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Hardwood Vs. Carpet In Bedrooms – Which One Do You Prefer?

Hardwood vs. Carpet in bedrooms, what kind of floor covering that I want to install in your home sweet home, particularly in the bedroom? 

Both flooring types are too popular in residential homes, but it is not too easy to conclude which one is better than another since it is affected by many factors.

So if you continue reading, I guarantee you can find yourself an informed answer of whether to install hardwood or carpet in your bedroom.

Install Hardwood Flooring
Is a bedroom an ideal place to install hardwood flooring?

Hardwood or Carpet In Bedrooms – What Qualities Should I Consider?

Hardwood and carpet are 2 different types of floor coverings; that’s why there are so many things to think about. In this part, I will break down these dissimilarities into 11 factors. Please keep reading to identify your ideal flooring.

QualitiesHardwood FlooringCarpet Flooring
TexturesHard, toughSoft
ComfortCannot offer warmth and comfort as good as carpetingCan offer ultimate warmth and comfort
AppearanceTimeless, luxurious, and classic lookCozy and luxurious look
Cleanability and MaintenanceOnly need basic clean-ups (e.g., sweep, mop, or vacuum)Require both basic and professional clean
DurabilityWell-maintained ones can last a lifetimeMuch shorter than hardwood (might need to be replaced every 5 to 15 years)
Pet-friendlinessNot too good as pet's nails can cause scratchesNot too good as pet messes can stay on carpets easily
Environment-friendlinessExcellent as they are natural materialsNot an eco-friendly option as the majority of carpets are made with petroleum
Overall CostExpensiveMuch affordable compared to hardwood floor
Safety and Health AspectsNot ideal for kids or elders' safety but better for human health overallIdeal for kids or elders' safety but not too healthy for human health
Noise and Temperature InsulationPoorGood
Resale ValueHigher than carpeting houseCannot raise house's resale value

1. Textures

Carpet Can Protect Your Baby
The softness of carpet can protect your baby better than a hardwood floor.

Apparently, hardwood floorings are made from various wood species with a typical hard texture, while carpets are much softer as they consist of numerous fiber piles, which are also made from various materials.

With a texture like that, tough wood floors might not be an ideal solution to lay on or kneel. So if you have children who are learning to crawl or the elder who easily slip, the softness of the carpet is much suitable for you.

Indeed, as carpets are textile floor covering, they can provide maximum plush to your foot, even your body, when you lay on it in bedrooms.

What is the best hardwood floor that I should choose? Check here to find out.

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1. Comfort

A bedroom is where you can take a good rest after a long working day. That’s why it requires ultimate comfort whenever you get into it with your bare feet.

In this case, hardwood flooring is not a winner, particularly if you live in a cold climate. Wood floors can be very cold during the winter. People also invented a new technology to enhance the warmth of hardwood floors, but it is still not comparable to carpets.

When the winter comes, your body and foot are more vulnerable, and it is the time that carpet can work its best. Carpets can warm your cold feet and make you feel more comfortable.

2. Appearance

Luxury Bedroom Hardwood Flooring
Some dark tones of the hardwood floor can make your room look more luxurious.

Different textures lead to other appearances. Though both hardwood floors and carpets can increase the aesthetic of your bedroom, hardwood flooring tends to be preferred over carpets recently.

Indeed, hardwood flooring can offer a timeless, luxurious, and classic look. Some interior designs today can fit with wood floors amazingly. They also come in different materials (e.g., oak, pine, etc.), colors, styles with varied quality, and finish that you can choose from.

However, it does not mean that carpets look cheaper or out-of-dated. There are many options for carpet fiber, colors, patterns, or styles to match your bedroom themes, ensuring a cozy and luxurious look. Plus, some kinds of carpets look like wood that you can find on the market.

Let’s listen to a designer’s advice of using hardwood and carpet to improve the look of your home.

Watch this video: Whats The Difference - Hardwood vs Carpet

3. Cleanability and Maintenance

Wood floors are easier to clean. Hardwood floors only need some basic clean-ups (e.g., sweep, mop, or vacuum) a few times a week to maintain their good appearance. With many choices of high-tech vacuums or mop for hardwood floors, you can get one affordably.

Plus, dirt or dust on wooden floors can be spotted easier than on carpets. But please remember, you should not use strong chemical cleaning solutions to clean your hardwood floors as it will affect (or damage) the wooden material.

When your hardwood floor covering starts to fade, you can refinish it by varnishing, sanding to put a new coat on your floor several times during its lifespan, based on the thickness of the wooden boards.

However, carpets require more complicated processes. You can still clean your carpeting floor by vacuuming, but it should be deep cleaned with shampoo and a specialized machine regularly, depending on the condition to determine how often you should deep clean the carpet.

The reason for that is to ensure you can get rid of stubborn dirt, allergens, stains, etc., that are stuck in the fibers for a long time. Overall, since bedrooms are not a high foot-traffic area, carpeting is still a good choice as long as you regularly keep the cleaning routine.

How to clean and maintain a hardwood floor at ease? Check this instruction for the answer.

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4. Durability

It is not easy to identify which one has better durability because there are many factors that you should consider, for example, your lifestyle, foot traffic, pets, cleaning and maintaining frequency, or the material and quality of hardwood or carpet.

In light foot traffic spaces like bedrooms, the hardwood floor seems to last longer than carpet. Some carpet materials or low-quality carpets might need to be replaced every 5 to 15 years due to their high level of wear and tear.

But you do not have to worry about it with hardwood floors because it might last around 100 years before you have to replace it with a new one.

However, you also need to note that hardwoods are very vulnerable to scratches from moving furniture or high heels or excessive amounts of liquid-based spills, which might cause a warp and messy surface.

5. Pet-friendliness

Puppy Playing On Hardwood
Pet’s nails are one of the biggest risks that can damage your smooth-surface wooden floor.

I know many of you allow your pets to sleep in the same room with you. And there are some things that you also need to consider in choosing a hardwood floor or carpet.

Pets can damage both flooring types. With hardwood, pet’s nails will cause some ugly scratches that you need to resurface your floor more frequently. However, you can tackle pet stains or spills with minimal effort on a wooden floor.

On the other hand, the level of carpet’s pet-friendliness mainly depends on its material and quality. Some might be easier to clean pet messes; some might not.

Also, pets can leave a big dent on your carpet’s surface if they lie on it for a long time, making an unattractive appearance in general.

6. Environment-friendliness

If you are an environmental enthusiast, you might want to choose hardwood floor over carpet.

First, hardwood is made from natural renewable material, making them a better choice for sustainability. Of course, I mean when the wood is harvested correctly and responsibly.

Secondly, you do not have to replace it regularly like carpet as they can last very long, up to 100 years as mentioned above.

On the other hand, many types of carpets are made with petroleum, which is not an ecologically-friendly material. Some natural fibers like wool carpets are good for the environment, but they are expensive.

Today’s advanced technology has also introduced many types of carpet made from recycled fibers or can be recycled after throwing away. However, compared to hardwood, carpet is not an ideal environmentally conscious.

7. Overall Cost

Hardwood might be a costly investment initially. In fact, it is one of the most expensive floorings. The hardwood floor costs are varied as well, depending on what wood type.

It might cost from $6 to $12 on average per square foot for a wood floor, let alone the installation cost. Unfortunately, installing flooring is not easy to do by yourself unless you are a flooring expert.

Below is the average total cost of wood flooring based on some specific square feet.

Total Square FootTotal Cost Averagely
500$3,000 to $6,000
1,000$6,000 to $12,000
1,200$7,200 to $14,400
2,000$12,000 to $24,000

So if your budget is tight, carpeting can be a good start for your lovely home. It only cost from $3 to $5 per square foot or higher with top-end material, like wool, which could be around $10 for 1 square foot. Moreover, if you reach a minimum carper purchase, you can have free installation.

You can even install it by yourself, but make sure you have prepared enough knowledge and skill to ensure your flooring is smooth and unfoldable.

What ways to install carpet for small rooms like a bedroom? This lively demonstration will support you.

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8. Safety and Health Aspects

Mold Mildew On Carpets
Moisture is the root of causing mold or mildew on carpets, which will harm your health.

It is also hard to tell which one is better under this factor because both have advantages and disadvantages accordingly.

Some people claim the hard surface of hardwood is not as safe as carpet. With old hardwood flooring, you might also spot some snails loosen and rise above the floor surface. And it will lead to serious injury once you accidentally step or trip on it.  

As explained in the “Textures” section, carpet might be safer for kids or elders to reduce the pain after slipping or tripping due to the carpet’s softness.

However, carpets are associated with air quality impairment as they can trap dirt, allergens, or moisture, resulting in risks of allergies and asthma if they are aged and not in good care (1).

9. Noise and Temperature Insulation

Another thing to think about in comparing hardwood and carpet flooring is their noise reduction capacity and temperature insulation.

Suppose you have a pet; the noise from their nails touching the hardwood floor might drive you nuts, right? That’s why if you are noise-sensitive, this type of floor might not be a great choice as it cannot absorb sound.

Regarding temperature insulation, a hardwood floor does not insulate as good as carpets, and it also relies on the types of wood. For example, oak, maple, or pine wood are better insulating than thin engineered types.

But in general, you will not feel the warmth from a wood surface like a carpet. With carpet, all of the issues relating to cold feet or noise are solved. Carpet is an excellent floor solution to reduce noise and echo, ensuring the quietest space for your bedroom.

10. Resale Value

Large Dark Frame Attic
Though carpet will bring warmth to your feet, it cannot increase the value for your home as high as hardwood floors.

If you are a property investor, you would prefer hardwood floor over textile carpet floor because it has a higher return on investment (ROI), making their resale value better.

You can get an ROI at 70% to 80% with wooden floors, while you can only have ROI at 25% to 40% with carpet floor covering (2). That’s why many real estate agents claim selling homes with wood floors is easier than those with carpeting.

However, it is also based on the quality of these 2 floorings. For instance, low-quality hardwood can never beat high-end carpets. So regardless of what floor type you choose, ensure they are long-lasting to prevent any issue that requires costly fixings.

Is it true that hardwood can increase the resale value of your house?

Watch this video: Replacing Old Carpet and Hardwoods Before Selling

Summarized Pros and Cons Of Installing Hardwood/ Carpet in Bedrooms

In reality, the benefits and drawbacks of using hardwood or carpets require further review based on their material characteristics and how they are produced.

So here are some general ideas to help you have a quick view in deciding which floor covering is more suitable for your bedroom.

Hardwood Flooring’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Baby Feet On Wooden Floor
Hardwood might not be an excellent floor covering for babies.

You might already come up with the pros and cons of hardwood floors after reading the above part. But let me list it again into separate points for your better grasp.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Provide an aesthetic and luxurious look for your room
  • Super durable with a long-lasting lifespan
  • Come in various wood varieties, styles, colors, patterns, or hardness
  • Good for the environment and your health
  • Increase home value


  • Hefty (for both materials and installations)
  • Easy to have scratches
  • Can be damaged when exposed to humidity or moisture
  • Not good in noise reduction
  • Cause slipping for kids, elders, and even pets

Carpet Flooring’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Like hardwood, carpeting in the bedroom also has various pluses and minuses that any homeowner should note.


  • Less expensive than hardwood flooring
  • Good at noise and heat insulation
  • Provide softness and warmth to your foot
  • Come in various materials, styles, colors, or patterns
  • Can hide dirt
  • Easier to install


  • Not too ideal for allergic suffers
  • Can trap moisture which leads to poor air quality
  • Not easy to clean stains, dirt, etc., compared to hardwood floor
  • Short lifespan than hardwood floor
  • Require more regular cleaning and maintenance

A short explanation of the pros and cons between hardwood and carpet that you should not miss.

Watch this video: Carpet vs. Hardwood Floor Pros and Cons


At this point, if you are still unsure about your answer choosing whether hardwood or carpet for your cozy bedrooms, keep reading these below questions for more information.

Can I combine hardwood and carpet floors?

Yes, you can, as long as they have relevant undertones. Or you can use area rugs and place them on the hardwood floor in your bedroom.

Hardwood vs. carpet, which one is preferred in bedrooms generally?

If you live in cold weather, installing a carpet in your bedroom would be much better to increase the coziness and warmth. With its soft texture, you can enjoy relaxing in bedrooms.

Should I replace my carpet with a hardwood floor?

If budget is not your priority, you can replace the carpet with a hardwood floor. It might come at a high price, but you will have a long-lasting floor that does not need to be replaced every 10 or 15 years like carpets.

Is it worth it to install hardwood flooring?

Yes, it is totally worth it. A well-maintained hardwood floor might outlive you though the initial investment is huge.

Is the carpet floor not easy to resale?

Compared to hardwood floors, carpeting might lose its advantages in this aspect, even though they are new. In reality, customers are willing to pay more money for a hardwood-floor property.

Let’s Listen To Your Heart (and Your Wallet) In Choosing Hardwood or Carpet

Both of these flooring types have good and bad sides; therefore, you need to rely on your needs, preferences, and lifestyles before making any decision. It will not be easy to decide on a whole house, but you can start with a small step, like your bedroom, for example.

Finally, if you find this post helpful for your hardwood and carpet flooring concerns, please do not forget to click like and rate it below. Thank you!

Hardwood Vs Carpet In Bedrooms


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