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How To Get Burns Out Of Carpet – Tips and Tricks 2024

How to get burns out of carpet is another worry that stays after the danger of burns are over.

Having a party at your home with people smoking cigarettes may lead to having accidental burns on your carpet or furniture. Or, you enjoyed a quiet evening in front of your fireplace when suddenly coal jumps from the fire straight onto your favorite carpet. Sounds familiar?

Burning accidents are dangerous as they can happen without you noticing the fire. Luckily, most of these mishaps happen right in front of your eyes. You will remove the potential risk that could burn your property down, but nasty proof on your carpet stays to witness that blunder.

It seems that the burn will stay there forever or wait for you to throw the carpet out and buy yourself a new one. But, why get rid of your precious carpet when you can try a few tricks to remove that burn from it and save yourself the trouble of looking for your new favorite tapestry.

Types of Burns On Your Carpet

Burns on your carpet can come from various sources. Open fireplace, cigarette butts, or irons can all be the reason for those nasty burns on your lovely carpet. And if those burns are on the most trafficking part of your carpet, it is hard to conceal it without anyone noticing the burn.

Burns on your carpet can happen more often than you may think. The most important thing is that does not threaten the life or make major damage. When it comes to the most common burn types, here are some of the most common ways that cause the burns to appear on your rug.

Cigarette Burns

Cigarette smokers sometimes tend to be distracted and not noticing the burning ashes falling accidentally from the cigarette. Sometimes the cigarette butt just falls from the ashtray straight to the carpet and burns the spot.

Cigarette burns are the easiest burns to get rid of if they are small in size. It is best if you notice the mishap quite quickly and prevent the scorched part to grow in size. Try to remove the ashes or the cigarette butt from the carpet as quickly as possible to stop the burn from spreading.

Iron Burns

Iron burns can be pretty huge but still, some people keep ironing their clothes on the floor. They forget to turn it off and the damage is there. Or the iron falls from the ironing board, straight to the floor, burning the rug in the middle of your living room.

When you see the iron burns on your carpet, they do not seem like something that can be repaired without the help of a professional. But they can, you only need to be patient, careful and you could mask and cover the burn so that no one would suspect it was the burn on that spot.

Hair Straightener Burns

My teenager can spend hours doing her makeup and hairstyles. Her favorite styling toy is a hair straightener and from the moment she got it, I was dreading the burning accidents. So far, we had only minor burns on the carpet in her bedroom.

Hair straighteners are unlikely to burn carpet but if they stay in contact with those fibers, they will burn. Treat the burns on the tapestry just like any other. This hair styling tool is very practical but also very dangerous as it can make burns not only on the carpets but also on your skin.

Coal Burns

Having a fireplace at your home is a dream that many families enjoy, especially in the long winter months. However, if the fireplace is not secured, there could be accidents that could be life-threatening. The coal rolls down on the carpet, and if you are lucky, you will get only burns on your carpet.

The most important thing is to protect the fireplace with the fender to prevent coal from coming down onto the floor. But if some spark accidentally escapes the fireplace, and lands on your carpet, that burn could be easily fixed.

What Are The Best Tricks To Get The Burns Out Of The Carpet?

Getting the burns out of the carpet is not an easy task to do. The first thing you should do after the danger is over, to determine the source and the size of the burn. It will not be always easy to manage the burn, but sometimes it is way easier than you think.

You can have an easy fix with items you already have at your house. Look for a pair of scissors, a piece of sandpaper, and have a vacuum near to help you clean the mess. However, you should be careful with this home fix to avoid making an even bigger mess.

You can always look for a carpet cleaner spray to help you clean the carpet fibers and restore the look of your carpet. There are many possible ways to clean the burns from your carpet other than asking the help from a professional. But, if the situation calls it, do not hesitate to ask for professional help.

Step 1: Cut Away The Burn Section

Take sharp pair of scissors and cut carefully the burnt patch on your carpet. Watch out not to damage the surrounding fibers. The scissors must be sharp to help you cut the burnt fibers precisely. It is vital to cut out only burnt parts, not the ones that are not scorched.

Step 2: Vacuum The Carpet

Another step you should take is to clean the carpet, especially part that was affected by burning elements. Take a carpet vacuum to vacuum all the fiber remains from the carpet. It is essential to have the scorched area cleaned before continuing to the following part.

Step 3: Remove Stains

Use some mild cleaning solution to clean all the remaining stains on the carpet. Do not soak the scorched area with the detergent. Use the sponge with the solution, and rub it in the burnt part to remove those unwanted burning marks.

If the scorched area is not in the visible part of the carpet, cleaning the part only should do the trick. Sometimes leaving it just the way it is, covered with some part of the furniture is the easiest fix. But if your burn is on the trafficked area of your home, then you would want to proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Find Extra Fibers

Check the part of your carpet in your wardrobe or under the furniture that is not supposed to move around much. Those spaces are perfect spots to find extra fibers that can help you fix the burnt hole in your carpet. Use your scissors to gently cut out the fibers. Do not take too much all at once.

Step 5: Fix The Scorched Area

Use some strong glue that will help you stick those fibers into the burnt area. Do not use white-based glue that might be visible. Instead, choose the transparent but strong glue that will prevent you from noticing the place where the scorched part was.

Use the tweezers to help you arrange the fibers evenly with the strong glue. Do not take too many fibers at once as you want to cover the hole neatly without anyone noticing that there used to be a burnt there.

Step 6: Finishing

After you glued neatly all the fibers on the burnt spot, use a comb with wide teeth to even the fibers and arrange them properly. This trick will help the replaced fibers blend with other existing fibers. This way no one will notice the difference between the part that was scorched to other carpet parts.

Check out this video to see more about how to remove burns from your carpet.

Watch video: How To Repair Carpet Burns

How To Treat Smaller Burns On The Carpet?

Smaller burns on the carpet can be dealt with similarly to any other burns. However, there are some tricks that you should try to follow to minimize the damage and make the burnt spots unrecognizable. Follow these simple steps and hopefully, no one will ever know of those ugly spots.

Here are some things you might need for the process:

  • A piece of sandpaper
  • Scissors
  • Hydrogen peroxide dissolved with water in a ratio of 1:10
  • A cleaning cloth

The first thing you should do is to use sandpaper to remove the scorched fibers. Rub gently the sandpaper and be careful not to damage the fibers that are not affected by burning. After sanding, use the vacuum cleaner to remove any leftover debris from the carpet.

The next step is similar to what you should do with any other burn. Cut out all the damaged fiber but be careful not to cut out the healthy ones. Use some of the hidden fiber to replace the scorched ones. Glue it carefully with strong transparent glue.

Make a solution using hydrogen peroxide and water, respecting the ratio of 1:10 where you need one part of hydrogen and 10 parts of water to properly dissolute it. Soak the cleaning cloth in this solution and get stains out of the carpet. Rinse it and use the dry cloth to dry out the cleaned spot.

Check out this video to see more about how to fix cigarette burns from the carpet.

Watch video: How to Repair Cigarette Burns in Carpet

Extra Tips For Remove Burns On Your Carpet

Getting the burns from your carpet is sometimes a task that requires creative thinking. But, not all burns can be creatively cleaned and not all burns can be cleaned. However, before deciding on drastic measures, consider some of these extra tips.

Professional Removal

Sometimes the burns are so big or difficult to handle and it would be best to call for professional help. People from cleaning companies may copy the same steps you were recommended but they will know how to do it fast and clean, making the burnt spot immaculate.

Professional cleaning can be pricey, but if you are facing burns on a pricey carpet, or you just want to be sure the carpet will be repaired, it is best to consult people who already dealt with such issues. They will either fix the burn or suggest some other options.

Buying A New Carpet

Sometimes, the only option is to buy a new carpet. The burns may damage your tapestry way much than it can be repaired. The burns are just too big to be replaced with new fibers, or there are too many burn marks not to notice the damage.

Investing in a new carpet may inspire you to look for modern fibers that will refreshen your living area. Only, this time, you should watch out for unwanted accidents to repeat and damage your new tapestry all over again.

Cover Up Burns

Drastic times call for drastic solutions. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to cover burns quickly, then you could do some fast tricks to avoid questions. First, put some piece of furniture over the burn. Spray some carpet deodorizer to hide the burning smell and that could be the fastest fix ever.

But if you are dealing with a burn on the trafficking area that cannot be covered with furniture, then you try covering it with a small rug. Hopefully, your new design will fit in your room design and no one would suspect the dark secret of burn hiding under it.

Reality Check On Repairing The Burns On The Carpet

Repairing the burnt carpet is possible but to what extent. Small burns on the carpet can be dealt with easily, whether you try to fix them on your own, by calling a professional, or just simply by hiding them under other furniture or with a rug.

However, some burns cannot be hidden or fixed. Sometimes the damage can be so big that it is not worth even considering repairing it. But, look at it this way, you avoided the fire danger for you, your family, and your home, and buying a new carpet should be the least problem for you.

What are your promising ideas for getting the burns out of the carpet? Do you have some special tips that you already used? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

How To Get Burns Out Of Carpet

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