaning of large homes

Product Specification:

Mop Pads2 x scrubby pads, 2 x soft pads
ActionScrub, clean, spin
Weight2.84 pounds

Demo and description of Homit 48-Inch Cordless Spray Mop:

Watch video: Homitt (by Holife) Electric Spin Mop Floor Scrubber

13. Gladwell 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Mop

(Best for Laminate Floors)

Gladwell 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Mop

The glider by Gladwell is a 3-in-1 device that can buff, scrub, and polish your floors. Its handle can rotate 180 degrees giving you easy maneuverability. Also, the battery runtime and charge time are impressive as it lasts long and charges quickly. The triple-action glider gives you a versatile mop.

This mop can deal with tough stains and handle them effectively. It can spray both water and cleaning solution and has a speed setting button. The mop has an LED light on the head to guide you through the cleaning process, even if there is no proper lighting in the place.

Key Features:

  • 180-degree rotation handle
  • 330 ml tank capacity
  • Scrub, spin, and waxing actions
  • LED light
  • Battery indicator
  • Cleaning solution tank


  • Charges quickly in 2 hours so apt for daily use
  • Operates quietly without any annoying noise
  • Gives a runtime of 50 minutes for each charge
  • 3-in-1 action helps you to clean as required
  • LED light guides you even in dark corners enabling effective cleaning


  • Handling the powerful action is a challenge until you learn it

Product Specification:

Mop Pads2 x Mopping pads, 2x waxing pads
ActionWaxing, spinning, and scrubbing
Weight11.48 pounds

In detail review of Gladwell 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Mop here:

Watch video: Gladwell Coastal Electric Cordless Mop Review

14. Dirt Devil PD20100 Steam Mop

(Best Vacuum Free)

Dirt Devil PD20100 Steam Mop

The triangular-shaped mop head offers you a wall-to-wall cleaning edge without leaving any edges or corners uncleaned. The handle is detachable, and hence the steam mop turns into a handheld unit for above-floor purposes. You get several accessories for using with the detached mode.

An interesting attachment suing which you can steam the carpet is provided in the kit. It is not found in many steam mops sets and a plus for this vacuum. The water filling process into the tank is straightforward. The swivel mop head allows you to manage cleaning under the furniture efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Water level indicator
  • Swivel and steer head
  • Carpet glide attachment
  • Detachable unit
  • Crevice nozzle


  • Triangle shaped head for cleaning the corners and edges well
  • The water tank is accessible to both fill and empty and has an indicator
  • Microfiber mop pad is conveniently machine washable
  • Handle detached unit has a crevice nozzle attachment for deep cleaning
  • The swiveling mop head steers the device in all directions as you need


  • Garment steaming provision not provided with the handheld unit

Product Specification:

Mop Pads1 x microfiber steam mop pad
ActionSanitizes, cleans
Weight3 pounds
BrandDirt Devil

Working of Dirt Devil PD20100 Steam Mop:

Watch video: Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop + Handheld Steamer Review

15. Oreck 100LRH Steam Mop

(Best Upright)

Oreck 100LRH Steam Mop

It cleans the tiles and grout effectively using only tap water. This mop is safe to use upside down, and you are safe from any hot water spills as it is sealed tight. Achieve sanitized surface within 5 seconds of focus on the spot using the steam and mopping action.

The high temperature of the steam melts the stubborn grime and dirt, exposing the clean surface underneath as you wipe away the loosened filth. You can adjust the steam settings as required by the purpose or by the type of the floor you are cleaning.

Key Features:

  • 1-gallon water tank
  • 40 minutes of high steam per fill
  • Adjustable steam settings
  • Washable cleaning pads
  • No-spill design
  • Several accessories


  • You can clean both floors and glass windows using this steam mop
  • The powerful steam cleans the old grime easily
  • Washable and reusable pads are easy on your pocket
  • Natural cleaning method without using chemicals
  • Large cleaning path width for quick process


  • Price is higher when compared to other mops

Product Specification:

Mop Pads1 x washable cleaning pad
ActionSanitize, clean
Color White and black
Weight1 pound

Description of Oreck 100LRH Steam Mop is here:

Watch video: Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop, Steam100LRH Review

Ultimate Buying Guide On Cordless Steam Mop

Diverse factors are involved while buying a cordless steam mop. Though not all apply to every mop you choose, know what they are and apply according to the mop you select and your preferences.

Cordless Steam Mop

Setting Levels

Steam, when sent out in a controlled manner, serves various purposes. If you have only one speed of steam, then it cannot be customized to multiple uses. Being able to set the speed enhances its functions.

However, if you have several settings of speeds where you have control of how speedily it should be coming from the vent, then you have better control power. Eventually, more useful it will prove to be.

Tank Capacity

Tank capacity should be balanced, not very large, that it weighs down the vacuum and not very small that you need to refill it for every room. Therefore, both medium and large capacity is preferable for big homes as you can fill according to your need.

Smaller tanks are useful if you intend to use them for only individual rooms or only in a few places.


Steam has many uses along with sanitization, and steaming garments is one such handy function. Loosening the grease and cleaning the greasy household surfaces without chemical detergents or abrasive tools is another specialty. Finding the appropriate mop with multiple uses is a bonus.


The size rules both storage and usage of the mop. If your mop is bulky and requires more space, you must think well if the storage space required by it is worth every penny. As the size increases, the functions also increase, but there must be a balance between dimensions and usage.

Mophead Type

Mop head plays a vital role in making or breaking the entire functionality. Having a proper mop head matters as it is the part that touches the ground and carries forward the action implemented by the mop. If the design and the technology of the mop head are right, then the mop turns out to be useful.


Heavy mops are not comfortable to move around quickly. Especially considering you might be mopping daily or every other day, these are the most used devices. Hence choosing a lower weight vacuum is ideal for you to use it frequently without much hassle.


You need the mop to function for at least a specific time without issues for the value of money you spent on it. Having a warranty will protect your money if something goes wrong, and you will have your mop repaired, replaced, or money backed as per the company’s policies.

Having a reasonable claim period is also a healthy indication of the longer working time of the mop. If the company is confident about its working for a longer time, you must consider buying it.


Some simple yet useful insights about the cordless steam mops are given below in questions of general interest. Check them and know more about these mops.

How is a cordless steam cleaner better than traditional mops?

Traditional mops just wipe away the dirt from the surface, but steam cleaners kill and sanitize the surface leaving it to germ-free along with cleaning the dirt. The sanitized surface is grime-free, bacteria-free, and healthier than the floor cleaned with a regular mop.

When the mop is cordless, it offers more flexibility to move around hassle-free. You need not bother with the cord or switching boards and winding and unwinding the wires as well.

Is adding vinegar in steaming mops safe?

Vinegar does not affect the mop function, but you need to be careful about which floor you are using the solution. As the hardwood floors are susceptible to losing the finishing, you might want to avoid it, but it is fine to use on other floors.

What to add in water for a nice smelling room while you steam mop?

Essential oils are the most effective aromatic agents you can add to your water. They can be chosen depending on your choice and enjoy a fresh-smelling room in no time. Most used are lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oils.

My Top Pick

The PurSteam 10-in-1 Steam Mop offers both mop and handheld mode, which I find very innovative. You can steam garments as well as several clean things apart from floors using the handheld mode. Its long list of uses makes it the most preferred cordless steam vacuum.

Despite several prominent brand vacuums present here, you will have a clear idea of what to choose due to their varied functionalities. Know each vacuum closely, and you will automatically get an idea of which is yours.

These vacuums make your floor look and feel better than how they were before using them. Therefore grab one and help your floors shine.

Best Cordless Steam Mops

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