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Top 15 Best Vacuum for Wool Carpet Reviews 2024

Cleaning the wool carpet is usually more challenging than cleaning other types of carpets, but the best vacuum for wool carpet can make this task easier for you.

The traditional vacuum is not good for the wool carpet as it can damage the quality. Numerous vacuums in the market are specially designed for the wool carpet.

Therefore, you should only select such vacuums that work well on the wool carpets. However, such vacuum helps the wool carpet to come in great shape without damaging the quality.

Besides, the best vacuum for wool carpet extracts the dirt and grime from the carpet fibers. Finding the best vacuum for wool carpet is a bit of a tough task.

To make locating the best vacuum for wool carpet easier for you, I have reviewed 15 best products in this article.

However, before checking all the top-class vacuums available in the market, you should first learn about the types.

Types Of Vacuums for Wool Carpet

When it comes to the wool carpet, there are three popular vacuums such as upright, canister and cordless, which you should prefer.

The working of each vacuum is the same, but the features are usually different. Here, you will learn the types of vacuums for wool carpet.

Vacuum for Wool Carpet


Upright is one of the most popular vacuums for wool carpet. The upright vacuum is much easier to transport, which makes it the top pick of many people.

Though you can move it with ease, the flexibility level of the upright vacuum is a bit low. The lower flexibility makes it difficult to clean under the small areas like furniture.

Further, the upright vacuum is an ideal pick for people with a big place. You can conveniently move it and clean your entire home with this unit.

The wide-body design of the upright vacuum makes it perfect for large areas. Because of the design, you can cover more area with this vacuum in a short time.


Another popular sort of vacuum is the canister. Apart from carpet, you can use the canister vacuum to clean multiple surfaces. It is an excellent choice for people who require cleaning various surfaces.

Transporting the canister vacuum is not as easy as an upright vacuum. Unlike the upright vacuum, some of the canister vacuums also support the cleaning of the stairs.

Therefore, whether you want to clean stairs, wool carpets, or other floor types, you should pick the canister vacuum.

Because of the bulky shape of the canister, such vacuums are generally hard to store but still people like this unit because it offers high-end cleaning performance.

Stick Vacuum

Another popular type of vacuum is the sticky vacuum. Such vacuums provide moderate maneuverability.

As compared to other types, the stick vacuums are much easier to store because of their lighter weight. Additionally, mostly stick vacuum use batteries to operate, which make it a portable unit.

What Are The Best Vacuums for Wool Carpet?

The best vacuums for wool carpet are Shark Navigator NV356E, Bissell Cleanview 2252 and Shark Navigator NV352 because they have better suction, a high-quality filtration system and moderate cord length.

Below you will locate vital features of the entire 15 best vacuum for wool carpet.

Best Vacuum for Wool Carpet Comparison Chart 2022

This comparison table about the best vacuum for wool carpet is for those people who are in a hurry. Here, you will learn the vital features of the entire 15 best vacuum for wool carpet.

Best Vacuums for Wool CarpetTypeDust Cup CapacityFiltration SystemCord LengthWeight
Shark Navigator NV356E Vacuum for Wool Carpet - Best OverallUpright2.2 quartsHEPA filter25 feet13.7 pounds
Bissell Cleanview 2252 Vacuum for Wool Carpet - Best BudgetUpright1 literMulti-level filtration system25 feet17.7 pounds
Shark Navigator NV352 Vacuum for Wool Carpet - Best with HEPA FilterUpright1.5 quartsHEPA filter25 feet12.5 pounds
Dyson 214730-01 Vacuum for Wool Carpet - Best Run TimeStick0.14 gallonsWashable filterNo cord5.75 pounds
Soniclean Soft Vacuum for Wool Carpet - Best to Clean SofaUpright7.5 litersHEPA filter35 feet10.5 pounds
Shark HV382 Vacuum for Wool Carpet - Best for Hard FloorsStick0.91 quartsWashable filter30 feet9.9 pounds
Hoover Commercial CH32008 Vacuum for Wool Carpet - Best with BagCanister9 litersHEPA filter50 feet10.7 pounds
Electrolux EL4335B Vacuum for Wool Carpet - Best to Wash CarpetCanister1.4 quartsHEPA filter21 feet11.6 pounds
Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Wool Carpet - Best for StairsCanister4.76 quartsHEPA filterN/A20 pounds
Kenmore Elite 31230 Vacuum for Wool Carpet - Best for Pet HairUprightN/ATriple HEPA filter35 feet17 pounds
Bissell Zing 4122 Vacuum for Wool Carpet - Best for PoolCanister2 litersStandard filter17 feet12.5 pounds
Sanitaire SC3683B Vacuum for Wool Carpet - Best for CarCanister2.6 quartsHEPA filter20-25 feet10 pounds
ProTeam Commercial Vacuum for Wool Carpet - Best for Hot TubCanister10 quartsFoam filter50 feet12 pounds
Bissell 2156A Vacuum for Wool Carpet - Best Without BagCanister2 litersDual filters15 feet10.2 pounds
Eureka 3670M Vacuum for Wool Carpet - Best with BlowerCanister2.5 litersStandard filter20 feet11.6 pounds

Top 15 Best Vacuum for Wool Carpet Reviews 2022

To find out more about each of the best vacuum for wool carpet, you should read this section. Here I have revealed all the features, specifications and performance of each best vacuum for wool carpet.

1. Shark Navigator NV356E Vacuum for Wool Carpet

(Best Overall)

Shark Navigator NV356E Vacuum for Wool Carpet

The Shark Navigator NV356E is an ideal pick for people who want to clean their wool carpet. It is a beautiful design vacuum, which arrives with a silver and white color scheme.

Further, this unit can hold around 2.2 quarts of dust and other impurities. Thanks to the lift-away functionality that you can utilize to lift the canister away.

The seal technology of the NV356E Vacuum makes it an anti-allergen product. This vacuum for wool carpet also arrives with a HEPA filter.

The HEPA filter traps all the dust particles as well as allergens with ease. Another great thing about the Shark Navigator NV356E is that it has a brush-roll shutoff feature.

This brush roll makes it easier to perform deep carpet cleaning. Apart from carpet cleaning, you can also use the NV356E unit to clean bare floors.

Besides, the power rating of the Shark Navigator NV356E unit is around 1200 watts while the amperes that it requires to operate is 10A.

In addition, the Shark Navigator NV356E Vacuum also has a better cord length. 25 feet is the length of wire that comes with this unit. The NV356E Vacuum does not arrive with the LED light functionality.

Key Features:

  • It presents a lift-away technology that helps to remove canister quite easily.
  • This device also contributes to a complete seal technology.
  • It has a reliable brush-roll shutoff functionality.


  • Include HEPA filter
  • Lift-away function
  • Brush roll shutoff
  • Seal technology
  • Portable unit


  • No LED lights function
  • Not for hard floor

Product Specifications:

Voltage120 volts
Dimensions14.96 x 11.3 x 45.5 inches
Warranty5 years

To get more information about this vacuum:

Watch video: Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional NV356E review

2. Bissell Cleanview 2252 Vacuum for Wool Carpet

(Best Budget)

Bissell Cleanview 2252 Vacuum for Wool Carpet

In case you want an affordable vacuum for wool carpet that comes with a swivel steering control, then make sure to invest in the Bissell Cleanview 2252 Vacuum.

The 2252 unit is a powerful vacuum that can even pick small pet hair from the wool carpet. The scatter-free technology of this machine avoids the damage.

Thanks to the swivel steering technology that contributes to easy mobility. Another top-class feature in the Bissell Cleanview 2252 machine is that it has a triple action brush roll to fulfil the deep cleaning job.

Additionally, the cleaning path offered by the 2252 Vacuum is much higher. 13.5 inches is the cleaning path of the 2252 model.

Further, it introduces specialized pet tools to deal with the mess caused by the pets. Besides, the dust box of the 2252 Vacuum is much easier to empty.

The dust box also delivers a mess-free environment. Similar to other vacuums, the Cleanview 2252 additionally includes a hose with around 6 feet of length.

Besides, the dust cup capacity of the 2252 unit is slightly higher than many other vacuums. You can store approximately 1 liter of dust in the dirt cup.

Key Features:

  • This unit supports a scatter free technology that prevents damage.
  • The swivel steering of this unit results in an easy motion.
  • It provides a higher cleaning path width.


  • Multi-level filtration system
  • Substantial cleaning path
  • Scatter free technology
  • Swivel steering feature
  • Affordable product


  • No automatic cord rewind option
  • Short hose length

Product Specifications:

Hose Length6 feet
Cleaning Path13.5 inches
Dimensions13 x 14.0 x 44.5 inches
Warranty2-3 years

To get more information about this vacuum:

Watch video: Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet Review

3. Shark Navigator NV352 Vacuum for Wool Carpet

(Best with HEPA Filter)

Shark Navigator NV352 Vacuum for Wool Carpet

Not only the wool carpet but also you can use the Shark Navigator NV352 Vacuum on the hard floor as well. It is a dual-action vacuum, which operates on an AC power source.

Further, like other premium vacuums, NV352 unit also incorporates a lift-away technology. With a single button touch, you can lift the canister.

This lift-away feature will help you to get to hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, the NV352 model takes assistance from 1200 watts to accomplish the cleaning task.

In terms of wire length, the NV352 unit is also great. The size of the cord is 25 feet, which offers a higher cleaning path. The high cord length will permit you to use the unit in large rooms without unplugging.

This HEPA filtration system of the Shark Navigator NV352 Vacuum makes it to catch even a small dust impurity quite effortlessly.

Another prime reason to invest in the NV352 Vacuum is that it arrives with a comprehensive manufacturing warranty. Apart from wool carpet, the NV352 unit works well on the bare floor, as well as stairs.

Furthermore, with the NV352 unit, you will obtain a dual crevice tool with diverse lengths. One tool comes with a length of 24 inches while the other has 5.5 inches of length.

Key Features:

  • It holds a lift-away technology that helps to lift the canister.
  • The swivel steering handle offers a better movement.
  • It provides a dusting brush and an upholstery tool.


  • Multiple surface support
  • Provide a dusting brush
  • Include crevice tools
  • Lift-away function
  • Anti-allergen


  • Challenging to clean under furniture
  • Bulky

Product Specifications:

Lift-Away OptionYes
Power Rating1200 watts
Dimensions15 x 11.3 x 45.5 inches
Warranty5 years

To get more detail about this vacuum:

Watch video: Shark Navigator Lift Away NV352 Review & Tests

4. Dyson 214730-01 Vacuum for Wool Carpet

(Best Run Time)

Dyson 214730-01 Vacuum for Wool Carpet

Do you want a cordless vacuum for your wool carpet? If yes, then the Dyson 214730-01 will be an ideal pick for you. The cord-free operation of the Dyson Vacuum makes it a hassle-free product.

Further, the Dyson Vacuum employs a strong battery and a high-end motor to perform the cleaning work cordlessly. Unlike other cordless vacuums, the run time of the Dyson 214730-01 Vacuum is top-notch.

However, 40 minutes is the total run time of the Dyson Vacuum. Besides, at the maximum mode, the 214730-01 unit presents a suction power of around 115 AW.

You will further attain an instant release trigger with this model. You will need to charge the Dyson Vacuum for about 4 hours before using it.

Thanks to the soft roller head of the Dyson Vacuum, which does not damage the wool carpet. Moreover, this unit introduces a stiff nylon bristle for deep and accurate cleaning of the dirt.

It also displays a HEPA filtration system, which is washable. The Dyson digital motor makes this vacuum operate on multiple floors. Other than the wool carpet, the Dyson 214730-01 unit even works fine on the hard floors.

Key Features:

  • It supports a maximum mode for rapid cleaning.
  • This unit presents a fade-free power technology.
  • It also has a digital motor that is easy to control.


  • Include soft roller head
  • HEPA filtration system
  • Instant release trigger
  • Fade free power
  • Higher run time


  • Recharging time is high
  • Pricey

Product Specifications:

Run Time40 minutes
Power SourceBattery-powered
Dimensions9.9 x 8.8 x 49 inches
Warranty2 years

To get more detail about this vacuum:

Watch video: Dyson 214730-01 V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

5. Soniclean Soft Vacuum for Wool Carpet

(Best to Clean Sofa)

Soniclean Soft Vacuum for Wool Carpet

The Soniclean Soft is a lightweight vacuum that appears with a black and gold hue scheme. It uses sonic cleaning technology for effective performance.

The Soniclean can easily dislodge embedded dirt and dust within no time. Moreover, you will attain a digital control motor with this unit.

The Soniclean Soft Vacuum comes with dual cleaning modes. These modes include the quiet mode and the deep cleaning mode. Thanks to the multiple modes that permit to clean heavily soiled carpets.

Further, the Soniclean Soft Vacuum additionally has an advanced jam protection technology that protects the machine from damage.

With the advanced jam protection, you can prevent the jamming of this vacuum. It provides additional stability to the belt and the vacuum’s motor.

Additionally, you will access the adjustable vent system with the Soniclean Soft Vacuum. The large rubber wheels of this unit deliver better and effortless movability. Using the pull and push operation, you can conveniently move the whole vacuum.

Besides the wool carpets, the Soniclean Soft Vacuum also supports both the high pile and low pile carpets. Furthermore, the Soniclean Vacuum has an ultra-soft brush roll that does not damage the carpet fibers.

Key Features:

  • This machine additionally supports an adjustable vent system.
  • It appears with a sonic carpet cleaning technology.
  • It has a high-graded HEPA filtration system.


  • Sonic cleaning technology
  • Advanced jam protection
  • Digitally controlled motor
  • Adjustable vent system
  • HEPA filtration system


  • Filter bag may require frequent replacement
  • Expensive

Product Specifications:

Voltages120 volts
Dimensions11.5 x 14.0 x 43.5 inches
Warranty5 years

6. Shark HV382 Vacuum for Wool Carpet

(Best for Hard Floors)

Shark HV382 Vacuum for Wool Carpet

Shark HV382 Vacuum is a corded unit that arrives in a charcoal shade. This unit has a Duoclean technology for deep cleaning action. You can clean both the wool carpet and floors via the HV382 model.

Further, the Shark HV382 Vacuum gives a polishing and a neater look to the floor. It also has a brush roll garage that you can use for the maintenance of the brush roll.

Besides, you will access pet multi-tool with the Shark HV382 unit that aims to capture embedded pet hair even from hard-to-reach areas.

Unlike other vacuums for wool carpet, the Shark HV382 unit comes with a LED light. The LED light is present at the floor nozzle so that you can execute the cleaning task even in dark places.

The LED light will assist you to spot hidden debris with ease. Moreover, you can utilize the HV382 model as a handheld vacuum.

The power rating and the amperes of this unit are around 505 watts and 4.2A, respectively. In addition, the cord length of the Shark HV382 Vacuum is much higher.

30 feet is the length of the cord while this unit does not include any hose. The dust capacity that you will get with the HV382 model is 0.91 quarts. All the features in this unit contribute to a top-notch cleaning.

Key Features:

  • The Duoclean technology of this machine renders effective results.
  • This unit has built-in LED lights for comfortable cleaning.
  • It provides pet multi-tool to easily deal with pet hair.


  • Can work as a handheld vacuum
  • Cord length is greater
  • Attack large debris
  • LED light option
  • Lightweight


  • The hose is also not available
  • No self-cleaning function

Product Specifications:

LED LightYes
Power Rating505 watts
Dimensions10.2 x 9.7 x 46.4 inches
Warranty5 years

To get more detail about this vacuum:

Watch video: Shark Rocket Ultra Light HV382 Stick Vacuum

7. Hoover Commercial CH32008 Vacuum for Wool Carpet

(Best with Bag)

Hoover Commercial CH32008 Vacuum for Wool Carpet

Are you searching for a vacuum for wool carpet with a higher dust box capacity? If yes, then the Hoover Commercial CH32008 Vacuum is for you.

The CH32008 Vacuum has a large storage tank that arrives with 9.5 quarts of storage space. This unit appears with a 2-speed hush motor that allows rapid and effective cleaning.

In contrast to other vacuums, the CH32008 model does not generate much noise. The hush motor makes sure to deliver quiet operation.

Besides, 62 dB is the maximum noise level that the Hoover CH32008 Vacuum produces. Thanks to the quiet operation that does not disturb the surrounding environment when the vacuum is working.

The Hoover Commercial CH32008 model holds a top-class filtration system. The HEPA filtration bag can easily accommodate dirt, pollen and dust.

Another feature that people like about the Hoover Commercial CH32008 is that it has an extra-long wire. The length of the wire is nearly 50 feet, which is much higher as compared to the other vacuums.

Because of the long wire, you will not have to change the outlet repeatedly. Handling such a long wire is usually difficult, and the CH32008 model does not present any separate storage for the power cord.

Key Features:

  • It has a hush mode that performs the cleaning task silently.
  • This device also supports HEPA filter bag traps.
  • It additionally holds a dual speed motor.


  • Higher cleaning range
  • 2-speed hush motor
  • Large capacity bag
  • Quiet operation
  • Extra-long cord


  • Storing the wire might be an issue for you
  • No storage space for the power cord

Product Specifications:

Noise Level62 dB
Capacity9 liters
Dimensions16 x 15.0 x 17 inches
Warranty1 year

8. Electrolux EL4335B Vacuum for Wool Carpet

(Best to Wash Carpet)

Electrolux EL4335B Vacuum for Wool Carpet

In terms of shape and performance, the Electrolux EL4335B is another high-quality product to try. The red and black color combination of the EL4335B Vacuum adds more elegance to this unit.

Moreover, this unit arrives with a brush roll switch. Using the brush roll switch, you can turn the EL4335B Vacuum on and off.

Besides, the EL4335B unit also presents a height adjustment feature. There are three levels, which you will access via the height adjustment option.

You can set the height of the Electrolux EL4335B Vacuum as per your wish utilizing the controls. In addition, Electrolux Vacuum includes a motion control system.

You can manage the motion of the vacuum according to your requirement. However, 12A is the total amperes that this unit demands its operation.

Similar to the height adjustment option, this Electrolux EL4335B Vacuum also carries an adjustable suction feature.

You can shift the suction power of the EL4335B Vacuum by looking at your needs. Like other top-notch units, the Electrolux Vacuum presents a HEPA system.

Furthermore, the EL433B allot a cleaning range of 33 feet while the dust box capacity of this machine is 1.4 quarts. The easy-empty technology of the EL4335B model will help you to empty the dust cup with no hassle.

Key Features:

  • It presents three different levels of height adjustments.
  • This unit appears with an on/off brush roll switch.
  • It also has an adjustable suction power option.


  • Support LED nozzle headlights
  • Brush roll clean technology
  • Easy-empty technology
  • Have bagless cup
  • HEPA Filter


  • No bag-change indicator
  • No upholstery tool

Product Specifications:

Motor12 amperes
Reach System33 feet
Dimensions17 x 11.5 x 13 inches
Warranty5 years

To get more detail about this vacuum:

Watch video: Electrolux EL4335B Corded Ultra Flex Canister Vacuum

9. Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Wool Carpet

(Best for Stairs)

Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Wool Carpet

The Miele C3 unit is only recommended to those people with a higher budget. The cost of the Miele C3 Vacuum is much higher than many other vacuums for wool carpet.

The reason behind the high price of this vacuum is that it has several features that aim to provide better performance.

Further, you will notice a unique tayberry red color on the C3 model. Apart from wool carpet, you can employ the C3 Vacuum on other types of carpets as well.

It owns an electro brush technology that makes it suitable for soft surfaces. The motor integrated into the C3 Vacuum is much more powerful.

Though the power of the motor is high, it still delivers quiet operation. You will further earn five unique levels of height adjustment options with the C3 unit.

Besides, the C3 machine also supports deep cleaning. The parquet twister of the Miele Complete C3 Vacuum will authorize you to use it even on hard floors.

You will also access different suction power settings. There are six suction power settings, which you can select as per your need. Apart from suction settings, this unit also presents additional settings for effective cleaning.

Key Features:

  • It has a parquet twister that allows cleaning on multiple floors.
  • This unit also supports an AirClean sealed system.
  • It presents five different height adjustments level.


  • For both hard floors and carpets
  • Five-level height adjustment
  • Six suction power settings
  • AirClean sealed system
  • Support HEPA filters


  • Moderate weight
  • Quite expensive

Product Specifications:

Power Rating1200 watts
ColorTayberry red
Dimensions17.2 x 23.2 x 14.9 inches
Warranty3 years

10. Kenmore Elite 31230 Vacuum for Wool Carpet

(Best for Pet Hair)

Kenmore Elite 31230 Vacuum for Wool Carpet

Do you need an energy-efficient Vacuum for Wool Carpet? If so, then try the Kenmore Elite 31230 Vacuum. It is a dual-action vacuum, which arrives with a power rating of 120 watts.

The 31230 unit has a red hue on the body. Further, it is a bagless upright vacuum, which supports multi-surfaces. You can use the Elite 31230 Vacuum to clean pet hair, dust and dirt.

It has a wide sweeper path that provides quick cleaning results. Besides, this model also has an air-driven turbine brush that delivers greater RPM.

Thanks to the air-driven brush that helps to remove dander and stubborn debris effortlessly. Another great feature in the Kenmore Elite 31230 Vacuum is the multiple height adjustment features.

You will access six different height adjustment options with the Kenmore Elite 31230 device. Moreover, the Elite 31230 vacuum also carries dual motors. The cyclonic technology used in motors provides adequate cleaning.

In addition, Kenmore Elite Vacuum displays an LED dirt sensor that will let you know about the dirt level of the tank. The canister used in this vacuum comes with a lift-away option. With no effort, you can empty and clean the canister.

Key Features:

  • It has a powerful motor that delivers stronger RPM.
  • This device also contains spins roller brush.
  • It holds a triple filtration system.


  • Provide aluminum wand
  • Cyclonic technology
  • LED dirt sensor
  • Flexible hose
  • Dual motors


  • Less cleaning width
  • Heavyweight

Product Specifications:

Height Adjustment6 levels
MotorDual motors
Dimensions1 year
Warranty14.2 x 13 x 43 inches

To get more detail about this vacuum:

Watch video: Kenmore Elite Crossover Ultra, Cat mess disaster cleanup

11. Bissell Zing 4122 Vacuum for Wool Carpet

(Best for Pool)

Bissell Zing 4122 Vacuum for Wool Carpet

This corded canister vacuum by the Bissell brand holds a robust built-in motor. The powerful motor can handle dust from both high and low pile carpets.

Further, the Zing 4122 Vacuum also works great on hard floors. It includes a switch option that allows you to shift it from a carpet cleaner to a hard floor cleaner.

Besides, the Zing 4122 Vacuum arrives with an automatic cord rewind that promotes neat and easy storage.

Furthermore, you will attain a quick cord storage option with this unit. The quick cord storage will permit you to keep the long wire organized with a push of a button.

Another feature that people praise in the Bissell Zing 4122 Vacuum is the dirt cup capacity. The 2-liter large bag allows storing more dust and debris. Besides, the design of the 4122 unit is portable.

Further, the Bissell Zing introduces a variable suction control. You can set the suction power as per your need via the variable suction control feature.

The Bissell Zing 4122 Vacuum also has a full bag indicator that will tell you when the bag is full of dust. Additionally, as an attachment, the Bissell also presents the telescoping want with the Zing 4122 Vacuum.

Key Features:

  • It has an automatic cord rewind that allows storing the cord quite conveniently.
  • It includes a variable suction control so that you can adjust the suction as needed.
  • This unit further presents a full bag indicator.


  • Variable suction control option
  • Automatic cord rewind
  • Multi-surface support
  • Powerful suction
  • Full bag indicator


  • The telescopic wand is short
  • No motorized brush

Product Specifications:

Variable Suction ControlYes
Dimensions18.6 x 11.2 x 11.5 inches
Warranty1 year

12. Sanitaire SC3683B Vacuum for Wool Carpet

(Best for Car)

Sanitaire SC3683B Vacuum for Wool Carpet

When it comes to portability and easy transportation, it is hard to beat the Sanitaire SC3683B Vacuum. The Sanitaire SC3683B unit has higher portability, and it is much easier to transport.

The body of the Sanitaire Vacuum arrives with the red and black shade while the unit also contains additional attachments for comfortable cleaning.

The attachments will support you to use the SC3683B unit for low-pile carpet, wool carpet as well as area rugs. Besides, the Sanitaire brand also suggests that you can utilize the SC3683B Vacuum even on a deeper pile carpet.

In addition, you will face no difficulty while cleaning corners and other small places with the Sanitaire SC3683B Vacuum.

Thanks to the dual wands that make it easier to clean corns and hard-to-reach locations. The dual wands use plastic material, which makes it slightly less durable.

Further, you will gain a crevice tool and a dust brush with the SC3683B Vacuum. Most people prefer the Sanitaire Vacuum because of the greater maneuverability it offers.

This unit will accommodate you to execute the detail cleaning work. Further, the Sanitaire brand additionally presents two years of warranty with the SC3683B Vacuum.

Key Features:

  • This product offers multiple carpet cleaning attachments.
  • It supports two plastic wands for deep cleaning.
  • The HEPA filter is also present in this unit.


  • Can clean deep pile carpets
  • Better maneuverability
  • Multi-surface support
  • Include attachments
  • Portable machine


  • Do not support all floor types
  • No storage for cord

Product Specifications:

Wands2-piece plastic wand
Dimensions18 x 11.1 x 19 inches
Warranty2 years

13. ProTeam Commercial Vacuum for Wool Carpet

(Best for Hot Tub)

ProTeam Commercial Vacuum for Wool Carpet

If you want a compact shape vacuum for wool carpet, then pick the ProTeam Commercial Vacuum. The ProTeam Vacuum uses a dual-action technology that makes it compatible with multiple surfaces.

You can use the ProTeam Vacuum on both the wool carpet and upholstery. In terms of tank size, the ProTeam Vacuum allocates 10-quart of storage.

Further, the filtration system of the ProTeam Vacuum is three times better than other traditional vacuums. Thanks to the ProTeam Vacuum that aims to deliver maximum cleaning ability.

Unlike most other vacuums, the ProTeam Vacuum does not produce much noise. 66 dB is the noise level that you will experience on using this device.

Besides, the ProTeam Vacuum is considered as one of the quietest vacuums available in the market. Moreover, this unit does not include beater bars, belts as well as brushes.

Without the use of brushes and belts, the ProTeam Vacuum will give you desired cleaning results. Besides, because of fewer components, maintaining the ProTeam Vacuum is a lot easier.

Further, this Vacuum by the ProTeam brand also arrives with a four-level advanced filtration system. This filtration system delivers better indoor air quality.

Further, you can also use the ProTeam Vacuum in places like offices, hotels as well as universities. With this unit, you will attain continuous, rapid and better airflow.

Key Features:

  • Though it has a powerful motor, still it renders quiet operation.
  • This unit contains a four-level advanced filtration system.
  • This device has much better airflow.


  • Support multi-surface cleaning
  • Four-level advanced filtration
  • Provide telescoping wand
  • Extra-long power cord
  • Quiet performance


  • Do not include a brush
  • No belts

Product Specifications:

Power SourceCorded electric
Dimensions3 years
Warranty20 x 12.0 x 16.5 inches

14. Bissell 2156A Vacuum for Wool Carpet

(Best without Bag)

Bissell 2156A Vacuum for Wool Carpet

The Bissell 2156A Vacuum arrives with three different color options. You can either select green, maroon and purple shade with this product as per your wish.

It is a bagless unit, which appears with a small dust box cup for the storage of dust and debris. Further, the dirt cup is removable and supports a mess-free environment.

You will also attain an easy-empty lid with this unit. Besides, you will also enjoy multi-surface cleaning support with the 2156A unit.

The Bissell Vacuum has a built-in switch that will help you to use this vacuum both for the carpet and for the hard floor. You can shift the floor type support by pressing a button.

The automatic cord rewind is another quality feature in the 2156A Vacuum. You will not require wrapping the power cord because of the automatic cord rewind feature.

15 feet is the length of the wire. Besides, the 2156A model holds a cyclonic technology that offers speedy cleaning.

Moreover, the multi-level filtration of the Bissell 2156A model keeps the environment clean. The airflow regulator integrated into the Bissell Vacuum provides optimal airflow.

Key Features:

  • It appears with a cyclonic action technology for a high-end cleaning outcome.
  • The filters used in this device are washable and reusable.
  • It also has an integrated carrying handle for easy mobility.


  • Support cyclonic technology
  • Multi-level filtration system
  • Easy-to-empty dirt cup
  • Automatic cord rewind
  • Bagless unit


  • Not for large rooms
  • Dirt cup is small

Product Specifications:

Ampere9 amperes
Tank TypeBagless
Dimensions14 x 11.0 x 12 inches
Warranty1 year

15. Eureka 3670M Vacuum for Wool Carpet

(Best with Blower)

Eureka 3670M Vacuum for Wool Carpet

The Eureka 3670M is the final vacuum in the list of the best vacuum for wool carpet. It is an affordable, lightweight and portable vacuum, which provides many features for convenient cleaning.

This unit introduces the yellow and black combination. The Eureka 3670M operates on wool carpets as well as hard floors.

Further, the 3670M unit seems quite small, but it has a much better dust bag capacity. The dust bag can hold around 2.5 liters of dust. Besides, the Eureka Vacuum also holds a built-in motor of 10 amperes.

The purpose of this motor is to deliver stronger and continuous suction. Another top-quality feature of the Eureka 3670M Vacuum is that it holds a blower port option.

You can turn the 3670M unit into a blower using this feature. With the blower port option, you can conveniently handle the dust. You can also use this vacuum for cleaning under bed.

Besides, the Eureka 3670M Vacuum grants access to the crevice tool and an upholstery nozzle. The upholstery nozzle will accommodate you to clean upholstery and other hard-to-reach locations.

Apart from the crevice tool and upholstery nozzle, the 3670M Vacuum additionally offers a dual-purpose dusting brush. This dusting brush makes the cleaning duty comfortable.

Key Features:

  • The 10-amp motor of this device delivers high-class suction.
  • It offers a dual purpose dusting brush for easy cleaning.
  • This unit also supports a blower port.


  • Convenient Cord Storage
  • Support blower port
  • Continuous suction
  • Easy to carry
  • Affordable


  • Struggle to clean large debris
  • Only support a few surfaces

Product Specifications:

Motor10 amperes
Dimensions16.5 x 9.0 x 11.3 inches
Warranty1 year

To get more detail about this vacuum:

Watch video: Eureka Mighty Mite 3670M Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuum for Wool Carpet – Buyer’s Guide

Do you want to know the factors to consider while buying the vacuum for wool carpet? If so, then this buyer’s guide is for you. Here you will find out how to pick the best vacuum for wool carpet that has top-notch features and better performance.

Vacuums for Wool Carpet

Suction Power

A vacuum for wool carpet should have a moderate suction power. The dirt and debris usually get stuck in the wool carpet, and it is much difficult to remove such dirt and debris using a vacuum with low suction power.

Further, to extract the stubborn dust from the wool carpet, you will only require the vacuum with greater suction power. Additionally, make sure that the suction power is not extreme.

If the suction power is extremely higher, then it can pull up the wool strands, which will damage the carpet. Therefore, for the better cleaning of your wool carpet prefer a vacuum with moderate suction power.

Hose And Cord Length

Hose and cord length is another crucial thing to look in a vacuum. A vacuum with a significant hose and cord length usually provides more cleaning range.

In addition, you will not have to re-plug the vacuum repeatedly if it has a greater cord length. Besides, cleaning hard-to-reach areas becomes a lot easier with a vacuum that has more hose length.

Assure that the length of hose and cord is not too high because you will struggle while storing it. Therefore, always select the vacuum with a moderate length of cord and hose.

Corded Or Cordless

Decide whether you want a corded vacuum or a cordless one. The cordless vacuums are usually more portable and travel-friendly units. You can easily carry the cordless vacuum, which is not the case with the corded one.

However, you may require recharging the cordless vacuums repeatedly while recharging the corded vacuum is not the problem because it uses power cord to operate.

Bagged Or Bagless

If you do not want to spend money on bags, then make sure to invest in a bagless vacuum. In the bagless vacuum, you may require more filters than the bagged vacuum.

Besides, the bagged vacuums usually store more debris and require less frequent cleaning of the filters.

Filtration System

Most people do not check the filtration system while purchasing a vacuum for wool carpet. A filtration system is a vital factor to consider in a vacuum.

Some of the wool carpets can even hold the allergens and harmful bacteria, which can cause various diseases. However, to deal with such allergens, you should prefer a vacuum with a better filtration system.

Usually, professionals suggest selecting a vacuum with a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter can easily capture allergens and other deadly particles from the wool carpet. Besides, the HEPA filtration system is usually removable as well as washable.


Some of the vacuums for wool carpet even arrive with attachments. If you desire quick and easy cleaning, then you should select a vacuum with quality attachments.

Most of the brands include attachments with their vacuum to make the clean task convenient. If your vacuum arrives with soft and durable brushes, then it will be a great thing for you.

The soft brushes will remove the tough debris from the carpet without damaging the softness of the wool. Besides, some units also offer flat hose attachment that provides better care to the wool strands while cleaning.


If you have any confusion about the best vacuum for wool carpet, then this FAQ section is for you. Here, you will learn some frequent queries about the best vacuum for wool carpet.

How Do You Vacuum a Wool Carpet?

Vacuuming a wool carpet is a straightforward task. Make sure only to use the vacuum gently on the wool carpet, as the wool carpet is softer and it can easily get damaged with a slight force.

Try to move the vacuum against the wool grain so that you can get a better finish. In addition, move the vacuum methodically on the wool carpet so that you can easily remove all the dirt.

Can You Wash a Wool Carpet?

Yes, you can wash your wool carpet. The only issue that you may face is with the drying process. As the wool carpet is highly absorbent, so drying it is usually a time-consuming task.

Is Wool Carpet Hard To Clean?

Yes, wool carpets are usually harder to clean than other types of carpets. To make cleaning the wool carpet easier, you can use a vacuum. Make sure only to go for such a vacuum that supports wool carpet cleaning.

Should You Vacuum a Wool Rug?

Yes, you should vacuum a wool rug if you want to keep it safe from dirt and grime. Make sure to vacuum the wool rug after a few days so that you can make it look neat.

How Often Should You Vacuum Wool Carpet?

If you want your wool carpet to last longer, then make sure to vacuum it regularly. Only use the specially designed vacuum for the wool carpet. You can vacuum your wool carpet once a week to make the wool carpet stay in a better condition.

Vacuuming the wool carpet weekly will prevent it from dust and dirt. Using the vacuum that is especially for wool carpet often will do no harm.

Further, ensure to eliminate the spills from your wool carpet as soon as possible. The spill can also damage the quality of your wool carpet so you should get rid of it quickly using a vacuum.

My Top Pick

If you still do not know which vacuum for wool carpet you should select, then I would suggest you try the Shark Navigator NV356E Vacuum for Wool Carpet.

The Shark Navigator NV356E is the top preference of many people because of the quality of cleaning it delivers. It is a suitable and effective solution for cleaning the wool carpet.

You can also choose some other product from the list of best vacuum for wool carpet as per your wish. Do let me know your favorite wool carpet and do not forget to leave a comment and make sure to share this article.

Best Vacuums For Wool Carpet

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