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Stainmaster Carpet Reviews – Best Carpets In 2024?

Are you looking for Stainmaster carpet reviews? Stainmaster carpets enjoy a hell of a reputation among numerous customers across the country. And it isn’t without reason.

Stainmaster carpets are durable, stain-resistant, designed to meet the needs of modern people, parents, pet owners and specific style preferences.

But, let’s discover is Stainmaster just another carpet brand that makes solid carpets and does excellent marketing, or is there more to the hype?

Keep reading to find out.

Are Stainmaster Carpets Good Quality?

Yes, they are. Stainmaster carpets are one of the best and most stain-resistant carpets on the market. Also, choosing Stainmaster carpets is convenient on several levels.

If you get the carpets and the pads at the same retailer, you will most likely get free installation. But, Stainmaster carpets aren’t without several drawbacks. You might have to weigh for the installation. Also, some carpets aren’t very soft.

But overall, Stainmaster offers excellent carpets suitable for every budget.

Stainmaster Carpets At A Glance

Stainmaster is one of the most loved carpets in the USA. The brand produces rugs and carpet solutions from wall-to-wall as well as other types of floorings, such as hardwood and vinyl. The brand prides itself on carpets made to withstand years of use and provide excellent stain resistance, hence the name.

You can find Stainmaster carpets in the USA through various trusted retailers, which makes the purchases risk-free.

The brand offers a large range of quality carpets in different styles, colors and price tags.

Stainmaster Carpets Material

Best Stainmaster carpets feature quality construction, made from Nylon 6.6 and reinforced with Teflon. Teflon and nylon construction result in sturdy carpets that behave well against grease, soil and the most common types of stain in an average household.

Nylon 6.6 is an excellent material for carpets, and significantly better than polyester. The fibers of nylon 6.6 are specially reinforced to hold their shape for a long time and in heavy foot traffic areas.

Let’s see this video to collect more understandings:

Watch video: Are nylon carpets the best?

Stainmaster Carpets Lines

If you have narrowed the choice to Stainmaster for your carpets, you have a lot of options to choose from in terms of use and your preferences. There are several Stainmaster carpets lines to consider. Here is a brief overview of each line.


As the name suggests, the PetProtect line is designed for pet owners. Therefore, the line addresses the specific set of needs and issues that pet owners usually face, related to stains, odors, hairs and maintenance.

You can choose among more than 350 carpet styles, available in different thicknesses, colors, patterns and suitable for different rooms.

The carpets are available in three thickness categories:

  • Medium pile – 0.5 – 1 inch
  • Low pile – 0 -0.5 inch
  • High pile – above 1 – inch

Every carpet in the line has outstanding stain resistance, especially against pet stains. Cleaning the pet urine of the Stainmaster PetProtect carpets is quick and simple.

The carpet density is manufactured so that pet hairs are easy. However, the feature pet owners appreciate the most is the ability to resist odors and smell fresh after pet stain spot cleaning. Other carpets are simple to clean, but odors remain for long in the fibers.

The warranty in this category is 25 years, with lifetime protection against limited pet vomit and feces stains. The carpets from the PetProtect line are only Stainmaster carpets which warranty covers fading and advanced pet stains.

Let’s see this video to collect more understandings:

Watch video: Experiment shows how well Stainmaster carpet holds against odors


Carpets from Stainmaster Essentials are suitable for everyday use. These are made to be exceptionally durable and withstand everyday use. The carpets have basic stain protection and come in different, mostly subtle patterns and colors.

Some of the carpets from this line are very affordable, with a price tag of just over $1.5 per square foot. However, they are better suited for rooms with low traffic.

Moreover, the carpet fibers are reinforced against most food and beverage stains in the household.

Products from Stainmaster Essentials are backed with a 10-year warranty and limited lifetime protection against pet urine stains, food and beverage stains.


Carpets from the Signature collection are high-quality and come with a 25-year warranty, and lifetime protection against pet urine and food and beverages stain.

The carpets are beautiful and perform great in everyday use in the average household. They are also easy to clean and hold a good look for years. You have more than 250 styles to choose from, patterns, solid color or plush.

Stainmaster Carpet Cushion

Stainmaster carpets perform best when installed with appropriate carpet cushions. Luckily, Stainmaster produces several cushions, so you can find one to enhance the features of carpets.

When you choose a carpet cushion well, a cushion will make the carpet more comfortable. It protects the subfloor from staining and makes the carpet easier to clean.

Also, some of the premium Stainmaster carpet cushions are highly breathable, so they prevent mold and mildew development in case of high moisture and poor quality carpet.

The following are the Stainmaster carpet cushions:

Carpet CushionWarrantyProtectionComfort
Super 610-yearUltra lowUltra low
Odor BanTransferable limited lifetimeLowLow
SelectLimited lifetimeMediumMedium
SupremeLimited lifetimeHighHigh
EliteLimited lifetimeUltra highUltra high

Stainmaster Carpets Care

Proper care of your Stainmaster carpets will ensure they last to their full potential and perform well all the time. Because the Stainmaster carpet cleaner has sturdy and quality 6.6 nylon fiber, the maintenance is relatively simple.

It requires routine care, spot cleaning and professional cleaning after a certain time.

Routine Maintenance

If you install Stainmaster in your home, prepare for frequent vacuuming. It will help you remove dust, dirt and cause. Don’t forget to move the furniture vacuum underneath.

Also, if you buy plush carpets with longer fibers, vacuuming will help to brush the fibers and the carpet will remain good-looking for longer.

Spot Cleaning

Once the spill happens, it is essential to react on time. Stainmaster is stain-resistant, but without spot treatment, stains are inevitable. When you spill something, blot it as soon as possible and the carpet won’t absorb the liquid.

Therefore, there are minimal chances that stain will happen. If you rub or scrub the spot with a spill, there is a higher chance of staining. If that happens, there are effective ways to remove the stains from carpets.

Professional Cleaning

Get your carpets professionally clean once every 18 months to maintain the warranty, according to data available on the Lowes Stainmaster buying guide.(1) Hot water extraction is the only approved professional way of cleaning.

Not only that will it disinfect your carpets, but it will also restore the look and freshness.

In between, you can clean the carpets with a steam mop, if you don’t want to use chemicals and carpet cleaning solutions.

Stainmaster Carpets Installation

A great thing about Stainmaster carpets is that some retailers install the carpets for free if you buy both carpets and pads. It applies to basic installation and doesn’t cover the costs of repairing the subfloor and cleaning it.

If your subfloor is flat and crack-free, installation is simple.

Generally, Stainmaster carpets can be tricky to install. I always recommend professional installation for the best performance. But, it isn’t impossible to install carpets on your own.

If you are installing a Stainmaster carpet in a small bedroom with a regular shape, you will probably be able to install the carpet easily.

If your rooms require multiple seams or patterns, you’ll have to use a power stretcher and other special tools. Additionally, stairs can be tricky to install.

Let’s see this video to collect more understandings:

Watch video: Installing Stainmaster carpets

Stainmaster Carpet Pros

Let’s go through the most important pros of Stainmaster carpets. Keep reading for negative sides to decide confidently.

Quality Construction

The best carpets from Stainmaster are undoubtedly one of the best on the market. With a careful blend of nylon fibers and additional compounds, the carpets hold surprisingly well against heavy use.

Not only will the carpets be easy to maintain and extract dust and hair with almost any vacuum cleaner, but the carpets will maintain a pleasant appearance.

It applies especially to the PetProtect construction, which isn’t only suitable for pet owners. If you want to invest in a durable carpeting solution, it is the collection to consider whether you have pets or not.


Living in an apartment with pets can be messy. But, the Stainmaster carpets aren’t. They won’t retain odors, stains or hold pet hair. Even high-pile carpets are easy to vacuum with the right device and remove the softest pet hair.

Also, some of the carpets are antimicrobial, which alongside simple maintenance, help people with allergies to keep their home free of germs and nasty allergens.

Costs and Additional Services

Stainmaster manufactures carpets for every budget. You can get the low-pile carpets from the Essentials collection for a low price tag, around $1 per square inch. Also, if you are looking for luxury carpets, Stainmaster offers their carpets at prices over $5 per square foot.

Therefore, the brand works for every budget and every lifestyle.

Also, if you get a free installation from your retailer, you get quality carpets with excellent performance at a fraction of the cost.

Moreover, one of the largest retailers of Stainmaster, Lowes offers a 90-day customer guarantee, so you have three months to decide whether your new Stainmaster carpets are good for your home. If not, you can easily replace them.

Let’s see this video to collect more understandings:

Watch video: Stainmaster pricing explained - what you get for the money


There are multiple carpet types, colors and textures Stainmaster offers. You can choose between pattern, multi, loop and solid types of carpets to match your style. Carpets with patterns are available in traditional carpets and contemporary looks that work with minimalist or modern homes.

Solid types work in every environment, and most carpets come in several colors. The style Newbury Modest has the perfect texture for modern homes and can blend into every interior style.


Even the cheapest and lowest quality Stainmaster carpets are backed up with a solid warranty of ten years. There are several types of warranty Stainmaster offers, and the choice depends on the carpet you buy.

The best one is the one included with the carpets for the PetProtect collection. With it, you are safe against all common household stain sources, including pets, foods, beverages, fading and more.

All carpets come with a warranty that covers pet urine stains. It is useful and not seen in many other manufactures.

Stainmaster Carpet Cons

Here are some of the things I wish were different about Stainmaster carpets.


The sturdiest and most stain-resistant carpets Stainmaster nylon carpets aren’t as soft as some other materials. The special compounds in the carpets that make them so resilient affect the structure, making it a bit more rigid. It might affect the overall comfort and the effect on barefoot.

Inconsistent Quality

With Stainmaster, the quality is determined by the price. If you are ready to invest more money and get quality carpets, you can rely on them to last for years. The affordable options are of average quality, similar to the competitor’s options.


Because of the free installation offered by some retailers after the purchase of carpets and pads, a lot of people are interested in Stainmaster carpets. It inevitably leads to delays and postponements, which might be irritating.

Color Deviations

When buying Stainmaster online, you risk choosing the wrong shade. Some styles are so unique that a picture cannot accurately represent the shades. So, you will get the full impression only when you go to the store and get a carpet sample.

Luckily, the 90-day satisfaction program allows you to replace the carpets you purchase online if they don’t fit your interior style.

Could You Do Better Than Stainmaster?

You can probably dive into the carpeting world, spend hours on research, take countless carpets samples to find better carpets than Stainmaster. But, it still doesn’t guarantee that other carpets will perform better in the long term.

Stainmaster is a reliable brand of quality carpets with a stunning range of styles, colors and textures. The pros outweigh the cons significantly!

Which Stainmaster collection seems the most suitable for you? Are there any styles you like from Stainmaster?

Don’t forget to show some love, like and share the article!

Stainmaster Carpet


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