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Top 18 Best Vacuum and Mop Combo Reviews 2024

Cleaning hard floors is often a tricky affair. Yes, vacuums will get rid of the debris and maybe stuck-on dirt, but they do not sanitize; you will have to mop for that. Mops, on the other hand, have a hard time getting rid of large trash. First, you have to vacuum or sweep, then mop.

But what if there was a middle ground? What if there was a device that gave you the best of both worlds? A machine that allows you to mop and vacuum, and to clean large and small debris. Well, say hello to the vacuum and mop combo.

Vacuum and Mop Combo

Why Should You Get a Vacuum and Mop Combo?

If you are pondering why you should invest in such a device, some reasons include but are not limited to:

  • Save Time – Think about it, with standard mops and vacuums, you have to keep moving from one device to another. Get the vacuum to clean grouts and large debris, and then get the mop to sanitize. With a vacuum and mop combo, you save time by having a device that can do both in a few passes.
  • Affordable – Again, with standard mops and vacuums, you have to invest in two gadgets, and the cost often runs into hundreds of dollars. Well, vacuum mops are not cheap, but they are not as expensive as the combined cost of buying a mop and a vacuum.
  • Better Cleaning Results – Most vacuum and mop combo comes with the multi-level filtration system that helps capture large and small debris when vacuuming. Moreover, the vacuum and mop combo use steam to clean, so there will be no streaks. That’s why it is a great option for cleaning tile floors and other finishings.
  • Better Air Quality – One significant benefit of owning a combo is that you can enjoy cleaner air and a healthier living environment. Most clean combos come with HEPA filters that can capture dirt, allergens, bacteria, and so on.
  • Versatility – Not only can a vacuum and mop combo clean tile floors, but most models also come with different cleaning modes to handle different surfaces such as laminate, bare, carpeted, etc.

It’s clear that a vacuum and mop combo brings various benefits to your home. Investing in this cleaner combo will be a great investment since most products have the lock function. You can choose to use one function at once, and there will be no worries about damaging your hardwood, laminate, or tile floors.

Vacuum Mop Shops Near You

I would like to believe that the information here is enough to make an informed decision, but should you want a realistic feel, I recommend going to a vacuum mop shop in your location. To find one of these outlets, you can consult a friend who owns one of these bad boys or use the online space.

Should you choose to take your search for the best vacuum and mop combo shop online, here are some search terms that will make your search easier:

  • Vacuum and mop combo shop near me
  • Vacuum and mop combo shop in my location
  • Vacuum and mop combo shop in my area

You can customize the search to suit your needs provided you point out that you are looking for shops in your area.

What Are The Best Vacuum and Mop Combos To Buy?

The best vacuum and mop combo should be the Bissell Crosswave 1785A because of its perfect performance, and go for the Mr.SIGA if you need a budget-friendly option.

If you’re press for time, feel free to use the recommended list below as a reference. I have also included the features of the best vacuum and mop combos to help you figure out the product you need the most.

Best Vacuum and Mop Compo Comparison Table 2022

Here is a quick comparison table of the 18 best vacuum and mop combos if you are pressed for time. I would recommend you read on, but this should be enough to help you come to a decision.

Best Vacuum and Mop ComboWeight (pounds)Cord Length/ RuntimeDimensions (inches)HEPAWarranty
Bissell Crosswave 1785A All-In-One Vacuum and Mop Combo - Best Overall1125 feet46.1 X 10.5 X 12N/A2 years
Vapamore MR-50 Wet-Dry Steam Cleaner and Vacuum Combo - Best Handheld 4.810 feet20 X 6 X 5No1 year
Tineco iFloor Cordless Vacuum and Mop Combo - Best Cordless Vacuum Mop Combo6.522-min43.7 X 10.6 X 9.8Yes1 year limited
Roborock S5 Robotic Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo - Best Robot 7.72150-min13.78 X 3.78Yes1 year
Mr. SIGA 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner and Mop - Best Budget2.7825-min47.2 X 10 X 5.1Yes1 year
Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Vacuum and Mop - Best for Hard Floors5Cordless5.3 x 9.5 x 47.87No1 year
Bissell Crosswave 2036A Pet Pro Vacuum and Mop - Best for Pets1125 feet46 X 12 X 10.50No3 years limited
Bissell 1543A Symphony Steam Mop and Vacuum - Best for Versatility9.7425 feet45 X 11 X 9.7Yes2 years
ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop - Best for Tight Spots4.9140-min11.81 X 2.76No1 year
Bissell Symphony 1132A Vacuum and Steam Mop - Best for Edge Cleaning9.725 feet46.5 X 11 X 9N/A2 years
Dyson DC56 Hardwood Floor Cleaner - Best for Superior Indoor Air Quality515-min29.5 X 10.7 X 5.6Yes-
Hoover BH55210 Cordless Vacuum and Mop Combo - Best for Area Rugs10.420-min44.4 X 9.8 X 6No2 years
E-Rising 3-in-1 Stick Vacuum and Mop - Best with Long Runtime6.6150-min27 X 11 X 7Yes1 year
Roborock E35 Robot Vacuum and Mop - Best for Light Tasks6.5200-min13.8 X 3.6No1 year

BISSELL 2747A PowerFresh Vacuum and Mop - Best with Steam Mopping Function

9.74-9 x 11 x 46.5 No30 days return

BISSELL SpinWave 3155 Vacuum and Mop

15.27100 minutes25.2 x 16 x 5.4No30 days return
Tineco IFLOOR3 Cordless Vacuum and Mop9.9 25 minutes11.3 x 10 x 43.3 Yes2 years
Coredy R750 Robotic Vacuum and Mop11.58 pounds 120 minutes12.8 x 12.7 x 2.77 inches Yes12 months

Top 18 Best Vacuum and Mop Combo 2022: Reviewed and Rated

It is about that time we got to the heart of this review. As I am familiar with the challenges, we encounter when on the hunt for one of these devices, I created a list of the 18 best vacuum and mop combos that will help you make an informed decision. Enjoy, and be sure to leave a comment below.

1. Bissell Crosswave 1785A All-In-One Vacuum and Mop Combo

(Best Overall)

Bissell Crosswave Floor and Carpet Cleaner 1785A

The Bissell Crosswave 1785A stands as the multi-surface cleaner to beat. It is designed for hard floors, but I found that it is adequate on rugs and medium-pile carpets.

As a dry cleaner (i.e., vacuum), it is excellent for fine debris and performs better than most standard vacuums. However, it struggles with large debris that are often the size of the gate opening on the front. I recommend picking it up and placing it on the waste to prevent this.

On carpets, the dry cleaning mode is decent, but it struggles with deep cleaning. I recommend limiting this to hard floors and area rugs. As a wet cleaner, though, this machine stands out.

Cleaning wet messes will be a breeze thanks to the powerful suction and the soft brush that scrubs without damaging the surface. Moreover, you can use it for more than spills.

It allows you to sanitize floors as it has a clean water tank reservoir. And speaking of tanks, it also has one for dirty water cutting the drying time.

I believe you will also love the controls. They are smart touch controls that allow you to switch from cleaning hard floors to area rugs in seconds.

Key features:

  • 4 Amperes power rating
  • Dual-action multi-surface brush roll
  • Smart touch controls on the handle
  • Two-tank systems keep dirty water and cleaning solution separate


  • Safe and effective on multiple surfaces
  • Easy to clean thanks to the easy remove brush window
  • Collects water, resulting in the floor drying quickly
  • Relatively light for a vacuum and mop combo
  • Effortlessly switch between hard floors and area rugs


  • It struggles with large debris
  • Pushing it on carpets is difficult
  • When wet cleaning, a lot of dirt gets stuck on the inside of the machine resulting in a lot of cleaning work

Product Specifications:

Cord length25 feet
Dustbin capacity14.5 oz
Tank capacity28 oz
For PetYes
Surface recommendationTile, sealed wood, floors, laminate, linoleum, rubber floor mats, pressed wood floors, area rugs, and more
Kevin’s Take: The Bissell Crosswave 1785A is not without its shortcomings, but it is the vacuum and mop combo cleaner to beat. It works well on hard floors, and though it struggles with large debris, that is not a deal-breaker. By and large, it is the best vacuum and mop combo.

The Bissell is a marvelous machine. It is mighty and makes short work of messes. Here is a video that will help you learn why it is my top pick.

Watch video: Bissell Crosswave Review

2.Mr. SIGA 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

(Best Budget)

Mr. SIGA 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

For a budget pick when on the hunt for the best vacuum and mop combo, then get Mr. SIGA 3-in-1. Other than it being a multi-purpose tool, there are two reasons why I like it. First, it is light; at 2.86 pounds, you can work with it for hours without fatigue.

Another terrific feature of this device is that it is affordable. It is a fraction of the price of most devices here, and don’t we appreciate gadgets that save us money. It happens to be a cordless device allowing you to work in areas without outlets.

Nonetheless, you have to keep an eye on the battery to keep it from running out at the most inopportune time. As for runtime, it works for 25 minutes, and charges for 3-hours.

Key features:

  • 180° maneuverable swivel head
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Exchangeable 3-in-1 head: vacuum, mop, and dust collector
  • Professional microfiber pad


  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • A long handle preventing you from bending
  • Drying and sweeping pads are disposable
  • One-click release
  • Easily clean around the furniture and table legs


  • The runtime is short while it takes longer to charge

Product Specifications

Cord lengthCordless
Dustbin capacityNot specific
Water tank capacityNot specific
For PetYes
Surface recommendationHard floor
Kevin’s Take: Mr. SIGA is a remarkable machine. It is a 3-in-1 device that you can use for dry and wet mopping and even above-floor cleaning. It is lightweight, and it happens to be affordable. What more could one ask for? The bottom line is it is a marvelous little machine.

Do not skip this video as it will show you a better view of this amazing product.

Watch video: MR SIGA Vacuum Cleaner Imop V6 Wireless

3. Tineco iFloor Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

(Best Cordless)

Tineco iFloor Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

If you are looking for the best Bissell Crosswave 1785A alternative, get the Tineco iFloor wet/dry vacuum. I would say it is better than the Bissell 1785A, but it has one flaw that made me rank it lower. More on that later.

As this is a cordless vacuum mop combo, you can carry it anywhere without worrying about outlets. Other than portability. You will love the spot cleaning mode that spins the brush faster to get rid of tough stains.

As for the performance, it was beyond stellar. It picks debris in a few passes, whether in wet or dry mode. In the wet mode, one pass is enough to get rid of all waste without leaving a residue, better than my top pick. It also happens to have a self-cleaning tray, where you can let it run to remove the debris.

Key features:

  • Cordless, lightweight for ease of maneuvering
  • Self-clean with one-touch
  • 22-minute continuous cleaning power
  • Compact storage dock


  • Robust and cleans in a few passes
  • Affordable price
  • Effective for pet mess removal
  • Spot mode to remove tough dirt
  • Including the convenient 3-in-1 cleaning tool


  • It leaks once the water in the dirty water tank exceeds the max level

Product Specifications

Cord lengthCordless
Clean water tank capacity0.55 liter
Dirty water tank capacity0.4 liter
For PetYes
Surface recommendationBare floors, hard floors, sealed wood floors
Kevin’s Take: If you want a vacuum mop combo that can replace the Bissell Crosswave, then the Tineco iFloor is what you are looking for. It is nothing short of spectacular, and it will clean dry and wet dirt.

Tineco has been touted as the best Dyson alternative, but this is the one area where the company is head and shoulders above Dyson. You will fall in love with this device after this review.

Watch video: Tineco iFloor Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Review

4. Roborock S5 Robotic Robot Vacuum Mop

(Best Robot)

Roborock S5 Robotic Robot Vacuum Mop

If you want the best vacuum mop combo with a preference for robots, I recommend the Roborock S5. Its performance is at par, if not better than renowned brands, and the mapping feature is one of the best.

First, it is a round and white machine, and I found it to be aesthetically pleasing. In vacuum mode, it has side brushes that will pull debris onto the path of the vacuum. The brushes and the exhaust do not scatter debris, which is rare with robot vacuums.

As for the runtime, it has 110-mins in max mode and 150-mins in low power mode; quite impressive. You will also appreciate the mapping feature.

After one or two runs, the device will have mapped your home, and you can proceed to draw virtual lines to keep it from going to particular areas where it might get stuck.

Finally, it has a zone clean feature where you can draw boxes to clean only those areas.

Key features:

  • 2000Pa strong suction and multi-mode system
  • Control via Mi Home App, or Alexa voice control
  • 150 minutes of continuous work
  • Dynamic variable-speed side brush
  • High-efficiency, washable E11 filter


  • Unmatched mapping capability
  • Powerful in low and high power modes
  • You can attach a mop for it to wet clean
  • Long runtime for a complete cleaning


  • The bin is rather small
  • The edge and crevice cleaning could be better

Product Specifications

Cord lengthCordless
Dustbin capacity480ml
Water tank capacity140ml
For PetYes
Surface recommendationHard floor, carpet
Kevin’s Take: The Roborock S5 is head and shoulders above other robot vacuum mops. Its cleaning performance is unmatched, and its mapping capabilities are years ahead of what other companies have to offer —a remarkable device.

Very few robot vacuums can hold a candle to the Roborock S5. Watch this to know why I consider it the best robot vacuum and mop combo.

Watch video: Roborock S5 / S50 Review

5. Vapamore MR-50 Wet-Dry Steam Cleaner and Vacuum Combo

(Best Handheld)

Vapamore MR-50 Wet-Dry Steam Cleaner and Vacuum Combo

The next best vacuum and mop combo tool is the Vapamore MR-50. The MR-50 is a technological marvel, and you should know why by the end of this review.

First, as a handheld, it is perfect for above-floor cleaning. I am referring to couches, countertops, and even windows. Moreover, it happens to be portable and is ideal for spot cleaning.

Using the Vapamore MR-50 is a walk in the park, as it only has 4-selection levels. First, there is the vacuum mode, which you should use to suck up as much liquid before cleaning. Use this mode together with the squeegee attachment.

Next, there is the dry steam, which is used for cleaning light stains. Finally, there is the wet steam for cleaning set-in stains. By and large, it can tackle all stains.

Key features:

  • Produce 210 degrees steam
  • 1300-watt water heater
  • Carpet and upholstery brush
  • Handheld vacuum and mop combo for pet stain removal


  • 2-brushes for different types of tasks
  • Works on delicate surfaces
  • Light and powerful
  • Remove set-in wet stains and odors
  • Kill dust mites, germs, mold, and mildew


  • You can only use it in the horizontal position, which is not comfortable
  • It goes through a lot of water in steam mode

Product Specifications

Cord length10 feet
Dustbin capacityNot specific
Tank capacity300 ml
For PetYes
Surface recommendationCarpet, hard floors, upholstery, and furniture
Kevin’s Take: The Vapamore MR-50 has no competition in the market. It makes spot cleaning a breeze, as it has everything you would look for in a handheld vacuum steam combo. Furthermore, you are using steam, and your house will be chemical-free. It is not without its flaws, but I think it is worth investing in.

I welcome you to watch this Vapamore MR-50 review for more information. If you are curious about the design and the performance, then this video review is for you.

Watch video: Vapamore MR-50 Steam Vacuum Review

6. Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Vacuum and Mop

(Best for Hard Floors)

Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Vacuum and Mop

You are looking for the vacuum and mop combo that can take care of your hard floors, right? If Yes, the Shark VM252 model is what you need. This product is a combination of powerful suction and spray mopping.

This combo cleaner allows you to collect both dry debris and wet stuck-on messes. With automatic headlights, you can easily capture hidden debris under the bed and furniture or in crevices and corners.

Since this vacuum and mop combo is cordless and lightweight, you can enjoy the convenience of moving from room to room as well as easy storage. Thanks to the disposable pad, you can easily dispose of the old pad without touching it.

Key features:

  • Powerful suction + spray mopping
  • Convenient LED headlights
  • Lightweight and compact
  • No-touch disposable pad


  • Lock away dust, debris, pet hair, and more
  • Cordless for comfortable use
  • Magnetic charger for hassle-free charging
  • Clean stuck-on grime for shining floors
  • Incredible cleaning performance


  • This product does not seem to be an economical choice in the long run since you will have to buy new pads

Product Specifications

Cord lengthCordless
Bag capacity12 oz
Water tank capacity12 oz
ColorCharcoal Gray
For PetYes
Surface recommendationHard floors
Kevin’s Take: The Shark VM252 is a worthy choice for hard floors. The disposable VACMOP pad locks away dirt and debris, while the Spray mopping feature with multi-surface hard floor cleaner enhances the floors’ beauty.

If you are already interested in this Shark Vacmop VM252, the bellowing video will be useful for you.

Watch video: Shark VacMop VM252 Product Impression and Review

7. Bissell Crosswave 2036A Pet Pro Vacuum and Mop Combo

(Best for Pets)

Bissell Crosswave 2036A Pet Pro Vacuum Mop

If you want the best vacuum and mop combo for pets, look no further than the Bissell 2036A. First, it has a multi-surface pet brush that is ideal for cleaning pet hair and a pet hair filter that separates pet hair from other large debris. It also retails with the pet cleaning solution to eliminate pet odors.

Away from its pet features, it has a broad cleaning path at 12-inches. You can clean a lot of ground in fewer passes. As for the brush roll, it happens to be soft and will not damage your hard floors, and it is also tangle-free. Furthermore, you need not worry about cleaning the brush roll as it is ever clean.

As for the cord, it is a 25-ft cord, which I found to be standard on most vacuum mops, and it also has twin-tank technology.

Key features:

  • Multi-surface pet brush roll and pet hair strainer
  • Tangle-free feature to prevent hair wrapping
  • Two-tank technology
  • Swivel head


  • Assembling the 2036A is a breeze
  • Needs only a few passes to eliminate pet stains
  • Clean up wet and dry messes
  • Work well on various surfaces
  • Ideal for removing pet messes and odors


  • The scrubbing brush holds a lot of water, and drying the floor will be a challenge

Product Specifications

Cord length25 feet
Dustbin capacity14.5 ounces
Water tank capacity28 ounces
ColorGrapevine Purple and Sparkle Silver
For PetYes
Surface recommendationTile, sealed wood floors, laminate, linoleum, rubber floor mats, pressed wood floors, area rugs, and more
Kevin’s Take: Bissell machines in the Crosswave family are exceptional vacuum mops, and the 2036A is no exception. It excels at cleaning pet stains and removing pet odors. I also loved that it has a broad cleaning path. It is not without its shortcomings, but I think it is one of the best vacuum and mop combo units.

There is a possibility that you will be cleaning different surfaces. Check out this video to learn how the Bissell 2036A performs on different surfaces.

Watch video: Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro 2036A Reviews And Tests

8. Bissell 1543A Symphony Steam Mop and Vacuum

(Best for Versatility)

Bissell 1543A Symphony Steam Mop and Vacuum

Bissell is the market leader when it comes to vacuum mops. The Bissell 1543A happens to be one of their best machines in this category, and as such, it had to be on this list of the best vacuum and mop combo.

First, you can have the steamer on or off. Therefore, you can use it as a steamer, vacuum, or vacuum steamer. Moreover, you can choose between low and high steam, depending on the mess you are to clean. Throw in the various vacuum options available, and you have a versatile device.

You will also appreciate that it can stand on its own. Therefore, you don’t have to find a place to support it should you need to take a rest or do something else.

As for the weight, it weighs 10-pounds. Not light, but I do not consider that to be heavy. It also fits into tight spots resulting in a cleaner house.

Key features:

  • Powerful and cyclonic
  • Safe for sealed surfaces
  • Hands-free disposable technology
  • SteamBoost Tray
  • 1100 watts for steam and 400 watts for vacuum


  • Works with different types of scent discs resulting in the sweet-smelling house
  • A long-enough cord
  • Ideal for cleaning pet messes and odors
  • Quick-release mop pad tray


  • It takes longer to heat the water

Product Specifications

Cord length25 feet
Dustbin capacityNot specific
Water tank capacity12.8 oz
For PetYes
Surface recommendationSealed hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, granite, and marble floors
Kevin’s Take: For versatility, invest in the Bissell 1543A. It is mighty, and it works with scented pads resulting in a better cleaning house. It is robust, and it can be a vacuum, steamer, or vacuum steamer. As for the performance, it picks up dirt with ease and saves you time. It is nothing short of remarkable.

Though it is great for versatility, it also happens to be ideal for pets. Here is a quick review to give you a better feel of this device.

Watch video: Bissell Symphony Vacuum And Steam Mop Review

9. ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

(Best for Tight Spots)

ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

Robot vacuums happen to be pricey, but the ILIFE V5s is affordable and had to be on this list of the best vacuum and mop combo. Its performance as a mop is astounding, but it also does well as a vacuum.

First, I believe you will love the design. It has a black and white ring surrounding an iPhone gold lid. It also has two blue lights that come on when cleaning, increasing the aesthetic appeal.

As for the performance, it is best for hard floors as it does not have a beater brush. It does have a wide suction hole, which should be enough for medium-sized debris. It has three cleaning modes, spot cleaning for tough stains, stuck-on dirt, edge cleaning, and whole floor cleaning.

As for mopping, I can only recommend it for light tasks. It has a half-moon pad that you attach to the underside of the device to clean mops, but I found it cannot clean tough stains.

Key features:

  • Quiet, but powerful motor
  • Various cleaning modes
  • 100 minutes of runtime
  • Automatically docks and recharges


  • Remarkable for light tasks
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Affordable
  • Efficient and high-performance
  • Auto-clean scheduling


  • It does not have a mapping feature. It navigates randomly until it runs out of battery

Product Specifications

Cord lengthCordless
Dustbin capacity0.3 liter
Water tank capacityNot specific
For PetYes
Surface recommendationLaminate, tile, hardwood, and low-pile carpet
Kevin’s Take: People seem to love the ILIFE, it is a terrific vacuum, and the mopping feature will suffice for light cleaning. Though it lacks a mapping feature, I found it a reasonable sacrifice for a lower price — a great device that is reasonably priced.

If you have any questions about the ILIFE V5S, you should get some answers in this FAQ video.

Watch video: ILIFE V5 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Mop Review

10. Bissell Symphony 1132A Vacuum and Steam Mop

(Best for Edge Cleaning)

Bissell Symphony 1132A Vacuum and Steam Mop

The next best vacuum and mop combo is the Bissell Symphony 1132A 2-in-1 vac and steam mop. Unlike other devices where you have to change cleaner heads, you get both functionalities in one cleaner head. You also benefit by eliminating germs without the risk of chemical residue.

Nonetheless, there is more to this device. First, it is designed for bare floors. That is quite a bummer as I believe people with carpeted floors would have loved it too. On bare floors, use it in the kitchen as it will cut through the grease with ease. Yes, you can use it in other areas, but it shines most in the kitchen and other high traffic areas.

As for features, you will appreciate the 5-way adjustable handle as it increases versatility. There is also the quick release tray to change the cleaner heads and the fact that you can use it as a vacuum, a vacuum steamer, and a steamer.

Key features:

  • Dry Tank technology
  • Quick-release mop pad tray
  • Cyclonic vacuum
  • Easy touch digital controls


  • Cheaper than other appliances
  • Performs well on large debris
  • Easy-release option makes changing cleaning pads a walk in the park
  • Long 25-foot power cord
  • Safe for sealed hard floors


  • It only works with distilled water
  • No disposable pads

Product Specifications

Cord length25 feet
Dustbin capacityNot specific
Water tank capacity12.8 oz
ColorBlue + Grey
For PetYes
Surface recommendationSealed hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, granite, marble
Kevin’s Take: Thanks to the side brushes, The Bissell 1132A stands out when it comes to edge cleaning. Its performance on bare floors is terrific, but it is a bummer that you cannot use it on carpets. By and large, it is marvelous for edge cleaning on hard floors.

Here is a QVC video of the 1132A that you should not skip through.

Watch video: BISSELL Symphony All-in-one Vacuum and Steam Mop on QVC

11. Dyson DC56 Hardwood Floor Cleaner

(Best for Superior Indoor Air Quality)

Dyson DC56 Hardwood Floor Cleaner

If you are interested in superior indoor air quality but are willing to sacrifice a little bit of performance while at it, then get the Dyson DC56. It has a HEPA filter that will trap 99.97% of allergens.

Knowing what to expect from Dyson, though, the DC56 was a letdown. Don’t get me wrong; it is a great device, but not what we expect from Dyson.

The Dyson DC56 mops as you vacuum; it is not a steam mop, but relies on wet pads. It is best for areas that are regularly cleaned, and best for small debris. You can also use the DC56 as a handheld, but you have to sacrifice the mop feature.

Finally, it is a cordless machine, with 15-minutes of runtime.

Key features:

  • Double-edge cleaner head
  • Root cyclone technology
  • Easily convert into a handheld vacuum
  • Powerful digital motor


  • Light and easily maneuverable
  • HEPA filter resulting in superior air quality
  • A wall mount for storage
  • Convenient and easy to use


  • Too expensive for such underwhelming performance
  • The vacuum power drops when working with the cleaning pads
  • Cannot clean large debris

Product Specifications

Cord lengthCordless
Dustbin capacity0.4 liter
Water tank capacityNot specific
ColorIron/ Blue
For PetNo
Surface recommendationOnly hard floors
Kevin’s Take: As a vacuum, the Dyson DC56 is remarkable; it also happens to work well as a mop. However, the performance as a vacuum mop is a letdown. If you are comfortable, vacuuming then mopping, then invest in the Dyson DC56. It has a few shortcomings but a remarkable device, nonetheless.

I highly recommend you watch this video before bringing this Dyson DC56 to your home. Understanding more about the product you are going to buy is never a waste of time,

Watch video: Dyson Hard DC56 Cordless Vacuum For Hard Floors Review

12. Hoover BH55210 Cordless Vacuum and Mop Combo

(Best for Area Rugs)

Hoover BH55210 Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

One shortcoming of even the best vacuum and mop combo units is that grime sticks to the unlikeliest of places, and cleaning is difficult once the dirt dries.

The cleaner head is often dirty, as is the suction tube and the filter. You have to clean the appliance after every use. Well, you are in luck thanks to the self-cleaning technology of the Hoover BH55210.

The BH552120 retails with a tray where you can leave it to run for a few minutes to eliminate dirt on the inside. Some other terrific features of this device include the ONEPWR battery system and the microfiber brush roll.

If you are already on Hoover’s ONEPWR system, then it makes sense you purchase this as the batteries can be swapped for those of other devices.

Finally, the microfiber pad ensures that you trap most dirt without damaging delicate surfaces.

Key features:

  • Perfect result on multiple sealed surfaces
  • Cordless convenience
  • Microfiber brush roll
  • Powerful suction for high performance


  • Perfect for pet messes and hair
  • You can use it to refresh low pile carpets
  • Ideal 25-minute runtime
  • Much faster than conventional cleaning methods


  • It does not dry the surface thoroughly, and you have to go over an area several times to collect all the water

Product Specifications

Cord lengthCordless
Dustbin capacityNot specific
Water tank capacityNot specific
For PetYes
Surface recommendationSealed hardwoods, tile, laminate, and vinyl
Kevin’s Take: I loved the Hoover BH55210 as it is on the ONEPWR platform. You can use batteries from other Hoover machines giving you unlimited runtime. The performance is also great, especially when cleaning pet messes, and you will appreciate that it has self-cleaning technology.

Hard floor cleaning is often hard work. The Hoover BH55210 removes the hard work from cleaning hard floors, as you will see in this review.

Watch video: DRTV Exclusive Offer-HOOVER ONEPWR FloorMate JET

13. E-Rising 3-in-1 Stick Vacuum and Mop

(Best with Long Runtime)

E-Rising 3-in-1 Stick vacuum and Mop

For the best vacuum and mop combo with the most extended runtime, I recommend the E-Rising 3-in-1 stick vac. As you might have guessed, it is a cordless device with a runtime of 45-min to 55-min.

That should be enough for most cleaning tasks. Moreover, the battery has a power indicator, so you will know the charge left.

As for speed, it has two-speed control for different tasks. The 0.6L bin will hold enough dirt, but you will have to empty it often.

I also found that it works well on carpets thanks to the motorized roller head. It can get to deeply embedded dirt with ease. However, you cannot use the mop feature on carpets. And speaking of mopping, it attaches to the back of the cleaner head so you mop after vacuuming.

Key features:

  • High-power 8K Pa suction
  • 2 adjustable speed modes
  • LED lights on the floor brush’s head
  • Removable and washable HEPA filter


  • Help when working in dark areas
  • Improved air quality
  • Can stand up for better storage
  • Long runtime of 50 minutes


  • It has a small bin, and you will empty it often when cleaning
  • You have to buy wet and dry wipes

Product Specifications

Cord lengthCordless
Dustbin capacity0.6 liter
Water tank capacityNot specific
For PetYes
Surface recommendationCarpets, marble, tile, and hardwood floors
Kevin’s Take: With unmatched runtime in the vacuum and mop combo market, the E-Rising is undoubtedly a lovely machine. I loved that it has a HEPA filter, too, meaning the air in your home will ever be clean. By and large, it is outstanding.

14. Roborock E35 Robot Vacuum and Mop

(Best for Light Tasks)

Roborock E35 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Roborock pays attention to the minor details, and that is what gives it an edge over competitors. It is intelligent, and thanks to the gyroscope and the electric eye, it will clean reasonably. Moreover, the sensors keep it from falling down the stairs and prevent it from bumping it furniture kids and pets as it will slow the device down.

Similar to the Roborock S5, you will appreciate that the brushes do not disperse dirt and that the exhaust does not scatter debris, as it is a dual exhaust that happens to be diffused. Also, it picks large trash and small debris on carpets and hard floors.

Furthermore, Roborock has a tangle-free brush. I thought it was a marketing gimmick as every robot vacuum manufacturer makes that claim, but it happens that it is a tangle-free brush. As for the mopping feature, you have to attach a cleaner pad to the water tank. Water seeps into the pad, ensuring that it is saturated to the right level. It might not replace the regular mop, but it is excellent for light tasks.

Key features:

  • Large battery capacity offers 200-minute runtime
  • 2000Pa suction
  • 180ml adjustable water tank
  • 640ml large dustbin


  • Have a substantial bin
  • App control and voice control
  • Simultaneous vacuuming and mopping
  • Water only seeps onto the cleaning pad when it is moving


  • Though Roborock says it can work on carpets, it results in the side brushes jamming

Product Specifications

Cord lengthCordless
Dustbin capacity640ml
Water tank capacity180ml
For PetYes
Surface recommendationHard floors, carpets
Kevin’s Take: The E35 beats the Roborock S5 in terms of bin size and slightly on performance, but it does not match the navigation of the S5 and thus had to rank lower. The E35 is, without a doubt, one of the best vacuum mop combos, and I believe you will love it.

Roborock is undoubtedly a terrific robot vacuum and mop. Here is its performance to help make an educated decision about this device.

Watch video: Roborock E35 Xiaowa Plus Robot Vacuum Review

15. BISSELL 2747A PowerFresh Vacuum and Mop

(Best with Steam Mopping Function)

BISSELL 2747A PowerFresh Vacuum and Mop

With this BISSELL 2474A all-in-one vacuum and steam mop, you can effortlessly have a spotless and shining house for a better living environment. This machine has a digital touch control that allows you to switch between vacuum, steam, or both function at the same time.

The vacuuming mode will not let you down with its powerful performance in capturing dust and debris. But I am more impressed by the steaming function of this device. It delivers natural hot steam that can kill germs and bacteria. 2 types of mopping pad are included for different types of dirt.

Besides, the dry tank technology will keep debris inside from getting wet while you are steaming. You can use this vacuum and mop combo on multiple sealed floors such as hardwood, ceramic, tile, marble, or linoleum.

Key features:

  • Can vacuum and steam the floor at the same time
  • Comes with a soft pad and a scrubby pad for different levels of cleaning task
  • A detachable mop pad tray is included
  • The easy-touch control lets you customize the cleaning function in a blink of an eye
  • The cyclonic vacuum picks up all the dirt and debris


  • Changing the mop pad is a breeze
  • Give you a fresh living environment that is free from bacteria and germs
  • Can works well on multiple types of sealed floors
  • An all-in-one device that skip all the steps such as sweeping, vacuuming, mopping
  • Doesn’t require much assembly


  • Have to keep holding the trigger all the time for uninterrupted steam mopping

Product Specifications

Cord lengthNot specific
Dustbin capacityNot specific
Water tank Capacity12.8 oz.
For petYes
Floor recommendationSealed hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, granite, marble
Kevin’s Take: This machine will not let you down if you are looking for a combination of a vacuum and a steam mop. It undoubtedly saves you much time and money. Because it is integrated the steaming function, a power cord is required to keep the operation stable. I hope you will not find it too annoying when you have to plug and unplug many times. Still, with the great performance it provides, I don’t think the corded feature is really a matter.

16. BISSELL SpinWave 3155 Vacuum and MopBISSELL SpinWave 3155 Vacuum and Mop

This robot vacuum appears outstanding with its two spinning mop pads, hence, it can vacuum and mop your floors effectively. The soft surface avoidance sensor will help the robot stay away from carpet areas while wet mopping.

Speaking of vacuuming function, with the suction power at 1500 Pa, this robot does a good job at picking up the dirt in dry vacuum mode. You can also schedule the cleaning circle or control the machine from anywhere via the BISSELL Connect App.

The running time is another great feature of this robot vacuum since it can work for a maximum of 100 minutes per charge. The mopping pads are washable so you just need to throw them in the washing machine for the next use.

Key features:

  • Provide triple-action cleaning system while vacuuming
  • The Gyroscope technology gives it structured navigation
  • The two-tank system is included for dual action
  • Can run up to 100 minutes per charge


  • Can tackle pet hairs and dirt on many surfaces
  • Long battery life
  • Everything is automatic as you just need to control it through the app
  • Comes with wool floor formula


  • The suction vacuum works less powerfully than the mopping function

Product Specifications

Cord lengthCordless
Dustbin capacityNot specific
Water tank CapacityNot specific
For petYes
Floor recommendationSealed hard floors
Kevin’s Take: This robot vacuum and mop from BISSELL needs to be improved on the vacuuming function. Meanwhile, the mopping function is absolutely amazing as the two spinning mop pads pick up all the dirt and leave a spotless floor. You should use some formula for the wet mopping to get a nice smelling for your house. I highly recommend you use it on sealed hard floors.

To know how well this BISSELL SpinWave works on hard floors, you can check on the testing video below.

Watch video: BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor Expert

17. Tineco IFLOOR3 Cordless Vacuum and Mop

Tineco IFLOOR3 Cordless Vacuum and Mop

Working with the ultra-quiet digital motors, this Tineco IFLOOR 3 does not produce too much noise while giving active cleaning to the tough and sticky messes. Moreover, you can check the device condition through the LED display as it shows various features such as blockage indicators, battery level, and more.

Imagine your floors are full of milk and cereal at the same time, a single dry vacuum or a mop cannot solve the mess quickly. Do not worry. This Tineco gives you the best support ever as it can clean both wet and dry mess at the same time.

Since this device runs on batteries, it is portable and you can bring it anywhere in your house as it does not require sockets. Cleaning in tight places and hard-to-reach areas is not a big deal at all. I also like the self-cleaning system that keeps the brush and tubes free from odor and dirt.

Key features:

  • Work well on sealed hard floors
  • The battery life is 25 minutes
  • Integrate the self-cleaning system for more hygienic condition
  • The dual tank technology separates clean and dirty water
  • Provide HEPA filter


  • Compact storage
  • Operate silently that doesn’t disturb family and pets
  • Highly portable
  • Leave no streak on the floors


  • The battery life doesn’t last long and requires more waiting time if you use it to clean a big house

Product Specifications

Cord lengthCordless
Dirty water tank0.5L
Clean water tank0.6L
For petYes
Floor recommendationSealed hard floors such as hardwood, tile, linoleum, marble, vinyl, laminate
Kevin’s Take: The hands-free self-cleaning feature is a great feature of this Tineco vacuum and mop. It flushes clean water and detergent to clean brush roller and tubes, keeping the machine hygienic and ready for the next use. If you use it to clean a large place, you should be more patient as it will run out of battery soon and requires about 2 hours for full charging.

Below is an informative that tests and discovers inside this Tineco device. I hope you will get more useful information by watching it.

Watch video: Tineco iFloor 3 Noise Measurement Test and Teardown Disassembly Inside

18. Coredy R750 Robotic Vacuum and Mop

Coredy R750 Robotic Vacuum and Mop

Here is another candidate for robotic vacuum and mop combo. While some of the robot vacuums cannot be controlled from distance, this Coredy R750 is superior as you can start and stop cleaning as well as customize other tasks via the voice and app controls.

With the power suction up to 2000 Pa, this appliance surely delivers a strong and impressive performance on multiple surfaces such as hard floors or carpets. Its running time ranges from 90- 120 minutes so that you can completely rest assured when using it for a large house.

It is definitely a shortcoming if I do not mention the intelligent mopping system. This machine can automatically monitor and control the water level depending on how humid the floor is. Therefore, you don’t have to set up too much for this device when it comes to mopping.

Key features:

  • Comes with a HEPA filter
  • Can run for up to 120 minutes
  • The virtual boundary feature make sure the robot vacmop operate in the area that you want
  • Apply the Boost-intellect technology for automatic power suction increasing
  • Can schedule the cleaning time through the app


  • Run smoothly on hard floors and carpets
  • Packed with various accessories
  • No spillage when mopping
  • The HEPA filter is washable and can filter dust and debris effortlessly


  • Doesn’t work well on dark surfaces
  • May get lost sometimes if it works in a house with many rooms and opening doors.

Product Specifications

Cord lengthCordless
Dustbin capacity0.5L
Clean water tankNot specific
For petYes
Floor recommendationHard floors, carpets
Kevin’s Take: The outstanding features of this device are the integrated high and intelligent technology. Vacuuming and mopping are not something challenging with it. It will not wet your carpet when mopping so do not worry. You might have to empty the dustbin frequently as it is quite small, especially when it comes to cleaning a big house.

Vacuum and Mop Combo Buying Guide

I believe I am a good guy, so I provided a buying guide if none of the devices here fascinate you. Here are things you should consider when investing in one of these bad boys.

Vacuum and Mop Combo in Carpet

Corded or Cordless

When looking for the best vacuum and mop combo, you have to decide between a corded and cordless machine. Corded vacuum and mop combos are great if you want to avoid the downtime associated with cordless vacuums. Should you choose a corded vacuum, then get one with a cord that is at least 25-ft.

As for cordless vacuums, you can get a machine such as the E-Rising 3-in-1 for extended runtime, or the Hoover BH55210 as you can use batteries for other devices in the ONEPWR platform.

Size and Weight

You might be using one of these devices for hours on end. As such, invest in an appliance that is easy to carry. A machine that can fit into tight spots, and one that you can store with ease.

And while we are on the topic of storage, ensure that it can stand on its own that you don’t have to find a place to lean it after every wash.

To avoid the work associated with cleaning, then you can get a robot vacuum and mop combo. Robots from Roborock are rather dependable thanks to the superior power and extended runtime.


If you are here, I bet it is because of the versatility vacuum and mop combos provide. Who wouldn’t love a machine that vacuums and cleans? Well, you might be compromising other features to get these two functions. As such, ensure you purchase a device that is adaptable beyond just being a vacuum and mop.

Steaming Time

When working with vacuum and mop combos, you will have to pick between a steam mop and a standard mop that works with wet or dry cleaning pads. The latter does not have any runtime, but there is ever the issue of consumables.

Should you choose to purchase a vacuum and steam mop combo, you have to check the steaming time. Steaming time is the amount of time it takes for the water to be ready to use.

Get a device with the shortest runtime; otherwise, you will be spending a better portion of your time waiting for the water to heat.

Recommended Floor Types

This is another important factor that you check on when purchasing a vacuum and mop combo. Different types of devices will be suitable for different floor types.

In case you have hard floors, you can try the robot device since they often perform well on this type of surface. However, remember that the robotic vacuum and mop combo doesn’t work really well on dark surfaces and carpets. You should look for a robot machine with high suction power if you want to clean the carpet effectively.

Meanwhile, the upright and handheld types often work well on both hard floors and carpet. If you choose a vacuum with the steam mop function, remember to only use it on sealed hard floors. Hot steam can kill germs and bacteria, but it can harm the floors that are not sealed and protected.


A warranty will be helpful when something happens with your machine. The warranty somehow shows how durable the product is. Therefore, please check it carefully before bringing the product to your home.


This vacuum and mop combo review is somewhat lengthy, but I have to commend you for making it this far. However, let me respond to some nagging questions to put your mind at ease.

Which is the Best Vacuum and Mop Combo?

That has to be the Bissell 1785A. It is robust and gentle on your floors. The brush is ever clean, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it, and it retails with a cleaning tray for self-cleaning.

If you want a robot vacuum and mop combo, I recommend the Roborock S5, thanks to its superior mapping capability and the Roborock E-35 for its power. Few robot vacuum mops are as mighty as the E-35.

What is the Difference between Bissell Crosswave and Symphony?

It all depends on what you are looking for. The Bissell Symphony is a vacuum and steam mop. It is good with all types of debris, and it happens to be safe as you will not be working with harmful chemicals.

The Bissell Symphony has the Drop-It technology that gives you no-hassle when cleaning and emptying the dirty water tanks or pet hair. It does have its shortcomings, though, in the fact that the cord placement is in the wrong place and cannot clean deep carpets.

As for the Bissell Crosswave, on the other hand, it is a standard hard floor cleaner. It works with a cleaning solution and promises to do everything (vacuum and clean) in one step. It is an equally good product, but you will be working with chemical cleaners that can be harmful to kids and pets.

Does Dyson have a Mop?

The short answer is yes, the Dyson DC56 . Well, it is not exclusively a mop, but rather a vacuum mop. It is an excellent little machine as it has most of Dyson’s core features, but I do not think it should warrant such a high price.

My Top Pick

Can you guess which product is my favorite vacuum and mop combo? It’s the BISSELL Crosswave All in One Vacuum and Mop Combo with exceptional performance and outstanding features. This product helps you save much time for the cleaning task.

It’s a wrap, folks. We are finally at the end of this best vacuum and mop combo review, and I hope that one of these devices piqued your interest. If one did, let me know in the comments below.

Best Vacuum Mop Combo

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  1. What’s your opinion on Philips Speed pro Aqua??

    I’m looking to buy a combo and Philips promo video is looking great.
    Any advice on this?

    1. Dear Aleks,

      First of all thanks for contacting me. Philips offers great quality regardless of the type of product you look for and the Philips Speed pro Aqua is no exception.

      The only issue I can think of regarding this model is its expensive price. You can find robots at that price that will work for you and do the same job. Look into Roborock S5 if you are interested.

      However, I am sure that if you will decide to buy the Philips model you won’t be disappointed. It is lightweight, doesn’t need too much deposit space and is a very powerful vacuum cleaner-mop combo.

      Let me know if I can be of any other help.

      Kind regards,

  2. My father has chemical sensitivity but there is a strong smell of urine in the house,
    The smell is in the carpeting. The kitchen is slate and has dried on residue
    The living room is hardwood
    It has to be battery charged as well with a long running time
    They are in their 80’s and I want to clean for them as my father won’t hire anyone
    I will pay top dollar but again no smells
    Please help!!

    1. Dear Patrice,

      First of all thanks for contacting me.

      From what I hear from you, I can recommend only one model that will suite all your needs. I am talking about the Hoover BH55210.
      It is a cordless model and you can buy extra batteries to give you unlimited runtime. Furthermore, it has a self-cleaning technology that will come handy.

      Let me know if you need any other information.

      Kind regards,

  3. I want a cordless multi surface vacuum mop for carpets and wood flooring WITH ATTACHMENTS. Is there such a floor/multi surface cleaning device?

  4. Hi,
    I’m looking at the Tineco iFloor, Hoover OnePwr and Bissell Symphony. I have mostly hard floors in the house and trying to keep cost down. I have a toddler that tosses food on the floor and 2 fluffy cats. Looking for light debris and scrubbing the dirt off the floors. I and can barely find time to vacuum as it is, so looking at the combos. Need something convenient and easy to use, as I’m constantly running after my toddler. Can’t deal with tons of cleaning parts or always having to wash microfiber pads. Doesn’t need to be cordless. But needs to last. (I’ve read reviews that the iFloor battery isn’t replaceable and stops working after some time.) What would you recommend for my needs and are there any that you’d recommend that do have a cord?

    1. Dear Cheryl,

      I would recommend the Bissell Crosswave Floor and Carpet Cleaner 1785A for your needs. It’s very easy to clean and doesn’t high maintenance just as you required. Also, it collects water.

      Meaning, your floors will always be dry and perfectly clean. However, keep in mind that it struggles with large debris. I would also recommend the Tineco floor Cordless Wet or Dry Vacuum.

      It’s a cordless combo that cleans in a few passes. You will love this unit because it’s portable, super easy to clean, and affordable. You don’t need to break your bank account to buy this unit.

      Please, check the rest of the products listed in this article to make a smart purchase.

      Kind regards,

  5. My husband and I just put in new engineered hardwood floors. I have consistently used the Bissell Crosswave vacmop 1785A but it leaves the floors quite wet and the manufacture of our new floors says to not use any device that leaves water . I have 3 dogs two of which have fluffy hair and shed as well as a cat . My youngest dog is not yet house trained so I need a good mop. What do you recommend in its place to both vacuum , mop, and not cause water damage to my new floors? Thank you ,
    Sincerely ,
    Cathy Deatrick

    1. Hello Catherine,

      I would go with a combo robot mop as the Roborock S5 one. Even though it is more expensive than other mops, it will vacuum and wash the floors without leaving too much water behind.

      With this kind of product, you will also solve the hair problem as well as the purification of the air one.

      Please let me know if I can be of any other help.

      Kind regards,

  6. Thank you for your comparison review. I have a small house with linoleum downstairs with one 8’10’ low pile area rug. I fluffy dog. I already have a heavy-duty vacuum for the upstairs carpets.
    What would you recommend?

    1. Hello Karen,

      First of all thanks for contacting me.

      I would like to start by saying that I know your hassle. I am the proud owner of a Collie and I know how intense having a fluffy dog is.
      After multiple attempts of keeping my house always clean by myself I realized that it is an impossible job.

      Luckily, we live in modern times and robots that clean after us exist. So, I recommend you with all my heart to buy a robot that will do the every day cleaning for you. If you go with the Roborock S5 it, will both vacuum and wash the floors.

      Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any other questions.

      Kind regards,

  7. Hi thanks for the review. But I need a recommendation. I have 2 rooms with carpet and the other part of the house as hard wood. Would also love to use for tiles in the washroom. So which would you recommend that can cater to all my needs. I have 2 small kids with more of crumbs on the floor. Dont mind one that has attachements for small areas. Am on a budget as well. Dont want to spend much.
    Thank you.

    1. Dear Kemi,

      First of all thanks for contacting me.

      I don’t know how much you wish to spend, but if you could spear a few bucks I would go with a robot. It does all the job for you, cleans after the kids and it is suited for all floors. The one I am talking about is the Roborock S5.

      However, if it way too much for your budget, then I would suggest the ILIFE V5S Pro. It is not as powerful, but still does a good job.

      I know that not all people trust robots, so if you want to use a normal vacuum cleaner, then I suggest the Bissell Symphony. It is versatile and powerful.

      Please feel free to let me know if I can answer to any other question.

      Kind regards,

      1. i tried the Bissell Symphony, i love the vacuum, i also like how light it is and easy it was to push around, but i had to send it back it left too much water on my floors and i seen no steam at all, so sad loved the vacuum

        1. Dear Doris,

          Thanks for sharing your experience.

          I am so sorry that you have had this problem with the vacuum. Hopefully, this article can help you find something that won’t leave too much water on your floors.

          Have a lovely day and stay safe.

          Kind regards,

  8. Hi there, thank you for the reviews. You seem great at offering individual tailored advice, so I’d love to ask you about my specific situation. I have a large tiled home with carpeted bedrooms and floor rugs. We have a fluffy cat and are soon to be getting a labradoodle. My house is full of messy boys who make lots of spills and track in all sorts of grime. I’m looking for something that is powerful and effective at cleaning quickly and super well, with as little amount of time spent cleaning the actual product as possible. I have an industrial strength steam cleaner, which I LOVE, but it’s so time consuming to vacuum first and then steam clean. What would you suggest for someone who wants something to get rid of messy wet spills and also to do a great job on mainly tiled floors? I’d love something that I could also use in the bathrooms too! Happy to pay for the best product in this instance- with my lot, it’s worth it!

    1. Dear Mel,

      First o all thank you for contacting me. I will start by saying that your family seems fantastic.

      Now, I want to suggest to leave the every day cleaning to somebody else and enjoy having some time for yourself. This is why I would go with the Roborock S5.

      It can do everything for you – vacuum and washing. At the end of the week or when you feel like, take out your industrial device and make a more heavy duty cleaning.

      This is my honest suggestion, but if you want something more traditional, let me know and I will try and find a better solution for you.

      Kind regards,

  9. Hey there. Thank you so much for making recommendations for people. I was hoping you could also make one for me.

    We have a house in Florida that has hardwood and tile flooring. We have 2 kids (one is a toddler that still leaves a trail of crumbs), and 2 dogs. The dogs track in a ton of sand from the yard and also shed their fair share of hair. I’ve heard great things about the bissell crosswave pet one, but I’m nervous about spending that much money, and want to make sure it would meet our needs. What do you think would be best for our situation?

    1. Dear Nikki,

      First of all thanks for contacting me.

      The Bissell Corsswave Pet model is indeed a very good one and I strongly recommend it. The only problem this model has is with thick carpets, but since you only have hardwood and tile floors you should not encounter any issue.

      Kind regards,

  10. Hi great reviews but I have heart of pine hardwood floors . They scratch easy and don’t need slot of water standing for very long . I’m tired of vacuuming and then mopping to clean/ sanitize . Not crazy about robots because of area rugs/ cowhide rugs !
    Any suggestions on a vacuum / mop combo? I have dogs also Thanx in advance

    1. Hello BJ,

      First of all thank you for contacting me and for your kind words.

      If you are a pet owner, then I strongly suggest the Bissell Crosswave 2036A Pet Pro Vacuum Mop.

      It is the perfect vacuum cleaner – mop combination for people living with furry friends.

      Let me know if I can be of any other help.

      Kind regards,

  11. Hi ,
    I haven’t quite understood the difference between the Bissell 1543A Symphony Steam Mop and Vacuum and the Bissell Symphony 1132A Vacuum and Steam Mop. I want to get one of them but not sure which one.
    Please advice.

    1. Dear Ank,

      First of all thanks for contacting me. Truth be told, the differences are not too many. The mains ones are the pluses the 1543A brings such as
      – SteamBoost Tray
      – Included disposable pads.

      Hope this helps,
      Kind regards,

  12. Hi,
    Thank you for doing this review! I love that u linked the videos.
    I am looking to buy my mother in law a vacmop and I’m overwhelmed by all the choices.
    She is an older Italian grandma who is “mopping” her kitchen floor daily with a wet towel wrapped around a broom head. I would like to get her something for daily maintenance that is lightweight, not too many parts, no steaming option, less clean up after, and don’t have to buy a lot of accessories (pads, solution). Cordless or plug in isn’t a factor. Based on your reviews, I was leaning toward the Tineco. What would you recommend?
    Thank you for your time!

    1. Dear Michelle,

      First of all thanks for contacting me.

      If I were you, I would buy her a robot. I am sure that she might feel like the device is not doing enough but soon she will start to love it. This is what happened within my grandmother’s case to be more exact.

      However, if you think that a robot would be too overwhelming, then the Tineco one is indeed a great choice.

      Let me know if you need any extra information.

      Kind regards,

  13. Hi, I’m looking for something cheap, quick and easy for use in the caravan. It has tight spots (narrow) around the w/c and bed. It is linoleum flooring.