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How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner – The Complete Guide 2024

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Imagine how the world of household activities would look if we wouldn’t have vacuum cleaners. Most people take these machines for granted. However, nobody would want to know how old-fashioned carpet cleaning would be like.

Here comes again the technology, which enables the creation of a lighter, smarter and compacter way of cleaning carpets and floors.

The new versions of the vacuum cleaners are becoming less expensive, but with lots of features to ease your life.

The extra features make the machines more effective but also harder to use, leaving many homeowners with the question: how to use a vacuum cleaner properly?

It mostly depends on the type of vacuum cleaner you have. However, some rules apply to all vacuum cleaners such as the following.

Basic Knowledge on How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner

You are using the vacuum cleaner at least one time a week, but ever wondered how it works? The principle is quite simple, just think about that moment when you are sipping juice with a straw.

So, sucking the soda up through the straw causes a pressure drop in the bottom part of the straw and the top of it. Then, with a harder fluid pressure at the bottom than at the top, the juice/ water is pushed up to the mouth.

You might not know this, but the vacuum cleaner is made only with 6 components:

  • One exhaust port;
  • One fan;
  • One intake port, which can come with different accessories;
  • A porous bag;
  • Housing that contains all the other components.

Now, let’s see how does the vacuum cleaner works:

  1. The electric current operates the motor, which is connected to the fan, that looks just like a propeller from an airplane;
  2. Once the fan blades spin, they drive the air ahead, to the exhaust port;
  3. Then the air particles are propelled forward. Now, the density of the particles increases in front of the fan and decreases behind the fan.

The pressure drop behind the fan is just like the pressure drop in the straw when people are sipping their drinks. Then the pressure level in the area behind the fan drops below the level outside the vacuum cleaner.

The suction is now created, which is a partial vacuum that stays inside the vacuum cleaner. The ambient air forces itself within the machine through the admission port. This happens because of the pressure of the air which happens in the interior of the vacuum cleaner and it is lower than the outside pressure.

Due to the fan that is running and the passageway that stays open, the constant stream of air is moving through the intake port and out the exhaust port. This happens so the air will collect the dirt and is the principle of friction. If you’re still confused, the following video will help you understand how a vacuum cleaner works.

Watch Video: How a Vacuum Cleaner Works

8 Steps on How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner

I want to think that everybody knows how to turn on a vacuum cleaner, but do people know how to use this machine properly? If you are not sure about the way you are using your cleaning device, please cross the following steps.

Examine the Vacuum Bag Area

This is the first and the most important part of the process. The bag area is where all the dust gets deposited, so, as you know, there is a lot of mess. Some vacuum cleaners have an older model of bags, made of textile or paper, while some use a removable canister.

Change the bag if it is full, or empty the area if your vacuum cleaner is a reusable canister. Do this are often as you can, otherwise, the vacuum will malfunction. See the example video below:

Wash the Vacuum Brush

It’s time for taking the vacuum brush off and clean it. The proper way to do it is by holding it over a bucket with warm water. Of course, you can use dish soap or a mild detergent for washing the brush.

Check the Vacuum’s Height

Most of the vacuums have adjustable height settings, this way, you can adapt the cleaning to the varying thickness of the carpets you are going to clean. If it is too low, the airflow will be affected.

Check this setting for a proper vacuum. Otherwise, you will not obtain the level of cleaning you want.

Dry the Bristle Brush

After you have done the washing, use some rugs to dry the inside of all attachments. Of course, you can also pat dry the bristles with a rag and run it from inside several times. This way, it will soap up all the water. Don’t forget to dry it.

Comb the Bristles

While you are drying the bristle brush, use an old comb through the bristles and pull out all the hair and other debris. Then remove the remaining dirt.

Move All the Smaller Items Out of the Cleaning Area

While furniture is not easy to move at all, well, there are other things you can move from the area you are going to clean. Clutter can slow down the cleaning process.

Turn the Vacuum On

Once you make sure everything is all clean, it’s time for turning the device on. You can use the slow even strokes while you are pushing the machine to and fro on the carpet or the floor.

Use the Vacuum’s Attachments

Do you remember the day you first opened the box of the new vacuum cleaner? If yes, maybe you are visualizing all those attachments that came with the machine.

Make sure you are making full use of these accessories. If not, the airflow will push the dirt from the untouched corners into the areas you are done the cleaning.

If this is your first time using a vacuum cleaner, make sure to check the next vacuuming techniques and tips. They will help you keep your home squeaky clean at all times.

Watch Video: How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner – Proper Vacuuming Techniques & Tips

10 Types of Combination Heads for a Vacuum Cleaner

Woman cleaning sofa with a cordless vacuum

I have used lots of vacuum tools to find the best one and I often get asked which is the best vacuum head that you can use for different types of surfaces. There are lots, but lots of accessories when it comes to vacuuming.

This is why, just down below, you will find some of the vacuum attachments that are the best options for different floor surfaces around the home or indoor.

The following heads and tools for vacuum cleaners come in a universal size, so they can fit any type of this machine. Here’s a look over my favorite tools for vacuum cleaners. Depending on the type of floor you are going to clean, here are the main models of heads to help you out:

Vacuum Heads for Hard floors

The universal carpet and hard floor head

This is the vacuum head you are probably most used to. It has the longest retractable brush you might have ever seen, so it is perfect for large areas of tile or timber floor. It is about 30mm wider overall, so it makes vacuuming a lot quicker.

All you need to do is to flick of the lever and switch between the carpet and the gritstone or the parquet. So while the base plate has a deep enough air-channel to clean all the carpet styles, while clicking on the other design, you can clean the flat floors.

The universal carpet head

One of the most widely used vacuum heads, this type of tool comes from many brands and vacuum cleaner models and performs quite well on most carpets and hard floors.

I don’t recommend this type of head for thick or deep pile carpets though. It is not suitable for large areas or any other hard flooring. But all in all, it is a good head, a universal one, and has great value for money.

The deluxe universal carpet head

One of the best vacuum heads, this one is mainly for soft furnishings and really small areas of hard floors. This kind of head comes with a large rear roller and a unique dual-pivot neck design.

This nice vacuum head makes some hard work a little lighter. This Deluxe Universal carpet head features an enlarged air-channel, this way the vacuum power stays constant.

The gulper multi-surface vacuum head

This head has the lowest profile of a vacuum head, which makes it the best choice for extensive vacuuming under furniture or other obstacles, such as the sofa.

This kind of head is designed with a plastic base and four rollers. The Gulper Multi-Surface Vacuum Head is unbeatable in terms of areas or coverings that need to be cleaned. If you have to vacuum commercial carpets or carpet tiles, this is the right vacuum head for you.

Air-Driven Power Heads for Carpet

The Turbocat Zoom

This is the new generation of vacuum heads and has two big benefits that make it a great product to keep in mind: the Turbocat Zoom has increased power from the air-turbine and also does less noise made by the roller brush.

The Zoom head comes with a soft rubber bumper, that helps you in eliminating accidental marks on furniture.

Then, you should know that while using this head, it performs best when used with a fairly young ducted vacuum system.

This kind of system is less than 10 years old and has the power to spin the relatively heavy roller brush fast and with ease.

The Turbocat

This model is a bestseller, and it is good for all ducted vacuums. Its design is low profile, has less than 7 cm’s, which enables the vacuum head to fit under furniture or sofas, and ensures a constant motion and automatic adjusts to any kinds of carpet pile heights.

The CleanUP turbo head

If you are looking for a compact head, ideal for small rugs or little areas in the house, then this CleanUP head is the best feature.

It is lightweight and has the inclusion of a 35mm adaptor, which makes this suited for any kind of vacuum cleaner, no matter the brand. Ducted and portable, this tool is the addition of a rubber blade behind the roller brush.

Vacuum Heads for Timber, Tile, and Vinyl Floors

The dry mop head

These dry mop heads are made of microfiber dusting pads, which are truly efficient for cleaning smooth hard floor surfaces. The best part?

The microfibers grab the dust particles fastly and do a very gentle cleaning with no possible scratches. Due to the fibers, I do not recommend this type of head for textured surfaces.

The hard floor brush

One of the most versatile vacuum tools for hard surfaces, this is suitable for timber, vinyl, floating, tiles floors, and also other textured surfaces. The head comes with natural bristles and base plates, so there is no chance for the hard floor brush to leave any marks.

The centramop

If you enjoy the idea of vacuuming and moping at the same time, then this type of tool is made for you. The unique design is perfect for two-in-one cleaning for hard surface floors.

This kind of head comes with front and rear vacuum channels, so it can pick up the dirt in both directions. Made of microfiber, the head is machine washable and has a long-lasting life.

The Unspoken Ways for Using the Vacuum Cleaner

Mother and daughter doing cleanup

Most of the people are used to take advantage of the vacuum cleaner only for picking the dirt from the floor. Yes, it’s true, the first thing that comes to your mind when talking about the vacuum is that it helps to keep the homes spotless and dust-free.

But you might never think about how vacuums can be used for different activities that will help you in keeping yourself healthy. So here are some unknown ways to use the vacuum cleaner:

Keep the Allergens Far Away From Home

People can use vacuum cleaners against fine particles like pollen. During the springtime or in the autumn, the door and window sills become the pollen hot spots.

This is why you can use the brush tool from the vacuum cleaner on these sports, this way reducing the risk of allergies. To make sure there is no trail of pollen, repeat this habit weekly in these areas.

Catch the Crumbs With Just a Move

Can you visualize those areas, such as the corners from the refrigerator’s shelves or under the grates in the toaster and stove?

Then you might know how hard it is to clean those spots. But, along with a slim vacuum tool, you can whisk away the hard-to-reach crumbs. Then once you take all the dirt away, you can start cleaning the usual disinfectant.

Vacuum Cleaner for Clearing the Washing Machine’s Lint Filter

For doing this activity, use the crevice tool from the attachment. Use it for cleaning the washing machine lint filter with the crevice tool.

So you can easily clean all the persistent lint from that little space inside the washing machine, where there are so many lint-frees and other textile residues.

Clean a Messy Crumby Keyword

There are some dirtiest spaces in our homes that gather lots of bacilli and dirt. And the keyboards are one of those spaces, that include dirt and crumbs, especially if you have this habit of snacking while you are in front of the laptop or PC. When cleaning the keyboard, the crevice tool will be the best friend.

The power of the vacuum cleaner will either such the crumbs or pull them up for easier manual cleaning. Once you make sure the crumbs are out of the keyboard, use some cotton swabs dipped in alcohol for final cleansing.

Clean the Crumbs From the Tightest Areas

Make sure you have the crevice tool, as it is a real wizard for sucking the crumbs hidden away in hard-to-reach areas.

For instance, the toaster grates, the refrigerator door shelves, or the microwaves are those spaces full of crumbs or other dirt.

Once the crumbs are taken away with the vacuum cleaner, don’t forget to apply a household disinfectant after.

Deodorize a Smelly Cushion

Ever thought of cleaning or refreshing the items that are hard to clean without using a washing machine? Well, I bet you didn’t know that the vacuum cleaner can be your best friend with this matter.

So, to kill odors on cushions, follow these easy steps: drop some baking soda on the problem spots, leave it for half an hour, then use the vacuum cleaner. The powder will get sucked up and will take the odors along with them.

Get Rid of Fleas

Did you know that vacuums can be as effective as chemical poisons when it comes to getting rid of fleas?

Some research indicated the vacuums kill more than 95% of all the fleas on a carpet. The vacuum machines can kill 100% of the larvae and pupae if they are adults.

Make the House Smell Great

There is this hack, maybe you have heard about it, maybe not, but it involves the favorite perfume and the home vacuum cleaner.

So, do this: put some essential oils, dip a cotton ball in the fragrant stuff and drop it into the cleaner bag. The device, meaning the vacuum cleaner will slowly release the scent into the air while cleaning up the house.

Ice Out the Carpet Dents

The carpet dents are an eyesore, but luckily, you can use ice and vacuum cleaners to get rid of them.

So, place the cubes on the dents and wait for them to easily melt. Then start the vacuum and let it do its job in the wet area. The process will encourage the fibers to return to their original upright positions.

Clean the Kitchen Appliances

For instance, to make myself clear, refrigerators are one of the many large and medium kitchen stuff that can be all cleaned using a vacuum cleaner.

Dust and lint can kill gadgets and electronic devices in due time. So, by using the vacuum cleaner on the exterior of these devices, you can remove the dirt in the condenser coils. Don’t forget to check the following 12 brilliant ways a vacuum can speed up your cleaning.

Watch Video: Vacuum Cleaning Tricks – 13 Brilliant Ways a Vacuum Can Speed Up Your Cleaning

You’ve Got to Love Vacuum Cleaners

People have to admit that the vacuum cleaner is one of the best inventions. However, very often, people make mistakes when using a vacuum cleaner or do not realize the importance of this little machine.

Imagine how much time and effort you are saving every time you are using a vacuum machine. So, for those that don’t know the secrets of how to use the vacuum cleaner, this guideline will surely help them.

The right vacuum cleaner can make upholstery, carpets, or little corners of the house clean as a whistle. So, why not taking advantage of all the tools that come with the vacuum cleaner and keep away the dirt, even from the tightest places?

And never limit yourself on cleaning the floor and the carpets, when you can do so many by using this simple machine.

If you have any tips and tricks that you would like to share with me, feel free to do so in the comments below. Let’s chat about vacuum cleaners and exchange advice.

Also, don’t forget to share this informative article with your loved ones. Or social media friends and make a good deed.

How To Use A Vacuum Cleaner

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