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Top 15 Best Robot Vacuums Under $150 to Buy 2024

One thing I admire about technology is that it always changes and brings something better with time. In my search for the best robot vacuum under $150, I stumbled across several options, but the struggle to choose the perfect one was real and tiresome.

With a rapid inflow of top-notch smart features, having an ideal robot vacuum within your budget could be a tad confusing. This problem becomes all the more complicated with a range of brands available in the market.

To help you choose the best from the lot, I have brought you a complete guide of the best robot vacuum under $150. After considering its key features, usability, as well as price tag, I have compiled this list of the top 15 robot vacuums that fit well within your budget. Without further ado, let us take a look at this list!

What Sensors are Used in Robot Vacuums Under $150?

The way of cleaning has advanced greatly after the market was taken over by robot vacuums. To provide excellent cleaning, these vacuums are embedded with high-tech sensors. Here, I’ve listed the sensors commonly found in robot vacuums under $150.

Robot Vacuum Under $150

Cliff Sensors:

A robot vacuum doesn’t have eyes, so it has a high risk of tumbling down steep edges. The cliff sensors act as a piece of safety equipment. These sensors measure the distance between the robot base and the floor using the infrared light reflection principle.

It continually sends infrared light towards the floor and waits for it to bounce back so that it can calculate the required distance. A sudden increase in the range will indicate a steep edge, like a staircase, and the robot will backtrack its path to avoid falling and damaging its internal machinery.

Bump Sensors:

Also known as wall sensors, these sensors, located on or near the cleaner’s shock-absorbing bumpers, alert the robot when it is close to a wall or any other object. It prevents the bot cleaner from colliding with obstacles like chairs, sofa, and of course, the walls by aiding it in steering through these obstacles.

The direction of turning depends on the placement of the barrier. For instance, if the obstacle lies on the right, the vacuum cleaner will turn left. And when the robot comes close to a wall, it stops moving forward and starts following the wall to come out of the blocked passage.

Optical Encoders:

These sensors are responsible for keeping track of how far the robot vacuum cleaner has traveled. They are present on the wheels of the vacuum cleaners and make use of light sensors to count the number of rotations of the wheel. Then, from this count, it can calculate the distance covered.

What Is the Role of Hepa Filters in Robot Vacuums?

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air-filters. These filters are known for filtering up to 99.97% of allergens out of the surrounding air. Such filters possess fine fibers, randomly arranged, which traps particles via a combination of direct impaction and interception/electrostatic attraction.

Now, to be designated as HEPA, a filter has to be tested and approved against an appropriate standard. These filters are graded based on the proportion of microscopic particles that they can catch. These tests also ensure that the pressure drop due to the filter remains acceptably low.

The incorporation of HEPA filters in robot vacuums has become a widespread practice to increase the cleaner’s overall performance and help the customers achieve a high degree of cleanliness.

HEPA filters are a boon for people suffering from dust, dander, pollen, or pet hair allergy. These filters are available in multiple cost-efficient models of robot vacuums.

To enhance the performance of such filters in robot cleaners, it is advised to clean it regularly and thoroughly. Moreover, replacing the filter with a new one at some intervals will help your robot vacuum cleaner to deliver an optimum cleaning experience.

Top 5 Brands of Robot Vacuums Under $150

You will get a lot of options to pick from when you buy a robot vacuum. But if you want it under $150, here I have listed some great brands for you to rely on.


Amarey believes in making homes smarter and hassle-free by incorporating Artificial Intelligence technology into the daily lives of its customers. With their smart robotic cleaners, you can achieve cleanliness on an unprecedented level.

The parent company of Amarey is Ankobot that has turned up in 2016. Presently, they are headquartered in Shanghai but have offices spread across the globe. Considering this as “just the beginning”, Amarey wishes to share many other amazing innovations as it grows.

Pure Clean:

Pure Clean has been sourcing, researching, and working on providing low-cost and high-quality machinery since 1985. The company has its business spread across England and Wales and known in the UK for its cost-effective machinery.

Pure Clean also serves several industries, including the military, Air force, agriculture, engineering, automotive, etc. It hosts a vast catalog of products for customers with varied needs and ensures hassle-free services.


Coredy aims at specializing in Artificial Intelligence that makes daily household chores an effortless job. This popular brand came into the market in 2011, and now it hosts many robotic products for everyday needs.

The company keeps on brushing its innovative ideas to engineer multi-functional and professional robot assistants for you. Coredy oaths to provide quality encased in an elegant body at an affordable price.


Well-reckoned for their robotic cleaners, ILIFE is one of the world’s top Brands in the intelligent cleaning industry. The company aims to make home cleaning easy and is constantly researching to come up with newer hi-tech products that can provide cleanliness, efficiency and at a low cost.

ILIFE sells its robotic vacuum cleaners to Asia, Europe, America, Russia, and over 40 other countries in the world. You can completely rely on its products as every product is launched to the market after rigorous testing.


Opodee designs vacuum cleaners for every need. All are removed by the efficient cleaning system present in Opodee’s robotic cleaners from large particles to pet hairs. The company uses high configuration-based Artificial Intelligence algorithms to provide effortless service to its customers.

Along with all these, Opodee envisions that smart cleaners should adopt all the new technologies that come up. Thus, Opodee makes vacuum cleaners with Wi-Fi connectivity and Alexa support as an aid to its customers.

What Are The Best Robot Vacuums Under $150?

The best robot vacuums under $150 are ILIFE, Amrobt, and Pure Clean due to strong suction and great performance. All these vacuums are efficient enough to handle your house cleaning chores with ease.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have enough time to find the detailed reviews, here are some of the features of the top 15 best robot vacuum under $150 to help you find the right product.

Best Robot Vacuum Under $150 Comparison Chart 2022

Now that you know about the top brands of robot vacuums, here I am going to compare the models of the top 15 best robot vacuums under $150.

Best Robot Vacuum Under $150ColorRun TimeDust Cup CapacitySurface Type
Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Best OverallBlack100 minutes0.6 LHard floor, carpet
Amrobt 1200Pa Robot Vacuum - Best BudgetBlack120 minutes0.2 LHard floor, carpet
Shark ION RV871 Robot Vacuum - Best SmartBlack90 minutes0.5 LHard floor, carpet
Pure Clean PUCRC95 Robot Vacuum - Best for Hardwood FloorsRed100 minutes0.6 LHard floor, carpet
Coredy R650 Robot Vacuum - Best with HEPA FiltersBlue120 minutes0.5 LHard floor, carpet
Opodee E30W Robot Vacuum - Best for Pet HairBlack100 minutes0.6 LCarpet
Goovi F007 Robot Vacuum - Best for Medium-Pile CarpetsBlack120 minutes0.5 LHard floor, carpet
Pure Clean PUCRC26B Robot Vacuum - Best with NavigationBlack90 minutes0.6 LHard floor, carpet
Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum - Best QuietBlack110 minutes0.6 LHard floor, carpet
Dser RoboGeek 20T Robot Vacuum - Best with Wi-FiBlack100 minutes0.6 LHard floor, carpet
ILIFE Noisz S5 Robot Vacuum - Best for TilesBlack100 minutes0.3 LHard Floor
Amrobt 350 Robot Vacuum - Best with AlexaGolden grey120 minutes0.35 LCarpet
Vacmaster V12 Robot Vacuum - Best with Remote ControlBlack100 minutes0.6 LHard floor, carpet
Experobot K5AV Robot Vacuum - Best for Laminate FloorsBlack95 minutes0.2 LHard floor, carpet
Homasy 1500Pa Robot Vacuum - Best with MopBlack90 minutes0.4 LHard floor, carpet

Top 15 Best Robot Vacuum Under $150 Reviews 2022

In order to choose the best robot vacuum under $150, check out the detailed reviews of each product.

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

(Best Overall)

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Although the price of eufy BoostIQ Robovac 11S robot vacuum cleaner is under $150, you should not underestimate its performance. With 1300Pa increased suction power and quiet operation, this product cannot be missed in every list of best Eufy robot vacuum cleaners.

Thanks to the BoostIQ technology, you can surely enjoy the perfect cleaning result since this robot vacuum automatically increases suction power when needed. Drop-sensing technology allows the product to prevent falling, so no attention is needed.

This 11S model delivers 100 minutes of continuous runtime with a working volume that is no louder than an operating microwave. Therefore, you can let the device clean up your house while you are sleeping, reading, or oven going out.

Key Features:

  • Boost IQ and drop-sensing technology
  • Quiet operation with a 100-minute runtime
  • Triple-filter system
  • Slim and low-profile design


  • Large 0.6-liter dustbin
  • Ideal for cleaning low to medium-pile carpets, tile, laminated, and hardwood floors
  • Sleek look with an anti-scratch tempered glass cover
  • Various cleaning modes and auto-scheduling
  • Reach under bed and furniture with ease


  • Not perform well on high-pile carpets and very dark-colored floors

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.6 L
Run Time100 minutes
Product Dimension/Weight12.8*12.8*2.85 inches/ 5.73 pounds
Controller TypeRemote Control
Automatically RechargeYes

Amrobt 1200Pa Robot Vacuum

(Best Budget)

Amrobt 1200Pa Robot Vacuum

Are you looking for a feature-packed robot vacuum under $150 that fits well within your budget? Make sure you stick to the Amrobt robot vacuum cleaner. Its super-slim design ensures that it cleans up easily below your furniture or sofa.

Additionally, the robot vacuum comes with multiple cleaning brushes for your pet hair issues. The vacuum cleaner can suck up debris from your hard floor and low-pile carpets. The Amrobt device also flaunts a high-power lithium-ion battery that lasts long.

Since this product is a vacuum and mop synchronous, you can enjoy a thorough and deep cleaning across your hard floors. Controlling this product is easy since it comes with remote control, and it is also compatible with Alexa.

Key Features:

  • Features cliff detection sensors to ensure it doesn’t fall off the stairs
  • It automatically detects gaps in the pathway
  • Comes with 2-sweeping side brushes for extended reach
  • 1600 Pa of intense suction


  • Rotating brush motion helps bring in scrubbing action
  • Filter lasts at least a month
  • Bagless design to ensure easy cleaning
  • Multiple cleaning modes: spot, zigzag, automatic, edge
  • Give your floors shiny and sparkling look


  • Charging time can be a tad long

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.2 L
Run Time120 minutes
Product Dimension/Weight11.2*9.6*4.3 inches/6.19 pounds
Controller TypeRemote control, voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant
Automatically RechargeYes

With an easy-to-use remote control, the Amrobt robot cleaner ensures no dirty space is left behind. Here is a video that describes more about how it works:

Watch video: Amrobt Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, 2 in 1 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Shark ION RV871 Robot Vacuum

(Best Smart)

Shark ION RV871 Robot Vacuum

Are there any affordable robot vacuums with Wi-Fi connectivity and voice control? The answer is Yes, and this product is the Shark ION RV871. One good thing about this robot vacuum is that it comes with a tri-brush system to handle debris on all surfaces.

You can use either Alexa or Google Assistant to effortlessly let your robot vacuum clean in your command. Thanks to XL dust cup capacity and 90-minute runtime, you can clean the whole home without interruption.

The powerful suction gives the Shark ION RV871 a good chance to deep clean all surfaces, from floors to carpets, and from large to small debris. Proximity sensors and high-tech cliff sensors help the robot vacuum avoid falling and collisions.

Key Features:

  • Tri-brush system: side brushes, channel brushes, and a multi-surface brush roll
  • Deep-cleaning suction power
  • Proximity sensors and high-tech cliff sensors
  • 90-minute runtim


  • Extra-large dust cup capacity
  • Ideal for both hard floors and carpets
  • Powerful pet hair pick-ups
  • Efficiently remove dust from edges and corners
  • Incredible and reliable cleaning performance


  • It’s a pity that this product has a shorter lifespan than other Shark models

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.5 L
Run Time90 minutes
Product Dimension/Weight12.8*12.6*3.5 inches/ 5.7 pounds
Controller TypeSharkClean app or with voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
Automatically RechargeYes

Pure Clean PUCRC95 Robot Vacuum

(Best for Hardwood Floors)

Pure Clean PUCRC95 Robot Vacuum

Hardwood floors are susceptible to scratching if you happen to use a substandard vacuum cleaner with rough wheels or brushes. However, with Pure Clean PUCRC95, you get access to a robot cleaner that catches the dirt and dust without hampering the beauty of your hardwood floor.

The vacuum cleaner has 2-sweepers located on both sides to ensure that the dirt doesn’t spread out in any manner. Pure Clean’s HEPA filtration system helps remove even the smallest particulate matter present in your room environment.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with top-quality navigation sensors
  • Performs ideally with tiles, hardwood floors, marble floors, etc.
  • Fits easily under any furniture
  • Dual rotaing brushes


  • Scheduled activation feature for timely cleaning
  • Automated recharging dock
  • Much quieter operation than normal robot vacuum cleaners
  • Low –profile design
  • Allergen and pet-friendly


  • Lacks rollers or brushes underneath

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity600 ml
Run Time110 minutes
Product Dimension/Weight12.99*12.83*3.11 inches/6.71 pounds
Controller TypeRemote control
Automatically RechargeYes
BrandPure Clean

The Pure Clean PUCRC95 is perfect for small homes with few obstacles to tackle in their cleaning pathway. To know more about its features, check this video below:

Watch video: How to set up PUCRC95 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Coredy R650 Robot Vacuum

(Best with HEPA Filters)

Coredy R650 Robot Vacuum

Keeping the air in your space clean is just as important as cleaning the surfaces. With the Coredy Store R650, you get access to a robot vacuum with top-quality HEPA filters as well as super-strong air suction. The ultra-slim design allows it to clean up the deepest, darkest spaces of your home without getting stuck anywhere.

This robot vacuum also packs in a 360 smart sensor technology for protection from any bumps in the cleaning pathway. From the hardwood floor to low-pile carpets, this robot vacuum can help clean it all. Boost-Intellect Technology enables an automatic increase in suction power when a carpet is detected.

Key Features:

  • Designed to enhance the suction power depending on the surface automatically
  • Upgraded suction motor with lower power consumption
  • Easy-to-access dust-bin
  • 120 minutes of continuous cleaning


  • Large HEPA filters that are washable
  • Sponge filtration system
  • Magnetic strips for boundary detection
  • Super quiet operation
  • 180°easy-access dustbin for quick emptying


  • Tends to miss the corners

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity500 ml
Run Time120 minutes
Product Dimension/Weight12.8*12.7*2.77 inches/10.28 pounds
Controller TypeRemote control
Automatically RechargeYes

With a dual-action cleaning feature, the Coredy Robot Cleaner helps ensure that your space is neat and free from allergens. Here is a video explaining more about its features:

Watch video: Coredy R650 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Opodee E30W Robot Vacuum

(Best for Pet Hair)

Opodee E30W Robot Vacuum

Pet hair can be a long-lasting issue unless you get it cleaned with the help of a top-notch robot vacuum cleaner. The Opodee E30W robot vacuum cleaner helps take care of those pesky little pet hairs that won’t be left wandering around anymore.

The vacuum follows an S-shaped cleaning path to ensure that each and every corner is thoroughly cleaned. The device also packs in a gyroscope feature implanted with an intelligent chip that helps your robot create a home plan for seamless cleaning action.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a self-navigation feature to overcome complicated transitions
  • AI feature that ensures easy fit under small tables, kitchen counters, and more
  • Packs in an anti-drop sensor to help refrain from collision or dropping


  • Help suck in the potential allergens present amid the dust
  • Suction isn’t limited to small particles but also the large ones
  • Automatically returns to the charging station once it depletes


  • Roller brush isn’t of a good quality

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.6 L
Run Time100 minutes
Product Dimension/Weight13*13*2.99 inches/5.95 pounds
Controller TypeRemote control
Automatically RechargeYes

From plain, simple floors to your expensive carpet, this robot vacuum will help clean off anything in a jiffy. Check out this video to get more information on the features:

Watch video: OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Goovi F007 Robot Vacuum

(Best for Medium-Pile Carpets)

Goovi F007 Robot Vacuum

Although an entry-level robot cleaner, the Goovi F007 is a perfect robot vacuum for low-pile as well as medium-pile carpets. This machine can easily remove the surface debris with amazing suction power and make your space look clean and hygienic.

Goovi makes use of the carpet pressurization technique that ensures that no dirt or debris gets trapped within the threads. The machine is designed to crank the suction power as per the surface automatically it is being used on.

As per the run-time, this robot cleaner brings in a powerful lithium-ion battery that lasts for hours without deteriorating mid-work.

Key Features:

  • Packed with multiple sensors for obstacle identification
  • Perfect for dark patched medium-pile carpets
  • Incredible edge-cleaning technology
  • 1800 Pa strong suction


  • Long side brushes for efficient cleaning
  • Doesn’t out debris towards the side
  • Easy switch between 4-different cleaning modes
  • Quiet operation and thorough cleaning
  • Ideal for pet hair pick-ups


  • The pathway mapping system isn’t as efficient

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.5 L
Run Time120 minutes
Product Dimension/Weight12.75*12.79*2.81 inches/5.73 pounds
Controller TypeRemote control
Automatically RechargeYes

This cleaner is your friend for all your daily cleaning needs and is designed to start right where the machine left. Here is a video for more information on the product:

Watch video: GOOVI Robotic Vacuum Review

Pure Clean PUCRC26B Robot Vacuum

(Best with Navigation)

Pure Clean PUCRC26B Robot Vacuum

Navigation is critical when it comes to efficient cleaning with a robot vacuum. With the Pure Clean robot vacuum cleaner, you get a versatile little helper designed to keep dirt and dust away with minimal manual effort. The device works perfectly on the carpeted floors as well as hard surfaces.

The smart self-program integrated into the Pure Clean machine helps clean up each corner as they tread along in the pathway. Packed with a top-quality HEPA filter, this robot vacuum keeps your air pure and free from any fine dust trapped within the dust-bin.

Key Features:

  • Comes with side-sweeping brushes for extended reach
  • Bagless dust storage capacity
  • Compatible with linoleum, hardwoods, carpet, and tile
  • 90-minute runtime and low-profile design


  • Easily detects the staircases to avoid abrupt falls
  • Doesn’t tangle with pet hair
  • Extended run time as compared to market top-rankers
  • Allergy and pet-friendly
  • Also ideal for cleaning tile and hardwood floors


  • Might get stuck in the high-pile carpets

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.6 L
Run Time90 minutes
Product Dimension/Weight13*12*6 inches/3.99 pounds
Controller TypeTouchpad control
Automatically RechargeYes
BrandPure Clean

Pure Clean is a machine to bring home when your current cleaner gives you a hard time navigating. Check this video for more information on its features:

Watch video: Pure Clean PUCRC26b Review

Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum

(Best Quiet)

Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum

Do you hate those loud, noisy cleaning sessions? If so, the Yeedi K600 robot vacuum is your best bet. This robot vacuum works with its turbo suction mode to suck up most of the dirt and debris from the floor minus the noise.

This self-charging machine goes immediately back to its charging pad to get docked before resuming its cleaning session. The K600 makes use of an advanced brushless suction motor that helps bring down the vacuuming noise as low as 55dB.

The V-shaped rubber and nylon rolling brush grabs the dirt, dust, as well as large debris. The low-profile design helps the robot vacuum easily reach difficult areas such as under bed, around furniture, and obstacles.

Key Features:

  • Protected with anti-scratch, durable tempered glass
  • Smart sensors avoid falls and collisions
  • Large dust bin capacity
  • High-efficiency triple filter system


  • Rubber-based rolling brush for gentle cleaning
  • Easy pet hair removal
  • Triple filtration system to capture allergens and dust mites
  • Detect stairs and avoid falling
  • 1500 Pa suction for deep cleaning


  • Navigation to the base might be a bit tricky

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0,6 L
Run Time110 minutes
Product Dimension/Weight12.99*12.83*3.11 inches/6.71 pounds
Controller TypeRemote control
Automatically RechargeYes

The Yeedi K600 ensures that you aren’t disturbed in any way during your cleaning cycle. Watch this video for more information on the features brought together by the device:

Watch video: Yeedi K600 - Simple Easy to Use Robot Vacuum

Dser RoboGeek 20T Robot Vacuum

(Best with Wi-Fi)

Dser RoboGeek 20T Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuum cleaners with Wi-Fi are brilliant when it comes to being in the constant commune during the cleaning cycles.

With Dser RoboGeek, you get access to a marvelous machine that is perfectly compatible with your Wi-Fi for a well-scheduled cleaning session.

The machine cleans up under your sofa and bed pretty easily while bringing in a sweep action with ample suction power.

The power-packed motor delivers a consistent cleaning session without actually missing any spot. Also, this machine packs a large dust-bin box for long-term storage.

Key Features:

  • Cleans up the edges without missing any spot
  • Upgraded anti-drop tech comes with an infrared sensor
  • Easy to clean dust bag
  • Multiple cleaning modes and ultra-thin design


  • Easy-to-install charging base
  • Remote control facility for spot cleaning feature
  • Comes with 4-different cleaning modes
  • Long working time and self-charging
  • Super strong suction and quiet operation


  • Shows docking error at times

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.6 L
Run Time100 minutes
Product Dimension/Weight12.8*12.8*2.83 inches/10.98 pounds
Controller TypeRemote control
Automatically RechargeYes

With an automatic recharge feature, the robot vacuum is your ideal cleaning machine for regular needs. Watch this video to know more about its features:

Watch video: The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review - Dser Robogeek 21T

ILIFE Noisz S5 Robot Vacuum

(Best for Tiles)

ILIFE Noisz S5 Robot Vacuum

Does your tile get scratched due to the hard wheels present in your regular old vacuum cleaner? It is time to switch to the Noisz by ILIFE S5 robot vacuum cleaner for safer cleanup of your tiles.

The machine’s simple yet highly functional design provides a perfect cleaning experience in a limited time frame.

The easy-to-use design makes sure the machine gets to the hard-to-reach corners without struggling with regards to navigation. Moreover, the machine is light on your pockets, so you do not have to spend much on your cleaning needs.

Key Features:

  • Covers the edges along with wall cleaning
  • Removes dry as well as mildly wet dirt and gunk
  • Free mode feature that allows direct vacuum control


  • Houses a virtual barrier even with low pricing
  • Tangle-free suction feature
  • Packs in smart sensors to ensure anti-fall and anti-bump feature


  • Might get stuck during tricky spot maneuvering

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.3 L
Run Time100 minutes
Product Dimension/Weight11.8*11.8*3 inches/8.02 pounds
Controller TypeButton control
Automatically RechargeYes

Whether you select the spot, max, edge, or free cleaning mode, this machine works just as fabulous. Take a look at this video to know more about its features:

Watch video: Noisz S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Review

Amrobt 350 Robot Vacuum

(Best with Alexa)

Amrobt 350 Robot Vacuum

Do you love interacting with Alexa for your cleaning schedules? With the Amrobt 350 robot vacuum, you get access to a wonderful machine that helps you manage your cleaning sessions with simple commands.

The auto cleaning mode helps reduce any manual effort that you might have to pitch in while switching it on or changing the suction mode.

The dual side brushes have been designed specially to be at an angle of 27-degrees to sweep off debris from the corners and edges. Apart from side cleaning, the Amrobt brings you spot cleaning mode as well.

Key Features:

  • Cleans up within a 1-meter range in terms of diameter
  • Cleans up the room in a “Z” cleaning pattern
  • Does the job of vacuuming and mopping
  • 1600 Pa powerful suction


  • Large battery capacity for a longer cleaning session
  • Self-charging and docking feature once the power goes down 20% mark
  • Charging doesn’t consume a lot of power
  • Handle dirt and grime with ease
  • Efficient and thorough cleaning


  • Not ideal for hard or high-pile carpets

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.35 L
Run Time120 minutes
Product Dimension/Weight12.6*12.6*3.3 inches/6.6 pounds
Controller TypeRemote control, voice control via Alexa
Automatically RechargeYes

Designed for low-pile carpets, the Amrobt 350 is perfect for your daily needs. Here is a great video elaborating more on its features:

Watch video: Amrobt Vacuum Cleaner 350 Pro Black Review

Vacmaster V12 Robot Vacuum

(Best with Remote Control)

Vacmaster V12 Robot Vacuum

Need an automated robot vacuum cleaner that is easy to maneuver with the help of remote control? The Vacmaster V12 vacuum cleaner has a high-quality remote control that aids you to switch from one mode to another with ease.

In total, the Vacmaster comes with 5-different cleaning modes, which is your helping hand for the daily cleaning sessions.

With long-lasting battery power, the machine cleans up everything with just one charge. Plus, the vacuum cleaner goes back to its docking/charging station as the power goes down.

It is easy to schedule cleaning sessions via the remote control & its anti-cliff drop sensors to avoid falling down stairs or off of ledges.

Key Features:

  • Slim design for easy cleaning under the furniture
  • No monitoring needed for the cleaning sessions
  • Anti-cliff sensors that avoid any random falling
  • 1800 Pa powerful suction and high performance


  • Comes with a virtual boundary feature
  • Longer run-time with reduced battery usage
  • Automated carpet cleaning feature
  • 5 cleaning modes
  • Ideal for tackling pet hair, hard floors, and carpets


  • Doesn’t have a digital display

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.6 L
Run Time100 minutes
Product Dimension/Weight22.83*15.75*5.31 inches/13.2 pounds
Controller TypeRemote control
Automatically RechargeYes

The Vacmaster is your go-to device when you are busy with your daily chores and need to home cleaned with the click of a remote button. Watch this video to know more about its features:

Watch video: Vacmaster V12 Review

Experobot K5AV Robot Vacuum

(Best for Laminate Floors)

Experobot K5AV Robot Vacuum

The Experobot K5AV robot vacuum cleaner cannot only clean tile and timber, but it can also perform well on laminate floors. This vacuum cleaner carefully takes away the tangling issue that is faced with most robot cleaners.

It gradually sucks up the debris and dirt without damaging the carpet threads. Also, the device handles any allergens present in your carpet to ensure that your family doesn’t have to struggle with allergy issues. It sucks up the pet hairs with ease without tangling.

Key Features:

  • Uses a long-lasting Li-lithium battery
  • Sturdy top design that doesn’t break
  • Easy-to-empty dust-bin
  • Good for tile, timber and laminate floors


  • Comes with three wheels for better maneuverability
  • Dual spinning brushes to avoid dust from getting thrown away
  • Easy operation without complicated manuals
  • Easily get under and around the obstacles


  • Longer charging time

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.2 L
Run Time95 minutes
Product Dimension/Weight11*11*2.8 inches/3.3 pounds
Controller TypeButton control
Automatically RechargeNo

Need to know more about this mini cleaner? Here is a video that explains more about its features and the ways to use it perfectly:

Watch video: Robotic Vacuum K5AV Mini Cleaner review

Homasy 1500Pa Robot Vacuum

(Best with Mop)

Homasy 1500Pa Robot Vacuum

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that also does the job of mopping your house perfectly, the Homasy vacuum cleaner is something you should definitely consider.

This cleaning machine with powerful suction is also super quiet in its work. So, you would not hear any loud noises as your house is being cleaned.

With the self-charging feature, this robot vacuum automatically returns to its docking station while following its smart mapping technique. The mopping feature ensures that any dust left-off during the vacuum session is cleaned off to the core.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a triple filtration system
  • Automatically distinguishes ground types
  • SLAM technology for smart cleaning integration
  • 1500Pa suction with low noise


  • Cleans in a “Z” shape
  • Ideal for paper, pet hair, dust, or human hair cleaning
  • HEPA filter for allergy-friendly
  • Prevents the spread of invisible dirt particles in the air


  • Side brushes could be longer for closer wall cleaning

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.4 L
Run Time90 minutes
Product Dimension/Weight19.84*16.02*6.02 inches/24.9 pounds
Controller TypeRemote control
Automatically RechargeYes

Are you looking for a great device to keep your house clean in a smart way? Turn to Homasy robot vacuum cleaner. Watch this quick video to learn more about its features:

Watch video: Homasy Robot Vacuum Review

Buying Guide on Best Robot Vacuums Under $150

Robot vacuums have created a buzz all over, and they are indeed time-saving. So, if you are also planning to buy a robot vacuum for your house under $150, then here I provide you with a list of a few factors that you should look into before purchasing one.

Robot Vacuum Under $150

Bin Size:

The bin size of robot vacuums usually ranges from 0.25-1 liter. Smaller bin sizes have a lower capacity. So, one has to clean out the junk often to aid the robot vacuum in self-starting. However, the models that come with XL bins suck more debris & you need not worry about its frequent cleaning.


The runtime offered by a robot vacuum depends on its battery capacity. Most of the robot vacuums run for 60-70 minutes, which is enough for a small house. But if you have a large house, consider buying a robot vacuum with a battery of min 1500mAh or more.

Auto-Docking & Self-Start Capability:

The auto-docking feature in the robot vacuums detects a low battery and makes the cleaner return to its dock to recharge. The robot cleaners automatically boot up to clean the surface after it gets fully recharged. Apart from this, consider the self-start option while buying a robot vacuum.

Mode of Cleaning:

Some robot vacuums allow you to adjust the suction power manually, others come with several cleaning modes that have preset suction for different surfaces. It automatically detects the surface and chooses the cleaning mode accordingly. Hence, it is vital to consider the number of cleaning modes.

Connectivity of Wi-Fi:

Most of the robot vacuums support Wi-Fi functionality that allows you to access the cleaner, regardless of your location. You can control almost every action of the vacuum with the smart mobile app instead of a remote. With this feature, you can even control your vacuum when you are not at your home.


The robot vacuums come with several types of sensors that help the vacuum to navigate properly. For instance, bump sensors will protect your vacuum from the obstacles coming into its path while cleaning & cliff sensors will protect it from falling. Hence, it is vital to check the sensors present in the vacuum.


Before purchasing a product, many questions strike the mind of a consumer. If you also have some doubts, then here are a few commonly sought questions answered for you.

Why is my robot vacuum so loud?

Usually, when a robot vacuum is louder when it is cleaning carpets than hard floors, these vacuums allow you to reduce the speed by accessing its settings. However, if the problem persists, then the problem is with the filters; you need to remove the filters and wash them to remove any blockage.

Why is my robot vacuum not working?

If your robot vacuum is not working, then try to restart it. There might be some blockage, or the cleaner might have heated up. If the filter is clogging or air vents are blocked, then you need to clear them. But if it is heated up, let the cleaner cool for a while and then plug it again. Still, if you feel that the problem is continuing, then you can contact customer care.

Why is my robot vacuum not charging?

Keep the charging point of your vacuum cleaner tidy. Check if there is some built-up of dirt on it. If it is so, then clean it immediately. Try using a wet melamine foam to clean the charger. Also, ensure that the cords are not broken or damaged. If there is no such problem, then try to insert the plug properly into the socket.

Are robot vacuums worth it?

A robot vacuum is a great investment, especially if you can’t spend a lot of time cleaning your house. The robot vacuum cleaners are quiet, compact, and easy to use. They have all the essential sensors that navigate the robot vacuums. All you need is to program its settings properly and then begin using it.

Is Roomba better than Shark?

Both Roomba and Shark function well. However, in case you have a tight budget, then Shark vacuums will be more suitable for you. Talking about the suction power, Shark outshines Roomba vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors. However, the Roomba robot vacuums are incredibly versatile and have excellent efficiency. So, opt for the one as per your requirements.

My Top Pick

Robot vacuums make your life much easier, especially when you don’t have enough time to clean your house. So, a robot vacuum is a must-have device of any house.

If you are seeking any recommendations for the best robot vacuum under $150, then I liked the ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum the most. With its strong suction and 100-minute runtime, this vacuum can efficiently cater to your needs.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. And, if you want to share something with me, don’t hesitate.

All the Best!

Best Robot Vacuums Under 150

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