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Top 15 Best Vacuum Cleaner for Concrete Floors to Buy 2024

Undoubtedly, concrete floors are hard surfaces widely used in garages, patios, basements, etc. However, cleaning and maintaining the beauty of these floors is not an easy task. That’s why you should invest in the best vacuum for concrete floors.

The vacuums that are specifically designed for cleaning the concrete floors have the ability to suck fine dust particles and stubborn dirt from the floor. They have brush rolls that are tough on the dirt and debris but gentle enough on your floor and won’t scathe your concrete floors.

However, picking the right vacuum for the concrete floor is not easy at all. To help you choose the right vacuum, I will introduce you to the top 15 vacuums that efficiently work on your concrete floors. I will also tell you the factors you should keep in mind while picking the best model.

Vacuums for Concrete Floors

Types of the Concrete Floor & How to Maintain It?

Concrete floors can be classified into different categories. If you want your asset to last long and shine like new even after ages, you need to maintain each type separately. Here is the maintenance tip of different concrete floors.

Floor TypeWhat is so special about the floor?Maintenance Tip
SealedFor increasing the durability of the sealed concrete flooring, components like penetrating silicates, epoxies, acrylic resins, and urethane are used for coating. All these substances make the floor surface resistant against the stains from liquids.Maintaining these types of floors is the easiest thing on Earth. All you need to do is remove all the traces of dirt and dust using a vacuum cleaner for concrete floors. Additionally, clean the surface gently using a wet mop dipped in warm water and dishwashing liquid solution once a week.
UnsealedUnfinished poured concrete flooring is generally considered to be unsealed. This kind of concrete flooring catches stains and dirt easily. Moreover, it is quite difficult to get rid of that stain, especially if it is an oil stain.Unsealed flooring requires daily cleaning. Otherwise, the stains will become irremovable. Use a vacuum to abolish the dirt and dust particles from the floor surface. After that, clean it with a pressure washer using the trisodium phosphate solution.
StainedStained concrete flooring is highly durable and fade-resistant, which makes it extremely desirable among the users. With it, you can rest all your concerns regarding the peeling of the colors. Apart from this, this type of flooring is highly versatile. Thus, you can choose between different colors and designs.Cleaning the stained concrete flooring might be easier, but it does require maintenance daily. For that, you would require availing of a high-grade vacuum for concrete floors to get rid of all the grime, dirt, and dust particles. Alongside this, the stained floor needs occasional wet cleaning. Thus, clean it using a soft mop and ph-neutral cleaner gently only when needed.
Stamped Stamped floorings are exactly the replication of stone, brick, or wood. However, it is often known as imprinted or textured concrete & it catches stains and dirt marks easily. You can choose to install it in outdoor areas as it is extremely durable.Among all other types of concrete flooring, stamped is the easiest to maintain. You do not even need to mop it regularly, mop it only when it is too dirty using the hard floor cleaners. However, vacuuming the floor before moping is suggestible.
Polished Polished concrete floors appear to be sleek and glossy. This kind of flooring hardly requires any re-sealing. So, much of your money gets saved with polished concrete; however, it tends to peel after a certain point. The best part is that you can clean it effortlessly!After vacuuming your polished floor, mop it wherever you find stain or dirt, or liquid spill. While cleaning, make sure to use a pH-neutral cleaner specially made for the polished concrete flooring to avert the peeling thing.
Painted Painted flooring somewhat resembles stained flooring, but the latter is more durable. Because of this reason, painted flooring is less suggested to use in high-traffic areas. However, painted flooring can be both sealed and unsealed.First of all, clean the loose dirt particles using a vacuum or sweeper. Afterward, clean the surface using a microfiber mop and warm water, and a gentle cleanser solution. If your painted floor is sealed, you must avoid harsh chemical cleansers to protect the sealant and the paint.

What Are The Best Vacuums for Concrete Floor?

The best vacuum for concrete floors you can trust the most is the Shark SV1106, and the most inexpensive product is the VonHaus EPT2. If you need a robot vacuum for cleaning your concrete floor, you can choose the Irobot Roomba 960.

Let’s have a look at my suggested list of the best vacuum cleaner for concrete floors! Make sure that you read the highlight features of each product for making an informed decision!

  • Best Overall: Shark SV1106 Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    “Swivel Steering, XL dust cup capacity, portable and versatile, brush roll shutoff, detachable canister”.
  • Best Budget: VonHaus EPT2 2-in-1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    “Convertible vacuum, large tank, extendable handle for hard to reach areas, various attachments, HEPA filtration”.
  • Best Bissell: Bissell 2033M Stick Vacuum Cleaner
    “Powerful Suction, crevice tool for under furniture cleaning, easy to empty dirt cup, wide cleaning path width, long power cord”.
  • Best Robotic: iRobot Roomba 960 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
    “Great performance, ideal for pet hairs, unique dual multi-surface rubber brushes, high-efficiency filters, automatic recharging, smart navigation”.
  • Best Upright: Oreck XL2100RHS Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    “Powerful suction, high-speed brush roll, lightweight, automatic floor adjustments, 12-inch cleaning path”.
  • Best for Stained Surface: Bissell 1785A Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    “Vacuums and washes at the same time, multi-surface cleaning, dual-action multi-surface brush rolls, two tanks for wet and dry debris, smart touch controls for easy maneuverability”.
  • Best Dyson: Dyson UP20 Ball Animal 2 Vacuum Cleaner
    “Strongest suction, multi-surface cleaning, self-adjusting cleaner head, tangle-free turbine tool, HEPA filtration, easy to empty dirt cup”.
  • Best for Polished Surface: Bissell 2039A Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    “On-demand spray, quiet cleaning, lightweight and maneuverable, easy-fill clean water tank, washable mop pads”.
  • Best Stick: Hoover BH50020PC Stick Vacuum Cleaner
    “Lightweight, multi-floor cleaning, WindTunnel Technology, Low profile design, fingertip control, battery gauge, the fade-free lithium-ion battery”.
  • Best Canister: Bissell Deluxe 1161 Canister Vacuum
    “Powerful vacuum, non-marking rubber wheels, compact, lightweight, fingertip controls, easy to empty dirt tank, extended reach.”
  • Best Cordless: Shark ION F80 Stick Vacuum Cleaner
    “Powerful suction, 80 minutes run time, multiflex technology, compact storage, ideal for multiple surfaces”.
  • Best Bagged: Kenmore 31150 Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    “Powerful pet hair pickup, aluminum telescopic wand, HEPA filtration, 3-versatile tools, extra-long cord, dust sensors for efficient cleaning, 5-height adjustment options”.
  • Best Suction: Eureka NEC222 Stick Vacuum Cleaner
    “Powerful suction, 30 minutes run time, easy to use, easy assembly, lightweight and portable, easy to empty dirt cup, all-floor cleaning, LED headlight”.
  • Best for Cement Floors: Oreck U2000RB1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    “Easy assembly, automatic floor adjustment, easy to use, 12-inch cleaning path, cogged v-belt resists slippage”.
  • Best Electric: Bissell 1547 Canister Vacuum Cleaner
    “Multi-cyclonic technology, long cord length, 11-inch cleaning path, multi-surface cleaning, easy to empty dirt cup, compact and lightweight”.

Best Vacuum for Concrete Floor Comparison Chart 2022

The comparison chart below needs your consideration if you do not have enough time to flip through the long reviews. Moreover, you can also compare the 15 best vacuums for concrete floors to know which product suits your demand the most.

Best Vacuums for Concrete FloorSurface RecommendedColorPower Source
Shark SV1106 Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Best OverallHard floor, carpetWhite/GrayBattery Powered
VonHaus EPT2 2-in-1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Best BudgetHard floor, carpetOrangeCorded Electric
Bissell 2033M Stick Vacuum Cleaner - Best BissellHard floor, carpetBlack, blue, lime, purpleCorded Electric
iRobot Roomba 960 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - Best RoboticHard floor, carpetBlackBattery Powered
Oreck XL2100RHS Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Best UprightHard Floor, carpetBlueCorded Electric
Bissell 1785A Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Best for Stained SurfaceHard Floor, carpetGreenCorded Electric
Dyson UP20 Ball Animal 2 Vacuum Cleaner - Best DysonHard Floor, carpetPurpleCorded Electric
Bissell 2039A Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Best for Polished SurfaceHard FloorGreenCorded Electric
Hoover BH50020PC Stick Vacuum Cleaner - Best StickHard Floor, carpetBlackBattery Powered
Bissell Deluxe 1161 Canister Vacuum - Best CanisterHard Floor, carpet, upholsteryRed and blackCorded Electric
Shark ION F80 Stick Vacuum Cleaner - Best CordlessHard Floor, carpetGoldBattery Powered
Kenmore 31150 Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Best BaggedHard Floor, carpetSilverCorded Electric
Eureka NEC222 Stick Vacuum Cleaner - Best SuctionHard FloorBlueBattery Powered
Oreck U2000RB1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Best for Cement FloorsHard Floor, carpetGrayCorded Electric
Bissell 1547 Canister Vacuum Cleaner - Best ElectricHard Floor, carpet, rugsOrangeCorded Electric

Top 15 Best Vacuum for Concrete Floor Reviews 2022

Now that you have checked out a quick review about the best vacuums for concrete floors, let’s go through the in-depth reviews of these vacuums, and you can effortlessly pick up the proper product.

Shark SV1106 Upright Vacuum Cleaner For Concrete Floor

(Best Overall)

Shark SV1106 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Are you searching for the flawless vacuum cleaner to take care of your precious concrete floors? With Shark Navigator, you get access to a dual design vacuum cleaner that can be used in its upright mode as well as with its canister detached.

This vacuum can clean the places that cannot be reached with regular vacuums.

Apart from this, this vacuum can also be used to clean pet hairs, carpets, and other hard floors. With a variable speed setting option, you can switch between carpet and bare floor cleaning modes. Armed with a swivel steering handle, you can easily clean under the furniture.

Key Features:

  • Easy to assemble parts (<10 minutes)
  • Powerful suction in area rugs, hardwood floors, & concrete
  • Ideal vacuum cleaner for cleaning spaces with high traffic


  • 2-speed settings
  • Designed for delicate upholstered items
  • Detachable canister


  • No mount for the power-brush for pet hair cleaning

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.64 quarts
Cord LengthBattery Powered
Run Time17 minutes
Product Dimensions/Weight10.5*9.6*46 inches/7.5 pounds

With the Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner, you get a device that delivers power-packed suction. This video will show you more about the performance of this vacuum cleaner.

Watch video: Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

VonHaus EPT2 2-in-1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

(Best Budget)

VonHaus EPT2 2-in-1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Are you on a budget and looking for the best vacuum cleaner for concrete floors? With VonHaus vacuum cleaner, you get access to a miracle machine that is inexpensive yet cleans up very decently after your concrete floors.

This vacuum can be easily transformed from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum.

The machine flaunts a bagless design that uses the HEPA filtration system along with a sponge filter to suck in dry as well as wet particles. This 2-in-1 vacuum comes with an extendable handle that easily glides over various surfaces and offers you the best cleaning results.

Key Features:

  • Small footprint takes a longer time to clean
  • Lightweight design for easy maneuverability
  • Large dust carrying capacity


  • Telescopic handle to suit any height requirement
  • Smooth wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Ideal for cleaning under furniture


  • Tends to be a bit noisy during operation

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity1.3 liters
Cord Length6-meter
Run TimeNot Applicable
Product Dimensions/Weight12*6*6 inches/5.6 pounds

Are you wondering how to use this pocket-friendly cleaning machine? With this video, you can understand the best ways to use the same:

Watch video: VonHaus Gray 2 in 1 Corded Lightweight Stick Vacuum and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell 2033M Stick Vacuum Cleaner

(Best Bissell)

Bissell 2033M Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell is a renowned brand with much to add to its line of vacuum cleaners. If you have been looking for the best vacuum, make sure you go with Bissell 2033M vacuum cleaner to help keep your concrete floors looking as new as ever. It has a powerful motor that produces strong suction that makes it easier to suck up large pieces of debris and dirt.

Cleaning your concrete requires using a durable, sturdy, and powerful vacuum cleaner that doesn’t deteriorate with time. With Bissell, you won’t have a speck of dirt left on the floors. With this 3-in-1 convertible vacuum, you can clean off your floor without having to worry about the dirt or debris left behind.

Key Features:

  • Works on both soft surfaces as well as hard
  • Gives you access to hard-to-clean places
  • Long power cord for maneuverability


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Optimum suction power regardless of the surface
  • Cleans up easily against baseboards and walls


  • Doesn’t come with a HEPA filter

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.67 Liters
Cord Length15 ft.
Run TimeNot Applicable
Product Dimensions/Weight8.3*9.5*44.1 inches/4.09 pounds

With a Bissell vacuum, you can be sure that you get just the right amount of cleanliness for your home. Watch this video to understand the excellent features of this product!

Watch video: Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum Review

iRobot Roomba 960 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

(Best Robotic)

iRobot Roomba 960 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

When things are going modern and tech-friendly, why shouldn’t your vacuum be as well? With iRobot Roomba 960, you get access to an amazing robotic vacuum cleaner for thick carpet that is perfect for your concrete floor cleaning needs.

The device packs in a range of features that make cleaning way easier instead of traditional machines.

The machine houses a top-quality camera designed for easy navigation through hard-to-reach areas. Apart from this, the cleaner can be synced with voice control assistants such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Its premium 3-stage cleaning system ensures that you have a dirt-free surface.

Key Features:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity for hands-free cleaning experience
  • Smartphone app for regular cleanup alerts
  • Dual multi-surface rubber brushes adjust their height as per the surface.


  • Option for manual control
  • Roller-brush helps lift-off & loosen dirt
  • Multiple sensors for easy dirt concentration identification


  • The dust cup is a tad smaller

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup CapacityNot Specified
Cord LengthNot Applicable
Run Time75 minutes
Product Dimensions/Weight13.8*13.8*3.6 inches/8.6 pounds

Do you find it difficult to work with a robotic cleaner? Here is a video explaining more about its functions:

Watch video: iRobot Roomba 960 Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Oreck XL2100RHS Upright Vacuum Cleaner

(Best Upright)

Oreck XL2100RHS Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If you are searching for the best upright vacuum cleaner with amazing suction power, there could be no comparison for the Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS vacuum cleaner. This cleaner provides you commercial-grade cleaning services at consumer-level pricing for the concrete floors and other surfaces.

When you take a look at the cleaner’s design, its simple construction helps with deep carpet cleaning sessions without ruining its texture in any way. It has a wide cleaning path, which makes it ideal for cleaning low pile carpets. It has auto-adjusting to flooring height features; all you need to do is use the fingertip-control buttons as per your needs.

Key Features:

  • Low profile cleaner design helps reach under the furniture
  • Makes use of a bagged dust-storage system
  • Comes with side brush for improved cleaning


  • Long power cord for glitch-free reach
  • Comes with hand controls to ensure easy access
  • Pocket-friendly pricing


  • Doesn’t have a swivel steering

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup CapacityBagged
Cord Length35 ft.
Run TimeNot Applicable
Product Dimensions/Weight9*12*47 inches/9 pounds

Grab the Oreck Commercial upright cleaner and keep your office free of dust or dirt instantaneously. Check out this video for more information on product use:

Watch video: Oreck XL Commercial Vacuum - XL2100RHS - Tests and Review

Bissell 1785A Upright Vacuum Cleaner

(Best for Stained Surface)

Bissell 1785A Upright Vacuum Cleaner

I understand how heartbreaking a stained surface can be. It simply ruins that perfect look of your room décor. However, Bissell brings you an amazing solution with its 1785A vacuum cleaner designed specifically for stained surfaces and concrete floors.

This green machine houses a heavy suction power that is perfect for both wet and dry dirt that could cause stains on your floors. The multi-surface brush ensures zero dirt or dust, regardless of where you use the machine. The dual-action brush roll mops and picks up debris from hard floors.

Key Features:

  • Washes and vacuums the car in one single run
  • Helps clean the hard floors & area rugs
  • Brush roll packs in innovative microfiber


  • Nylon brush for pick-up & mopping of dry debris
  • Two-tank storage system for dirty & clean water separation
  • Smart touch handle control


  • Tends to leave streaks from the wheel

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.4 Liters
Cord Length25 ft.
Run TimeNot Applicable
Product Dimensions/Weight10.5*12*46 inches/11.02 pounds

Are you wondering how to use this machine on your stained surface? Here is a video explaining more about its features and functions:

Watch video: Bissell Crosswave Review & Real Floor Cleaning Tests

Dyson UP20 Ball Animal 2 Vacuum Cleaner For Concrete Floor

(Best Dyson)

Dyson UP20 Ball Animal 2 Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson is a popular brand known for its amazing future-friendly features. One such product from the Dyson line is the UP20 Ball Animal 2. This amazing vacuum is a tad pricey among the vacuums on our list, but the features are worth those extra few dollars, especially when you need a vacuum for concrete flooring.

The machine does not only excel at cleaning concrete flooring, but it can also pick up the pet hair or dander that might be stuck somewhere on your carpet, rolling as hairballs on the floor, or even simply lying around. With Dyson UP20, you get access to cyclonic separators that help segregate the dirt particles into the light and heavy types.

Key Features:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Turbine attachment with tangle-free construct
  • Impressive suction capacity


  • Large dust cup; no need to empty frequently
  • Push-button for release of dust cup hygienically
  • Self-adjusting cleaning head


  • Heavy to carry around

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.55 gallon
Cord Length35 ft.
Run TimeNot Applicable
Product Dimensions/Weight15.35*13.39*42.13 inches/17.35 pounds

With Dyson UP20, you get access to a high-tech cleaning machine for your concrete floors. Here is how to use the device in the best way:

Watch video: Dyson Ball Animal 2 Review

Bissell 2039A Upright Vacuum Cleaner

(Best for Polished Surface)

Bissell 2039A Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping your polished surfaces clean and shiny is something that you cannot shrug off from your list of duties. For such instances, using the Bissell 2039A vacuum is the key. This machine is designed specifically to scrub off the toughest stains or dust particles from the surface without stripping off its glamor and sheen.

Since this vacuum comes with soft touchpads and scrubby pads, it is ideal for various surfaces, including concrete floors, linoleum, travertine, porcelain, or vinyl flooring. The best feature about this vacuum is the on-demand spray that dispenses the right amount of cleaner onto your floors.

Key Features:

  • The tank is designed to house hot water for easy vacuuming/cleaning
  • SpinWave provides powerful cleaning without any noise
  • Swivel steering ensures easy maneuverability


  • Easy-fill clean water tank
  • Washable mop pads
  • Comes with multi-surface cleaners


  • No automatic function for the cord wrap

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity28 Oz.
Cord Length22 ft.
Run TimeNot Applicable
Product Dimensions/Weight8*16*45 inches/9.5 pounds

Are you looking for the right way to use Bissell 2039A vacuum cleaner? Here is a video explaining more about the product:

Watch video: Bissell SpinWave Powered Hard Floor Rotating Mop on QVC

Hoover BH50020PC Stick Vacuum Cleaner

(Best Stick)

Hoover BH50020PC Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Stick vacuums are easy to maneuver and can be carried to different corners of the house as needed. One such amazing cleaning agent is your Hoover Linx vacuum cleaner for concrete floors. The easy-to-use cordless stick vacuum packs in an intriguing design along with a range of attachments to give you dust-free floors.

This vacuum used WindTunnel technology to create powerful suction and remove the deeply embedded pet hair and stubborn stains. It has a low profile design so that you can easily clean the hard-to-reach areas. The brushroll on/off switch is positioned at the handle so that you can switch between the cleaning modes easily.

Key Features:

  • Wide port for faster and easier suction
  • Comes with the multi-floor electronic brush roll
  • The fuel gauge tells you about when you need to charge the vacuum


  • The batteries can be replaced if required
  • Detachable dust compartment
  • Standard foam and cyclonic filtration


  • Doesn’t have a HEPA filtration system

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.5 liters
Cord LengthNot Applicable
Run TimeNot Specified
Product Dimensions/Weight9*11*43.5 inches/10 pounds

With Hoover Linx, you get access to a traditional stick vacuum with a hint of modern touch. Check out this video that explains more about its features:

Watch video: Hoover Linx Signature Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

Bissell Deluxe 1161 Canister Vacuum For Concrete Floor

(Best Canister)

Bissell Deluxe 1161 Canister Vacuum

Are you looking for a reliable canister vacuum cleaner for your concrete floor cleaning? With Bissell Deluxe, you get access to a lightweight vacuum designed to clean hard and delicate surfaces. Not just that, the easy to roll design can work through the high & low surfaces when backed by a powerful suction capability.

The digital fingertip-based controls allow you to reduce the overall suction power, depending on the surface. The rubber wheels do not mark or scratch the floors. The brush is designed with an extra soft cleaning bristle that can help you clean out different types of delicate surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Automatic cord rewind option for hassle-free operation
  • Specialized tools onboard-crevice tool, dusting tool, etc.
  • Low pile design for optimum furniture and carpet cleaning


  • Extended reach with a long hose
  • Comes with a limited 2-year warranty
  • Easy to maneuver


  • The suction might reduce with use

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity1 liter
Cord Length16 ft.
Run TimeNot Applicable
Product Dimensions/Weight10.67*13.15*8.66 inches/9.1 pounds

With Bissell, keep your space as clean as they come. Check out this quick video to know more about its functionalities:

Watch video: BISSELL Hard Floor Canister Vacuum Review

Shark ION F80 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

(Best Cordless)

Shark ION F80 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Why limit yourself to a corded vacuum cleaner when you can go for a cordless one? With Shark ION F80, you get access to a cordless vacuum cleaning variant that reaches the farthest corners of your room. It comes with a flexible wand that can reach under furniture and hard-to-reach areas.

You can transform this vacuum from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum so that you can clean above the floor as well. Multiflex technology enables freestanding; hence, it is easy to store. Although this vacuum cleaner works amazingly on the concrete or hard floors, it might not be good for the carpets.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a hand vacuum mode
  • Button press release option for the dust cup
  • Powerful suction


  • Easy to bend wand for compact storage
  • Comes with a whopping 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Packs in a precision tool for dusting requirements


  • Too heavy to carry around for long

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.3 quarts
Cord LengthNot Applicable
Run Time80 minutes
Product Dimensions/Weight13.43*10.24*45.98 inches/8.51 pounds

The duo-clean technology brought in by Shark ION helps ensure that your concrete floor looks as clean as possible. Here is a video that breaks down its features for you:

Watch video: Shark ION F80 Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

Kenmore 31150 Upright Vacuum Cleaner For Concrete Floor

(Best Bagged)

Kenmore 31150 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

A bagged vacuum cleaner ensures that emptying the dust cup is easy and mess-free. With Kenmore 31150, you get access to a durable and reliable vacuum cleaner that can easily be termed as an amazing balance of performance, price, as well as mobility. The vacuum works amazingly on hardwood floors, concrete surfaces, as well as shag carpets.

Kenmore comes with a range of accessories that include one telescopic wand and another crevice tool. Apart from this, Kenmore has also kept in mind the pet hair troubles with its unique brush called the “Pet Handi-Mate.”

The vacuum has triple HEPA filters that trap 99.7% of dirt and allergens from the surface.

Key Features:

  • Features a 3-stage motor system
  • Creates a strong suction to ensure deep cleaning
  • Certified for use by AAA


  • Traps even the smallest-size dander
  • Even distribution of the suction power
  • Comes with beltless agitators for repair or maintenance reduction


  • Imperfect maneuverability

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup CapacityBagged
Cord Length35 ft.
Run TimeNot Applicable
Product Dimensions/Weight14.25*13.75*45.75 inches/20 pounds

Kenmore ensures a noise-free cleaning experience at a pocket-friendly price tag. Watch this video to get more information on its features:

Watch video: Kenmore Elite 31150 Pet & Allergy Friendly Upright Vacuum Review

Eureka NEC222 Stick Vacuum Cleaner For Concrete Floor

(Best Suction)

Eureka NEC222 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

At times, several vacuum cleaners lose their suction power due to faulty design or cheap make. In order to tackle such situations, Eureka brings to you the amazing NEC222 that has a flaw-free suction power. This cordless vacuum comes with a full-swivel design that makes it easy to maneuver.

Eureka also comes with a durable cleaning wand that can be easily detached from its main cleaner using a foot pedal. The crevice tool helps clean up the edges, corners, and areas below the mattress and car seats without actually losing the suction power. This vacuum is ideal for the daily cleaning of concrete floors.

Key Features:

  • LED panel to determine the cleaning mode
  • Powerful suction with the inclusion of a digital motor
  • Two options for emptying the dust cup


  • Easy transition from low to max power with just a button
  • Cordless design for ease of use
  • Lightweight design for portability


  • The frame isn’t as durable

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity0.6 liters
Cord LengthNot Applicable
Run Time30 minutes
Product Dimensions/Weight8.5*9.5*43.5 inches/4 pounds

Clean up your tough messes with Eureka NEC222 for concrete floors. Check out this video for more information about the product:

Watch video: Eureka NEC222 HyperClean Vacuum Overview

Oreck U2000RB1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

(Best for Cement Floors)

Oreck U2000RB1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Cement floors are porous and will easily soak up spills, dirt, mildew, etc. & it can destroy the shine of your flooring. Hence, you need a device that can efficiently clean up stubborn dirt and stains from your cement floors. Here is where the Oreck U2000RB1 vacuum cleaner comes into play.

With this vacuum, you get access to a smart device that ensures that you do not have to bend to switch between the hard surface and carpet. To ensure convenience, the on/off switch is located in the handgrip. The vacuum packs in a durable brush roll with double helix brushes perfect for gathering dirt or pet hair.

Key Features:

  • The brushroll whirls at 6500 RPM for effective results
  • Sturdy design lasts for years to come
  • No need for manual height change with micro-sweep design


  • Disposable bags to ensure clean air during dusting
  • Packs in Celoc Hypo-Allergenic Filtration system
  • Sealed bags for optimum cleanliness


  • The belt doesn’t last long

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup CapacityBagged
Cord Length40 ft.
Run TimeNot Applicable
Product Dimensions/Weight35*13*5.5 inches/8 pounds

Oreck vacuum cleaner ensures that you can keep your cement floor looking fresh and squeaky clean, minus the chipping issue. Check out this video for more information on the product:

Watch video: Oreck U2000RB1 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell 1547 Canister Vacuum Cleaner For Concrete Floor

(Best Electric)

Bissell 1547 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

With certain cordless cleaners, loss of suction power could be an eminent issue. However, Bissell brings you a reliable electric vacuum cleaner that features a multi-cyclonic tech with a lightweight design. Further, it comes with a series of attachments that make it ideal for day-to-day cleaning needs.

If functional capacity is your concern, this powerful cleaner comes with a turbine foot that sucks up even the minutest particles. The suction pressure added to the machine works perfectly on a particular matter and debris.

Bissell also packs in a telescoping wand that enhances the free movement requirement around your cleaning area.

Key Features:

  • The dirt tank is easy to unload
  • Best for large-scale cleaning needs
  • Low consumption of energy for reduced bills


  • Ergonomic design reduces fatigue issues
  • Doesn’t scratch the concrete floor
  • Comes with a self-cleaning variant of the brush roll


  • Isn’t ideal for the delicate carpets

Product Specifications:

Dust Cup Capacity67.6 fl.oz.
Cord Length18 ft.
Run TimeNot Applicable
Product Dimensions/Weight12.9*19.2*15 inches/8.3 pounds

Bissell is a well-designed corded vacuum cleaner that reaches each and every junction of your complex floor cleaning needs. Watch this video for more information on the features brought in by Bissell 1547:

Watch video: Bissell Hard Floor Expert Vacuum Review

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Vacuum for Concrete Floors

Unlike other vacuum cleaners, there are very few options when you get a vacuum cleaner for the concrete floor, and it may get hard to choose one. For your ease, here I am going to share the things you must consider when buying a vacuum for concrete floors.

Vacuum for Concrete Floors

Suction Power

Suction power is one of the most important things when you will get a vacuum cleaner for the concrete floor. If your vacuum’s suction is not up to the mark, then it is no use in spending money on it.

Moreover, the concrete floor has everything on them, either dust or pet hair. So, if your cleaner cannot look after it, then why would you get it. So always get a vacuum cleaner with good suction power.

Bagless or Bagged Cleaner

When it comes to the discussion of bagged vs. bagless, it is mostly a matter of preference. Some like to take the bag out and throw it away, while others prefer to clean the dust cup and be more environmentally friendly.

However, people suffering from allergies should pick the bagged version. Even with the HEPA filters, bagged vacuum cleaners are known to be better for asthmatic issues.


The vacuum cleaner is a long-time investment, and no one would like to get a vacuum cleaner that will not last for so long. Sometimes, your vacuum cleaner for concrete floors may get out of order, and if you have one with no warranty, you may have put yourself in trouble.

Hence, it is always better to get one that provides you a good warranty to ensure the long-lasting of your cleaner.

Filtration Capacity

Most people are allergy-prone, and sometimes your vacuum cleaner can be the cause of your allergies. So, it is always better to get a vacuum cleaner with a completely sealed system.

It is even better if you get a bagged vacuum cleaner for the concrete floor because such vacuum cleaners provide high-quality filtration and keep your atmosphere fresh.

Cord or Battery

Nowadays, everything you get is run through the battery and so your vacuum cleaners. So, choose carefully to decide between a vacuum cleaner with a cord or no cord. A vacuum cleaner with a cord has excellent suction power, but you cannot take them everywhere.

On the other hand, cordless cleaners provide less suction, but they are easy to take anywhere you want. So, you can choose between them accordingly.


Before reaching the end of this post, why don’t you read some frequently asked questions to ensure you have a full view of choosing the best vacuums for the concrete floor?

Can you vacuum a concrete floor?

It is hard to clean a concrete floor using a vacuum cleaner, but it is not an impossible task to perform. Concrete floors may take time to get clean, but if you use a good vacuum cleaner, it is not a big task to perform. So, grab an excellent concrete vacuum cleaner, and your job is already half done.

Will a carpet vacuum cleaner clean concrete?

It is never a good idea to use a carpet vacuum cleaner for cleaning a concrete floor, but if your carpet cleaner has a hard floor surface setting, it is possible to use a carpet cleaner to clean the concrete floor. It will never damage your concrete floor, but it can surely damage your cleaner if the floor is dirty enough.

Can you vacuum clean a concrete basement floor?

It is possible to vacuum clean your basement by using a concrete floor cleaner, but you need to keep in mind that your basement floor should not be greasy or oily. If so, it can completely ruin your concrete floor vacuum cleaner and will not be able to work on even carpet.

Can you vacuum clean rough concrete floors?

A vacuum cleaner is always a supporting hand that reduces your workload. Still, when you talk about vacuum-cleaning a rough concrete floor, it may get risky for your specific vacuum cleaner. Because an uneven surface may damage your vacuum cleaner, and it may jeopardize its suction capacity.

How do you clean a concrete floor?

There are many products available in the market for concrete floor cleaning, but all of them contain liquid substances that can somehow damage your floor. The best option you have to clean your concrete floor is using a good concrete floor vacuum cleaner. It is easy to use, and you can use it daily without harming your floor.

My Top Pick

While all the vacuums on my list are best in their own way, my top pick is the Shark SV1106 Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

This 2-in-1 vacuum can be transformed from stick vacuum to handheld vacuum and vice-versa. The swivel steering feature offers you better control and allows you to clean the area without altering the position of the furniture.

This product stands out from the crowd because it comes with a motorized brush that can pick up even the pet hairs and small debris with ease. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best vacuum that can efficiently cater to your needs and make concrete floor cleaning easier.

If you want to ask any questions or share any tips on choosing the best vacuums for the concrete floor, please send me a comment. And don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends! Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

Best Vacuums For Concrete Floors

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