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Top 15 Best Laminate Wood Floor Cleaner Reviews 2024

Laminate floors are quite popular given their affordability, and variety. With laminate, you can have a hardwood look or a tile look but without the expense involved with these floor types.

However, installing a beautiful laminate floor, and keeping it looking good are two different things. You have to put in some work if you are to keep your laminate floor looking its best. In this guide, you will learn of the best laminate floor cleaners currently in the market.

As you might have heard, water can damage laminate floors and might lead to warping and lift. However, these are often the effects of water penetrating the panels. Therefore, steam cleaning or damp mopping is acceptable. Here are other ways to maintain your laminate floors before I get into the meat of this piece.

Laminate Floor Cleaner

Tips for Cleaning Laminate Floors

Before I get into the best laminate few cleaners, here are some few tips to keep your floors looking their best.

  • Run a vacuum cleaner regularly to get rid of the debris in the cracks and crevices. The vacuum cleaner should have a hard floor tool or a feature that allows you to turn off the brushroll to keep it from damaging your gorgeous floors.
  • You have to clean spills as they occur, and you should never allow liquids to stand on the floor. Use a damp cloth to ensure you get every drop.
  • For those tough stains, avoid using vacuums but use a polish remover then wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners, steel wool, ammoniated, or chlorinated cleaners as they will do more harm than good.
  • Avoid buffers or any polishing machine. Laminate floors are quite delicate, and buffers will damage the delicate surfaces.

Now that you know how to take care of laminate floors let’s take a look at the best laminate floor cleaner shops in your area.

Best Laminate Floor Cleaners Near You

If you are reading this, I presume you are looking to buy a laminate cleaner soon. Well, it is equally important you know where to get these appliances. Consulting friends and family is often the best way, but the online space is equally good.

You can search for “laminate floor cleaner shops near me”, or “laminate floor cleaner shops in my location”, and you will get a list of the top-rated outlets in your location. Clicking on any of the shops will give you more information. You can read the reviews to get a feel of the outlet.

However, I have made the process effortless with the map below. It is a map with all the laminate floor shops in your location. If this happens to come in handy, please let me know in the comments below.

15 Best Laminate Floor Cleaners Comparison Guide 2022

Here is a comparison guide to get a feel of how the unit compare.

Best Laminate Floor CleanersTypeWeight in-lbs.Cord in ft.Warranty
Bissell 2039A Spinwave Hard Floor Mop - Best OverallPowered Spray Mop11222
Bissell Powerfresh 1940 Steam Mop - Best for edgesSteam Mop5.95232
Shark Genius S6002 Steam Pocket Mop System - Best for bigger jobsSteam Mop9.322.41
iRobot Braava 380T Robot Mop - Best robot laminate floor cleanerRobot Mop4N/A1
McCulloch MC-1275 Steam Cleaner - Best heavy-duty cleanerSteam Cleaner9.615.71
Microfiber Wholesale 18" Mop - Best standard mop for laminate floorsStandard Mop3N/AN/A
Light 'N' Easy S3101 Steam Mop - Best for light cleaningSteam Mop419.51
Pursteam ThermaPro 10-in-1 Steam Mop - Best for stairsSteam Mop2.2202
O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop - Best for cornersSteam Mop5-1
Bona Stone Spray Mop - Best spray mopSpray Mop5.2NAN/A
SKG 1500W Steam MopSteam Mop530-
Shark Rocket HV382 Corded - Best Vacuum CleanerStick Vacuum9.9305
Shark Genius S5003D Steam MopSteam Mop5.8225
O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber MopSpray Mop2.4N/A1
MopNado Rolling Spin Mop - Best spin mopSpin mop10(Including Bucket)N/A1

Best Laminate Floor Cleaners Reviews 2022

I know it has been quite the introduction, but we can now get into the meat of this piece. Here are the individual reviews of all the appliances to help you understand them better.

1. Bissell 2039A Spinwave Hard Floor Cleaner

(Best Overall)

Bissell 2039A Spinwave Hard Floor Mop

The Bissell 2039A is the best laminate floor cleaner overall. No, it is not a steam mop but a powered spray mop. Nonetheless, it goes pound for pound with the best laminate cleaners available.

First, the appliance has power spin pads that agitate set-in dirt. However, to prevent damage from hard floors, it works with soft touchpads. These pads also get into the crevices between panels eliminating debris in tight spots. The spinning tech saves you from having to kneel to clean and saves you the elbow grease required for cleaning tough stains.

The Bissell 2039A has a broad cleaning path at 14-inches and will cover large areas in a few passes. Talk about a time saver. Well, the advantages do not end there as it swivels. Cleaning around furniture will be easy.

The on-demand spray design also reduces water wastage. It is an eco-friendly appliance. As for refilling the reservoir, it is a walk in the park. Finally, it has a decent cord; at 20-ft, it should be enough for most cleaning tasks.


  • It is light
  • The weight is on the base, so it rubs up without the need to put pressure on it
  • The fill tank is simple to use
  • It is easy to use with only 2-buttons


  • The spray function is pretty lackluster
  • The pivoting handle may wear out as you have to push the handle into place
Kevin’s Take: Powered spray mops are rare. However, these appliances are great for laminate floors, and the Bissell 2039A is just the best. It is affordable but eliminates the need for elbow grease — a remarkable cleaner.

I love the Bissell 2039A, and I believe that you will like it too after watching this video.

Watch video: Bissell SpinWave Revew

2. Bissell Powerfresh 1940 Floor Cleaner

(Best for edges)

Bissell Powerfresh 1940 Steam Mop

The next best laminate floor cleaner is the Bissell 1940. This is a steam mop and one that has stood the test of time. It is excellent for edges thanks to the flat front side that allows you to get close to walls. It also has the perfect balance between price and quality.

The Bissell 1940 provides a continuous stream of steam, which I found more convenient, unlike other units where you have to use a trigger and button. Moreover, you can adjust the steam level between high, medium, and low. I recommend the low setting for laminate floors. Another exciting feature is that you can turn off the unit using the same button that adjusts the steam level. Talk about uncomplicated use.

The scrubber on the back is perfect for tough stains and for getting into grouts. Finally, refilling the reservoir will be a walk in the park.


  • It is affordable
  • You can lock it in a standing position
  • Pads are easy to remove and use
  • It gives you a modicum of control
  • It is lightweight


  • The tank is small, and you have to refill once or twice when cleaning 2 or more rooms
Kevin’s Take: Other than the fact that it keeps your house clean without the use of harsh chemicals, steam cleaning will get more dirt than your regular mop. It also saves you the trouble of scrubbing tough stains. The Bissell 1940 is undoubtedly the best steam mop, and best for laminate floors.

Seeing is believing, right? Well, here is a quick video review to get a feel of the 1940.

Watch video: Bissell Power Fresh Review

3. Shark Genius S6002 Floor Cleaner

(Best for bigger jobs)

Shark Genius S6002 Steam Pocket Mop System

I recommend the Shark S6002 for bigger cleaning jobs. Bigger jobs require two or more cleaning pads, and changing pads when the mop is hot is a risky endeavor. Well, not with the Shark S6002.

Changing cleaning pads will be safe and faster thanks to the hands-free tech.

Once, one pad collects too much dirt, flip the folded pad, shimmy the pad out, and attach a new pad. I loved the Shark S6002 over the Bissell 1940 thanks to this tech and the fact that it has an indicator letting you know when the water is hot, and when the unit is cooling down. Finally, it comes with a second body and spray bottle that allows you to use this as a standard spray mop for floors where you should never use a steam mop.


  • It is versatile as it can work as a steam or spray mop
  • Attaching and removing cleaning pads is ABC easy
  • The pads are dense and will do more scrubbing work


  • Finding replacement pads is tough
Kevin’s Take: Rarely do you come across a device that can be a steam mop and a spray mop. Well, the Shark Genius, S6002 is one that does that allowing you to clean different floor types. Moreover, it is pleasant looking, and although that is not a feature to consider when on the hunt for the best laminate floor cleaner, it is a lovely touch.

4. iRobot Braava 380T Floor Cleaner

(Best Robot Laminate Floor Cleaner)

iRobot Braava 380T Robot Mop

If you want the feel of never having to mop or sweep your floors again, then get the iRobot Braava 380T. Okay, it might not replace your mop, but it is ideal for day to day cleaning.

First, you can use the device for both sweeping and mopping. To sweep, put the unit in dry cleaning mode, and attach the multi-purpose cleaning pad. For mopping, engage the wet cleaning mode, and then attach the pro-cleaning pad. The pro-cleaning pad has a reservoir to keep it damp. Oh, and the pads attach easily to the main unit thanks to the magnets.

As for the design, the iRobot 380T has a unique square design that allows it to get close to furniture and baseboards. Moreover, the cleaning pad I large and can clean large areas in a few passes. As for navigation, it uses the Northstar Navigation to mark the areas where it has already been.


  • It is compatible with third party cleaning pads
  • It has a long runtime of 210 minutes


  • It struggles with large quantities of liquid
  • It is pricey
Kevin’s Take: The iRobot Braava will not eliminate the need to mop, but it will reduce your workload significantly. You can use it for daily cleaning to prevent dirt from building up. It can navigate around obstacles, but you have to remove cords and rugs from the floor. Nonetheless, it is a remarkable device.

If you want to see the iRobot Braava 380T in action, the n check out this video.

Watch video: iRobot Braava 380t Review

5. McCulloch MC-1275 Steam Floor Cleaner

(Best heavy-duty cleaner)

McCulloch MC-1275 Steam Cleaner

If you are on the hunt for a device that can withstand abuse, then the best laminate cleaner for that is the McCulloch MC-1275. It is versatile, easy to use, powerful, and affordable.

The McCulloch MC-1275 has a hard floor attachment and retails with microfiber cleaning pads. The pads will protect your floors while collecting more dirt. Moreover, it has a steam lock if you want a constant flow of steam without having to press buttons.

McCulloch also excels in other areas thanks to the slew of accessories. It is one I recommend if you want an appliance that does more than clean laminate floors. The nylon brushes are great for upholstery, while the tough brushes are perfect for grills. Finally, it has a carrying handle allowing you to haul it up a flight of stairs, as well as an extension wand to increase the reach.


  • It has a slew of accessories increasing versatility
  • It is affordable
  • It can withstand abuse
  • It is powerful
  • The steam lasts long (45-minutes)


  • You cannot use standard tap water
  • It lacks the power to clean massive build-up
Kevin’s Take: Steam cleaning is appealing as it eliminates build-up with ease. Though the McCulloch MC-1275 struggles with build-up, it does pretty well with other debris. Moreover, it is pretty durable given the price, but you have to take care of it.

If you still have reservations that this is one of the best laminate floor cleaners, here is a short video that I believe will change your opinion.

6. Microfiber Wholesale 18” Mop Floor Cleaner

(Best Standard Mop)

Microfiber Wholesale 18” Mop

If you are looking for a standard mop, something similar to a Swiffer, I recommend the Microfiber Wholesale 18’ mop. No other standard mop/sweeper can beat this, and most customers will agree with me going by Amazon reviews.

First, the handle is adjustable from about3-ft to 70-inches, which is just a few inches short of 6-ft. Thus you don’t have to bend while cleaning. The handle is stainless steel assuring you of longevity. The aluminum frame is also durable.

The mop retails with 2-microfiber pads that attach to the central unit using Velcro. It is easy to use but holds the pads pretty decently. You will also appreciate the cleaning path. At 18-inches, you can clean large areas with ease. It swivels, and getting around furniture will be a breeze. It also has a slim profile which comes in handy when cleaning under furniture.


  • Seeing as it works with microfiber pads, you can clean large debris with fringes, and fine debris with the flat surface
  • It has a hole on the end of the handle that you can use to attach it to a hook


  • • When damp cleaning, it becomes too difficult to push
Kevin’s Take: For a standard mop, the Microfiber Wholesale is beyond decent. It is a stellar product and one that goes toe to toe with the steam mops on this guide. It cleans both large and small debris and gets 99% of dirt with water alone. What more would one want?

7. Light ‘N’ Easy S3101 Floor Cleaner

(Best for Light Cleaning)

Light ‘N’ Easy S3101 Steam Mop

There are instances where you want a device to compliment your primary cleaner. The Light ‘N’ Easy is that device. It is terrific for light tasks and works on hard floors as well as carpets. But what makes it one of the best laminate floor cleaners?

First, refilling the tank is not as easy as our other picks. You have to carry the entire unit to the sink. However, they do include a flask (similar to those that retail with iron boxes) making the process easier. The water is ready to use in 30-seconds, and the cleaning pad should be soaked in 10 pumps.

As for the size, the Light ‘N’ Easy has an 11-inch cleaning path, and though it is not the largest, it will still cover large areas. It has a 19.6-inch cord, and it is 48-inches tall.


  • It includes a cord wrap on the back to hold the cord
  • It has a rubber handle thus quite comfortable to use
  • It heats water in record time
  • It is light
  • You can purchase the carpet glider and use it to clean carpets


  • It cannot handle massive build-up
  • Refilling the reservoir is challenging
Kevin’s Take: The Light ‘N’ Easy is light and is for light cleaning tasks. It cannot replace the standard floor cleaner, but it is remarkable as a complementary device. Your laminate floors will be happy, you will be satisfied, and the entire family will be pleased with this device.

The Light ‘N’ Easy is a simple machine. However, if you feel the information above is not enough to help you make a decision, here is the too in action.

Watch video: LIGHT N EASY

8. Pursteam ThermaPro 10-in-1 Floor Cleaner

(Best for stairs)

Pursteam ThermaPro 10-in-1 Steam Mop

Pursteam is not Bissell or Shark, and neither part of the venerable companies. However, it does manufacture some incredible machines, and this ThermaPro 10-in-1 is nothing short of amazing. It is best for stairs as you can convert it into a handheld with the standard cleaner head to use on stairs.

Refilling the water tank is like a hot knife through butter, and it is ready to use in 30-seconds. As for the runtime, one reservoir should last you between 20 to 25-minutes. You will also appreciate the included accessories as they increase the versatility.

The grout brush is handy when cleaning between panels, while the scraping tool is ideal for heavy build-up. It also includes microfiber pads which will trap more dirt and happen to be washable, reducing the cost of consumables.


  • It is affordable. It is cheaper than most steam cleaners
  • The steam level is adjustable
  • It is child and pet safe
  • It is versatile, and you can clean more than laminate floors


  • • The cleaning pads are small, making cleaning tough
Kevin’s Take: The Pursteam ThermaPro is not only one of the best laminate floor cleaners, but also happens to be equally useful when cleaning, grills, or other detailing work. I loved that it makes cleaning stairs easy, as it works as a handheld device. It is nothing short of remarkable.

I will be honest, there isn’t much here, but seeing it in use should put you at ease.

Watch video: Steam Mop Cleaner ThermaPro Review

9. O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop Floor Cleaner

(Best for Corners)

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

The next best laminate floor cleaner is this O-Cedar Microfiber steam mop. The most recognizable feature of the unit is the triangular head. The head allows you to clean corners with ease. The head also swivels for cleaning around furniture. One shortcoming though is that though it is suitable for corners, cleaning large areas will be a challenge.

The next best feature about this appliance is that it has a self-protective mode. Once the water in the reservoir goes beyond the critical level, the self-protective mode is activated, and you can no longer use the device until you refill it. The feature keeps you from damaging your mop increasing life.

O-Cedar mop works with microfiber pads which pick up 99% of the dirt, and are gentle on your floors. Finally, you get a snap-on glide for cleaning carpets.


  • Cleaning corners will be ABC easy
  • It is lightweight and weighs 5-pounds
  • The handle is detachable, making it easier to store
  • The cord is decent. At 20-ft it reduces the number of times you have to change outlets


  • You are limited to O-Cedar replacement pads as those are the only ones that can fit this unit
Kevin’s Take: Cleaning corners is often tricky using standard cleaners. The O-Cedar is designed to handle these jobs thanks to the triangular head. It would be better if it were compatible with other cleaning heads, but that is not a deal-breaker.

10. Bona Stone Spray Mop Floor Cleaner

(Best Spray Mop)

Bona Stone Spray Mop

If you want to be extra careful when cleaning your laminate floors, you can use a spray mop instead of a steam mop, and the Bona Stone happens to be the best laminate floor cleaner for that.

First, it has a large cleaning head allowing you to clean large areas in a few passes. It retails with microfiber pads that will get more dirt than cotton pads. The cleaner head has Velcro rip to hold the cleaning pads. The grip is tight and will last. While still on the cleaner head, you will love that it swivels allowing you to get into tight corners.

The mop can lie flat, and it has a low profile so you can clean deep under beds and furniture. Finally, it has a secondary foam handle to make cleaning easier. The top grip is plastic and can be a bit tiring to use.


  • The Bona mop retails with ready to use cleaner
  • The reservoir is easy to use
  • It is lightweight allowing you to work for hours with ease
  • It has a retractable hook for simple storage


  • • The microfiber pads hug the floor, and it can be challenging to move
Kevin’s Take: Steam mops are great for laminate floors as they will be dry in minutes, reducing the likelihood of damage. However, if you want to be on the safe side, get a spray mop and specifically the Bona. It’s light and versatile, and you will enjoy cleaning.

I believe you should know how to maintain every device you purchase. Here is a maintenance video of the bona stone mop.

Watch video: Bona Spray Mop Maintenance

11. SKG 1500W Steam Mop Floor Cleaner

SKG 1500W Steam Mop

With 212F hot steam, the SKG 1500W is a remarkable machine. You can use it for any hard floor, and as you guessed, it is exceptional when it comes to cleaning laminate floors. You can also get it to clean carpets thanks to the glider.

Similar to the triangular shape, the SKG 1500W is ideal for corners and other tight spots. The head also swivels 180-degrees for cleaning around furniture and other obstacles.

You can expand your cleaning well past the floor thanks to the accessories. The squeegee attachment does well on windows, mirrors, and shower glass, the brushes will get into grouts and are perfect for cleaning tough stains.

It also includes three microfiber pads. These are perfect for cleaning as they will leave no water on the floor and will trap more dirt without the need for chemicals.


  • It is perfect for corners and grout
  • It works fast compared to scrubbing
  • It has an easy to use digital control


  • The head is too large to fit under furniture and cabinets
  • Filling the reservoir is a challenge, and you have to put it on the countertop
  • The squeegee leaves too much water and condensation on the glass
Kevin’s Take: The SKG 1500W is not from a venerable company, and it is bound to have its shortcomings. However, it excels at cleaning laminate floors. It is also versatile and will excel in more than floor cleaning. It is a device I recommend for people on the hunt for versatility.

12. Shark Rocket HV382 Corded Floor Cleaner

(Best vacuum cleaner)

Shark Rocket HV382 Corded

If you are looking for the best Shark laminate cleaner, I recommend the Shark Rocket HV382. The HV382 is the best for homes with carpets and laminate floors thanks to the DuoClean design. But does it work?

The short answer is yes. DuoClean technology is the next best thing after sliced bread. The head has a tough bristle brush that is perfect for cleaning carpets and rugs, but we are more interested in the soft roller brush as it is what you will use for laminate floors. The soft roller hugs the ground and will pick up stuck-on debris and fine dust. It will polish your floor without any damage.

You will also love the HV382 as the company did not skimp on accessories. The motorized tool is excellent for pet hair on upholstery, and the under appliance wand is ideal for cleaning under furniture.


  • Cleaning under furniture and other appliances will be a walk in the park
  • It is friendly to your floors
  • Picking large debris will be a breeze


  • • Unlike most of the cleaners on this list, it will not sanitize your floors
Kevin’s Take: When using steam mops or any other standard mop, you have to vacuum or sweep to get rid of the massive debris. Well, not with the Shark Rocket HV382. This is the best to pick large and small trash. However, it will not sanitize the surfaces.

You can read more about Shark Vacuums here. Also, there is this video review of the Shark HV382 which will help you understand it better.

Watch video: Shark Rocket Complete Vacuum Review

13. Shark Genius S5003D Steam Mop Floor Cleaner

Shark Genius S5003D Steam Mop

The Shark S5003D is similar to the Shark S6002 only that it does not retail with an additional reservoir and handle allowing you to use as a spray mop. Nonetheless, it is still an outstanding little machine and deserves to be on this list of the best laminate floor cleaner.

First, you can swap the cleaning pads without having to touch the dirty pad. This tech allows you to maintain high levels of hygiene. Second, if you flip the head backward, you can spray the floor thanks to the steam blaster instead of the cleaner head to eliminate tough set-in stains. The channeling tech is also noteworthy as it ensures steam gets to every o inch of the pad for effective cleaning.

I believe you will also love the rounded handle as it happens to be easier to work with.


  • It has a cord clip on the back to hold the power cable
  • It has three steam outputs increasing the versatility
  • It is easy to assemble and get up and running
  • It is powerful


  • The tank is not removable, and thus filling it is tasking
Kevin’s Take: Though it is similar to the S6002, I recommend it for people who are only interested in a steam mop. It excels in cleaning laminate and will make short work of any dirt. I did not like that refilling was this difficult, but it is not a deal-breaker.

This is the last steam mop, but you can read more about the best steam mops here.

14. O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Floor Cleaner

O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Mop

Given the price of this unit, I would forgive you for wondering if it is one of the best laminate floor cleaners. I had the same doubts at first, and now I can say it is.

First, you will love the aesthetics. I realize this is not something to consider when on the hunt for a laminate floor cleaner, but the clean look is appealing. It is a standard spray mop with a trigger at the top, and the bottle near the cleaner head. You will appreciate the second grip on the body as it increases comfort.

As for the cleaner head, it uses microfiber pads that will trap the tiniest dirt. The pads attach to the cleaner head using Velcro grips. The grip is tight, and there is no likelihood of the pads coming off. Finally, it can lie flat allowing you to clean under beds and tables.


  • It is lightweight, and you can clean for long periods without fatigue
  • It is light
  • It is superior at scrubbing out small problems


  • The head detaches often. However, I think this is an isolated problem
Kevin’s Take: Spray mops save you the trouble of having to wring a mop, but they are not as easy to use as steam mops. You still have to dispense energy to get rid of tough stains. Nonetheless, the O-Cedar spray mop is remarkable, and I recommend it for anyone who wants to be extra careful with their floors.

If you are wondering how to use the O-Cedar, here is a video with all the tips.

Watch video: How To Use The ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

15. MopNado Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop Floor Cleaner

(Best Spin Mop)

MopNado Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop

This best laminate floor cleaner article has been about steam mops. Well, I would love to write about the MopNado deluxe mop as it is a marvelous tool for your laminate floors.

The MopNado is a wring mop, and yes you have to pull a bucket behind you. Bummer, right? Well, it will not be such a pain as the unit has large wheels and two handles for mobility.

Other than portability, you will appreciate the quality. Unlike other spin mops that have a plastic base, the MopNado has a steel base and steel handle increasing the longevity. Another exciting feature of this tool is that it has two mop heads. You can use one as you clean the other. It also has a scrub brush that will help with tough stains.

Finally, I cannot end this review without indicating that it auto-wrings, eliminating the need to bend over.


  • It rotates 180-degrees allowing you to clean edges and under furniture
  • It has a built-in soap dispenser
  • It folds into a 10-inch cube for simple storage


  • Despite it being portable, you still have to tag laboriously with a bucket full of water
Kevin’s Take: Steam mops and spray mobs are great for laminate floors, but I feel that spin mops are better. The likelihood of living the floors damp is close to none as you customize the dampness of the mop. Now there are a myriad of spin mops, but the MopNado happens to be the best.

Laminate Floor Cleaners Buying Guide

Well, now this boils down to the type of tool you want to buy. You will look for different features when on the hunt for the best spin mop for laminate floors, or the best vacuum cleaner for laminate floors. Well, fret not as I have you covered, but first, here are some of the general things to consider.

Laminate Floor Cleaners


Before you go off on me asking how you tell that a device is gentle, hear me out. I will get to that shortly. All laminate floor cleaners have to be gentle. Remember these are hard floors, and damaging them is easy. Therefore, avoid tough bristles or other abrasive cleaners.


You also have to consider your needs. First, are you okay working with detergents? If the answer is yes, you can get any of the spray mops or the MopNado spin mop. However, if the answer is no, then get a steam mop as then you eliminate the need for detergents to sanitize your floors. Finally, are you okay with a machine that does not sanitize your laminate floors, if the answer is yes, then get any Shark with DuoClean.

Vacuum Cleaners

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for laminate floors, I recommend any Shark with DuoClean. The soft-roller brush is gentle on your floors and will pick up large debris with ease. Spray, steam, and spin mops will struggle with large debris. However, a vacuum cleaner will not sanitize your floors.

Other than Shark with DuoClean, you can consider Miele Vacuums or Dyson vacuums. However, these machines are pricey.

If you prefer vacuums, ensure that the cord length is substantial, and finally that it has enough power to pick large debris.

Steam Mops

Steam mops allow you to clean without the need for detergents to sanitize your floors. Steam will get rid of build-up grime and dirt and kill all the germs. I recommend these for people with pets and kids. They will be safe as no chemical residue will be left on the floor.

Also, ensure the cord is long so you can clean large areas without the need to change outlets. I would appreciate if cables were at least 30-ft, but we have to contend the fact that most power cords are 20-ft long.

Ensure that the reservoir is large enough to clean 2 or 3 rooms without the need to refill the tank.

Spray Mops

Spray mops can also be used to sanitize floors without the need for detergents, but you have to use microfiber pads. When on the hunt for spray mops, consider the length of the handle. It should be long and even better if it is customizable. Also, consider the cleaning head. Get one that swivels as then you can get around furniture with ease.

Finally, get a one with a considerable base so you can clean in a few passes.


Finally, we are at the end of the review. I hope you found one device that will come in handy. However, let me end with a few frequently asked questions about the best laminate floor cleaners.

Are steam mops suitable for laminate floors?

Well, experts have different opinions compared to people who have used these devices to clean their surfaces. Experts say that you should not use steam mops on laminate as the steam can penetrate the panels resulting in warping. However, users disagree as this rarely happens. Being steam cleaners, the surface dries in less than a minute or two, and the likelihood of steam penetrating the panels is close to zero.

However, you should take great care when using water as there is the possibility of leaving standing water.

How should I clean my laminate floors?

Experts recommend you use a damp cloth to reduce the likelihood of damaging your floors. However, given the time and energy that would take, I recommend a wring mop, a spray mop, or a steam mop.

How do you deep clean laminate floors?

First, try and keep dirt off your laminate floors to keep it from penetrating the crevices. Clean up spills immediately and ensure you mop the floors at least once a week.


I hope you enjoyed this list of the best laminate floor cleaners. New mops come out all the time, but these are the best machines currently. I will be here to update the list should a tool that rivals these hit the market. I also welcome you to leave any questions or thoughts in the comments section.

Best Laminate Floor Cleaners

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