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Top 12 Best Shag Carpets Reviews on The Market 2024

Shag rugs are the top carpets you can choose for your home. These types of carpet, also known as 80s carpets, are those items that will not only add a beautiful aspect to your rooms but will also keep your feet warm when you step on the cold floors.

As such, when looking for the best shaggy rugs, you just can’t go with only one option. There are lots of best rug manufacturers, as well as different types, materials and shapes to choose from.

Therefore, this kind of shopping requires careful selection.

This blog post will help you do smart shopping, and also make an objective idea about these soft carpets. Here you will find everything you need to know about shag carpeting, from price, methods of cleaning, as well as some important considerations about placing them in your home. Furthermore, I am going to mention the best quality area rug brands on the market.

What Is a Shaggy Carpet?

Shaggy Carpets

Some people might think that these are just some 70s carpet for sale, and yes, some of the best quality area rug brands are doing a strong comeback in terms of home textiles. But before running out and buying a rug of this type, it is important to have all the information.

Therefore, let’s start with the most important aspects. Firstly, it is the long pile length that is giving that shaggy appearance to the carpet. The term itself of “shag” refers to the Old English word “beard”.

Depending on the deep and dense piles that the shag carpets have, it will give them softness and warmth. Thanks to modern technology, you will find models such as ivory plush rug, ultra-plush rugs, or thick soft area rugs.

The Main Types of Shag Carpets

Before buying one of these mixing rugs, let’s see the main types of shaggy carpets you can choose from. This topic is important in choosing the best ones to suit a specific room in the house.

Natural Shag Rugs are the first ones to mention, as they are made of natural fibers, such as cotton or wool. You will be able to distinguish them from the others due to their creative, funky appeal.

In terms of quality, I can easily say they are the best ones, and their prices are really affordable. Therefore, these rugs are perfect as the best area rugs for the living room, as well as the best area rugs for hardwood floors.

What to know about wool rugs? These ones are more luxurious and elegant, must say. For instance, the Shagtastic wool rug.

Of course, this difference will be felt in their price. But are wool rugs worth the money? Well, yes, because they are durable, don’t need professional cleaning and are a natural opinion to adopt in your home.

Synthetic shaggy rugs: these are made of nylon, which is good for clumsy people. Their material repels stains rather than absorb them. Then you can nicely wipe the stain with a nice damp cloth.

An advantage of this rug is that it won’t typically need professional cleaning. Therefore, you can place it in areas with lots of traffic, such as the living room. Choose the color of the carpet that will hide the mess, such as pet hair or dirt.

But even so, is a white rug a bad idea? In the high traffic area, it is.

Leather shag carpet. Finally, there are, occasionally speaking, some shag carpets that are made of unusual materials, such as leather. If you are looking for an original shag carpet, the leather one will make a strong statement.

The downside is the maintenance. Make sure you read carefully the instructions before buying this kind of unique rug.

What is The Best Shag Carpets to Buy?

Before purchasing any product, testimonials from actual users are maybe the best commercials. As such, let’s check what people have to say about the shag carpets we have reviewed above:

Top 12 Best Shag Carpet Comparison Chart 2022

It’s time to check out the best shag carpets on the market and find out the differences between them. Before moving to the actual reviews, let’s take some minutes to analyze the table below.

Best Shag CarpetsSizeWeightColorMaterial
Safavieh RAR121C Shag Carpet - Best Overall120 x 96 x 0.3 inches68 PoundsInk/MultiCotton
Safavieh SG180-1414 Shag Carpet - Best Plush Feeling48 x 24 x 2 inches7 poundsDark BeigeEnhanced polypropylene fibers
3028 Gray Moroccan Trellis Shag Carpet - Best Oriental style5 x 95 x 5 inches30 poundsGrayPolypropylene
Safavieh SG455-1111 Shag Carpet - Best for High-Traffic2'3" x 4'Ask the SellerMulticolorEnhanced polypropylene fibers
Safavieh NF114A Shag Carpet - Best Summer Rug36 x 24 x 0.2 inches3 poundsNatural BeigeSeagrass fibers
Ottomanson Ottohome Shag Carpet - Best Durability22 x 144 x 0.2 inches3.25 poundsBlackPremium-quality nylon
ACTCUT Ultra Soft Shag Carpet - Most Easiest to Wash63 x 31.5 x 1.8 inches1.8 poundsGreySynthetic
LOCHAS Ultra Soft Shag Carpet - Most VersatileMultiple sizes Ask the sellerGeometricSoft velvet material
Unique Loom Sofia Collection Shag Carpet - Best Vintage StyleMultipleAsk the sellerMultipleAcrylic, cotton and wool
Safavieh Madison Collection Shag Carpet - Best DesignMultipleAsk the sellerMulticoloredEnhanced polypropylene fibers
AmazonBasics Modern Plush Shag Carpet - Most Cozy63 x 47.2 x 2 inches10.36 poundsIvory Power-loomed polypropylene
Unique Loom Solo Shag Carpet - Best Water-Resistant48 x 6 x 6 inches11.8 poundsBlueAcrylic, cotton and wool

Best Shag Carpet Reviews 2022

Still don’t know what to choose? Then, it’s time to review each product, find their hidden pros and cons, and also highlight their uniqueness.

1. Safavieh RAR121C Shag Carpet

(Best Overall)

Safavieh RAR121C Shag Carpet

For those of you who are looking for a simple American textile shag carpet, the Safavieh rugs collection is really unique. This simple shag carpet comes with a contemporary style, which makes it a truly inspiring way of covering one of your home’s floor.

If you have a casual room to redesign, then this textural rag rug is one of a kind.

Made of cotton, this shag rug is a pleasure to have in your home. Simple, easy to clean, the knitted work is so beautiful, that you can actually see all the colors. Loved that is lightweight and you can put it in any room.


  • Hand-woven construction;
  • Flatweave pile height;
  • 100% soft cotton fibers;
  • Vibrant, trendy colors;
  • work s for both casual, bohemian homes;
  • Effortlessly way to dress up the spaces.


  • A bit expensive.

2. Safavieh SG180-1414 Shag Carpet

(Best Plush Feeling)

Safavieh SG180-1414 Shag Carpet

This Safavieh cozy plush shag carpet is one of the softest Milan shag rugs, which is very popular among users. The high density of polypropylene pile gives a special, plush feeling when you step on this carpet. Made in Turkey, the construction of the carpet offers clarity of its colors.

If you want to step on the clouds, as soon as you get out of the bed, this shag carpet will be a dream. Always on-trend, with such a versatile color, this carpet is also high-quality, within a broad range of budgets. Having the latest en vogue rug design, the Safavieh cozy plush is a must.


  • Contemporary style;
  • Best plush feeling;
  • 2-inch pile height;
  • Sink in comfort;
  • Perfect for any room in the house;
  • Versatile design.


  • Due to its long fibers, it can store lots of dirt.

Below, you will find a video with this beautiful carpet. I suggest you check it out.

Watch video: Milan Shag Collection by Safavieh

3. 3028 Gray Moroccan Trellis Shag Carpet

(Best Oriental style)

3028 Gray Moroccan Trellis Shag Carpet

The Gray Moroccan Trellis Shag Carpets have unique colors and a design that will remind anyone about the Oriental Vibes.

Also, it is one of the best-selling products of the brand. This shag carpet is made of plush and soft durable material, which is easy to maintain and which will add lots of value to any home.

I would recommend this soft shag carpet to anyone who wants to bring a little Oriental style into their home. The quality is superior, reviewers have approved the test of time. Therefore, if you want to spice the design in your home, with a stylish carpet, this is the one.


  • 100% high-quality polypropylene;
  • Very soft and with a plush touch;
  • Easy to clean and to maintain;
  • Machine made for longevity and durability;
  • Fast handling;
  • Unique style.


  • Not the best for high traffic areas.

For more details watch the next video on the Gray Moroccan Trellis carpet.

Watch video: Helsinki Grey Moroccan Trellis Shaggy Rug

4. Safavieh SG455-1111

(Best for High-Traffic)

Safavieh SG455-1111

This Safavieh contemporary carpet adds elegance and a unique visual appeal to any house. The carpet has sculpted swirls and scrolls, which were created from raised, high and low piles. This way, the tactile experience is bliss.

This Safavieh California cozy plush has a stunning aesthetic visual appearance, with a luxurious plush feeling underfoot.

If you have high-traffic areas, which you would normally want to cover with a beautiful shag carpet, you can easily choose this non-shedding rug. It is a beautiful decor and bliss for the feet.


  • Outstanding performance;
  • Stress-free maintenance;
  • Cushioned softness;
  • Hold perfectly the high-traffic;
  • Soft and plush;
  • Latex backing;
  • Perfect for any room;
  • Power-loomed construction;
  • Scroll pattern in a high-low pile.


  • Needs constant vacuuming, due to the long piles.

5. Safavieh NF114A Shag Carpet

(Best Summer Rug)

Safavieh NF114A Shag Carpet

Made of “sun-kissed” natural seagrass fibers, this shag carpet from Safavieh is a true touch of summer in your home. This rug is perfect as a summer element, and it is ideal for a stylish bohemian layering in any room.

The neutral colored seagrass fibers make the carpet integrate into any room decor. The cotton border is available in lots of colors, depending on each customer.

If you have a farmhouse, or a coastal, contemporary holiday home, this kind of decor will suit beautifully. You can still use the Safavieh natural fiber shag carpet in any room, as long as you want to have the touch of summer even in the middle of the cold season.


  • Perfect summer rug;
  • Natural fibers;
  • Ideal to use as a base for stylish rug layering;
  • Neutral colored fibers;
  • Natural seagrass fibers;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Transitional charming pattern.


  • Doesn’t offer that soft, plush feeling.

6. Ottomanson Ottohome Shag Carpet

(Best Durability)

Ottomanson Ottohome Shag Carpet

The Ottomanson Ottohome shag carpet is the perfect decor for any busy- high-traffic area. For those having pets and children, or just want a nice, cozy carpet in their kitchen, this is a great choice.

These decor products are very durable in time and have a guarantee for durability and reasonable price.

If you are looking for good quality at your future shag carpets, then you should look at the Ottomanson Ottohome great power-loomed construction. If you have high-traffic areas, where you still want to add some decor, why not choose something comfortable, yet modern and stylish?


  • Stain-resistance;
  • Non-slip rubber back;
  • Fade-resistant;
  • Perfect for high-traffic areas;
  • Long years resistance;
  • Comfortable under feet;
  • Doesn’t add bulks or snagging under doors.


  • Regular design.

7. ACTCUT Ultra Soft Shag Carpet

(Most Easiest to Wash)

ACTCUT Ultra Soft Shag Carpet

The ACTCUT shag carpets are multi-function rugs, washable, easy to install anywhere in the house. With 4.5 cm thickness, the rugs are comfortable, soft, and come in a wide range of colors.

They are perfect for areas such as children’s playground, yoga area or any home where you need comfort and a touch a style.

The ACTCUT shag carpet is perfect for people who don’t want to call the professional cleaners as soon as their rugs get dirty. This is a unique shag carpet, that can be put in the washing machine for a refresh. Moreover, it adds a soft touch feeling and is very easy to maintain.


  • Washable;
  • Easy to dry;
  • Soft and comfortable;
  • Anti Skid and anti slip;
  • Durable;
  • Protects the floors from damaging.


  • Made of synthetic fibers.

8. LOCHAS Ultra Soft Shag Carpet

(Most Versatile)

LOCHAS Ultra Soft Shag Carpet

Providing a premium quality, the Lochas Ultra Soft carpets are always on the top choices. With an upgraded design, these multifunctional rugs have a super soft feeling, which ads so much comfort when stepping on them or when children are playing.

Their color will brighten any room and will add a style. Moreover, the Lochas shag carpet is one of the few products that have a warranty, so if you are not pleased by its quality, which we doubt, you can ask the seller to return it.

This is one of the softest shag carpets you can find on the market. The feeling is unique, which makes these rugs perfect for the children’s playground or as the main carpet in the bedroom.

The beautiful colors will brighten any room and will make the space welcoming. Don’t even worry if the carpet is deformed after packing, it will soon recover to its original form.


  • Safe for kids;
  • Upgraded design;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Easy decoration, lots of colors;
  • 30-days warranty;
  • Non-slip;
  • Sponge interlayer.


  • It is not machine washable.

9. Unique Loom Sofia Collection Shag Carpet

(Best Vintage Style)

Unique Loom Sofia Collection Shag Carpet

The Sofia Collection from Unique Loom has shag carpets with unique designs, for special homes. With versatile designs, available in many geometric forms, these shag carpets will steal all the looks.

I loved the fact that these shag carpets have a unique design, which remembers the vintage designs of the old carpets. The products are crafted with care, and they are the perfect plush addition to your spaces.


  • Perfect for high-traffic areas;
  • Versatile, unique designs;
  • Made of the best materials;
  • Affordable and with elegant designs;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Stain-resistant;
  • Ideal for children and pets;
  • Does not shed.


  • The stocks are usually limited.

10. Safavieh Madison Collection Shag Carpet

(Best Design)

Safavieh Madison Collection Shag Carpet

Safavieh’s outstanding Madison Collection features over 100 styles and colors to choose from. The bohemian styles of the Compton rug Safavieh carpets are offering a relaxed state of mind, and a plus of elegance to any area.

This is one of the most glamourous shag carpets we have ever seen, and the color palette is very reached. As such, the shag carpet will be easy to stand in any room and will suit a wide range of indoor designs.

This kind of shag carpet is really special and its design will fill any room with a plus of elegance.


  • 100 styles and over 1500 colors available;
  • Bohemian chic design;
  • Comfortable for feet;
  • Great price point;
  • Quality craftsmanship;
  • Unmatched style;
  • Pet and kid-friendly;
  • Easy-care;
  • Sleek look.


  • Not as fluffy as other products.

11. AmazonBasics Modern Plush Shag Carpet

(Most Cozy)

AmazonBasics Modern Plush Shag Carpet

Are you looking for creating a warm atmosphere in the house? The AmazonBasics Modern Rug has a Moroccan trellis-pattern, with lots of neutral color choices to choose from.

Perfect for high-traffic areas, this shag carpet is easy to clean and vacuum. The AmazonBasics Modern carpet is a great addition to any room.

This is a tasteful piece of home decor, you can place in the bedroom, dining room or in the kid’s room. Soft and high durable, the AmazonBasics Modern Rug will be great for high-traffic areas you want to cover.


  • Extra durability;
  • Perfect for high-traffic areas;
  • Made of power-loomed polypropylene;
  • Fade, stain and water-resistant;
  • Fuss-free maintenance;
  • Easy to care, vacuum, clean and rotate for even wear.


  • The ivory color will be harder to maintain all clean.

12. Unique Loom Solo Shag Carpet

(Best Water-Resistant)

Unique Loom Solo Shag Carpet

Simple and with a very versatile design, the Unique Loom Solo shag carpet is so fluffy you will always want to step on it. Ideal for children and pets, the shag carpet is very good quality, meaning it will resist perfectly in high-traffic areas.

The Unique Loom Solo is one of the simplest shag carpets you will find on our list. Due to the one-color design, it will fit in every room where you want to add some light. Also, don’t worry about the cleaning part, as you will only need a simple vacuum to keep the carpet all stainless.


  • Kid and pet-friendly;
  • Water-resistant, mold and mildew resistant;
  • Easy cleaning, with simple vacuuming;
  • Stain-resistant;
  • Versatile design;
  • Good quality.


  • A low range of colors.

Buying Guide – Choosing the Right Shag Carpet

Looking for the softest rugs for the bedroom? Or just want a cheap fluffy carpet? Well, the shag rugs are items that need good research in order to give a new aspect to your home.

Also, if you want them to keep your feet warm, then you can’t just go with the first option. As such, looking for shag rugs for each room in your home is a process, and there are some steps to follow. Here are aspects to consider before making the best decision.

Shaggy Carpet

Where to Install the Shag Carpet?

The modern shag rug carpets in the USA and in the rest of the world are a good addition to any room they will stay in. Yet, there are rooms where the shag rugs are fitting better, as long as you don’t want to spend lots of time cleaning. Here are some things to keep in mind:

The shag carpet usually has a very long pile, such as the Flokati rug, meaning that it will trap a lot of stain and dirt in a minute. Therefore, some will choose to place the shag carpet where there is not so much foot traffic, especially if they have an ivory fur rug.

Among all, keep in mind that the shag carpets are a great accent piece, so don’t hide them just because they are hard to clean or easy to get dirty.

Best Rooms for Shag Carpets?

  • Living room;
  • Den or study room;
  • Bedroom;
  • Hallways with little traffic.

Worst Rooms?

  • Kitchen;
  • Dining room;
  • Bathrooms;
  • Enter hallways;
  • Mudrooms.


The costs for a shag carpet will depend on lots of factors, which are directly linked to the materials of the shag carpets, their size, as well as the length of the pile. Of course, it depends on the brand too.

For instance, the Dyson wool rug might be more expensive than other brands. But, in a nutshell, you should know that the shag carpets are not the cheapest on the market.
So you may expect to pay higher for each carpet material. Do not always look for the cheapest material, because it won’t last as long as wool or nylon.

Choose the Best Size for Your Room

This is one of the most important criteria because the shag carpet must fit nicely in your rooms. Therefore, whether you will choose a plush area rugs 8×10, act cut 4.5 cm thick carpet, soft 8×10 rug or any other size, you might need to take the measurements of your spaces. This way, you will know that the rug will fit best.

One of the main goals when placing a shaggy carpet is not to place it in the middle of the space, where it cannot touch any furniture. A shag rug must bring the furniture altogether. At the same time, you don’t need a shag carpet that covers the whole room. Generally speaking, you will need a rug you can touch immediately when you step out of bed.

The Shape

People should not be focusing only on a regular shape, but consider their spaces and the furniture as well. While the rectangular-shaped rugs are the most common ones, the circular ones would fit nicely in a dining room, for instance.

Make Sure About the Color, Style, and Pattern

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the colors of shag carpets. Consider each room is different and it may have a specific theme, design, and color. Colors should nicely go with the style of the room. You can choose from an ivory sheepskin rug to an indigo cotton rug.

Formal color tones are best for a living room, while you can choose a colorful one for the children’s room.

A Frieze carpet in moss green will look like fresh grass, so a natural effect. Some fuzzy rugs Walmart in ocean blue, even rose pink will take your rooms in a romantic mood.

If you are looking for an airy, fresh look, a Wilkins hand-tufted area rug in white or ivory will blend nicely with an elegant look. Generally speaking, look for versatile colors, mostly if you use to change the pillows, lamps, and draperies.


Do you still have questions about the shag carpets? Here are the answers to the most common matters of this topic.

Is a Shag Carpet a right option?

If you are going to choose a carpet, whether it is a Lulu and Georgia or a Karastan frieze carpet, you must consider all the topics we have discussed above. Although they look and feel quite luxurious, these types of rugs are OK only in low traffic rooms.

Which are the main pros of shag carpets?

One of the main reasons why you should choose a shaggy carpet is its thickness, which gives a luxurious feeling, especially when you step on it. Secondly, you have lots of colors to choose from.

Among the neutral ones, like white or beige, you can also choose some colorful carpets.

Which are the downsides of the shag carpets?

There are some cleaning considerations we should know about. The shag carpets need to be cleaned more frequently than other types of carpets. Therefore, you might need to buy a special vacuum for this.

Traditional vacuums might pull or snag all the long piles. You should also watch out for loosely made shag rugs. Therefore, make sure the fibers are securely attached to the backside. Shag carpet with large bar spots will be never appealing.

Last but not least, if you or your family have breathing conditions, such as asthma, a shag carpet won’t be right for you.

How to make a shaggy rug fluffy again?

There are some simple steps you can make to transform your old shaggy rug fluffy again:

You can use a rug beater, to allow the loosen dirt and all the debris to go out. The fibers of the shag carpet are thicker, so they attract more debris.

Vacuum the rug, as simple as it sounds. It will help to refresh the fibers.

Groom the carpet. While you groom the carpet, you just simply pull the rake just in one direction and you bring back its texture.

Vacuum Regularly: Maintain a regular vacuuming schedule, and your carpet will look refreshed. Don’t wait too long in between cleaning, so the debris won’t accumulate deep in the fibers.

Use a Steam Cleaner: A good steam cleaner will nicely remove the ground in dirt, all the debris or the old stains.

Are Nourison rugs good quality?

Nourison is one of the most popular companies when it comes to shag carpets. Most of the reviewers for this brand said that they had shag carpets for more than 10 years and they still look very good.

Safavieh Milan vs Hudson shag carpets? What to choose?

These two are big companies in this domain. Their products are of very good quality, so it will be just a personal option.

Last Thoughts

This was it and we are at the very end of the article. When choosing the right shag carpet, there are many things to consider. This is why it’s always good to go back to our guidelines before making a purchase. A good shag carpet will not only be comfortable to step on, but it is also a great piece of design.

If you have any other questions or just want to tell us about your experience with specific best rug manufacturers, let us know in the comments below. Until next time, we wish you happy, wise shopping!

Shag Carpets

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